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Sunday, July 3, 2016

For Jed --- More Questions and Answers About American States and Nations Bank

by Anna Von Reitz

I set up the Articles of Organization for the American States and Nations Bank and helped establish its first business office here in Alaska.  I also function as its first Comptroller, a responsibility I will not relinquish until I am sure that the endeavor is properly safeguarded, organized, and in good and honest hands going forward. 

These very simple statements--- Articles of Organization--- condense the nature, purpose, and fundamental organizational structure and accountability of managers within the bank. 

There is, of course, a great deal of work and security development behind all of it that is not immediately apparent, but becomes so upon reflection.  Each of the principal managers, including the Comptroller, have multiple functions at the start that are too complex, ephemeral, and varied to describe in the Articles as any part of the permanent position within the organization. 

I want to stress the fact that the American States and Nations Bank is an International Organization, not an incorporated entity or franchise of any kind; it is organized under Article X of the original and actual Constitution for these United States (land jurisdiction) as part of the reserved powers of the American People and their organic states.  It is a "sovereign bank". 

It is necessary for us to act as an International Organization because each one of the Several States are also separate Sovereign Nations, thus all trade between the organic Nations is in fact "international" in nature.

Think of it this way---- both "States" and "Nations" are political entities.  "States" operate primarily in the international jurisdiction of the sea through incorporated entities such as the "State of California".  Nations operate their affairs on the land jurisdiction through unincorporated international organizations, for example, the Alaska State or the Wyoming State, both of which can more exactly be termed the Alaska Nation and the Wyoming Nation.  

The confusion arises from calling nations "states" and only differentiating among them by slight differences in name:  Alaska State = Nation on the Land,  State of Alaska = Incorporated Legal Fiction. 

In the same way, international banks operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea as incorporated entities, and they operate entirely in the realm of commerce. Commerce is business carried on between CORPORATIONS  including "State of" corporations.  Thus, you, a living man named something like "George Michael Finkelstein"  have a "person" named after you, "GEORGE MICHAEL FINKELSTEIN"  which allows you to do business as YOU--- a corporation. You simply haven't been made privy to this cozy arrangement benefiting the banks and "governmental services corporations" that have enfranchised "YOU" as a franchise like a Dairy Queen franchise and used "YOU" for their benefit and forced "YOU" to operate in the realm of international commerce whether you--- the living man---knew it or not.   The Alaska State has similarly suffered the predations of the State of Alaska and the STATE OF ALASKA. 

There is, however, the option to form an international bank that functions as an unincorporated international organization (as opposed to a corporation) operating on the land jurisdiction, and which operates entirely in the realm of trade.  Trade is business carried on between people and their Nation States, like the Alaska State and the Florida State. This is what the American States and Nations Bank is.  If you are a living man or woman, you will want and need to trade with a bank organized as we are organized.  If your organization --- Jural Assembly --- Township, County, or State Organization represents living people and actual soil, you will want to have an account with American States and Nations Bank. 

The advantage of such a bank is that it deals with you as one of the people instead of treating you as a corporate franchisee.  It can guarantee your privacy and the security of your funds in ways that no incorporated franchise can. It is also accountable for its actions and subject to the actual Public Law--- "bail ins" and "bail outs" and other such criminal nonsense are not possible when you bank with a sovereign, private bank.  It also deals in lawful money, which means that you have an option and a place to go where you can exchange actual assets, issue lawful notes and create lawful securities. 

As with all things, greater freedom requires greater self-responsibility and greater integrity.  The American States and Nations Bank has to function under complete commercial liability.  That means that we have to stand behind what we do and put our own --- not just the bank's assets --- at risk.  There is no corporate veil.  We can insure depositor's assets via private insurance provisions and we can bond certain aspects of our operations, but there is no FDIC here just as there is no obligation to kow-tow to the demands of any corporate bosses. 

If you are familiar with and accept the practices and risks of the commercial banks, or you honestly and knowledgeably accept "enfranchisement", and all the presumptions of "United States Citizenship" which that entails, American States and Nations Bank may not be the answer for you, but for millions of American State Nationals who need and want their birthright political status honored and who are tired of the monopolistic abuses and corrupt practices of both the Federal Reserve and IMF, it's time to come home.   

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  1. Don't forget this one point: All Casinos owned by Native American tribes are licensed as banks. Easy for them to open accounts for the people with no ties to the FDIC.

    1. Licensed by Whom?
      Seems like an oxymoron...

    2. Last I heard, the F.D.I.C. is bankrupt. Hence they can't pay for anything to the best of my knowledge.

  2. Freaky Brilliant!!!
    Any prediction when folks can begin opening an account?
    Happy Holiday!!
    It is seeming much more meaningful these days! Thanks so much!!!

  3. gotta admit pretty ironic that those are the names of the banks that bank of america merged with haha

    nations and sovereign bank

  4. I so appreciate your continued education of our dilemma and the solutions, I know I want to have an account and even a bank where I live so I can walk into to it and do business. Here you said "We can insure depositor's assets via private insurance provisions and we can bond certain aspects of our operations, but there is no FDIC here just as there is no obligation to kow-tow to the demands of any corporate bosses." You are a quick study to put this together so fast and I/we so appreciate your continued efforts for us. I have owned businesses in the past and would be very interested in being involved in my local area.

  5. Great idea but the record of the FEDS is that they will let you get this all set up and in operation and then bust it for counterfeiting legal currency. They pulled a similar stunt around 2007 when Ron Paul ran for Prez and the guy that ran the Hawaiian mint for 20 years, Bernard von Nothaus, came out with a Ron Paul "penny" which wasn't actually a "penny" but was made of 99.9 pure copper and was a "commodity" investment in which Americans have a RIGHT to be involved with and these were issued by a PRIVATE commodity warehouse and the FEDS came in and arrested all of the important people and confiscated all of the metals and commodities in the warehouses. Bernard stated that for every $20 that was sent to help finance their court case, the people were to received a silver "dollar" at that time silver was running about $15 per ounce. Well, I sent in my $20 and eight years later, still am waiting for it!!! The Court just recently stated that the gov't didn't have the power or authority to do this and had to return all of the things they confiscated but wouldn't you know they don't seem to be able to locate all of the legal owners of stuff they seized. Plus, about 5 people on the top are STILL in Federal prison and only the top guy that made the promises has since "retired" from the mint business while the rest of us are waiting for that silver "dollar" and/or still in the pen. All I can say is that whoever is involved in this "bank deal" better have some real international back up just in case the FEDs pull their illegal crap again. And you know they will, they just can't help themselves!!!


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