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Saturday, April 13, 2024

International Public Notice: No Authority to Conduct War

 By Anna Von Reitz

Even when the American Federal Republic was functioning, the Federal Government had no authority to conduct offensive war. 

The contract is public, and it clearly stipulates defensive capabilities only, and its intent to defend the actual physically-defined States, is also clear. 

So the grant of power to the American Federal Subcontractor is: (1) defensive only; (2) pertains only to the physical States of the Union, not to business corporations operating as "State" Trusts or as State of State organizations, such as the so-called "State of Israel, Incorporated". 

The capacity for offensive war is reserved for the actual Congress, known popularly as the Continental Congress, with delegations of Fiduciary Deputies representing each of the States of the Union. 

No American Congress competent to declare war has done so, either in defense or offense, since the War of 1812.  

This is because the American Congress has not been in Session, and the Federal Republic Congress has not been in Session since 1861.  

All "wars" have been Mercenary Conflicts this entire time, and it remains the circumstance today.  

The only entity having actual War Powers is our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America on behalf of our member States of the Union.  

All so-called "War Powers" as in the "War Powers Act" are actually attempts to redefine Mercenary Conflicts carried out by and for privately held commercial corporations as "wars". 

Any war-making by Joe Biden, all "US" aid to Israel, all activities undertaken to intervene in the Mideast, should be, and indeed, must be, understood as the actions of a private, for-profit, foreign corporation acting in behalf of one of its franchise corporations --- and not as any action by our government.  

Recently, the vermin involved in all this fraud, war-mongering, and deceit, have sought to cover their actions by renaming their corporation "the American Government, Inc.".  

This is just another example of their generalized fraud and malfeasance, in which they pretend to be us, and also misuse our Title IV war flag.  

Make no mistake -- our grant-of-use and definition of the Title IV war flag is limited to: (1) defense of this country and its territories as physically defined; (2) defense of our shipping on the High Seas and Maritime provinces; (3) defense of our own air space. 

Rotters like Teddy Roosevelt and his Robber Baron industrialist cronies usurped against the clearly stated limits of the constitutional grants of power to "redefine" defense of this country to mean a grant of offensive power to address any real or imagined slight anywhere in the world --- but no such grant of power exists in black and white, and their abuse of power in our names only depended on the fact that our lawful government was not in Session, and therefore considered to agree in absentia. 

This time, our government is in Session and we do not agree to any aggression by any Federal Subcontractor in the Middle East, nor do we agree to any misuse of our Title IV flag on loan for the use of our British Territorial Subcontractors when exercising delegated powers, which means, if and when, they act in defense of this country as physically defined.  

We ask the world-at-large to bear witness to the fact that America is a peaceful country and hasn't declared war in over 200 years, and only did so then to (again) rebuff British Territorial United States war-mongering.  

It is with chagrin that we have admitted that what they failed to gain by force of arms, they eventually attained by guile.  

The allied British governments of Westminster and the Monarchy secretly gained a foothold enabling them to control our administrative and bureaucratic apparatus in gross breach of trust and they have criminally misdirected the purloined functions of our government and misrepresented our country ever since. 

If Joe Biden "declares" any "war", let it be known that he is declaring an illegal Mercenary Conflict styled as a war.  Let it also be known that he does this at the behest of foreign powers, not America, not Americans. 

We have nothing to gain by a war in the Middle East and we find the recent ruthless actions of the Israeli Government under the direction of Benjamin Netanyahu to be reckless crimes against humanity. 

The attack on the Iranian Embassy was premeditated and against international law, constituting an act of war against Iran.  

The attack by Hamas in Gaza was paid for by British MI6 agents and assisted by Netanyahu's government, which stood down Israeli border defenses to assist Hamas, and create an excuse to bomb Gaza into oblivion.  

Whether Israel "took the bait" or whether Netanyahu's government was motivated by greed upon the recent discovery of oil in Gaza, we may never know.  

What we do know is that the international lease on the land of Israel provided under the Balfour Declaration has run its course, and British scheme to divide and conquer by labeling some people "Palestinians" and labeling other people "Israelis" has garnered its usual amount of destruction and depravity.  

The actual Bad Guys are neither Israelis nor Palestinians -- both of these are the victims of Fat Cats sitting in leather club chairs in London, men who are sipping their gin and tonic, and planning how they will access the new oil reserves in Gaza while operating out of their new club house in China, all at the expense of NATO and "the US".  

Which is not us.  

None of this is "American" --- we are simply set up as the Fall Guys, and all of this is just more of the same old same old modus operandi of these criminals -- which is to blame the victims. 

So before anyone goes any further down the road to enacting the Do-It-Yourself Armageddon scenario, we are publicly proclaiming and declaring that no, this is not anything our government is doing or allowing or supporting and no, it does not stand within the limits of our constitutional service contracts with these Federal Service Providers. 

If they go to war in the Middle East, it has nothing to do with our country and our Title IV Flag should not be used and we should not be blamed.  

The Pope should be blamed, the British Monarch should be blamed, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London should be blamed; Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli cabinet government should be blamed. 

But America should not be blamed.  

We have done all that we can to expose the deceit and criminality of the foreign corporations masquerading as our government, and we have denied them any authority or contract not specifically evidenced by our constitutions --- properly understood within the context of the times in which our constitutions were created.  

As things stand, our Federation of States is the only entity having lawful and legal standing to conduct war, and absent action by our actual American Government --- not some incorporated foreign imposter simply calling itself the American Government, Inc., --- we are at peace, flying our peace flag, and not about to be drawn into some new meat-grinder in the Middle East for the benefit of foreign commercial interests. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 12th 2024


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