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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Red Flag -- Why Do They Keep Calling It "The Show"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

To all the Q-Anon and MAGA friends out there, I want you to stop a moment and think about the fact that you are listening to sources that are all associated with the British Territorial military subcontractors who have been in control of this "show" since 1863, and who have in fact created this entire mess.

So when they start talking about "shows" they are talking about "theaters" and "theaters of war" and the use of psyops--- both on the part of the regular military and any reformers, too.  To them, all this political nonsense is like a stage show, and all they have to do is come up with a plausible narrative, an "acceptable storyline", to fool the public and quiet us down.  

Then they waltz into our American Federal Republic and substitute their British Territorial Citizen selves for us, "as if" they were operating as honest Americans and as if they had any right to substitute British Territorial Citizens for Americans, and they "seize upon" American Government institutions and properties that belong to us and sit there pretending to "represent" us and being paid to defend us---while actually serving themselves and acting in Gross Breach of Trust. 

That's how this country has gotten into the mess it's in: wanton deceit from public employees, and innocent people falling for their "shows".  

Unfortunately, Mister Trump has already announced his intention to pull this Substitution Fraud, and there is plenty of historical precedent for the same actors doing the same thing in the past.  

After the Civil War, the Brits came in and substituted their own "State of State" organizations for our American State of State organizations, and thereby gained control of our business operations without firing a shot.  

Now, they are after another plum in violation of international law, and their only chance of pulling it off is if we are so clueless that we support them in the theft and Breach of Trust they have in mind. 

Then they really would be in the cat-bird seat, with British Territorial Officers operating the American Federal Republic, and appearing to have all the authorities of the American Federal Republic backing them up. 

Anyone working for the British Territorial United States can tell me how much they love America all day long, but in order to prove it, it's a matter of what they do and not what they say.  

Trying to enter upon the American Federal Republic while working for foreign governments and foreign interests --- is a Gross Breach of Trust. 
It's not a "show" it's a violation of treaties, contracts, and international law against the interests of the American People. 

So, wake up and smell the java.  The various Municipal Corporations masquerading as your armed services, have been pillaging our country under the direction of the British Crown for 150 years.  

If all they have to do is put on a good play to get another run, they'll put on a show for you, but don't you believe it. 

If Trump and Company are sincere, they will align with the American People and forego any duplicitous "occupation" of our American Federal Republic.  

If not, well, then, you know who they are: more foreign federal employees operating in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Service Contracts.  


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  1. apologies for the re-post:

    There is no Federation of the United States by any Name that the people ratified.
    and no.
    anna/TheLivingLawFirm Attorneys are minimizing the outright, unlaw-full, undue, and unprovoked MILITARY ATTACK on the south.
    it wasnt about slavery, IT WAS A DAMNED LANDGRAB and about making all Americans Debt Slaves to the Vatican Corporation, including the Americans of African heritage they were supposedly "free-ing"...
    so they could set up those Vatican-devised "PublicTrusts" and begin robbing the people, keeping the African Descendants in sometimes worse poverty conditions than before, while the pasty, soyboy Attorners bellied up to the PublicTroughs to slop themselves by making Charges against the Credits in the African Descendants' PublicTrusts??
    just asking.

    anyway, It wasnt a conflict, it was straight-up an ATTACK because the GOOD PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH were GOING AHEAD AND FULL-FILLING The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAD AGREED TO, AND RATIFIED TOGETHER.
    its pretty plain to see that the people in the North were used as cannon fodder by lincoln and his band of lying thieves.
    based upon what these lying thieves have done for the past several centuries, i believe that we may find out that THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE NORTH WERE LIED TO on some important points, OR THREATENED WITH IMPRISONMENT, OR MURDER in order to get their participation in THE CORPORATIONS PLAN TO BURN THE SOUTH TO THE GROUND AND MURDER WHOEVER GOT IN THEIR WAY.
    FOR NOTHING MORE THAN THE SOUTH'S INSISTENCE ON CARRYING OUT OUR Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union: THAT ARE STILL STANDING i:wo-man do say: instead of going along with the Vatican Corporation's grossly evil "DEBT SLAVE CONTRACT FRAUD" ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE they call "The Constitution" ..., a big, evil, long- running, violently- enforced series false claims made by worthless men who ATTACK other man without reason,.... except to steal from them or harm them ... to death.
    so, please, spare us on this MercenaryConflict crap? The South was attacked by the Vatican Corps(e) for staying true to what the American people had agreed to build together under the laws of nature and natures God. imo.

    1. Thanks for noting your name at every post. soon as I see "Jan" I skip the post.

  2. "Without firing a shot" -- exactly as the Vatican-created-sponsored-dictator Hitler acted to take control and conquer other countries; bloodless coups for the most part, at least in the beginning, before he became ruthless, bloodthirsty, and insane, like all demonically-inspired dictators eventually do.

    That has the Vatican's M.O. fingerprints all over it. Rinse and repeat, countless times throughout the globe, they have run the same scam operation using other despots in an effort for world domination.

    It appears that Mr. Trump is the next in-line to take his seat as the Vatican's next sponsored dictator, to bring in their utopian One World government Reset. That idea did not come from Klaus Schwab -- he's just following orders too, to recreate he beloved Nazi state. Does anyone recall during Trump's administration that he made an off-handed comment about possibly becoming a future dictator? There is some speculation that Trump has "papered-up" as a state national -- if so, I am not surprised since there is a misguided element within the state assemblies that is attempting to mimic or recreate the defacto with them in control, and they focus their attention on learning territorial and municipal laws, instead of our superior Public, common Law. If that happened, and if it was with the assistance of one of the state assembly recorders, they should be immediately removed for undermining the reconstruction and integrity of our actual government.

    The only reason that Catholic parishioners haven't caught on to the game yet, is because they're taught from cradle to grave to blindly do everything that their priest (and doctor) tell them, without question, and they don't even crack open a Bible to verify for themselves the legitimacy of what they are told is "god's will." Why would they, since the god they worship is not the Creator God of the Bible.

    Well, let that change on this pagan celebration of Easter in the year 2023. Under the direction of God's holy angels flying above them in their halls of demonic possession, may their priests all suffer a stab of fatal conscience, and be unable to carry out their sanitized satanic rites. Let the parishioners sitting in the pews have their eyes opened wide, so that they suddenly realize the evil scam they've been participating in, and stand to walk out in the middle of the feast on christ, never to return.

    May Revelation 17:16 very soon come to past, that the Holy Roman Empire of false religion will be devastated, made naked, and burned with fire. Soon, a mighty angel will pitch a great millstone into the sea, with violence to throw down Babylon forever. (Revelation 18:21), since by her [pharmakeia] sorcery all the nations have been deceived, and in her the blood of the prophets, saints and all those slain on the earth was found.(Revelation 18:24)

  3. Whom is running the global family group? Nobody appears to be at the helm to answer any questions via the supplied contact page. Once data has been collected, via birth certificate number, social security number, drivers license number, passport number etc, it would appear for purpose, "job done".

  4. Jan you are truly ready to start your own blog. So many of us that read your posts see your leadership and intelligence. I want to see and hear all of your solutions to this mess. What can you say? What solutions do you have? Can you start a blog and share more of what you think and know? Why spend so much time fawning over Anna? You don't follow her or believe anything she says. Put your time and energy into manifesting what you want instead of giving all your time and energy to what you don't want. Please post your blog address. I'll book mark it.

    1. This post seems written by Jan...because anyone who has read Jan's stuff know she hasn't read Anna's articles....

    2. no it is not written by janmarie.
      ... what a weakling thing to say.

      i wrote a reply though, that got wiped out just as i was getting ready to post it.
      will soon be rewriting it and trying to post it again. :):):)

    3. anony652,
      your diplomacy is a real treat. very nice.

      because issuing from their will and intent my ancestors participated in creating the Free and Independent States, the united States of America, and the Confederated Perpetual Union, all under authority of the laws of nature and natures God, those creations are manifest. (-ed, already).
      in other words, there is nothing for me to try to manifest since, before God and man, those same Free and Independent States and the others exist in present:
      and so-existing under the laws of nature and natures God, they are all 'common law States'/ creations; that is: States that operate under authority of American common law for man; ...more specifically accurately: 'Kansas common law'; or 'Missouri State common law', and so on:
      that is: cause no harm to man; and if youthou harm man, it is required that youthou restore (that) man.

      that being true, then it is required that whatever law, "Juris-Diction", [LawSpeak, SpokenLaw] man makes up and wants to use while upon our land, that man-made law has to likewise first full-fill the laws of nature and natures God before it might be considered to be allowed to exist here.

      there is nothing over the laws of nature and natures Gods laws on earth.
      there is nothing equal to it either.
      it stands over all other authorities; and my ancestors agreed to live out their lives together in peace on this land under authority of same and i stand to so-live too, and have stand-'ing'
      1. in nature;
      2. in fact; and
      3. in law
      to do so: all such standings having their foundations in spiritual law that is discernable by observing the laws of nature, created by man's and natures God: working in harmony.

      these are rights, gifts from create-r all man have, not just i:woman and my ancestors.

      i:woman believe that what *is* trying to be manifested, but not by me, that does not exist is a doppleganger of our Confederated Union/others: A Federation that is trying to use a stile way too similar to our Confederated Perpetual Unions stile; and to operate OUTside of the laws of nature and natures God and also outside of our law-full American common law system.

      i:woman believe, as my ancestors before me also believed and declared on July 2, 1776, that living in peace under the laws of nature and nature's create-r anyway we choose, as long as we dont cause harm to man, is the solution.