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Sunday, July 3, 2016

For Jed --- More Questions and Answers About American States and Nations Bank

by Anna Von Reitz

I set up the Articles of Organization for the American States and Nations Bank and helped establish its first business office here in Alaska.  I also function as its first Comptroller, a responsibility I will not relinquish until I am sure that the endeavor is properly safeguarded, organized, and in good and honest hands going forward. 

These very simple statements--- Articles of Organization--- condense the nature, purpose, and fundamental organizational structure and accountability of managers within the bank. 

There is, of course, a great deal of work and security development behind all of it that is not immediately apparent, but becomes so upon reflection.  Each of the principal managers, including the Comptroller, have multiple functions at the start that are too complex, ephemeral, and varied to describe in the Articles as any part of the permanent position within the organization. 

Answer to David Crayford and "American Lawyer" -- Round 2

by Anna Von Reitz

First, an apology. Auto-correct got me again, and so my first attempt to address the misconceptions Mr. Crayford and American Lawyer both have about the ongoing situation was addressed to "David Crawford". Mea culpa for not better proof-reading. I was rather upset at the time and tired of struggling with pervasive ignorance.
In the reply I received from David this morning via his publication on Rumor Mill News, he accuses me of being in "Denial, Denial, Denial". Perhaps, David, you should read my Letter to Cardinal George plainly stated and on the public record at least two years ago, before you make any such accusation. It's all there on my website. Just look it up and see what I had to say to him when he presented the same false logic and accusation.

No Need For Confusion of Any Kind

by Anna Von Reitz

There is no need for any "confusion" about the relationship between American States and Nations Bank and Karatbars, International.  Or anything else for that matter.  

Less than 1% of Americans own any gold at all.  The rest of the world is rapidly going back to the old precious metals standard.  Therefore, Americans will not be able to trade for foreign goods from these countries if they don't have some gold to trade with.  

Want to go without coffee?   Peppercorns?   Get some gold set aside now. 

How simple is that?