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Friday, February 8, 2019

Praying Without Words

By Anna Von Reitz

You can get there via physical pain or emotional, either one. 

Those of you out there who have been in this extreme state know that in such misery, it isn't even possible to talk. 

Words will not form. 

Instead, what happens, is a great emptiness, as if the pain purges everything else and leaves you at the very ragged edge of consciousness --- and still. Absolutely empty and still. 

At that moment, in that state, you are suddenly perfectly lucid and at peace.  Your mind is still and yet aware. 

The constant blaring of voices, your own and everyone else's, is also stilled.  

You have reached the mountaintop where there is nothing but you and your Father, the One Life that gives rise to all life and all consciousness. 

And you discover that there is no need to say anything, no barrier between you.  He knows everything -- the "all" of it -- without a single word being formed. 

And you realize that you are loved beyond all telling and accepted just as you are.  

You become aware of the direct connection you have with the Living God and you let yourself go--- just flowing into that infinite love and energy like a river flowing into the sea. 

Yes, you can pray without words and "be" without words. If anything, words interfere with communication at this level,  like static in a radio signal. 

Having once discovered this for yourself or having been taught this and having sought it, you discover that it is possible to be in a state of constant, mindful, and totally wordless prayer. 

Try to empty yourself of yourself and turn it all inside out, until there is no "us" and no "them" anymore, until there are no words.  

Pray your prayers straight into the heart of the Living God and receive back the knowing and the peace that passes all understanding. 

This is where miracles occur and time and space cease.  

This is where you discover the hidden power of The Kingdom of Heaven. 

Here is your native ground, your truth, your natural way of awareness and connection-- all without words, in a realm of absolute and instantaneous truth. 

There are no lies without words. There is nothing hidden. 

Last night for me and at noon in Rome, the Great Palatine Seal, which has kept men in chains for centuries and which was meant to keep men in chains for centuries more, was ruptured to the core. 

Some of you have learned to pray without words, or this could not have happened so soon. 

Keep praying without words,  keep emptying yourselves, keep inviting the True and Living God to fill your minds and hearts with wisdom, courage and love.  

Ask for the guidance you need and ask for the coming of The Kingdom of Heaven to the Earth. 

Do it without words. Visualize everything at first and then let go of even the visualization -- until there is only the pure sense of health and love and all good things abounding. 


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  1. Tln here no truer words were spoken , it is all true, let's all get on it , peace

  2. There is a long history of contemplative prayer and detailed explanations of the various forms of prayer from the early Fathers of the Church that escapes most people. I have tried here to gather some of those treatises from former centuries written by people who have achieved these levels of prayer and described by some of their biographers. We should not ignore vocal prayer, especially where people come together for that purpose and pray in unison for a common intention, as that is very pleasing to God. "For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."
    [Matthew 18:20]
    From the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas on Prayer

    Considering the history of Catholic Monasteries where thousands of monks and nuns prayed together and also independently using all forms of prayer, vocally, mentally, and with meditation and contemplation, here are some treatises on what prayer is, and it's various forms.

    By St. John Cassian on the first conference of Abbot Isaac.

    From the Catholic Encyclopedia on Prayer

    On the higher forms of prayer.

    There are hundreds of link about prayer on that website. Just type prayer in the search box.

    Here are some examples of prayers that Catholics pray together when they are praying in unison and privately as well. Most of these prayers are centuries old.

  3. Anna, sorry again, but there is not a speck of truth to yet another worthless Article. You have left out nearly all the tenants from The Truth, and thus are again misleading people down a road to nowhere.

    It is you, Anna, who have brought biblical matters into the conversation here, so do NOT try to blame Abby for ''bible thumping''. And so I must merely respond in like manner using real biblical words that are actually written.
    If you google ''great palatine seal' you will find that there is None. So once again anna give No backup of any such seal, and of course No such seal was made a dent in. How long will you unbelievers just buy into this garbage?

    It just so happens that there are some prerequisites for having prayer heard by God. Example, John 9:31 Now we know that God heareth not sinners, but (1) IF a man be a worshipper of God AND (2) DOETH His Will, (then) him he heareth.
    There are other indicators as well, lots of them, such as 'sin separates man from God'. How would we expect to be heard if one is separated from the Responder in that way?

    (would you expect to draw money from a bank, if you dont even have an Account there?)


    2. Abby, it seems you have placed Google as your gospel for all things in information. While it may be a great tool, it is not the be all end all. Palatine history shows people fled the region as a result of death and devastation.

      Secondly, you do have an account with God, as does every other living soul from conception forth. Your very life is a validation of deposit on that account. Just because people don't use it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I submit he doth heareth all, including sinners, but does not respond until repentance. I can't be sure, 'cause I am not God, nor can anyone else.

      Not everything written is true and not everything that is true is written. I'll leave it there.

    3. Dan, Palatine is what she said, not PaleStine. And I dont believe you have any sufficient expertise in biblical understanding or knowledge to express anything but your own opinion. From your comments that is evident.
      And you outrightly refute Gods own Word which I quoted, and run off and think your own opinion counts contrary to HIS.
      And no, you dont all have an Account. To have an Account is much like a bank Account: if you dont open it according to the 'rules of the bank' AND put anything into that Account, then you do NOT have any Account.
      Read the written word, then go try to tell God YOU know better than he does. Lol. Let us know how that works out for ya.

    4. Oh Abby, but your own tunnel vision precedes you. I am not here to argue. But, I did say Palatine and did NOT say or mean Palestine. And, I have a bigger understanding about God than you think, but I don't make direct quotes from a semi-fiction writing spouted by current day interpretors of something that happened 2000 years ago from documents penned 500 yrs AD and interpreted by every Tom, Dick and Harry and deliberatly altered by Kings to suit their indoctrination tactics.

      I'm just trying to make sense of the last 70 years I have lived. But there is a knowing apart from the writings and it is within and not OUT there.

      I repeat: Not everything written is true and not everything that is true is written
      However, when you said there was no palatine seal, I used my Duck Duck Go search engine my comment was based upon:

      and other references to the Roman Catholic/Protestant wars of the day(the 30 yr war) and the attempt to crush protestants of the Palatines and their migration to Ireland and America.

      I trust Anna's research into these histories and I have no intention of researching in depth either. I did look up to find out there was a 30 year war that caused such devastation to force the Palatines to flee their lands. Confirmation of a massacre was enough for me.

    5. Dan, Neither am I here to argue. Folks can think what they want. But my analogy of an Account is correct. What everyone has is a Record, but not an Account.

  4. I am deeply moved this morning in this message, it is true and essential, in heartfelt gratitude and thanks to our True Living God and for our lives and the wonderful and massive love and changes we are experiencing, thank you Anna for this profound, uplifting and emotional message.

  5. Tln here, there is no separation from us and God, We Are One, yes, even the show called sinners. We are all on the same path some are further up the road than others.

    1. Tin, you have got to come to grips with the fact that personal opinions and personal preferences do not amount to a hill of beans, if they go contrary to what God says. And He says ''for God heareth NOT a sinner''......and that ''sin separates man FROM God' And that ''his face is turned FROM them''

      So not matter what you wish to believe, it is just not going to change the Facts which I have quoted directly from His Word. If you really want to know that, I will go look it up for you, but You should go look for yourself, as you TRY to prove me wrong - - which you cannot. Because it is written just as I quoted.
      You see, abby does not just make up stuff, she has lots of backup.
      And neither are they my words. Dont forget that.

  6. Tln here, this is for Abby, Constantine changed everything at the Council of Nicea even Christ's position. When you quote scripture are you or are you not quoting men's interpretations of what they think God has spoken. If Constantine changed the Bible at the Council of Nicea, does it not make sense that each one of the men who wrote their interpretation of the particular book or scripture of the Bible you are reading from isn't it possible they could have changed it too? just saying.

    1. Tin, first of all, you do not realize how those who penned Gods Word received the Word. Back then God wanted to make sure the Bible was true and accurate for all time, to be passed down thru Time for all People. So he literally SPOKE to those who heard and wrote.
      Those writers NEVER wrote what ''they thought' but what they actually heard. Therefore Men did not write the bible. Men had nothing to do with the writing except to use their own hands with which to write. Just as in the book of Rev. where God took John the Revelator and showed him what was going to happen, and then TOLD John to Write all that God actually showed him. And so he did, and that is how John came to Pen the last book of the bible.

      That God would actually speak to people may be a mystery to you, but it is no mystery to me, as I have had God to audibly speak to me 3 times. And then proven to be true; not imaginary.
      Now what He spoke to me I could have very easily written down and it would have been totally viable. But I was not told to write it because it did not pertain to anyone else but me.

      In the Garden of Eden, we have God literally speaking to Eve, dont we? And on and on it goes. Why should anyone find it hard to believe that God speaks, when none of us disputes he made man, the earth, the sun, the moon, etc etc. Who can prevent God from speaking?
      So THAT IS how the bible got written. No Man wrote it. Nada.
      Furthermore, it is constantine who was a very mere little man who in no way has any authority to change anything, and it is ludicrous to even fathom that he ''changed Christ's position'.
      Christ is Diety. Constantine is nothing.

      Even the Apostle Paul clearly preached that his preaching was NOT of his own interpretation, but was precisely what God spoke to him to preach.
      Bottom line, the bible is the Word OF GOD and who is constantine or any other mere Man, to think he can change HIS WORD? That is absolutely blasphemous and constantine will no doubt have his place next to all the popes in hell fire.

      As far as we know, the bible is the only book that has withstood for 2000 years. Do you find that rather significant? And can anyone dispute that God is easily able to see to it that His Word remains?

      Do not let mere unbelievers and god haters who have tried to diminish His Word by running off and buying publishing companies and changing all the words that offended them, and changed them to suit themselves - - just to create the excuse that ''the bible cant be true because it has been changed''.

      Mine happens to be decades upon decades old and tattered and worn, and has not changed one iota. Its a very old KJV. And I pay no attention at all to mere men, or mere man-made Councils who took it upon themselves to try to play God, because they have such an evil desire to be of self-importance.
      They make me laugh.

    2. "Even the Apostle Paul clearly preached that his preaching was NOT of his own interpretation, but was precisely what God spoke to him to preach."

      And exactly how do you imagine that Paul received that information Abby? Channeling perhaps? You're trying to have it both ways.

      George Dubya also used to say that God spoke to him too and we know how that turned out...

  7. Wordless prayer is an exception because almost all prayers in Scripture there is actual words spoken out. There are times we don't know what to pray exactly and the Ruach HaKodesh helps us at that time. Even Hannah prayed with words but not out loud. So I do not see wordless prayers as the main way to pray. It would be like going to your own dad and saying nothing and expecting him to know what you came there for. Yes. Elohim knows all our thoughts but He does want us to express them as well to show that He does hear and care and it shows that we care as well.

    Elohim did not ask Adam what he did because he didn't really know. It was for Adam that He asked him. Prayer is talking to Elohim and making your requests and petitions known. He is our Father.

  8. Once Again: American Government is separated from "God" and any man made religion.

    I respect each man's right to his own belief in his spiritually.

    Leave it at the Door.

    Paul, I hate what Catholicism did to my family, but I Love you as a man on a mission to help others be free.

    I have 3 siblings brought up in the same "Religious beliefs" as myself and each of us have an "argument".

    Leave it at the door!!!!!

    Abby, I sincerely hope when the rapture happens your soul is wisked away with the "Saved" as you have obviously done as much as you can to be redeemed, but Please at least respect those of us that are still working to save our children who are not "Saved". Some have the opinion that because my mother chose to be "Catholic" she didn't go to heaven. Well No one knows! I don't want to leave my unsaved children here but I also don't want to go somewhere I can not be reunited with my mother.

    Fact is nobody knows, and just like the Private Courts it's all "Presumption".

    This Article of Anna's touched my soul which shows we are all on different planes of enlightenment.

    Interpretation is not fact.


  9. Can someone please direct me to information on the "Great Palatine Seal"? I can't find any information on the internet about it. Is this some kind of mythological sensationalism, hearsay or new ageism concept or has Anna made this up with NO relevance to reality for self puffing grandeur?

    If it is the latter then it is pure devilry, deception and lies meant to confuse and dazzle.

    1. Mike, Bingo ! (and thanks for your boldness in speaking up. This is just plain hor5hitt, has NO validity, and has nothing to do with anything. Period.)

    2. Great palatine seal ?
      i would look here and discern what you find.
      pal·a·tine1Dictionary result for palatine
      (of an official or feudal lord) having local authority that elsewhere belongs only to a sovereign.
      (of a territory) subject to palatine authority.

    3. Hmmm...feeling little goofy now Abby?

      Dan Carpenter hit a home run when he said that not everything that is written is true and not everything that is true is written.

      Digest that for a bit.