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Friday, February 8, 2019

Don’t Be Fooled…the Cartels Run Things on Our Southern Border

Southern Border Update with Stewart Rhodes

Found Here:

Stewart Rhodes joins Jim White with 2 special guests from Texas. One is a retired border patrol agent and one is a retired Marine living on the Texas\Mexico border.


  1. The cartels run it all
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Thanks for the info. Will "The Wall" put any crimp in their business? I pray it does.

  3. Have u ever met anyone that got rich off the drugs coming into this country? The politicians are rich but I don't know anyone else. And ICE is nothing more than the project managers for the political crimes committed by the The Corporate United States of America. If we dumped all the heroin in America on one pile it would be the biggest mountain in the U.S. and u think the Mexicans are carrying it across the border? Ah hahaha insanity. America has fallen into a land of stopper.

  4. The STATES OF STATES create more income with Heroin than prescription opiates. Our small town is flooded with the stuff. I don't think the Mexicans carried it over the border to the East Coast. This stuff is coming into New Jersey and they track it by the DEAD bodies left in its wake. Get em hooked, arrest them, put them in drug rehabs owned by "judges", access the Trust, and also get paid by the Slave, then put them on long term drug programs to milk them for years if they don't get Heroin laced with Phentenal [spelling] implementing Agenda 21/30 all while the Pirates with deadly weapons hide behind bushes to give out $200 tickets for going 5mph over the speed limit.

    Which Team won the Super Bowl? Or better yet which Teams played in the Super Bowl? I can't answer either question!

    Peace ✌