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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Why We Need Donations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Number One:  Who pays you to mow your own lawn?  Or wash your own car? 


It's the same way when you run your own government.  We aren't collecting any taxes from you. All our people are working as volunteers. 

Number Two: Normally, the States fund the Federation functions, but in this situation, the Federation has to help the States instead. 

Thus, the Federation is left unfunded at the exact moment that funds are needed most, and both the States and the Federation are scrambling. 

Number Three: There are numerous expenses associated with the work being done above and beyond the labor which is being donated. 

There are phone and utility bills and facilities upkeep.  There are travel costs.  There are storage units to pay for. There are equipment costs.  There are supply costs.  All of it has to get paid for, and guess what?  It's your government. 

Number Four: When you are self-governing, you have to be self-supporting --- so this is a reasonable situation for us to be in, so far as it goes. 

Later on down the track, when everything is functioning as it should, we will have access to our assets and sources of income and it won't be a problem.  Right now, it's a pain in the butt. 

Number Five: Yes, we have tracked down a lot of assets that belong to our States and our people. We have claimed back those assets -- and there is still a lot more to collect.  Which also requires more work and expenses.   

We don't yet have the ability to distribute those assets which is a whole other issue.  We have been working on this for several years and are very close to solving it, but until the final lever turns, we are still in need of funds to: (1) finish the project, and (2) continue our collection efforts.  

If you want your relief and want it soon, send shekels now!  


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