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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Answer to David Crayford and "American Lawyer" -- Round 2

by Anna Von Reitz

First, an apology. Auto-correct got me again, and so my first attempt to address the misconceptions Mr. Crayford and American Lawyer both have about the ongoing situation was addressed to "David Crawford". Mea culpa for not better proof-reading. I was rather upset at the time and tired of struggling with pervasive ignorance.
In the reply I received from David this morning via his publication on Rumor Mill News, he accuses me of being in "Denial, Denial, Denial". Perhaps, David, you should read my Letter to Cardinal George plainly stated and on the public record at least two years ago, before you make any such accusation. It's all there on my website. Just look it up and see what I had to say to him when he presented the same false logic and accusation.
The history self-evident in the public records as well as the records of the Holy See tell a very different story than the one you are presenting. What you are presenting as an "alternative history" is just that--- a fictional history that as an "alternative" is more palatable in terms of selling the particular Rothschild-sponsored brand of snake oil you are selling.
The Rothschild Banking Empire which dominates the Federal Reserve and which owns the French Central Bank as well has moved its base of operations to China and taken all the gold that they stole from the Americans and Europeans with them. They are now presenting us with a False Choice between paper currency and gold, hoping that we are all stupid enough to take the bait and pay them between 4000% and 10,000% profit to buy back gold they stole from us in the first place.
Good luck with telling me any fanciful stories about Genghis Khan and Chinese Elders. You had better be able to back up all your malarky with physical proof of all the ancient Chinese gold mines that would have to be present and accounted for in the world records----and aren't. You would also have to explain how these great Philanthropists, the vaunted "Chinese Elders" sat mum through two World Wars and the ravages of both Stalin and Mao and did NOTHING? Not a peep? How is it that they have just now appeared on the world stage with this phony concocted "history" delivered by a lawyer?
Yeah, right.
Go peddle it somewhere else to someone else, it isn't going to fly here.
There is a great lot of history that you fellows and many others are not aware of---factual history.
As the Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, proves without a shadow of a doubt, there are and there have always been two populations present in America: the "free, sovereign, and independent people" and the "inhabitants"---- British subjects left living here after the Revolution to provide "essential governmental services" which were later spelled out as nineteen enumerated "powers" in The Constitution for the united States of America.
The problem you have attempted to address ---among many others---has been caused by these same British subjects, the "inhabitants" of our land jurisdiction, who have acted in Breach of Trust, violation of international treaties and commercial contracts, and waged illegal war and practiced genocide against the trusting American People.
And you have the brass cajones to suggest to me that the American People are the problem?
Let me suggest that your ignorance of history and willingness to misinterpret it is the problem.
The American People have been outrageously mischaracterized, misled, abused, enslaved, press-ganged, kidnapped in foreign jurisdictions, capitulated, subjected to genocide, defrauded, and had their assets unlawfully converted, suffered identity theft, and now you, David Crayford, want to blame them for the acts of their Oppressors?
The American People have no motive to promote counterfeiting and devaluation of the paper currency that they and the entire rest of the world have been forced to use by these foreign "inhabitants"--- these "United States Citizens".
The Rothschilds and their collaborators and minions operating the Inner City of London are seeking every means possible to devalue fiat currencies, especially the "United States Dollar" --- not to be confused with the American Silver Dollar --- because doing so hastens the day when they hope to realize truly obscene profits from selling us back the gold they stole from us at hyperinflated prices. They have even stooped to several mass counterfeiting attempts to hasten the affects of inflation, one of which you uncovered in the Philippines.
If you are smart enough to uncover such a counterfeiting operation, you ought to be smart enough to deduce who benefits from undermining the fiat currencies? And therefore, who is responsible for this travesty?
Instead of blaming the innocent victims who were at worst asleep at the wheel, try blaming those who are actually accountable----- the European Banking Cartels headed up by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their Chinese collaborators?
And if you truly are on the side of the living people in this mess, please take the time and make the intellectual and moral effort to discern what is really going on here. In your own words, "don't add to the problem" by spreading spurious fabricated "history" and fairy tales to explain how the Chinese suddenly came up with all this gold, and don't blame the American People for things that "United States Citizens"----British Subjects---- have done to us and to the rest of the world.
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  1. We have been fleeced by these same international gangsters time an again 1913 gave them the cash cow to execute ww1 , 1929 when america was ripe Churchill attended a banquet on wallstreet the next morning they call during all dept thus the biggest transfer of wealth in history.1933 Roosevelt collected all the gold and they exchanged dollar for dollar junk notes for our money and they stold all the money. Derivitives scam 2008 , hyperinflation to today.

  2. I appreciate Anna, I really do. However she gives the impression that her logig and reason is bullet proof. For example, her confidence presumes that all human activity and events must be part of her database if information, an impossibility. Furthermore, I suspect that the Chinese dynastic line and their descendants know hoe to keep a secret. Lastly, the plan may have been to "lay low" until the riht moment. These are all very real possibilities that only the principals would know for sure.


    1. Divide divide divide its what theyre best @

    2. THANK YOU ANNA for setting the record straight. These AshkeNAZI Serpent and Reptilian Rothschild banksters are being exposed today. They are going to be putting their disinformationalist and misinformationalists out there to keep the Sleeping Sheeple in snooze mode but I am hearing alarm clocks going on next to these Sleeping Sheeple and many are not pushing he snooze button any more.

  3. If a banker is involved it is a scam, the very term banker says to me counterfeiting, and fraud.


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