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Saturday, July 17, 2021

About Oaths and Affirmations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oaths are anti-Biblical and are in fact condemned as a practice by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but they have remained part of the ancient Law of the Sea and the Law Merchant, which are forms of international law, even after the Christian Era. Christians objected to taking oaths, so the requirement was changed to include "affirmations".
This entire practice goes back to international maritime law and forming a verbal contract in front of witnesses, obligating whoever was "swearing" the oath to perform the oath. It is a form of Performance Bond and backs the insurance or indemnity bond that traditionally is required for Public Offices that operate in the international jurisdiction.
Read that: the entire practice of taking oaths upon entering public offices is foreign to us, and only applies in the international jurisdiction. That's why judges and other officers engaged in administering international maritime courts and conducting interstate (that is, international) business on behalf of the Public, take oaths or make affirmations guaranteeing their performance.
Please do not get all worried about arcane things like this. Other people have already researched it and determined what's necessary and what isn't necessary for the proper administration of our Assemblies. If we don't tell you that an oath is necessary, it's not necessary.
People are back on the land and soil the moment that they record their choice of political status and provide proof of who they are and where they were born--- regardless of whether or not the Recorder took an oath or affirmation.
Some people are making a wrong assumption --- again --- that the action of the Recorder (or any other Office Holder) is invalidated for lack of a public oath or affirmation. That's not how it works and not what the "oath or affirmation" does. Having or not having a Performance Bond in no way validates or invalidates the work performed.
A verbal Performance Bond [Oath] simply establishes a more formal and personal obligation on the part of the office-holder to do the job, and in this case, to do the job in accord with the Constitutions.
As the Recorder's job is not mandated or defined by any Constitution, an oath to the Constitution is not necessary, and an oath or affirmation would never be necessary at the County Assembly level, because there are no county offices operating in international jurisdiction.
You will see "County of" officers who work for the Territorial State of State taking oaths, but that's because they are actually working in international jurisdiction.

Bottom line --- oaths and affirmations are verbal Performance Bonds which place liability on Office Holders operating in international jurisdiction. Unless such an oath or affirmation is required as a condition of entering that specific Office, the presence or absence of an oath or affirmation has no impact on the validity of the work performed.


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