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Saturday, April 13, 2024

New tower installed by amateur radio crew at Black Butte near Eureka Montana.

Watch this on Youtube with the link above the video.

Subscribe their channel. These two new ham radio operators came to Don's class in Eureka earlier this year. 

International Public Notice: No Authority to Conduct War

 By Anna Von Reitz

Even when the American Federal Republic was functioning, the Federal Government had no authority to conduct offensive war. 

The contract is public, and it clearly stipulates defensive capabilities only, and its intent to defend the actual physically-defined States, is also clear. 

So the grant of power to the American Federal Subcontractor is: (1) defensive only; (2) pertains only to the physical States of the Union, not to business corporations operating as "State" Trusts or as State of State organizations, such as the so-called "State of Israel, Incorporated". 

The capacity for offensive war is reserved for the actual Congress, known popularly as the Continental Congress, with delegations of Fiduciary Deputies representing each of the States of the Union. 

No American Congress competent to declare war has done so, either in defense or offense, since the War of 1812.  

This is because the American Congress has not been in Session, and the Federal Republic Congress has not been in Session since 1861.  

All "wars" have been Mercenary Conflicts this entire time, and it remains the circumstance today.  

The only entity having actual War Powers is our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America on behalf of our member States of the Union.  

All so-called "War Powers" as in the "War Powers Act" are actually attempts to redefine Mercenary Conflicts carried out by and for privately held commercial corporations as "wars". 

Any war-making by Joe Biden, all "US" aid to Israel, all activities undertaken to intervene in the Mideast, should be, and indeed, must be, understood as the actions of a private, for-profit, foreign corporation acting in behalf of one of its franchise corporations --- and not as any action by our government.  

Recently, the vermin involved in all this fraud, war-mongering, and deceit, have sought to cover their actions by renaming their corporation "the American Government, Inc.".  

This is just another example of their generalized fraud and malfeasance, in which they pretend to be us, and also misuse our Title IV war flag.  

Make no mistake -- our grant-of-use and definition of the Title IV war flag is limited to: (1) defense of this country and its territories as physically defined; (2) defense of our shipping on the High Seas and Maritime provinces; (3) defense of our own air space. 

Rotters like Teddy Roosevelt and his Robber Baron industrialist cronies usurped against the clearly stated limits of the constitutional grants of power to "redefine" defense of this country to mean a grant of offensive power to address any real or imagined slight anywhere in the world --- but no such grant of power exists in black and white, and their abuse of power in our names only depended on the fact that our lawful government was not in Session, and therefore considered to agree in absentia. 

This time, our government is in Session and we do not agree to any aggression by any Federal Subcontractor in the Middle East, nor do we agree to any misuse of our Title IV flag on loan for the use of our British Territorial Subcontractors when exercising delegated powers, which means, if and when, they act in defense of this country as physically defined.  

We ask the world-at-large to bear witness to the fact that America is a peaceful country and hasn't declared war in over 200 years, and only did so then to (again) rebuff British Territorial United States war-mongering.  

It is with chagrin that we have admitted that what they failed to gain by force of arms, they eventually attained by guile.  

The allied British governments of Westminster and the Monarchy secretly gained a foothold enabling them to control our administrative and bureaucratic apparatus in gross breach of trust and they have criminally misdirected the purloined functions of our government and misrepresented our country ever since. 

If Joe Biden "declares" any "war", let it be known that he is declaring an illegal Mercenary Conflict styled as a war.  Let it also be known that he does this at the behest of foreign powers, not America, not Americans. 

We have nothing to gain by a war in the Middle East and we find the recent ruthless actions of the Israeli Government under the direction of Benjamin Netanyahu to be reckless crimes against humanity. 

The attack on the Iranian Embassy was premeditated and against international law, constituting an act of war against Iran.  

The attack by Hamas in Gaza was paid for by British MI6 agents and assisted by Netanyahu's government, which stood down Israeli border defenses to assist Hamas, and create an excuse to bomb Gaza into oblivion.  

Whether Israel "took the bait" or whether Netanyahu's government was motivated by greed upon the recent discovery of oil in Gaza, we may never know.  

What we do know is that the international lease on the land of Israel provided under the Balfour Declaration has run its course, and British scheme to divide and conquer by labeling some people "Palestinians" and labeling other people "Israelis" has garnered its usual amount of destruction and depravity.  

The actual Bad Guys are neither Israelis nor Palestinians -- both of these are the victims of Fat Cats sitting in leather club chairs in London, men who are sipping their gin and tonic, and planning how they will access the new oil reserves in Gaza while operating out of their new club house in China, all at the expense of NATO and "the US".  

Which is not us.  

None of this is "American" --- we are simply set up as the Fall Guys, and all of this is just more of the same old same old modus operandi of these criminals -- which is to blame the victims. 

So before anyone goes any further down the road to enacting the Do-It-Yourself Armageddon scenario, we are publicly proclaiming and declaring that no, this is not anything our government is doing or allowing or supporting and no, it does not stand within the limits of our constitutional service contracts with these Federal Service Providers. 

If they go to war in the Middle East, it has nothing to do with our country and our Title IV Flag should not be used and we should not be blamed.  

The Pope should be blamed, the British Monarch should be blamed, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London should be blamed; Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli cabinet government should be blamed. 

But America should not be blamed.  

We have done all that we can to expose the deceit and criminality of the foreign corporations masquerading as our government, and we have denied them any authority or contract not specifically evidenced by our constitutions --- properly understood within the context of the times in which our constitutions were created.  

As things stand, our Federation of States is the only entity having lawful and legal standing to conduct war, and absent action by our actual American Government --- not some incorporated foreign imposter simply calling itself the American Government, Inc., --- we are at peace, flying our peace flag, and not about to be drawn into some new meat-grinder in the Middle East for the benefit of foreign commercial interests. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 12th 2024


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International Public Notice: Conflict of Interest and Our Objections

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention that the remaining Federal Subcontractors, two parent Municipal corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia, have contracted with each other. 

Those representing the Municipal United States Government have contracted with the Territorial United States Government such that Joe Biden is proposing to act as the President of the United States of America, while basing his office and authority on The Constitution of the United States. 

This represents a basic usurpation of power reserved for the States and people of this country, and the creation of a conflict of interest to which we, the Delegators of all Delegated Powers, object. 

It was never intended, inferred, implied, or allowed by any Federal Constitution that Federal Subcontractors would contract with each other, as separate entities, for services for themselves.   

This leads to a situation in which the parent Municipal conglomerate generally spoken of as "the United States" incorporated has hired the Territorial service provider we created for our own uses, to provide itself with military services for hire.  

So, the United States, Inc., has purchased the services of the United States of America, Inc., for its own protection, which potentially places both corporations at odds with their actual employers and priority creditors. 

This is staging, via conflict of interest not allowed by our contracts with either service provider, to create a civil war in this country -- at the hands of our employees. 

We object to any such commingling of Municipal and Territorial roles and interests, especially any such commingling by contract that could confuse the allegiances of both Service Providers and lead to armed conflict on our shores. 

Our public employees at all levels, Federal, State, and State-of-State, are meant to serve us and our States and our interests, not their own.  We pay them for their service, not their self-interest. 

We see Joe Biden's offer to function as the President of the United States of America (the Territorial Presidential Office) under the auspices of The Constitution of the United States, as a blatant affront to our constitutional system of government. 

Federal Subcontractors exist as a result of three (3) separate constitutional contracts and wield enumerated delegated powers when these separate contracts are fulfilled; absent that, there is no basis for these corporations to exist and nothing for them to do.  

If the entire reason for these District Corporations to exist is to fleece their employers, and usurp powers never granted to them,  we can hire the mafia instead and get a better deal and more performance.  

It has also come to our attention that in an effort to promote legitimacy for the U.S. Armed Forces, all members of such Armed Forces are now technically considered Naval Officers and Enlisted.  

This, too, has no authority or basis in custom or Law, and has been used to try to paper over the fact that our own military has been unlawfully converted into a mercenary force and misdirected by the same Parties responsible for trying to redefine the American Armed Forces as an Auxiliary Force of the U.S. Navy under the command of his Royal Britannic Majesty. 

We object to these manipulations and "redefinitions" as the lawful government of this country in International Jurisdiction, and as the Principals and Inheritors of the Constitutions, which are stipulated and explicit Service Contracts that limit the role of His Britannic Majesty to that of a Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways. 

Also with respect to these changes in the Service Contracts made without our knowledge or ratification, and deemed to exist only on the basis of acquiescence, we object to the proliferation and use of Admiralty/Maritime Courts on dry land, and their pernicious misuse to address our people under the force of an illegal and immoral quasi-military (mercenary) occupation of our country by the British Crown Corporation.  

The grant of all power over American Admiralty and Maritime matters was granted to the Federal Republic under the auspices of The Constitution for the united States of America (1787), and upon the dissolution/incapacity of the Federal Republic, returned by Operation of Law to the Delegator and Grantor of those powers, our Federation of States. It did not magically devolve upon any Trusteeship of his Britannic Majesty.  

The Constitution for the united States of America (meaning the Federal Republic and the 1787 Constitution) grants to the Federal Government (again meaning the Federal Republic) "all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction".  

In the absence of the States of America (our Confederation of States) and in the absence of the Federal Republic, the powers delegated to them return to the Delegator, our Federation of States doing business as the unincorporated United States of America, not to the British Territorial version doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated".  

This usurpation of power based on a similar names deceit and widespread efforts on the part of the Perpetrators of these crimes to keep the substitution secret as a matter of their own separate "National Security", has run its course.  

We do not intend for our run-amok British Territorial and Roman Subcontractors to continue operating in this criminal and unaccountable manner, based on our purported absence and equally purported acquiescence to their every whim.  

His Royal Britannic Majesty is owed no trusteeship on land and the British Territorial Government has no basis in fact to claim any such position or authority with respect to our States; likewise, these Parties have no excuse for their usurpation upon our grant of power to other, former, Federal Subcontractors, allowing them to come in and run our courts of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction. 

The situation would be analogous to hiring Joe American to mow the lawn, and upon Joe being injured, having a foreigner named Jose show up and take over his job, with nobody being the wiser. 

This might be amenable to the extent that Jose fulfills the vacated contract with honor and keeps his nose to the grindstone, but is certainly not acceptable when he does not. 

This is precisely the situation we face here and to which we are objecting as a matter of international contract; we do not have a contract with His Britannic Majesty to operate our courts of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction.  

Over decades of gradually increasing corruption, these courts have been weaponized to pillage and plunder innocent Americans and an entire registration and impersonation scheme has been developed to support False Presumption of Admiralty and Maritime occupations and activities on land, so as to unnaturally subject these same Americans both to the British Crown and the Monarch operating, as ever, as an Overseer for the Holy Roman Empire.  

We are not deceived and we are standing in honor, as the Delegator of all delegated powers, demanding that our Federation of States is the lawful and legal inheritor of all grants of power over cases in admiralty and maritime. 

As a matter of international and commercial law, both the Government of Westminster and His Britannic Majesty have had their filthy paws in our business and have been corrupting our courts and impersonating our people --- and have been keeping this secret from their employers, simply because this substitution scheme based on similar names, has been immensely profitable for them. 

We are calling upon the international community and upon the High Courts of the world, upon our own shanghaied military, and every man who has a conscience, to peaceably return American courts to American control, and return the incorporated Federal Subcontractors to their stipulated roles. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 12th 2024


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A Pause to Consider

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please direct your attention to the fact that energy impresses itself on matter.  

This means that our energy, which we project -- literally -- creates matter and determines its form. 

That puts a different spin on the oft-repeated phrase, "children of God".  

It also explains why we each encapsulate about 33 Trillion (with a T) volts of electricity within our bodies, and why, when an egg is fertilized, the event is marked by a tiny flash of light.  

We are creators and we are creating and using energy to do this every single day, but thinking nothing of it.  We create like water flows downhill. 

We aren't even aware that we are doing it.  

And there's the rub. 

Take a look at the world that we are collectively, as a mass population, creating.  Ask yourself --- is this what we want?  Death, destruction, constant fighting, pollution, upheaval, lies and oppression of every kind?  

Rats in a trap would be better behaved than our politicians.   

So what this airy-fairy talk about changing your "frequency" and "ascending" is all about, is really about changing what you create by changing the energy you project. 

Start radiating love instead of hate, and see what happens.  

Start working on your own bad habits -- gossiping, lying, fear-mongering -- just stop doing those things which are well-within your control, and see the change in your own life and the lives of people around you.  

Are you lonely?  I was too.  I grew up as an only child out in the country (my sister was thirteen years older than I and left home when I was five) so my closest companion was the family dog.  

When I went to school, I was too shy and too average looking to attract any attention, so although I was doing well enough academically, I wasn't making the social grade.  By Christmas time, I still didn't have anyone I could call a friend.  

Maybe a few sparks, hi, how are you? -- but not there yet. 

The long Christmas vacation dragged on that year with many snow-filled days and nights.  I still enjoyed my sled and romping with the dog and ice skating on my Father's deliberately constructed ice rink, but, Dad was at work, Mom was too fragile to play, and I was alone, or as I saw it, I was the tail end of an era. 

All the other kids in the family were already doing things like getting married, joining the Navy, and going to college, and there I was, fighting with knee socks. 

"What do you want for Christmas?" my Mother asked a few days before the big event. 

"A friend," I said.  

"Hmm," she answered, a little put off. 

You can't just go down to the hardware store and buy one of those! 

To be fair, I was always a difficult child.  

"Well," she said finally, "you know that to have a friend, you must be a friend first." 

No, I didn't know that.  I never thought about it in terms of energy dynamics.  I just observed that everyone else seemed to be part of some web of life that was closed to me. 

From that moment on, I learned to smile, to greet, to be pleased with life.  I learned to view strangers as potential friends.  I got over my awkwardness.  I discovered a latent talent for slapstick comedy. 

By the end of the school year, you could even say that I had become mildly popular, and had half a dozen pals who welcomed the Ugly Duckling when I got off the school bus each day. 

This change was due to one thing. I changed my energy from being needy to giving, from being closed off to caring.  

What the world needs now -- desperately -- is that kind of change, and it is a change each one of us can make, by an act of will.  

We can smile. We can have faith in our vision of the future.  We can afford to help someone else.  We can create change in ourselves, so we can create change in the world we are creating. 

Recently, I asked everyone to just concentrate on one simple thing -- stop lying.  And see what happens. 

Already, the reports are coming in, and most people who took on this challenge are shocked by how often they caught themselves fibbing about small things, but fibbing nonetheless. 

There have also been reports of major discoveries -- people realizing that their marriage was on the rocks and needed rescue efforts, realizing that a child had grown estranged for unknown reasons, suddenly knowing that a career change was necessary. 

Consciously making the effort to tell the truth has a way of illuminating things, just as making the conscious effort to be friendly draws friends into your life.  

We don't always think or remember that making small changes in ourselves can create big changes in the world around us, but this is so.  It's the reason that giant advertising firms spend billions of dollars analyzing consumer preferences.  

What do you want to "buy" with your energy today?  Friendship or violence?  Truth or lies?  It's your energy.  And your choice of how you spend it. 

Once you start paying attention --- I mean, really observing, you will notice odd things --- like, how a single friendly smiling postal clerk, literally, day after day, changes a dingy little post office into a haven of peace and joy and affirmation for his customers.

Just by his attitude, his will to help, his joyful energy projected outward, he changes the world. 

It was December, the peak of the postal traffic season for the whole year.  "Michael" was up to his knees in mail and boxes were stacked head-high all around him.  And, there he was, taking time to add tape to a box for a woman bent with age and poverty, reassuring her that it would get to its destination.  

He was smiling anyway.  He was caring anyway.  He was creating his own little energetic space where all the pushing and shoving energy of the season and the pressure of his job was held at bay.  As he turned and put her box on the top of his stack of boxes, she also turned away with a smile on her face. 

Such a simple thing, putting some extra tape on a box, yet there it was -- the magic of life, the miracle of our kinship revealed, in perhaps thirty seconds of extra care and kindness. 

You can do this, too.  And so can I.  If we stop a moment, pause, and make this our goal each day. 
We, too, can change the world, change our energy, and change the space in which we live.  

I talked with "Michael" once about how he is always so bright and sunny in the midst of chaos.  He just grinned and shrugged, and said, "It beats the alternative!" 

He's right, as usual.  It does no good to despair, to be glum, to wallow in any sort of self-pity.  So he doesn't do that, and as a result, he pulls himself and everyone else upward. 

On another occasion, I was having a bad day and was somewhat miffed, and I asked him what was his secret source of joy?  He paused. 

"Well, I'm alive....I am in pretty good health for my age....I have a decent job....I have friends....and family...." he rattled off a short list and shot me a look like --- what else is there?  Why shouldn't I be happy? 

Now, you might think that "Michael" is a little dim, to be happy with a mundane life and work as a Postal Clerk, but he's as bright on average as any of the rest of us.  The difference is entirely in his attitude, and in the energy he projects. 

He is in a constant state of joy, because he is grateful for all that he has, and that joy acts like an infectious agent, touching the lives of everyone who buys a stamp or sends a package. 

I have stood in the lobby of the post office and watched the people dragging their steps through the door.  They are tired and poor. Their feet hurt. They have a parent-teacher meeting to go through. Their faces are as grey and haggard as the scudding clouds in April.  

They have their thirty seconds at the counter with "Michael", and the miracle happens again and again. 

They come out of the Post Office as changed men and women.  They stand more erect.  They are walking with confidence. They are alert. And they are smiling.  

I, standing there in the lobby, observing this, had cause to wonder --- WT?  What happened? 

"Michael" gave them an injection of his boundless agape love. 

What would happen, if we all took the plunge and made the pledge to be less self-concerned, more open, more caring, more friendly? 

What if we smiled more, and complained less?  
What if we always told the truth? 

Then we would be beacons of comfort and hope, stalwart and imperturbable, infecting the world with joy--- and wisdom. 

Because it makes no sense to create more of what we don't want, and by our own simple, individual decision and action, we can create more of what we do want. 

Give what you want to receive. Create what you want more of. Be the change. 


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