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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Why, Why, Why?

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's because what appears to be "the" government in most cases (Britain, The United States, the former Commonwealth, seventeen occupied countries in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, et alia) is instead a foreign Municipal Corporation in the business of providing "essential government services" --- an entirely different, and self-interested beastie that has its own profit motivations front and center.

Sure, you pay them to defend you, but how do you oversee and enforce the contract? There's the rub.

So when these Municipal "Service" Corporations get hungry, they tend to forget who they serve and they tend to forget their customers' welfare and the whole situation devolves to the scenario we have here.

The purported defenders are attacking their own customers, racketeering, and committing every other kind of crime-for-profit scheme against their own employers.

The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC., literally owns NIH, CDC, FDA, DOJ, the FBI, the UNITED STATES TREASURY, and even owns its very own United States Congress, Incorporated. (See the proof published on my websites:

So look no further for the villains responsible.

For one Current Events example, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation doing business as the United States of America Corporation and operating as the DOD, INC. told its very own bought-and-paid-for Congress to pass a law back in 1986, accepting all liability for vaccines, and holding the pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines harmless for anything they put in the vaccine and any bad results that accrue.

So the vaccine manufacturers think they are set free from any obligation to the public and have zero liability. They can put cow dung in their vaccines and be held harmless. Big Sugar Daddy, the DOD, INC., through its subsidiary, the United States Congress, Inc., will pay any liability claims and carry all the water.

This is why the only remedy offered is in the Consumer Protection Act, buried under about a thousand pages of legal gobbledygook and defended by unauthorized "military district courts" ----that the same players own outright.

Isn't that wonderful for us and our families on the receiving end of this Gross Breach of Trust? And for the DOD, INC., which took out life insurance policies on each and every one of us?

Earth doesn't have a population problem. It's got a military population problem.

All those life insurance policies look pretty good, and people aren't dying fast enough. Even worse, The Corporation is facing the end of life costs for all those pesky Baby Boomers.

So they, the DOD, INC., made population reduction a priority policy, and Prince Philip cut a deal on all his purported North American interests. He was paid $950 Trillion dollars worth of "Life Force Value Annuities" in April 2017, three days before his retirement from Public Life.

And here, right in River City, our population is being reduced and the survivors are being entertained with such vacuous verbiage as "excess death" to describe the situation.

We don't have to worry about Russia or China. They have enough problems with their own militaries. We have to worry about --- and ultimately, deal with --- the British Crown Mercenaries that have been running our "armed forces" and misdirecting them.


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  1. no.
    anna/TheLivingLawFirm Attorneys are minimizing the outright, unlaw-full, undue, and unprovoked MILITARY ATTACK on the south.
    it wasnt about slavery, IT WAS A DAMNED LANDGRAB and about making all Americans Debt Slaves to the Vatican Corporation, including the Americans of African heritage they were supposedly "free-ing"...
    so they could set up those Vatican-devised "PublicTrusts" and begin robbing the people, keeping the African Descendants in sometimes worse poverty conditions than before, while the pasty, soyboy Attorners bellied up to the PublicTroughs to slop themselves by making Charges against the Credits in the African Descendants' PublicTrusts??
    just asking.

    anyway, It wasnt a conflict, it was straight-up an ATTACK because the GOOD PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH were GOING AHEAD AND FULL-FILLING The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAD AGREED TO, AND RATIFIED TOGETHER.
    its pretty plain to see that the people in the North were used as cannon fodder by lincoln and his band of lying thieves.
    based upon what these lying thieves have done for the past several centuries, i believe that we may find out that THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE NORTH WERE LIED TO on some important points, OR THREATENED WITH IMPRISONMENT, OR MURDER in order to get their participation in THE CORPORATIONS PLAN TO BURN THE SOUTH TO THE GROUND AND MURDER WHOEVER GOT IN THEIR WAY.
    FOR NOTHING MORE THAN THE SOUTH'S INSISTENCE ON CARRYING OUT OUR Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union: THAT ARE STILL STANDING i:wo-man do say: instead of going along with the Vatican Corporation's grossly evil "DEBT SLAVE CONTRACT FRAUD" ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE they call "The Constitution" ..., a big, evil, long- running, violently- enforced series false claims made by worthless men who ATTACK other man without reason,.... except to steal from them or harm them ... to death.
    so, please, spare us on this MercenaryConflict crap? The South was attacked by the Vatican Corps(e) for staying true to what the American people had agreed to build together under the laws of nature and natures God. imo.

    1. nothing in this Article actually matters unless annaTheLivingLawFirm/other can show an actual Contract.
      The Corpse(e)'s "Constitution" isnt one.
      its not even signed :)... no contract.
      and other "Defects"... no contract.
      Their "Constitution" is as Their "BirthCertificates".

    2. comments are disappearing within minutes of publishing?

  2. I read that in the past Rome's oligarch's poisoned the water of their own citizens. Jews in the past and present day Israelis were also cited for poisoning wells. I guess they're still at it - this time it's our food.

    In consideration of the above, see the following regarding "vaccines" that constitute biological food poisoning:

    Dr Jane Ruby
    "I had to work that part out in my head - it didn't make sense that they would just throw mRNA into food because it would never survive the human gut, and it would be a tremendous waste of energy and money to develop that. Now I see where it really appears to be going, yes you can infect people with many different things, and this takes "food poisoning" to a whole new level A Bioterrorism level

    It's not "mRNA in the food"
    They are using the plant's genetic machinery (injected with synthetic mRNA) to grow the EQUIVALENT of the spike protein...THE ANTIGEN
    On the BS theory it will stimulate immune response to "Covid"


    Again...the best way to dodge this attack is to grow your own sustenance. Form relationships with local small farming operations or join a farming co-op. It is backing away from the big box store grid."

    1. Is the water safe and clean or contaminated? - Rain - Chem trails
      Therefore the soil is contaminated
      What about gmo sees
      and on and on ............

  3. Why is there nobody available to answer questions via the global family group website? Is it just about forming a contract whereby some other entity profits from the credit side of the ledger belonging to a man or woman's estate?

    1. I have been trying to get an answer since 25. February and until
      today I did not get any response.

      Dear Anna,
      would it be possible to pour some light to my question?

      I am writing from German soil and interested in making a LRS-entry.
      What attracted my attention was the 1779 Declaration in the Instruction-video. My question: Does this Declaration really fit to a Non-American?? I am asking, because all Articles I have found about this topic has been for Americans only.

      Thank you for your help


    2. Was the answer you received satisfactory to the question posed?

  4. How would you feel if you went to get gas from a station and while you were pumping gas your children were stolen from your car?

    that's about right, that's what our government is doing to us!!