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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Response to Jack et Alia:

 By Anna Von Reitz

I do not have your Social Security Account and never said I did.   

Social Security, like many other things associated with what you think of as "the government", is a Subcontractor of the Municipal Government Subcontractor working for the City of Rome Government which is itself a Subcontractor of the Holy See. 

The delegation of power structure that the Holy See developed goes like this, Jack: 

The United States of America delegates:
1. to Holy See  (Third Federal Constitution, 1790)
2. to City to Rome
3. to Municipality of Washington, DC
4. to Government Corporation, aka, US, INC. 
5. to Social Security Administration
6. to YOU
7. to you.  

As you can see, there are (7) seven layers of delegation involved in this system.  My work concerns the first delegation of power from The United States of America to the Holy See and it's misadministration of everything below it in the food chain, mainly because it hasn't been riding herd on its City of Rome Subcontractor, which hasn't been riding herd on its Municipality of Washington, DC Subcontractor, which hasn't been riding herd on its commercial services Subcontractor, which hasn't been riding herd on the Social Security Administration, which has been mistaking YOU, a Municipal Corporation Franchise of US, INC., for you, the living man.  

Now, I don't expect you to like this, but this is the way it is. 

You are seven layers down the totem pole and as a living man, you aren't even recognized within this system. This is why you cry and scream for justice and literally cannot be heard. 

I am doing my best to whip and beat the Holy See into taking action against it's off-track Subcontractor, the City of Rome, and hopefully, thus spurred, the City of Rome will take action to correct their Municipality of Washington, DC operation, which will then.... well, you can see how my correction up top has to trickle down through all these layers to get to you.

But at the same time, you have to take action for yourself, because the Perpetrators have mischaracterized you as a THING -- specifically as a Municipal Corporation Franchise named after you --- JOHN CURREN CHAPMAN. 

This name in their system represents a dead man's ESTATE operated as a PUBLIC TRUST, because you have been declared legally dead and your whereabouts are unknown in their system.  

Only you can take action to reinstate yourself as a living man and correct all this egregious lying. 

As for the Social Security Administration it is a privately held corporation just like the IRS, subcontracting to provide "social insurance services" which it administers according to the directions of its client, the US. INC. 

YOU, the ESTATE, are presumed to have a Social Security Account that you, operating as the "Authorized Representative" are responsible for paying into as a co-Trustee, along with your Employer, another co-Trustee.  

At no point in this convoluted mess do you, John Curren Chapman, the living man, ever appear as the living man (donor) nor as the beneficiary.  Instead, you are saddled with the responsibility of paying for and administering this as a Co-Trustee. 

Thus, you have been deprived of any voice or position of actual power in this entire system.

I hope that you and others will study this information and be better equipped to understand why I have encouraged all of you to make your declarations of political status and record and publish them as a first step toward securing control over your "presumed" to exist ESTATE, and your lives in general. 

As for me, I am working every day to be the "stick" that beats the dog that chases the cat that bites the rat that lives in the house.... if you get my drift, finally, and now have a better concept of the vast criminality, incompetence, usurpation, and theft of both property and authority that I am dealing with as a result of this "delegation of power" structure that has served to mischaracterize and defraud millions upon millions of people like you.  

The United States Supreme Court is making efforts to clean up by reminding the Territorial Congress that it can't give away its legislative powers to any Agencies, such as the EPA, which has been writing Administrative Code and enforcing it in Administrative Court as if it were Law.  See EPA v. West Virginia.  

It seems to me that the best and most logical approach is both a top down and a bottom up effort, with me acting as Fiduciary bringing action against the Holy See for misadministration on behalf of The United States of America (the top down) and everyone else who can, declaring their birthright political status and getting organized to push (the bottom up), so that one way or another, all these layers of Subcontractors are "squeezed" in a vise-grip and forced to clean up their acts. 

At the level you see and deal with them, they are all nothing but Municipal or Commercial Corporations and they function the same way that GMC or Raytheon or Exxon function, and under the same form of law as all other corporations.  That is to say, they are not governments, per se, they are businesses in the business of providing government services. 

The Confederate States operating as states-of-states, like The State of Georgia, were unincorporated businesses fronted by each State of the Union, also in the business of providing government services, and so were competitors for all the lucrative service contracts.  

When the Confederation ceased operations for lack of a quorum, foreign British Territorial  business interests rushed in to fill the gap as "Successors" to the "missing" American service providers.  They substituted themselves without anyone noticing the change from "The State of Georgia" to "the State of Georgia".   

So if all your flapping about the Confederation is based on the idea that our Confederation is messing up and that you aren't getting the services you deserve as a result, I have to inform you.  Our Confederation was supplanted 160 years ago and is in no way responsible for the way these foreign Subcontractors have been abusing you.  

The Social Security Administration is a Subcontractor of a Subcontractor of a Subcontractor of a Subcontractor of a Subcontractor.  The contract that they purportedly have with YOU is a result of your enrollment in a Federal Employee Social Insurance Plan that technically you were never eligible to join.  You were coerced to enroll under color of law and told that you "had to have" a Social Security Number in order to have a job in this country.  That was a half-truth. 

Just like Satan in the garden telling Eve that she wouldn't die if she ate the fruit (at least not right away), you were told that you had to sign up and give away 7% of your total lifetime earnings to a foreign pension program -- most likely under the False Assumption that you were applying for a Federal job.  You do have to enroll in the Federal Social Insurance program, if you are a Federal Employee or Dependent.  They just didn't tell you that part. As an average American applying for a private sector job, you are never under any obligation to sign up for Social Security at all. 

And now the question is, how do you, John Chapman, compel the Vermin to provide the services and credit owed to JOHN CHAPMAN.  A class action against the Social Security Administration and the Territorial Congress (which is also nothing but a Delaware Corporation) is one option, but they can go bankrupt on your ticket and never pay you back a dime, unless, someone like me takes on the Holy See and forces the issues on a more systematic basis, seeking redress for everyone involved. 

Which I am doing.  

So, maybe, possibly, you can now see for yourselves that you are kicking the horse that is trying to haul your rumps out of a very dark, very deep multi-generational fraud scheme that will otherwise misidentify you as paupers and as debt-slaves in your own country.  


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Polluting the Blood -- Evil on Steroids

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now the criminals are trying to find even easier ways to pollute the human genome with their patented poisons: 

I have one thing to say--- the best, most permanent, and most effective way to stop this and any future activities of the same ilk -- is to charge Bill Gates with his crimes and seize his property.

This is all about money and coercive control.  

So we need to deprive him of the profits he seeks and make a public spectacle of him and Microsoft and the Gates Foundation, et alia. 

Corporations and corporate mindsets are fascist by nature.  They are endemically sneaky, risk-averse, and at the same time, oddly herd-like, all tending to operate on the same wave-length.  

I have always assumed that this is because they are all centered on the same goal: profit, with a few of them like DOD, INC., centered on both profit and control/coercion. 

Make an example --- a real example --- of one of them, and the rest scatter like cockroaches.  Come down hard enough and really squash Bill Gates, and nobody will invest in hijacking the health sector of the economy for a couple hundred years. 

To the extent that they can force sales on people, for-profit corporations would all be very interested, but most CEO's realize that this is an untenable proposition and that it's illegal, too.  

None of that troubles Bill Gates, who, faced with prosecution for profiteering and monopoly activities at Microsoft, decided to use his non-profit foundation to do the same exact things.  

What started out as a media campaign to rebrand Bill Gates as a philanthropist had an accidental consequence.  

He started investing in vaccines for Third World countries and found out that it was, quote, "the most profitable investment" he'd ever made, yielding a reported $20 billion in profits -- by his own admission. 

Nothing more was necessary.  He had cover--- a nice philanthropic smokescreen and no taxes.  He had unbelievable profits.  What's a megalomaniac business tycoon to do, but capitalize, capitalize, capitalize? 

John D. Rockefeller, another completely predatory business tycoon, would be proud of Bill Gates and Gates' attempts to combine coercion (using public health concerns as the excuse) and sales (for profit motives) to reach the Holy Grail of forced sales of products and services.

Gates' friends in government guaranteed him billions in sales, and then, his prior-placed investments guaranteed him more billions in profits from selling cures and therapies and hospital tech to deal with the problems he is busily creating. 

It's what J.D. specialized in himself, and here's Bill, a chip off the old (criminal) family block, doing the same thing and exploiting a whole new sector of the economy to do it.  

Gates, like his Rockefeller ancestors, has had plenty of help to do it, because too many people in this world lack the sense of a guinea hen.  

He throws a few kernels of "corn" their way, and they are all ready and willing to help him enslave everyone, and they stupidly imagine that they will avoid being enslaved themselves. 

It'll only be the black people, they think, not noticing the shackles on their own feet and wrists. 


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