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Monday, January 11, 2021

Juan O Savin - The Called - Makings of a Perfect Day

Who is Juan O Savin?

Let's Make This Clear to Zuckerberg, Gates, et alia. -- Public Notice to the Tech Giants

 By Anna Von Reitz

All incorporated entities operating on American soil are responsible for upholding and enforcing the Public Law, including the Constitutional Guarantees owed to the States and People of this country.
Failure to protect and provide for the inalienable rights as spelled out but not limited to those enumerated as the Bill of Rights will result in your corporation being nationalized, its assets seized, and its Officer, Board Members, and Shareholders punished.
In the case of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Instagram, no pleadings away from the results of your acts based on the presumption of a private status and "community standards" will be applied.
The Public Law overstands the private law in all instances and the Public Law is now being enforced.
You have twenty-four (24) hours to get your "public policies" and "community standards" in line with the Constitutional requirements.
Any further infringement will result in your loss of access privileges to the electrical and communications grid.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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Critical Disclosure – The End of America, Inc. Northwest Liberty News  Anna Von Reitz is mentioned many times in this.

Please join me and my co-hosts as we explore the end of America, Inc. and lay out the framework for the new Republic that will be coming in 2021. A new nation which will be of, for, and by the people.

From: James White - Critical Disclosure Radio

Failed False Flag: High Level Military Intel Source: DC Capitol Riot Was Meant To Be Much Larger

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Situation Updates for Jan 10th – First they SILENCE you, then they come to KILL you…

Mass genocide against conservatives is No. 1 on the Left’s list of priorities

Situation Update, Jan. 10th, 2021 – First they silence you, then they disarm you, then they KILL you

Situation Update, Jan. 10, 2021 – Trump’s final window of opportunity rapidly closing

(Natural News) The communist / Marxist purge is on. The tyrannical Left has now deemed all conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters and gun owners to be “terrorists” who must be completely silenced by any means necessary. But after the silencing comes the killing fields, of course. Remember: If they don’t think you have the right to speak, they don’t think you have the right to exist.

Prepare for war to break out across America. You are now living behind enemy lines. Any who oppose the CCP and its puppets (Biden, Brennan, etc.) will be targeted for economic destruction or kinetic executions (government deaths squads).

And to all Leftists reading this, just remember: After they are done killing all of us, they will get busy killing you, too.

Today I have published three podcasts. They are all embedded below. Here are the highlights covered:

  • The wild overreaction of the fascist Left, which is demanding the elimination of all conservatives from every layer of society.
  • Warning about false flag events to be carried out by the deep state on January 20th (Inauguration Day), in order to further demonize Trump supporters.
  • How the Left operates: They join Parler to post violent messages, then call for Parler to be censored because of “violence.”
  • Why the fascist Left will now terrorize conservatives for as long as they remain in power.
  • How Democrats will weaponize government against conservative America, targeting Whites, Christians, Trump supporters and patriots for harassment, arrest and executions.
  • Confirmed: Trump’s DoD operatives acquired laptops from the offices of Pelosi and Schumer. This is why Pelosi is losing her mind.
  • The FBI seizes ballots in Georgia, redirects them back to the shredding machines to continue hiding the evidence of massive, coordinated, criminal election rigging.
  • Texas AG Paxton vows to fight against Big Tech’s outrageous political censorship.
  • Sean Davis: “Americans are right now witnessing the most massive and coordinated anti-trust  violations from corrupt, communist-funded monopolists that this country has ever seen. The Rubicon has been crossed. There is no going back.”
  • A “Faith Update” about prayer and why followers of God had to be rumbled before God intervenes.
  • God’s message is that evil will be crushed by God with peace. Violence is not the answer.

The Insurrection Act is Live

 By Anna Von Reitz

Simon Parks is exactly right -- time to stop dancing around, and apparently, they have all come to that conclusion. The Insurrection Act was signed last night. Thousands of troops are in Washington, DC, and they aren't there for fun.
Other common sense measures you can expect--- nationalization of all six major foreign media conglomerates which have been so much a part of the disinformation and propaganda problem, and which have been abusing their privileged use of our airwaves.
Issuance of new currency is inevitable because of the "legalized" counterfeiting, like the "legalized" lying, allowed by the Obama Administration.
Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the difference between a hundred dollar bill printed in China and a hundred dollar bill printed by the US Mint, because Obummer exported the actual engraving plates and papers and inks and printing presses to various locations all over the world.
The Perpetrators are looking at the necessity of exchanging the tainted currency with an American currency and paying full value for it.
The big European and Oriental banks that conspired and benefited from bilking the Americans for the past 150 years are suddenly facing the fact that each one of our Silver Dollars is pegged against hundreds of thousands of dollars of their debt.
When all the accounting is done properly, everyone on Earth is in debt to the Americans, which is why so many guilty parties have conspired to kill their Creditors -- on paper, and in fact.
The CIA is looking at complete and permanent liquidation of its offices and assets, including confiscation of its sidebar, offshore "pension fund".
HSBC, Bank of England, and Bank of Scotland are all staring down the nose of a paper gun and are likely to be liquidated for their crimes and nationalized by a new government for Great Britain. It's long overdue. Complicit members of Parliament are either under arrest or in custody for questioning --- not sure which, but it will become apparent.
Bank of France isn't in any better condition, simply involved in similar schemes and Breaches of Trust in different corners of the world.
Bank of America and Deutsch Bank are holding the securities and derivatives ends, respectively, of the Great Mortgage Fraud, with the non-existent MERS corporation standing in between, so that there is no valid chain of title to anything. Every chain of title touched by MERS has been broken, so it all reverts to the underlying patents --- which we, The United States of America, hold.
We are here to protect the so-called "little people" of the world, not the corporate interests, so you can expect that the self-investment that has been keeping the rigged stock exchanges alive will abruptly cease at some point.
If you can't read the Tea Leaves, that means get your life savings out of the stock markets and out of the banks, too. Risk nothing that you can't afford to lose.
Meanwhile, in Italy, news that one of their defense contractors went rogue and conspired with Vatican operatives to manipulate the US elections is front page news. Arrest warrants have been issued for the Italian President and the General directly responsible.
Last night, Vatican City stood dark and appeared abandoned, just like Buckingham Palace.
President Trump has removed to an operations base in the American West.
And millions of Americans are watching football games complete with roaring fans that are now merely sound effects, and other millions are watching ancient movies featuring actors who are long-since dead.
Take a moment today to unglue and go outside and breathe some fresh air and think some fresh thoughts.
When you start to clean house, everything gets more chaotic. That's just the nature of things. And then, after a while, after the garbage and yard sale items are extracted, after your decisions have been made, life settles down again.
We are in the Ugly Phase of it right now. There are many sad and many inconvenient and many angering facts to face. Lots of stress. Lots of confusion. Try to look past it.

Sometimes the best thing you can do, is just go to your Happy Place and let the rest of it roll.


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Parler executive speaks out following Google app store ban, threats from Apple

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