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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS How the Second Amendment Can Stop School Shootings

How the Second Amendment Can Stop School Shootings

Progress Report

02 April 2018

Dear GOOD-GUY Associate,
As you can see, what we predicted - in our Progress Report of 02 March 2018 - is coming true.  We stated:
Some may feel comfortable that the Democrats do not dominate the White House, Senate or House.  They may thus feel their gun rights are secure.  However - with the latest mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School - this sense of security may be false, if not foolish, for the liberal, "Get-Trump," Mainstream Media is going after guns more viciously than ever.

They're even enlisting the Kids of America - brainwashed by the Frankfurt School's "long march" - to help out with the proposed new infringements.
And indeed, the Kids of America ARE on the "long march" - including all over Washington DC.  They're coming for their parents guns, YOUR guns.  And they have a longer amount of time to do it because they have more years left to live.  So do the math.
At the massive, Hollywood-managed, anti-Gun rally in DC - and across America - the Gun-control Lobby's mantra was spelled out out by Martin Luther King' granddaughter who stated before millions on network TV: "I want to see a world with no guns ... so how do we have a gun-free world?"
Given this, it's disheartening that millions of Kids across America have been well-trained by Foundations and the Frankfurt School's "long march through the cultural institutions."  The kids sure displayed their marching abilities at the march in D.C.
Of course we covered  the "long march" years ago in a movie entitled, CULTURAL MARXISM - The Corruption of America.  But since the Mainstream Media is controlled by basically the same demographic as the Frankfurt School - we were assured there was no "long march" in the past, and there would be no "long march" in the future. So the movie was blacklisted by the MSM.

The Confession of Sin

By Anna Von Reitz

Corrections,       Published on Facebook yesterday, 4 2 2018, 
I have been sick the last few days and not quite up to my normal standards of imperfection.....
In the letter titled "To President Trump and UN Inspector General on Easter Sunday 2018" the name of our ancient homeland in France is "Armorica" -- the first "r" wasn't included and it was written "Amorica" instead. Don't worry. The official version to Trump and the IG was correct.
And in "America: Some Assembly Required --- Literally" sent out today, I should have noted that Dave Robinson formatted the book on Amazon having sixty pages, not fifty (which is how many pages my original had, howbeit in 8.5" X 11" format.). The illustrated version will probably have fifty pages and be in the original format.
There is also a typo (but an important one) in the website address for the new National Assembly site. There should be a hyphen between the words "national" and "assembly" ----
Please forgive me for causing any consternation or difficulty in finding information. I was born with two left thumbs, two left feet, bad eyesight and a predilection for dropping stitches, hyphens, dishes and occasional letters.