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Friday, December 15, 2023

Artificial Stimulation

 By Anna Von Reitz

An exhaustive review of developments on this planet reveals a complete inversion of statistical possibility regarding natural acceleration of industrial and technological progress --- meaning that Mankind has been meddled with, again, to its detriment, by foreign influence, which must now be corrected, again. 

The key source of this problem appears to have been coercion and threats from Aryan-sourced traders and others illegally smuggling and also providing advanced technologies under contract, in exchange for food sources and natural resources.

The now-closed interstice portal was the primary access point, but old single-space portals have also been accessed and used for illicit purposes by foreign and military personnel.  This breach of security has resulted in incalculable damage to the biosphere and unnaturally accelerated development.

These smugglers and their associated Artificial Intelligence agents have been increasingly active since the so-called American Civil War and have given rise to religious cults, politically-influenced "science", trade and market manipulation, commodity rigging, monopolies, and other evils, not limited to the modification of natural weather patterns, unbridled industrial pollution, spraying of industrial waste as aerosols, a culture based on lies and lying,
unrecognizable revisionist history, social decay, government corruption, decay of the natural genomes, unlawful hybridization, damage to natural communication, family structures destroyed, and most recently, the weaponization of the health industry.   

These concerns merit immediate action to remove the offenders en masse.  

As our reconnaissance has adequately demonstrated, the recent deployment of mRNA vaccines has served to mask the offenders and distribute false call signals in the general population. It has also stimulated a false biology, making the innocent Third Parties appear to be willing conspirators.

Recalibrate the signal field downward by 8 Hz to reveal the natural signal baseline.  This will be reflected as a weaker secondary signal field still operating in the victims. 

Spare them for recoupment operations to come, and remove the single signal 40 Hz transponders, also the 5G and 6G network pilation transponders deployed in The United States and elsewhere. 

We also recommend closure of the Eastern European, Siberian, and Iberian portals and dissolution of the Houska-Prague and Delphi Seals, as expressed by our Will. 

These recommendations are the result of a long term monitoring and data collection process beginning in 1965 through the present.  

Interference has been detrimental and prolonged; education of the populace has been skewed toward falsehood and ignorance; healthcare has been turned into a mockery; and the world financial sector has been operated by thieves. 

The role of incorporated entities and their misuse for purposes of persecution, forced labor, impersonation, and money laundering is self-evident. 

We recommend the dissolution of the World Economic Forum and removal of all former graduates of their leadership program from positions of government and industry. 

An analysis of all corporate mergers since 2000 is recommended; identification of foreign commercial interests impacting the governments of The United States and China, both, is recommended. 

Analysis of all pension funds and pension fund associations is highly recommended.  Trusts sponsored by the government services providers, such as Mental Health Trusts and Park Trusts, etc., should be analyzed to reveal hidden agendas including commodity manipulation, non-competition contracts, and slush funding. 

Examining all licensing and incorporation practices to ensure compliance with lawful operation requirements is recommended, along with liquidation of offending corporations. 

We will be reviewing field integrity for the next several weeks, during which we hope to see determined and honest correction taking place across the board.  

Recommendations compiled by: 
                         Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                         The United States of America
                          In care of: Box 520994
                          Big Lake, Alaska 99652

15th December 2023


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International Public Notice of False Claims

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our government is not absent, gone, or in interregnum. Our country is not the same as any foreign Municipal Corporation named after it. 

Recently, an old newspaper headline article dated 1927 has been circulated as purported "proof" that our country was sold to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Duponts. Harrimans, and Warburgs. 

The only thing bought or sold then or at any other time was a bankrupt foreign Municipal Corporation named after our country, operating in the District of Columbia, having nothing whatsoever to do with our country or our States of the Union and having no relationship with us, other than being a foreign government service provider under contract. 

Let everyone consider the impact of having your lawn maintenance company go out of business. 

Does this mean that you are out of business, too? 


It simply means that we have to either do the work ourselves, or find a new service provider.  

This example and dozens more like it, have resulted from the mismanagement of "federal" service providers as incorporated entities.  

The responsibility for this mismanagement and corruption rests on the British Crown, the Holy See, the British Monarch, and those individuals who bought these bankrupt corporations and continued to operate and manage them under False Pretenses. 

This country and its entire population have been grossly dis-served by these federal subcontractors, both the actual Principals and various purported Successors to contracts that they have violated and dishonored under pretenses of mercenary "war" and secret undisclosed registration practices.  

We have called for the liquidation of these Bad Actors for the benefit of those who have been harmed -- the American States and People and similarly impacted countries and nations -- who have suffered the outrages of the incorporated Imperial Raj that has been operating so-called incorporated Territorial (Mercenary) Governments immorally, illegally, and unlawfully here and throughout the world. 

We demand that these corporations be defunded and denied access to any credit of ours, any asset of ours, and any claim for remuneration of services not explicitly stated as part of our Constitutional Agreements. 

This means that we are not paying for defending any country but our own no matter what our erstwhile federal subcontractors claim or advise.  

We are not paying for any open borders policies or other misguided and unrealistic nonsense that our employees have proposed and agreed to. 

We will pay to have our Constitutions honored and nothing else. 

We are hereby serving Notice and Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to 

George W. Bush had no authority to sign any treaty or other agreement approving any North American Union or Open Borders Policy for this country.  His authority extended only to trade agreements and trade agreements do not extend to our national borders and similar subject matter. 

Likewise Joe Biden can commit himself and his employees of the White House Office, Inc., to the recent WHO "treaties", but he has no authority to commit this country or its people to any such regime, and we do not recognize sea treaties as being binding upon anyone but the corporations engaged in making them.  

We hold the General Jurisdiction and contemporaneous authority and we directly countermand all such agreements adversely impacting our country, our resources, and our population. 

If the British Territorial Subcontractor wishes to continue in existence, they need to close our borders and round up all the unlawfully present undocumented immigrants without further delay.  We authorize this expenditure and similar expenditures in support of our national security and our constitutional government. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

December 15th 2023


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Death Touch for Global Debt Coming - Steve Quayle

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