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Saturday, July 17, 2021

About Oaths and Affirmations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oaths are anti-Biblical and are in fact condemned as a practice by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but they have remained part of the ancient Law of the Sea and the Law Merchant, which are forms of international law, even after the Christian Era. Christians objected to taking oaths, so the requirement was changed to include "affirmations".
This entire practice goes back to international maritime law and forming a verbal contract in front of witnesses, obligating whoever was "swearing" the oath to perform the oath. It is a form of Performance Bond and backs the insurance or indemnity bond that traditionally is required for Public Offices that operate in the international jurisdiction.
Read that: the entire practice of taking oaths upon entering public offices is foreign to us, and only applies in the international jurisdiction. That's why judges and other officers engaged in administering international maritime courts and conducting interstate (that is, international) business on behalf of the Public, take oaths or make affirmations guaranteeing their performance.
Please do not get all worried about arcane things like this. Other people have already researched it and determined what's necessary and what isn't necessary for the proper administration of our Assemblies. If we don't tell you that an oath is necessary, it's not necessary.
People are back on the land and soil the moment that they record their choice of political status and provide proof of who they are and where they were born--- regardless of whether or not the Recorder took an oath or affirmation.
Some people are making a wrong assumption --- again --- that the action of the Recorder (or any other Office Holder) is invalidated for lack of a public oath or affirmation. That's not how it works and not what the "oath or affirmation" does. Having or not having a Performance Bond in no way validates or invalidates the work performed.
A verbal Performance Bond [Oath] simply establishes a more formal and personal obligation on the part of the office-holder to do the job, and in this case, to do the job in accord with the Constitutions.
As the Recorder's job is not mandated or defined by any Constitution, an oath to the Constitution is not necessary, and an oath or affirmation would never be necessary at the County Assembly level, because there are no county offices operating in international jurisdiction.
You will see "County of" officers who work for the Territorial State of State taking oaths, but that's because they are actually working in international jurisdiction.

Bottom line --- oaths and affirmations are verbal Performance Bonds which place liability on Office Holders operating in international jurisdiction. Unless such an oath or affirmation is required as a condition of entering that specific Office, the presence or absence of an oath or affirmation has no impact on the validity of the work performed.


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  1. Thank you Anna. That clears up a great deal.

  2. The theft of land and oil here are the actors

    cLIEvin Bundy is T Boone Pickens
    Funny they have him named T Boone as in T Bone and the deaf dumb and blind are ripe for the pickens

    See the book linked and the relationship of Bush, Zappata Oil and the theft of mineral rights to the oil that date back decades

    If you support this liar and the STORY they telling then you are part of the CON

    And if you still don't think they stage this shit then the jokes on you

    They think this shit is funny

    Make sure you enter those land records of yours in to their blockchain LRS that was supplied to Miss Anna here by OVERSTOCK and Medici Land Governance

    Read the book above and see how they tricked most all texas ranchers in to giving up their mineral rights and how the CONgress helped them secure ownership at the friggin bottom of the ocean
    Zapata Offshore, a Delaware corporation that would offer its services to the companies making up the Seven Sisters international oil cartel in drilling underwater wells.

    Make note that ole Ike Eisenhower was played by an actor named Barry Diller

    Barry Diller is also a billionaire Donor to the ONE WORLD AGENDA
    And so are the actors behind the mask playing the roles of Bill and Melinda Gates

    They're all in it together and they are all related

    Another name for Illuminati is Kabbalist or cabal or a criminal crime cartel working to steal every last thing on this plan(it) under the guise of the UN they created and sustainable development

    Believe whatever the hell you like the evidence is there and if you are not part of this interconnected glorious tapestry this freak show is presenting to you then you will not buy and sell

    And it's all linked in as in with these computers and IBM Q for Quantum

    The real thieves will walk away and are walking away scott free while they pull their CON and HEIST of all HEIST the entire plan(it) and the so called galaxy that you beLIEve you are flying through

  3. So does this mean that you do not need to make an oath in court (administrative) if you say you are not in COMMERCE? We have a friend (I am in Australia) who has gone to the Magistrate's Court six times now, on traffic charges. He goes in and says-because the name is in ALL CAPS-that there must be some mistake, Your honour (not My Honour!!!). Are you looking for the man or the PERSON? The madge has dismissed every time. Bingo!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oracle55:

      >>> Its easy for the Deceivers (Any WATER_sign in reversed, Capricorn in Reversed, Sagg. In reversed) to make these statements:

      Oaths of Office, under their Altered Constitution without a Bond to guarantee their Liabilities.

      They don't understand the Law of Karma...

      The Robbers think they can get away from the law of Karma.. That's why they called the Spiritual teachers this:

      Your insane, to say we robbed your ancestors. We have no blood tie with our thievery forefathers..

  4. Interesting how there is nothing but a bunch of illeterate flunkies in the colonies and the germans came in to save the day and the birth certificate was born?

    Watching another video the other day and you guessed it BIRTHRIGHT is a new york times best seller book

    Hmm post human and dominion (like in the bullshit stories you being fed now about dominion voting software)
    oh I wonder what the hell this could be about?

    This shit was all planned

  5. They're all in it together

  6. Amazing how they tell us that most of the colonies had no such records in this so called factual documentary

    Except the internet is claiming that there are records that go back to the 1600's that relay land that DC now sits on as belonging to a Francis Pope
    and pages of birth and death records that link it all together

    I give you this one line
    Nov. 1676 - Pope, John, son of Francis Pope, deceased, doth choose Thomas Harris to be his guardian. (Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber F, p. 230.)
    So in 1676 there is already a circuit court, a charles county and a liber book or code)
    But the entire land mass was covered with nothing but stupid illiterates and savage indians??????

    So which is it?
    Whos telling the lies here?
    Who's making them up as they go to fit the narrative?


  7. And in this one

    The straw man fallacy is the fact that Nixon was actually warren beatty hiding his true identity
    And this is the so called bozo that removed the GOLD STANDARD and brought the goy of the world to use the dollar for international trade which is what gave them the power to move forward and control the entire world market as they kept the goy busy while watching all their shit television programming working for pennies on the dollar while they stole more

    The same as it is done today with the so called elected officials

    The Truman Show
    The goy don't know shh it's a secret


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  9. Oregon and Lake Tahoe in this report

    And what have I been telling all of you for months now?

    Just a week or so ago I pegged Lake Tahoe to Virgin City ir Virginia City and the Ponderosa Ranch from the television series Bonanza

    And Oregon well heck isn't this where humty dumpty just made a shit load of land there protected?

    They kept this land off limits to the populace so they could set up the shit they have been planning and carrying out in this vast wilderness for decades with no one watching or looking over them as these were protected lands

    Keep beLIEving their bullshit

  10. Sea of Galilee and Lake Tahoe Nevada

    Virginia City and the set building and the filming of the television series BONANZA on the PONDEROSA RANCH on the shores of Lake Tahoe

    Virginia City aka Virgin City

    The link between the Zues canal boat Ever Given being lodged in the canal (birth)

    The ZION Ponderosa Ranch Resort

    Notice the words EVER PRESENT in the entrance (IN TRANCE) sign to the ranch

    They just flooded the Zion Park folks

    And the Oregon forest that is now on fire a coincidence

    It is a land grab by the hollywood families and humpty dumpty (the lion main of Martin Sheen and his fake ass orange orangatang hair) signed executive orders to preseve some of oregons land right when he took office
    Gave his actors in arms millions to put in a valcano detecting system or is it their 5G surveillance network they working to put up

    Sweeping the land of the people is what they are doing it has nothing to do with protecting it for the public it has everything to do with their UN 2030 2050 plans

    They reserved this land to film their westerns on and then they built the virginia city and the ranch and then made it a tourist attraction for the sheep


    1. UTAH and ZION National Park all of it situated in the exact areas they are working to set up the climate change disaster they need to entrance (put them in a trance) the sheep to go along with their next and final heist of the entire plan(it)

      Their digital currency and marking the brain dead sheep to buy and sell
      Because you know that this is Gods will that this be done


      Laverne and Shirley song

      One your mark get set and go now
      Gotta Dream and we just know now
      We're gonna make out dream come true
      Doing it out way

      There is nothing we won't try
      Never heard the word impossible
      This time there's no stopping us

      And the fake ass arrest that they will STAGE is for the stupid goy who still beLIEve their BULLSHIT

      Pelosi aka Jane Fonda will walk away scott free

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      Waking up has nothing to do with this birth certificate BULLSHIT it has everything to do with waking up to the entire fucking lie that is Hollywood and the 13 families behind the mask

      The 13 beneficiaries who make a killing from these land trust
      They put them in place just before their war on all the people around their golden globe to STEAL IT ALL and claim DOMINION OVER THE ENTIRE PLAN(IT)
      IT = Information Technology and IBM Q for Quantum Computing

      These are the actors who created the fake ass federal reserve and all the stories that go with it

      And they wrote their own damned laws to protect themselves from prosecution

      The cops, da's and all the others watch the same damned television that the rest of us do/did

      And they even planned their escape and will use climate change to get away from the disaster they have planned for the western states

      Harold Heinz is a former US Alaska State Senator folks who worked to steal the natural resources from Alaska and place them under the so called DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION OF EARTH CON
      Or so they want us to beLIEve he was a senator and had authority to do it

      How do you kill off millions of people in plain sight and get away with it
      Using their 007 military machinery that they placed all over the world while filming the movies for their consumers THATS HOW
      And blame it on CLIMATE CHANGE

      I'm sure the Chicago Climate Stock Exchange has nothing to do with it
      Buying and selling CO2 (Oxygen) credits would have nothing to do with why you are wearing a fucking mask now would it

      Tada and the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs is born



      Los Angeles and the City of Angels or should that be angles and deceptive geometry

    2. And WATERGATE was a clue to their plans that dates back 5 decades if not long before
      Golden Gate, Golden Globe trotters stealing the entire plan(it) and enslaving the rest of us through the use of their fake ass monopoly money they created along with all the rules to the game

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      Java code (and coffee, STAR bucks anyone) as in GATES and his BULLSHIT Microsoft he is a family member of Hollywood and the actor behind the mask is still yet to be determined
      The fake divorce is a way for them to move the money from one place to the other while they continue the heist

      The billionaire donors to the ONE WORLD AGENDA
      And they have the nerve to speak and write stuff like doing what is right whether there is a God or not?

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      Their illuminated grand master of Star Trek
      Sir Patrick Stewart Little
      Or as the above link says
      Patrick Stewart (real name: Alexander Adolf Hitler, oldest son of William Patrick Stewart Hitler): Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus, the man who released not only the script for actor playing "billionaire Trump" but also for EVERYONE else in world politics.

      Hitler, aka Bing Crosby's hidden son?

      I also find it odd that the writer of the blog is named Matt Marriott
      The 22 story Marriot Hotel in the world trade center staged event was also demolished and most likely netted the families some hefty insurance sums in the process
      Just like they netted lucky larry aka Jerry Stiller some hefty sums of insurance money when they took out the twins

      They're all in it together including the fake ass Queen, Popeye the Sailor Man and free mason Anna here

      She's this woman here who faked her death in 2012
      Harold Heinze is her husband

      Funny too HH as in heil hitler = 88 full control as this writer has stated many times

      The Alaska and Montana connections

      Baby William here suckling on his mothers breast lady liberty aka Idaho (I da ho)

      And as I was putting this together they have now removed the link to this OBIT for HEINZE and are asking for donations to support sustainable local journalism


  11. Thanks Shelby for waking up the sleepers,

    Yup these Actors aren't asshamed : Same Group Thieves in various Suits, coordinated crimes together: BAR Judges, Banksters, Deputy, Clerks, IRS 1099-OID Amplified their Trust Extractions, via Fake contracts, Altered UCC.. At multi-folds... Never had a single proof of lending any money..

    Shame enough to see their misdated Wall-Street Note. But the Devils aren't ashamed..

  12. I've posted several of his videos before

    And today we have the bullshit known as critical race theory being spawned across the nation??

    They've changed birth certificates, destroyed hundreds of thousands of records?

    Part 2 of his video series

    Go read the book The Kalergi Plan and you will see without a doubt who is behind this bait and switch and why whites are now their targets

    The new world order will consist of nothing but sub human brown people


    The American people or someone who wants you to beLIEve that the American people own it all and wants you to sign up for their new world order and build their so called DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION OF EARTH

    You'll notice in both of the videos he shows the two pillars of Solomon

    And is it not interesting in the below we have the following

    In this link see the following information

    This understanding of Criss Angel, (Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos – Greek Orthodox faith – born: Dec.19 1967) and the predecessors of ancient Babylon, Egypt and the Israelite nation, was the Kabbalistic knowledge of the luciferian mindset, which knew firsthand how to manipulate matter, one molecule at a time. The Paradise State had never experienced the illusion disconnecting them from the All Knowing state of wisdom. The luciferian mindset knew this and, being not at all concerned with the matter of lieing, conjured forth the systems needed to perpetuate this deception. The magicians who received this knowledge and appeared as wise men (Weissman) would eventually, many centuries later, become known as the Hebrews. These Hebrews were the Egyptians of centuries passed and ultimately became known as the Israelites.

    CHRIS as in Christ and ANGLE as in angle and deceptive geometry

    And these wise men or WEISSMAN - how about this book here that I just ran in to from comments on a video made just a few days ago

    So you see you are not freeing yourself of anything you are still in the trance and you are doing the bidding of the very ones trying to enslave you

    And if you end up in one of their for profit prisons they love it

  13. Another awesome article. Thank you Anna!