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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Last American Judges

By Anna Von Reitz

I and my cohorts operating the actual Public Courts of this country are the last of a breed: American Judges serving the People of this country. 

We occupy the land and soil jurisdiction courts.  

We enforce the Public and Organic Law, including the Constitutions.   

Ironically, we are probably the only actual, factual Judges/Justices that any of you have ever even heard of---- but we are being mis-characterized as "fake judges", instead.  Go figure.  

In a culture built of lies and legal fictions, the truth is bound to come as a shock, isn't it? 

Those others you see posing as "Judges" are operating in a foreign system of governance that has nothing to do with Americans and everything to do with "US Persons"---- Brits and Roman Catholic Church officers, foreign corporations and franchises. 

They aren't functioning as American Judges.  They don't administer or enforce the Public Law or the Constitutions----and they will willingly tell you that themselves, if you bother to ask.  

They are For-Hire Jurists, working on a contractual basis to enforce the Public Policies of the commercial corporations doing business as Territorial "States of States" and as Municipal "District Corporations" that employ them.   

We, the Last American Judges, aren't members of the Bar Associations.  We don't work for foreign-owned corporations. 

We are holding Public Offices in the American Government, and Bar Association Members have been prohibited from holding Public Office in the American Government since 1819.  

Go figure. 

When we go, if we go, all your "Natural and Unalienable Rights" and all your Constitutional guarantees will go with us.    

There will be nothing and nobody left standing between you and the private, for-profit corporate tribunals that you have mistaken for public courts. 

The People of this country will no longer have a Court System.  There will no longer be any Public and Organic Law.  

The only courts in existence will be private corporate tribunals run by For-Hire Jurists addressing "Persons" --- and collecting debts from those "Persons" for the benefit of the Parent Corporations--- the Territorial and Municipal "States of States" and the foreign governments that run them. 

And you?  

You will be subject to 80,000,000 statutory "laws".   

You will be responsible for paying for the enforcement of those 80,000,000 statutory laws.  

You will also be responsible for paying for all the services demanded and entitlements claimed by all the other "Persons" in this System --- which guarantees that you will live as a debt slave and a "Person" owned by corporations, and that all your assets will be claimed as chattel property donated to those corporations, too. 

To all those who have been running around spreading the lie that I am a "fake judge" ---- you had better hope and pray to the Living God that I am precisely what I say I am, because if I am not, your last hope of peacefully reclaiming your country (and your own private property) is already gone.  

You had better get behind me and the others like me who have stepped forward and blazed the way home to the land and soil jurisdiction of this country.  You better wake up and wise up and enter into the actual debate and stop being duped by For-Hire Jurists and "States of States" substituting themselves for the State Governments you are owed. 

When the last of the American Judges go-- if they go and are not replaced by a whole new generation of American Peacekeeping Officials-- there will be nobody left to enforce the Public and Organic Law, no Constitutions, no "rights" at all for anyone. 

You will be given a choice between living as chattel belonging to the British Crown Corporation and as subjects of the British Monarch, or being slaves of the Pope, and chattel belonging to the Holy Roman Empire.  

The last vestiges of the America that our Forefathers fought for and bequeathed to us will be gone.  

And all those who are running their mouths and saying that I am not a "real" Judge?  

Most of them don't know that "real" means "royal" and that indeed, I am not a "royal Judge" and don't work for the Queen.  

I am proud of the fact that I don't work for the Queen, and that I don't work for the Holy Roman Empire, either.  

I work for the States and People of this country.  

All the rest of you had better get off your duffs and do the same, before it is too late to find your way home again.  

Wake up, America!  Stop worrying about who gets to "act" as Governor of the State of State of Virginia.  You have an actual land jurisdiction Office -- Virginia Governor -- to elect. 


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  1. Could be a little more friendly we are the choir .

    1. SMH. Call Anna "fake" and she has to be nice in her correction of that untruth? Uh, no. She does not. Choir or not.
      Swing away, Anna!

    2. It's not personal.
      Consider "The Four Agreements." Adopting them could possibly spare you of a great amount of suffering! ; ~ )

    3. Trump has control over the Federal Reserve right now. I think he also appointed a new person to the head of the World Bank. From what I have been reading, all taxes collected after the 1st of January from the IRS are going to the new Treasury Dept in Arizona.

      Trump has been replacing Judges all around the country. When we transition off of FR notes to our own currency again, which is probably this year,

      Mark Taylor's prophecies have come true again concerning the Supreme Court, which he said 3 SC Judges will be replaced. Ruth Ginsberg is going to get replaced soon.

      Trump talked directly to the deep state in his SOTU address, when he said America will never be a Socialist State. And he let them know, if he wasn't elected President, we would probably be in war with North Korea right now. He just told the deep state that your plans for Globalism is nearing it's end.

  2. How many American judges are there left?

    @bubbapatric, if you know you are a member of the choir, then perhaps the member beside you is having a snooze. Give 'em a poke! LOL

  3. Again this information is vital for all of us to know but the only contact we have is Anna?
    There has to be sharing of vital information like names and contact information that can be passed to others so that in the event like an earthquake take someone out that others can pick up the torch and carry on the vital work.
    Sure hope you don't have a smart meter direct energy weapon on your house Anna.
    What is the contact information for the Living Law Firm and who are it's members? What are they currently working on so that all can help in the work?
    Read a statement from a follower the other day that he did his paperwork but they still coming for his home even killed his dog? Not one reply to the man?
    If this is the most important thing that has ever ever happened in the history of this country and as Anna put it she is the only one to ever challenge the Papacy then you would think that there would be back up upon back upon back up plans to keep all of this alive in the event that the one critical player is exterminated?
    And based on what we know they have no problem eliminating whole towns of people who get in their way (Paradise California)
    I guess the California Jural Assembly can't do a thing for any of those 27,000 folks because they hadn't filed their paperwork?
    Just my observations
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. It isn't enough to have your paperwork in order as evidence against them. That paperwork has to pre-date the basis of their claim or they still say that according to commercial law, first in line, first in time takes precedence. So getting your paper work together protects you going forward, it doesn't necessary solve anything from the past or prevent those claims from coming forward, however, the argument of False Patent and Unconscionable Contract being presumed is always potent and if you have recorded your "return" to birthright political status, it is that much more unanswerable for the District Attorneys and Prosecutors.

      What we have done successfully with Foreclosure issues requires some chutzpah. Take a copy of the Certified BC and your recorded re-conveyance and other paperwork to the District Attorney's Office. Look them in the eye and say, "I am not presenting this for any purpose of identification. I know you are operating under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act and that you can't talk about it thanks to 18 USC 472---but I can talk about it to you. I haven't made a claim against this NAME. I never consciously agreed to receive any such franchise. The Agricultural Task Force Committee has been collecting the ESCROW and claiming - falsely - that I am the Registered Agent for this Municipal franchise corporation being operated in my Given Name. Now, I want this mess cleaned up and cleared out of the court, eliminated with prejudice, and the court bonds credited to me. If you have any valid authority to address me whatsoever, bring it. Otherwise, its time to shove off and do exactly what I tell you to do as a Member of the State Jural Assembly, an American, and a Priority Creditor.

      Shove the paperwork over the desk and leave. No matter what they say or what they call after you --- just turn on your heel and leave. This is their mess. Let them do their job and clean it up for you.


    2. Those 27,000 folks in Paradise were all "Persons" in the cross-hairs of corporate greed. Not one of them had asserted that they were one of the People instead, mostly because nobody told them a word about any of these "cozy arrangements" made "for" us by our runaway employees.

      "Persons" unlike "people" can be murdered, raped, burned out, removed, evicted, relocated, or any other atrocity these monsters wish to inflict. That is part of the reason that you all need to get it on the Public Record that you aren't participating in their corporation or accepting their enfranchisement.

      When enough of us say "Enough!" it will end, but until people wake up and take back what is lawfully theirs, and stop being clueless and helpless victims --- it will just get worse and their predatory acts will become more blatant.

      I think also that you mistake the facts --- I am the only one to deliver a Bill of Lading to the Holy See demanding that they turn over Satan's Kingdom to the administration of The Kingdom of Heaven. That should tell the Pope more than what he needs to know about the times we are living in and his responsibilities, but that is a separate issue and a different matter than the issues of American sovereignty. That concerns the mis-administration of the International Jurisdiction of the Sea by the Holy See. Apples and Oranges.

      The other issue that is nearer and dearer to all of us, is our control of our own lives and property assets, and the basis for our claims to our land and other assets. All Americans born on the land of the States since the end of the Revolutionary War have been declared sovereigns in their own right. That means that as long as one of us survives anywhere in the world and claims this country back from these foreign commercial interests, they have no standing in the matter. And we did claim back the land of this country and assign the "titles" back to the actual States. This has prevented any claim that our country has been "abandoned" and also shifted the ownership interest officially back to the soil jurisdiction of this country and into the control of the local governments. Now all that has to happen is for more Americans to "return" to the land and soil jurisdiction and take up the responsibility for operating the government we are owed.

    3. Anna, neither you or any of us are the ''administration of the kingdom of heaven''. The kingdom of heaven is not yet here, it will arrive when Jesus himself brings it. Meanwhile the satan is the ''god of this world' ...which is where we all live,here, now.

      It is a huge offense for you to even fathom that you are 'the administrators of even an iota of the kingdom of heaven'.

  4. Ok,
    Anna has been after me to " run dont walk"... not everyone gets an article addressed to them let alone 2.. I am off and running..

    (No subject)
    Kevin Cote'
    Wed 2/6/2019
    Kevin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Status correction help

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    Meeting ID: 613 147 198

    Find your local number:

    CM Kevin Cote'


    This link will not work.

    1. Yeah Fruit I tried to download the zoom and it downloaded and then messed up my laptop. I would suggest using the it seems to be a lot better more pc friendly. Glad washington jural assembly uses this.

  6. So where is Faith in all of this? Where is Grace(favour?)
    As with so many of your little tiarades, there is a whole lotta I's, me's, even some We's,.
    So where is Yahusha Mashiak? Where is the Holy Spirit?
    You are our Last hope? And you do not see what is wrong with saying this? How can you even say such a thing with a straight face?
    "Finding Our Way home again" has Nothing to do with 'Legal' action and the ways of men upon this earth.
    The only Judge to be of concern with, we can go before each and every day, once granted admittance.
    He knows our hearts and that in itself will be enough.
    Do you recall the passages that say fear not what man can or will do to you?

    1. Duty is ours, results are up to God, but we still have our duty while we are here.
      Yes we are helpless without God, but we have to show Him that our hearts are really in it by our actions rather than just words.

    2. aFollower, good post. Some understand this is not our Home, but that it is a mere stop-over, an interim spot to put our feet for a time. But of course, that is not true for everyone.

    3. Paul, 'show him that our heart is really in what''?

    4. You can figure that out, right.
      The fight for His truth, and against our own evil inclinations after the fall in the garden.
      As I said many times, redemption was given as a free gift, but He will not save us without our repentance and cooperation with His grace.

    5. I have no evil inclinations anywhere in me, or on me. Gone. (thats what born again is all about)

    6. ABBY :If you have been "born again " and have accepted the Holy Spirit and asked "Yahshua in to your heart" then you have just entered in to the "Kingdom of Heaven" stop refusing to do what our Lord told you and your time is "Always Now" get busy and stop throwing confusion here in this place of truth your postings are part of the reason it took me three years to stand fast and come out of Babylon your spreading derision. Step up and out of "Babylon" and quit being a baby a long time

    7. Skully,
      If you believe:"If you have been "born again " and have accepted the Holy Spirit and asked "Yahshua in to your heart" then you have just entered in to the "Kingdom of Heaven"
      Why would you think Anna is the one, and last hope? Why would you think we need a "Fiduciary of heaven?"
      Surely you would see the falsehood in her statements such as this:
      To all those who have been running around spreading the lie that I am a "fake judge" ---- you had better hope and pray to the Living God that I am precisely what I say I am, because if I am not, your last hope of peacefully reclaiming your country (and your own private property) is already gone.


  7. Abby- aFollower, like Paul the Apostle once said ''have I now become your enemy because I tell you the Truth''?
    No, Abby, i am suggesting you change your approach. Take your time, choose your words. Do not knee jerk react.

    1. aFollower, I do not let the world or the worldly dictate my approach. Neither did Jesus. He told it like it was and he was hated for it, and he was hated not matter what his 'approach'' would have been. He said plainly that he was the rock of offense. Some people are offended by everything,but in this instance they are really just offended by the mention of God having any importance at all in anything. You should already have noticed that; they just want the God word to be eliminated and just focus on the legal beagle stuff. You should have already picked up on that, lol.

    2. i am not suggesting to let the world dictate your approach, i am suggesting the opposite.
      Jesus showed us how to approach, as did His disciples and others after them. That is who should dictate your approach.
      That is what i am suggesting.

  8. American judges? Why not The United States of America unicorporated judges?
    Just an observation as there is supposed to be a difference in how all of this is presented
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. "You will be given a choice between living as chattel belonging to the British Crown Corporation and as subjects of the British Monarch, or being slaves of the Pope, and chattel belonging to the Holy Roman Empire."

    And what is obvious to us is 'they' are not HOLY AND THIS "CHURCH" IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT INFALLIBLE! POST 1960 OR OTHERWISE. And there were others who challenged this church pre 1960's and they were hunted and sometimes murdered. As were many of the followers who preached the True gospel of Christ.

  10. "Christianity coceals within itself a germ hostile to the church"
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  11. Here is some very interesting information on what the bar is in the court and how the BAR association came about plus definitions and duties of Barristers, Solicitors, Counselors, Attorneys, Lawyers etc.

    Take a look at it here, very eye opening and educationsal:

    For example did you know an Attorney is NOT a Lawyer? Attorney is derived from the root word Attorn which means; to turn, or transfer homage and service from one lord to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassels or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate. - Webster's 1828 Dictionary.

    Therefore the duties of an Attorney is; one who transfers or assigns, within the bar, another's rights & property acting on behalf of the ruling crown (government). This had to do with the old feudal property system which carried over to the colonies and exists to this day.

    This should make you mad. If you think you are a landowner in America, take a close look at the warranty deed or fee title to your land. You will almost always find the words "tenant" or "tenancy." The title or deed document establishing your right as a tenant, not that of a landowner, has been prepared for transfer by a licensed BAR Attorney, just as it was carried out within the original English feudal system we presumed we had escaped from in 1776.

    Now ask yourself can an Attorney represent you in court when his/her duties are to act on behalf of the crown (government) for the sole purpose of transferring your allegiance, property, and rights to the landowner, a.k.a. STATE.

    This is why it is important to understand the meaning of words and their applications and how they affect you.

    One last thought why do Attorneys take the title of Esquire, which is derived from Squire, which is a title of nobility which the Constitution bans?

    1. The water becomes even murkier when entering admiralty courts the judge always wants the defendant to cross over the bar separating the gallery from the court. This supposedly is the line of the entry to the "imaginary" vessel or "pirate ship" you are about to board. The bastards dragged maritime law of the sea onto the land without saying. And if you really want a linguistic adventure of word-speak, look up the 4 corners rule which says that anything in a "box" is not seen, as in not relevant.

      They put the jury in a box but conveniently forgot to tell everyone that in their world that means that the jury is not relevant to the proceedings because it is in a box. Clever and devious simultaneously. When you receive a statement to pay a bill, the amount payable is generally in a box so that they can say that it wasn't visible due to being in a box, so instead of being applied to the account, that somehow gives them license to take your payment and pocket it due to the 4 corners rule. Next time you don't want your signature to be seen, make a box and write your signature in it and poofo-presto, it magically vanishes.


  12. Good find Mike...I have heard somewhere that the Titles of Nobility (TONA) agreement which sought to prevent British Bar Attorneys from operating in America was the essential reason for the War of 1812 although I have noticed that some of the dates don't exactly coincide properly and I haven't yet followed the details of the timing, maybe someone here who is more learned can clarify?

    1. Go watch a guy on YT republicusagold, he was huge a few years back and he explained all of this perfectly - unfortunately the Arizona police have since killed him
      Here is one of his videos
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  13. Here is a good article explaining things
    Now we know how and why they selling off all of our assets to other so called nations which are really just corporations themselves
    There is an ongoing electro-magnetic radiation attack, it is a US military operation, and it is being inflicted on us all via the wireless communication and surveillance network. []
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  14. And along with the smart meters they are chemtrailing the crap out of our skies and manipulating the weather
    Take note, the continental US and Alaska are the only parts of the world getting 5G in 2019 - this is their SMART grid deployment
    From reading on this site
    It appears that the bankers have included all of us under the banner EARTH, Inc
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved