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Saturday, April 8, 2023

More Steps

 By Anna Von Reitz

I just released an article about Spiritual Warfare and talked about renouncing evil versus resisting it, and here I find this wonderful quote which far more eloquently explains the situation, sitting in my inbox:

"There is a great difference between resisting evil and renouncing it. When you resist evil, you give it your attention; you continue to make it real.

When you renounce evil, you take your attention away from it and give your attention to what you want.

Now is the time to control your imagination and give your energy to what you want.”

— Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

There are two great schools of thought and energy management  -- one that teaches you to empty yourself and let go of your singular viewpoint of reality, so that you can better discern the universal truth, and one that teaches you how to activate your own mental-emotional powers.  Obviously, the quote above comes from the second school and has immediate utility. 

Long ago, 12,000 years ago and more, both schools were taught together, but because they have evolved as separate schools since then, they are not taught together now; this is lamentable, for truth without action is useless, and action without truth is equally crippled.  

It seems that, once again, we have been dumbed down by those wishing us to fail--- and all by separating these two disciplines, so as to make them appear to be in competition, instead of revealing them as two necessary parts of a dynamic whole. 

We must push beyond these superficial obstacles to integrate the discipline of our consciousness. 

I have begun with the oldest, most fundamental practice, encouraging you to observe yourself and as you do, to realize that the body you observe walking and talking and prattling about, is not you, and even the mind within the body is not you.  

If these externalized things were you, you would not be able to project your awareness of yourself  to a location outside of your own body and be able to observe yourself speaking to friends, washing dishes, whatever you may be doing at the moment.  

The fact that you can observe yourself means that you are not a sealed system of bones and blood and skin.  

You are not limited to the constant dialogues occurring within your mind, either. You can, if you wish, tell yourself and any other voices which are received like radio signals, to be silent --- and you can relax into that silence. If you were really equivalent to your mind, you would not be able to silence this internal chatter. 

As these simple exercises prove, you are not your body and not your mind, either.  Any time that you can exercise your awareness from outside of a system, you have proof of two things --- there is a system, and you are not the system, even though you may participate in it. 

You are in fact something else, a power sitting beyond either the physical or mental aspects of yourself that you project and manipulate as tools.  

Now that we have determined what you are not -- not your body, not your mind --  we can proceed to equally simple exercises to prove what you are. 

Being able to discern what you are and are not, is a first step toward finding the answers to all the other questions involved in "knowing thyself and knowing thine enemy."  


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  1. Many, many Articles are being written that in Em Kay Ult rah / Say tnic Rityouall Ab use / NotSee 'Medici'-ne experiments, the tore ture victims soul leaves the physical landbody to escape the tore ture.
    Articles purport that when the victim's physical landbody is empty, it is Rityou allie loaded up with Dea mons, as the now dis- em bodied soul of the victim watches from overhead or nearby (similar to what NearDeath Experience survivors say happend to them), then the Dea mons controll the landbody.

    so i surmise that these victims would then be being quite literally tore tured "half-to-death." this is also very very similar to what is in the 500-page portion of the C.I.A. Tore ture Report that was declassed, by some of the men who were tore tured in the C. eye A Offshore Prison Black Sites by 'Medici'-ne Dock Tores, FIB Agents, CeyeA/other.

    but Dea mins can be removed by the will of the victim, victims mother/ father.
    refs. in bible:
    as with jesuis helping the son who was being thrown into the fire (Moloch: sack riff ices sons and daughters in the fiere), mark 9:22;
    devil leaving the sick daughter in mark 7:29 and
    Paul helped PythonDaughter, acts 16:16-19.
    notice how often when there is scripture having to do with jesuis, or his man or woman followers using his authority to crush the Devil's work, it involves scriptural reference numbers 9s and 11s or combinations?!!
    mark 911 911 mark 7+2 9, 9 acts 1119inverted99 many others.
    its uncannily consistent!

    notice too in these references how young the demonically possessed victims are?
    ref.: jesuis said its better they go comit suey side than what hes going to do to them:

    1. Where is it written janmarie that yeshua has said that it is better they commit suicide than what yeshua is going to do to them?? I am aware that yeshua told his followers that once a house is cleaned the demons would return seven fold. The house in that parable stands for a nation not a nation. And that the nation once revealed the truth if it ever turns from the word that it would be seven times worse off.

    2. correction the second time nation is mentioned above it was meant to say man. Witness the plight of our own nation.brad

    3. brad,
      in matt 18 v 5 jesuis said when you receive a little one in his name, you receive him:
      v6, if you offend them, its better to tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the sea and drown [yourself].
      in v7 he, jesuis, man's Judge, then pronounces woe upon the man by whom such offenses come.
      in the end of v 8 - he says men who use their bodies to offend without repentance /correction will be cast into everlasting fire... Its jesuis, the Judge of man, whose judgment against and upon them, sends them into it.]

      ref.: john 13:27
      after jesuis handed the sop to judas Satan entered judas.
      jesuis knew that happened.
      he didnt try to talk judas out of it,
      stop him, cast the devil out of him, or tell him he forgives him. jesuis, knowing that judas was only a few hours away from tying a rope around his own neck and hanging himself only said to judas: THAT THOU DOEST, DO QUICKLY.
      matt 27 v 5.

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