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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New website and update call for Ultimate Power Profits

This is just a glimpse of the first splash page I have been working on for Ultimate Power Profits.
Once the company launches I will be able to build sites like this for my front line builders.
There will be some qualifications to fill in order to be eligible, but there will be no charge for the website itself, or the hosting.
If you want one of these you should be getting a domain name that is unique to you, and point it at my server.
When you get the domain use the following addresses for primary and secondary dns address.
The let me know what the domain name is and I will put it in your file for future use.
You can use or another registrar of your choice and set the nameservers as above.
Here are my domains so far.
These were just put on line today so it might take a day for them to show up in your location.
In about one month we have brought 92 people on board with Global One Ultimate Power Profits.
Why is this important?
Listen to the founder explain why, and where this company is going, and the fabulous product line that will be introduced to the members very soon.
Just click the link to listen in .
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839