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Friday, February 8, 2019

Letter to Destry and the National Assembly Effort in Total

By Anna Von Reitz

Ignorance cannot be allowed to carry the day, nor any arrogant idea that our actions will not be subject to the most rigorous kind of international and global review --- because they will be and must be.

All Jurors of all State Jural Assemblies must Declare their political status as exclusively that of State Citizens, because our States do not allow any form of Dual Citizenship.  Period.

This means that each and every State Jural Assembly Juror must "Expatriate" from any presumed Federal, Territorial, or Municipal United States citizenship.

You cannot ride the fence or "leave it til later" and there are two very good reasons for this:

(1) As long as people don't formally and explicitly renounce Federal, Territorial, and Municipal citizenship(s) and embrace their natural birthright State Citizenship--- those same foreign governmental entities can hold them to be in insurrection against their foreign government and arrest them. 

This is the scenario that so many people fear and which they try to avoid by pussyfooting around about their political status--- which is precisely what they cannot do, if they wish to avoid being harassed and arrested and mischaracterized in the same way that the Bundys and LaVoy Finicum and the Colorado 9 have been.

So, either declare your only "citizenship" to be State Citizenship, or get out of the position of being an administrator organizing a foreign government (from the federal perspective)--- ours. 

You will be doing yourself a big favor as well as everyone else involved. We do not need another big spectacle of patriots being harassed because they are stupidly trespassing against federal entities, or acting in "insurrection" against governments that they don't owe allegiance to in the first place. 

Stop soft peddling and blurring the lines and giving the Federales any excuse to object to the States and the People assembling. 

2.  In order to conduct business for the States and the People of this country no member of the State Jural Assembly may be acting in conflict of interest, which is evidenced by trying to maintain any Dual Citizenship obligations. If we conduct our elections or charter a new Federal State of State, the people doing so must have the proper standing and be acting in the right capacity, or all our efforts are null and void from the start. 

Spaniards cannot conduct the business of the Irish Government and if that is not perfectly obvious to everyone, it should be. 

Our actions in these regards will be examined by international authorities and any group not functioning properly and in the right capacity will have their votes thrown out. That is, the elections of our State Jural Assembly will be tainted by including votes from others who are still acting as "Persons". 

The validity of the entire effort can be destroyed by just a handful of people acting in Bad Faith or ignorance and failing to Declare their sole citizenship as State Citizens. 

The onus and responsibility for checking everyone's Expatriation and keeping proper records is on the State Jural Assembly organizers. And at least some of the responsibility for encouraging and guiding the State Jural Assemblies lies upon the National Assembly organizers. 

I want this issue of mandatory Expatriation from Federal citizenships well and thoroughly understood by everyone, for their own sakes and safety going forward, and for the validity and standing of our actions as a whole.  I suggest that everyone read Article 24 in the For All The Jural Assemblies Series, subtitled "The American Government" for further insight into which government it is that we are responsible for, and which in turn is responsible for reform and restoration of the Federal Government.


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For All The Jural Assemblies - 24 The American Government

By Anna Von Reitz

Our American Government created the Federal Government. 

That may be big news for some people reading this, because generations of Americans have been purposefully left in the dark and conditioned to glaze over when any topic of history is discussed --- much to their detriment.

Our American Government precedes the existence of the Federal Government by over ten years and in part, by more than thirty years, and it far exceeds the Federal Government in authority, power, and standing. Even now.

By Maxim of Law, the creation is never greater than the creator.

Our American Government is meant to control and use the Federal Government as an "instrumentality" and that instrumentality was never meant to serve the interests of any foreign government--- though thanks to disloyal politicians and corrupt generals, it has served the interests of both the British Empire and the Holy Roman Empire to the detriment of our States and People.

The Constitutions were used to create all three branches of the Federal Government: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.  When you understand that fact you are prepared to hear, perhaps for the first time in your lives,  that there are three (3) Constitutions, not one:

The actual Federal Constitution is The Constitution for the united States of America. 

The Territorial Constitution is The Constitution of the United States of America.

The Municipal Constitution is The Constitution of the United States.

These entities were specifically created to exercise nineteen (19) of our own enumerated powers for us.  That is to say, all branches of the Federal Government were created to act as subcontractors to do work for us in foreign jurisdictions, and to provide us and our States with stipulated services on a mutual basis. 

The work to be done by the three branches of the Federal Government falls into three categories -- (1) the General Business of this country in the realm of International Commerce, (2) the Military and Territorial Property Management Business which was farmed out to the British Territorial United States, and (3) the Municipal Business which was left in the care of the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire. 

Very little mention of our actual American Government is made in any of the Constitutions, for the simple reason that we and our American Government are not the subject of these venerable documents.  The Constitutions each concern themselves with structurally setting up and delineating the rights and duties of a specific branch of the new Federal Government and say little or nothing about our pre-existing American Government which is doing the set up. 

We are referenced in the Preamble of each Federal Constitution as "We, the People", and we are implied throughout the Bill of Rights Addendum.  We appear strongly in Amendment X, and in tiny bits and pieces of almost apocryphal nature elsewhere, but "We" and our American Government are simply not the subject of the Constitutions. 

For this reason, people who are looking to the Constitutions to provide information about our American Government are bound to be disappointed and the period of time and the documents related to our formal set-up are going to be outside the purview of such Seekers. 

The roots of our American Government go back to 1756 and the onset of what is called in America "The French and Indian War" and which is elsewhere known as "The Thirty Years War" in Europe.  It was in that conflict that Americans like George Washington tasted what it was like to be used as mercenary troops by the British--- you fight the war for them, and then you pay for it, too. 

It was also during that time period and just prior to it, that Washington -- the largest private landowner in America and a direct close relative of the British King -- became aware of the disastrously limited treaties the British had made with various Native tribes.

According to those Treaties, the Colonists were never supposed to encroach upon the land beyond the Cumberland Gap.  Washington had seen the richness of the Kentucky Wilderness and the Ohio borders.  He knew that the Colonies would need to expand and that those Treaties had to be overcome--- and it would be to the advantage of both the Colonists and the British King if they were dispensed with.  But how? 

By a change of government. 

It would no longer matter what the "Great Father Across the Water" said in his Treaties with the Natives, if he was supplanted by a violent Revolution and the rise of a new government headed by the Colonists, albeit, a government secretly loyal to the King and to British interests in America, a government headed by Washington and internationalists like Franklin, who supported the even-then-Globalist agenda of the Holy See. 

To put it bluntly, then as now, Britain conspired to avoid its responsibilities and maintain its good name --- yet retain control --- by installing a puppet government.  Ours.  Then as now, greed and deceit were fundamental components of the scheme.  This was the 1776 version of the "New Deal" in which the Natives lost their Treaties and King George regained access to a whole continent -- all without dirtying his gloves or soiling his reputation by obviously and openly defaulting on his earlier treaties.

Washington would do the defaulting for him and be none the worse the wear, because Washington never agreed to the Native treaties in the first place.

So let's take a look at how this new American Government was structured and when and how it was created and exactly who "We, the People" are.

There are three principal jurisdictions of law that were defined and set up by the Holy See hundreds of years before the American Revolution: air, land, and sea.

Our American Government was set up on this pattern, too, with a separation of duties and functions according to air, land, and sea jurisdictions of the law.  

During the five years 1776-1781 numerous new entities, which we would now call "governmental units", were set up. 

First, the original colonies were redefined as landed estates and formed a union of these estates by Unanimous Declaration as of July 1, 1776 (published July 4, 1776) known as The United States. 

Then, shortly thereafter, September 9, 1776, the estates created States for themselves--another level of governmental organization and another Union of these States called The United States of America.

Thus we have the people of the soil (county) jurisdiction populating their estates, for example, virginia, and we have their union of soil jurisdiction states doing business as The United States.  Each such state forms a separate nation of people living within its borders: Virginians, New Yorkers, and so on.

We have the same people operating in the international jurisdictions of land and sea (international capacity) as People and as States, for example, Pennsylvania, and we have their Union of States doing business as The United States of America. 

Each State forms a separate Nation (for the purposes of international business) composed of the People living within its borders, and together they operate as The United States of America.

Thus, finally, we know who "We, the People" are:  the living population of the estates doing international business as States (separately) and as The United States of America (mutually).  This is the level of American Government which gave rise to the three-branches of Federal Government and which defined the structure, duties, and obligations of the Parties under the Constitutions.

There was one other "union" of governmental units formed as part of the initial set up of our American Government --- just as the (e)states created the States to function for them in the realm of international affairs on both land and sea, the States chartered incorporated "States of States" to function for them in the realm of global affairs and commerce ---that is, business conducted between two incorporated entities.

The States thus formed their States of States to function for them in the global jurisdiction of the air and specifically, in the jurisdiction of International Commerce. This then created a union of States of States known as the States of America under The Articles of Confederation, effective March 1, 1781--- more than six years prior to the adoption of any Constitution. 

This, then, is the American Government which existed prior to any Constitution:

The United States  --  a union of geographically defined soil jurisdiction estates (states) formed by and deriving from the original colonies.

The United States of America -- a Union of geographically defined States formed to serve the people and (e)states in the international jurisdictions of land and sea.  This is the original Federation of States.

The States of America -- a union of inchoate, chartered, and incorporated States of States formed by the States to serve the States and People of The United States of America in the global jurisdiction of commerce.  Each "State of State" such as The State of New York is called a "Confederate State" and the Union they form is established under The Articles of Confederation. This is the original Confederacy or Confederation of States.

All of this was organized during the height of the Revolutionary War and long before the existence of any Constitutions. This is the American Government that created the Federal Government.

Please notice that two of the American Unions and their member states/States are geographically defined, actual and factual entities with borders, and physical assets. 

The United States claims and controls the top six inches of soil.  This is our  National jurisdiction and the instrumentality responsible for it.

The United States of America claims and controls the land underlying the soil, as well as exercising the duties and rights owed to the States in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  This is our International jurisdiction and the instrumentality responsible for it.

The third Union of States of States, known as the States of America, is composed of members like The State of New York, which are not defined geographically.  They exist only on paper and are chartered by our States as incorporated entities engaged in International Commerce. 

This is our Global jurisdiction and the instrumentality that is supposed to be responsible for it --but, thanks to legal chicanery and fraud following the so-called American Civil War -- this Union of States of States has been moth-balled since 1868, and our American Government has been hobbled ever since.

Part of your mission as Members of your State Jural Assemblies will be to re-charter your Federal States of States, like The State of Georgia, and The State of Maine, to take over the General Business functions of the Federal Government.


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Don’t Be Fooled…the Cartels Run Things on Our Southern Border

Southern Border Update with Stewart Rhodes

Found Here:

Stewart Rhodes joins Jim White with 2 special guests from Texas. One is a retired border patrol agent and one is a retired Marine living on the Texas\Mexico border.

Robert Swann Mueller III and J.F.K.

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For All The Jural Assemblies - 23 Prior and Concurrent Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a great deal of confusion abounding about the subject of Prior Assemblies and Concurrent Assemblies.
Our actual American Government on the land and soil of this country has never ceased functioning. Part of our lawful government has been moth-balled at the level of the Federal States of States since 1860, but the States which hold the actual power of contract have continued to function throughout.
Likewise, false claims in commerce have been addressed to us and to our States and have been rebutted each time. Nothing that has happened since 1860 has gone forward without rebuttal of false claims against us and against our States.
Read that as --- the British Tories and the Papal Legates have been trying to undermine our position as the lawful government of this country for a long, long time, and have never been able to succeed because of stubborn resistance and knowledgeable rebuttal of their claims.
This most recent round has been especially hard-fought. The bankers advanced many arguments in favor of their attempt to "inherit" our land jurisdiction as "abandoned property" left in the care of incompetent bankrupt secondaries (the bankrupt foreign Territorial and Municipal Corporations claiming to be our "caretakers" and "representatives").
Bankrupt and incompetent, they may be; but our States are not bankrupt and not incompetent, so the appropriate counter-claims have been made and the rebuttals to their offers have been published and we are in position to reclaim and restore and retain our rightful government.
Doing this work has required lawful inheritors of the States to step forward ---and a lot of paperwork. These men have proven provenance of ancestors "grandfathered in" prior to the American Civil War and meet all the other qualifications of Jurors in their State Jural Assemblies and have stood as place-keepers pending the calling of the State Jural Assemblies.
This is not a claim of "ownership" in the sense that Joe Adams owns Florida. This is a claim in behalf of all the qualified Jurors like Joe Adams who live in Florida and who claim their birthright political status as Floridians. The land assets and silver money and everything else of actual value belongs to Floridians, but the People have to stand up and claim it. This in turn requires withdrawing from any "presumed" obligation to act as "US Citizens" and Expatriating from any allegiance or obligation to the Territorial or Municipal United States.
Why? Because our Forefathers aimed to avoid exactly the kind of meddling that has occurred here by making sure that none of our actual States allow any form of Dual Citizenship.
The entities called "States of States" involved in administering the Federal Government and subjecting "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" all allow Dual Citizenship, but our States do not. Our actual States allow no conflicts of interest and no inclusion of split loyalties to foreign powers.
That again, is why Americans must stand as Americans and must Expatriate.
When we "return" to the land and soil of our States (we never actually left; FDR just gratuitously claimed that we did) and join our State Jural Assembly, we naturally become jurors of the soil jurisdiction and citizens of The United States at the same time that we become Jurors and Citizens of The United States of America.
Note the capital "T" ---- The United States (soil) and The United States of America (land).
Our disloyal British Territorial employees have tried to "misunderstand" these facts and reinterpret this to mean that we are claiming to be Citizens of the United States, (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2) instead. This semantic deceit based on deceptively similar names --- "citizens of The United States" versus "Citizens of the United States" has allowed them to presume upon us and our assets as if we were subjects of the Queen.
By refuting this on the Public Record and rebutting their presumptions we re-establish our identity as Americans and re-establish our property rights and interests, including the guarantees of the Constitutions we are owed.
By serving our States of the Union as State Jural Assembly members we breathe life back into our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" --- which is by definition not a government "of the persons, by the persons and for the persons" subject to the Queen or the Pope.
We honor the efforts of all those who have similarly gone before us and rebutted the false claims made against us, our States, and our countrymen by these foreign powers, both the British Monarchs and the Popes, whose governments owe us Good Faith Service under contract.
At this time, a certain amount of chaos persists as Americans wake up to the clear and present danger of the National Identity Theft being attempted and seek to get their State Jural Assemblies organized.
It is not uncommon for there to be more than one State Jural Assembly in operation in the same state at the same time. This is not any big reason for concern and certainly not a source of competition. All the local groups naturally coalesce into a single State Jural Assembly.
What is more important is that the Assemblies and their members grasp the urgent necessity that compels them to get organized and that we all do our duty to educate others and apply more or less uniform standards.
There are some groups out there on the fringes who claim, for example, that old court cases like Marbury vs. Madison protect us from the fraud being perpetuated upon us and that we needn't bother to reply to nor bother to rebut the false claims of our adversaries.
They don't get the point.
Our adversaries are not arguing against Marbury vs. Madison. They are arguing that you "voluntarily" gave up your birthright American Citizenship and accepted "Federal Citizenship" instead, and therefore, you are no longer protected by the constitutional agreements nor any of the case law such as Marbury vs. Madison.
According to them, it simply doesn't apply to you, and this is also the reason that U.S. District Court Judges have been known to hold people in contempt for advancing constitutional arguments in their courts.
We have to be qualified American State Nationals and American State Citizens ----and be claiming our status as such --- or the Constitutional guarantees don't apply to us. Since we have all been left in the dark and not grasped the falsehoods being "presumed' upon us, we have been at a loss as to how to reply or what to reply to.
After all, their primary evidence against us and against our claim to be an American State National is the issuance of a Territorial or Municipal "Birth Certificate" that was purloined while we were still babes in our cradles, and it is upon the basis of this "unconscionable" contract ---- literally a contract we are unconscious of --- that they are prosecuting us in their foreign courts and under false legal presumptions.
How can we knowledgeably rebut evidence that is not presented to us in court and which results from a purported "private contract" that we know nothing about? How can we correctly rebut false presumptions if we don't know what the presumptions are? It's impossible.
This is why so many millions of Americans have been led like lambs to slaughter in these foreign Federal District Courts and "State of State"Courts.
The fundamental issue is never addressed, so all claims to be owed your "constitutional guarantees" fall on deaf ears.
If you are an American standing on American soil, what are you doing in a Federal District Court answering to the name of a British Territorial Citizen? Or worse, a Municipal CITIZEN? And why are you claiming to have any "constitutional rights" or guarantees, when it is plain as day that neither British Territorial nor Municipal CITIZENS have any such rights or guarantees?
Those who think that they can wave Marbury vs. Madison at these British Bounders or the acolytes of the Holy Roman Empire and get a free pass and who argue that they don't need to take any public action to rebut these false claims need to think again.
If you want to be protected instead of attacked and want the actions of your State Jural Assemblies to be internationally recognized and respected, then you must insist that your Members make public recorded Declaration of their permanent Expatriation from any presumed Federal, Territorial, or Municipal citizenship--- both in order to meet the single citizenship requirements of your States and to put an end to any presumption that you are acting as a "Federal Citizen".
This Declaration / Re-Conveyance placed on the Public Record prevents the British and/or Municipal Bunko Artists from claiming that you are in any sort of "insurrection" against their government ---how can you be in "insurrection" against a foreign government? ---and the knowledge that everyone in your group is similarly declared to be an American State Citizen discourages them from pursuing the sorts of obstructive infiltration they are famous for.
There are also a substantial number of groups out there who are trying to restore and reconstruct the "missing" Federal States of States that should be making up the Federal Branch of the Federal Government. These efforts need to be redirected, because those attempting them don't have the standing to do what they are trying to do.
Like virtually everyone else, the members of these groups are "considered to be" Federal Citizens until they declare otherwise, and can be accused of "insurrection" against the existing Territorial Government or Municipal Government if they are at the same time trying to rebuild the Federal States of States that belong to the American States.
The Missing Federal States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, literally belong to Georgia and the People of Georgia, meaning the members of the State Jural Assembly. Nobody else has any right to say "Boo!" about The State of Georgia and nobody else can "reconstruct" it, either, no matter how well-meaning these efforts may be.
You have to reclaim your lawful standing as an American State National and take action as an American State Citizen before you can reconstruct the Federal State of State that belongs to you and your State. You have to be acting in the correct capacity and with the correct standing or it can't be done.
The People of Georgia -- the Jurors and Members of the Georgia Jural Assembly, standing firmly on the land and soil of Georgia, that actual State, have to reconstruct the Federal entity dba "The State of Georgia".
So all these misbegotten efforts being undertaken by various other groups of people claiming to represent the Federal States of States are doomed from the outset thanks to ignorance, and they remain subject to attacks by the Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government, because the people mounting the reconstruction effort "appear to be" British Territorial Citizens or Municipal CITIZENS engaged in activities that might be construed as harmful to the Territorial or Municipal Governments.
The British Territorial and the Congressional Municipal Governments aren't necessarily looking forward to the reconstruction of the properly functioning States of America, even though they are obligated morally and contractually to honor our right to freely "assemble" and can't keep us from reconstructing the Federal States of States, so long as we are acting in our true character and capacity as American State Nationals and American State Citizens.
Pass the word to the other groups that are attempting to do the work of reconstruction. Explain how it is that only the "People" --- the members of the State Jural Assemblies --- declared to be State Nationals and State Citizens, are able to enforce the provisions of the Federal Constitutions, and likewise, why only the "People" populating the State Jural Assemblies are enabled to act in the International Jurisdiction to re-construct the Federal States of States.
Please note that Members of Jural Societies "inhabit" their watery International Jurisdiction of the Sea, while members of State Jural Assemblies "populate" their International Jurisdiction of the Land and national jurisdiction of the soil. They are "Persons" and we are "People".


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Praying Without Words

By Anna Von Reitz

You can get there via physical pain or emotional, either one. 

Those of you out there who have been in this extreme state know that in such misery, it isn't even possible to talk. 

Words will not form. 

Instead, what happens, is a great emptiness, as if the pain purges everything else and leaves you at the very ragged edge of consciousness --- and still. Absolutely empty and still. 

At that moment, in that state, you are suddenly perfectly lucid and at peace.  Your mind is still and yet aware. 

The constant blaring of voices, your own and everyone else's, is also stilled.  

You have reached the mountaintop where there is nothing but you and your Father, the One Life that gives rise to all life and all consciousness. 

And you discover that there is no need to say anything, no barrier between you.  He knows everything -- the "all" of it -- without a single word being formed. 

And you realize that you are loved beyond all telling and accepted just as you are.  

You become aware of the direct connection you have with the Living God and you let yourself go--- just flowing into that infinite love and energy like a river flowing into the sea. 

Yes, you can pray without words and "be" without words. If anything, words interfere with communication at this level,  like static in a radio signal. 

Having once discovered this for yourself or having been taught this and having sought it, you discover that it is possible to be in a state of constant, mindful, and totally wordless prayer. 

Try to empty yourself of yourself and turn it all inside out, until there is no "us" and no "them" anymore, until there are no words.  

Pray your prayers straight into the heart of the Living God and receive back the knowing and the peace that passes all understanding. 

This is where miracles occur and time and space cease.  

This is where you discover the hidden power of The Kingdom of Heaven. 

Here is your native ground, your truth, your natural way of awareness and connection-- all without words, in a realm of absolute and instantaneous truth. 

There are no lies without words. There is nothing hidden. 

Last night for me and at noon in Rome, the Great Palatine Seal, which has kept men in chains for centuries and which was meant to keep men in chains for centuries more, was ruptured to the core. 

Some of you have learned to pray without words, or this could not have happened so soon. 

Keep praying without words,  keep emptying yourselves, keep inviting the True and Living God to fill your minds and hearts with wisdom, courage and love.  

Ask for the guidance you need and ask for the coming of The Kingdom of Heaven to the Earth. 

Do it without words. Visualize everything at first and then let go of even the visualization -- until there is only the pure sense of health and love and all good things abounding. 


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