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Friday, June 12, 2020

Your Public? Or My Public?

By Anna Von Reitz

As our run amok and misdirected foreign subcontractors have continued their mercenary war games on our shores— all without our knowledge or permission— they have prospered themselves by changing the meaning of words and redefining everything. 

We have seen this process go from changing the meaning of “person” to mean “corporation” all the way to redefining us as some species of Federal public employee or dependent—- without, however, the benefit of a Federal paycheck. 

If you have ever investigated the IRS you have learned with some astonishment that, from their perspective, you, their employer, are identified as a “non-resident alien”. 

That is, you are not a resident of their peculiar Federal Enclave. 

Just imagine your Federal Employees as two different kinds of Coneheads —Short and Tall —-from a different world, and you will get the gist of it.  

They exist in a different jurisdiction, operate under different forms of law ( codes, regulations, and statutes) and they are in fact either so crooked or so mindless as to mistake their Employers as “the Enemy” in a war that actually ended more than 150 years ago. 

Once you realize that they are still at “war” with each other (although colluding in the back room at the same time to evade their mutual obligations under the Constitutions) and that they have placed you in the middle of this “war” as a punching bag for both—- things begin to make more sense. 

You can now begin to understand that their “Public Elections” are in fact private corporate elections, while your actual Public Elections —which address a different “public”— are the activities of non-resident aliens so far as they are concerned. 

Your public is not their public.  And vice versa. 

They have turned those definitions inside out and upside down, too.  

What serves them as a public court, is, from your perspective, a private corporate tribunal. 

What serves them as “law” is, from your perspective, the caprice of the “Public Policies” of a corporation. 

So they are rounding us up under the completely false presumption that we are Coneheads, too, and subjecting us to their laws——which aren’t laws. 

Their most recent “wars” on terrorism and drugs have, of course, resulted in the vast proliferation of both. 

We can and should expect no other outcome from their “war” against the Common Cold Virus mislabeled “Covid 19”. 

Their constant phony wars are how they make money at our expense,  so the more wars the merrier from their perspective. And the worse everything gets, from ours. 

To put an end to this pathetic circumstance  we must assume our proper political status as Americans.  

We have to declare and record our identity as Americans. 

And then, we have to start acting like Americans. 

That is, we assemble our State Assemblies, organize our civilian court system, fill our State militias —and get on with the job of self-governance. 

And with enforcing our Public Law.  

Go to: and get started. 


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BIG Happy News!

By Anna Von Reitz

At a time when everything seems to be falling apart, we come together.

When "the world" seems to be zagging, we zig.

And while everyone else is eating dirt and hiding under rocks, going snake-eyed and doing stupid stuff, we smile, smile, smile!

Why not?  We are self-governing.  We call the shots.

Please study the message and the cartoon posted below that I got from Robert David Steele today and reflect on it.  All these Antifa mobsters are stealing the news headlines like spoiled brats on a rampage, but remember the good solid people you know, the salt-of-the-Earth men and women who are the true leaders in their communities nationwide who do not sanction rioting and looting as an answer.

Lift up your voice and sing, indeed.  This is America.  Not some Third World Hell Hole they think they are creating by calling it "the US".

And when you are done contemplating that profound truth about the power of your choices versus the choices of madmen, anarchists, and would-be tyrants, knowing there are a hundred of us for every one of them-- enjoy an hour and a half interview with me and Mark Emery, both, at once:

We are joining forces. The Living Law Firm and the Lighthouse Law Club will be working together. There will be more leading patriot organizatons and constitutional lawyers joining with us soon.  Together, we are going to address the Public Interest and promote the Public Good.

Together, we are going to overcome the three obstacles that have thwarted the efforts of the people for decades --- as Mark recently summed them up in his short video "It's Game Time!" --- (1) ignorance will be answered with education; (2) disorganization will be answered with lawful assembly; and (3) lack of funds will be answered by our pooling of resources and fundraising.

And let me add one more.

Many of you know that I was forced to leave my church because like so many of the others, unknown to me, it took part in the "commercialization of religion".

When you incorporate a church you change its very nature, and promote the kind of corruption that has occurred with the black market trade in Baptismal Certificates.  These monsters have made money by claiming to own your soul, and have been trading upon your soul for money via the Baptismal Certificates.

This corruption makes the sale of "Indulgences" look small by comparison.

No, thank you.  That wasn't the deal.  I opted out, and so should you.

Mark Emery has provided a solution for those who miss the comforts of  Fellowship: the unincorporated World Mission Church.  This is the kind of simple assembly that a church is meant to be, not interested in being a corporate conglomerate with billion dollar facilities, not bulking up its investments on Wall Street, but instead, working steadfastly to bring comfort, harmony, and compassion into the world.

Come all you outcasts from the Gaud and Glitter churches!  Come out of Babylon and say good-bye to the Deceivers.


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The Irony of the Military

By Anna Von Reitz

We have cause to know, and have known for a long time, that there are dirty Generals and Admirals in our military. That is unavoidably true. The military, and most especially, the U.S. Army, has been in charge since 1863, when Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100, otherwise known as The Lieber Code.

If they have been in control this whole time (and they have), it follows that things could not possibly get this messed up, without a significant number of rotten apples at the top--- on a generational basis, too.

If Great-Grandfather was a corrupt General in the Union Army, chances are actually pretty good that Great-Grandson is a corrupt General or Colonel, today. This generational corruption is common in all branches of the service. You see it especially in the Navy and the Army, but it has crept into the Marine Corps and Air Force, too.

There are certain names, like "McCain", that have an immediate debt-load associated with them in this regard, and members of the Services at a certain level are all well-acquainted with the military families that are responsible for this taint.

When their sons are sissies they send their daughters, because the lure of absolute power and unlimited money is simply too strong to resist.

The upfront result of this intergenerational corruption and influence peddling and preferential treatment is that some pigs really are "more equal" than others in our military, and some are so much more "equal" that they get away with murder, like John McCain--- and are still touted as war heroes.

I am using McCain as an example, because his name and story are well-known, but there are many, many, many examples of the same thing over the past six generations since the end of the Civil War.

In addition to this intergenerational Military Elite corruption that hearkens all the way back to the era of Grant and Sherman, we have more modern examples of military corruption that derive from two other sources--- (1) Special Ops carried out by various military and quasi-military subcontractors being used to support criminal activities like drug-running, money-laundering, human-trafficking, 
espionage, and political assassinations, and (2) pilfering.

If you discount the cost of machinery associated with Special Ops-- loss of planes, helicopters, armored vehicles and such -- and just look at the cost of operations, plain old-fashioned military pilfering out-strips Special Ops 3:1.

And when you look at the Special Ops Budget, even with the noted exceptions, three times that is an absolutely staggering amount of pilfering. It's pilfering far, far beyond the kind of fetching and conning and trading that one knows about and accepts when Radar gets on the phone to Sparky.

This is pilfering on a scale that would dwarf the combined average GDP of half the countries in the world ---combined. And it is all just walking out the door, day in and day out, worldwide. This is not about lifting a few gross of toilet paper or a few thousand gallons of gasoline.

This is about unimaginably large thefts of military and civilian supplies being derailed, smuggled, misappropriated, misdelivered, chopped down, re-branded, and re-sold --- and it is not even necessarily being sold via any sleazy back alley black market. Most of the time, it is simply re-entering the supply chain and being sold to outfits like the Dollar Store and Walmart.

This means that you get to pay for it twice --- once when it is requisitioned by the military, and again, when it gets siphoned and presents itself for sale at your favorite box store.

Because it's the military, and because the military is in charge, there has been no oversight on any of this. This is how Donald Rumsfeld announces blandly enough, that, well, DOD is missing six trillion dollars it can't account for. And the Talking Heads go back to sleep without a comment.

This is also the genesis, in a slightly different context, of trade deficits like the one between "the US" and China. You have Chinese Generals on one end of the pipeline and US Generals on the other. How is it that the pipeline just "loses" 23 trillion dollars worth of content, and nobody knows how, and this deficit builds up for over two decade?

A leak of over a trillion dollars per year? Really? And nobody caught it?

It takes hard core corruption in both military organizations to make it all possible, because, obviously, if the Chinese Generals were reporting on the American Generals, or vice-versa, such a situation wouldn't last a nanosecond.

Instead we have General Xiping covering for General Sullivan (fictional names of course) in exchange for fat kickbacks of the gravy, and when the poo finally hits the fan, all they have to do is lie about each other:
"It's Xiping's fault!"
"It's Sullivan's fault!"

Obviously, it is both their faults and the fault of the politicians who are supposed to be in charge, and everyone involved was getting kickbacks on a siphoning scheme that large and of that duration.

The strange tale of the American National credit runs parallel, only this time the two Parties on either end of the drained-dry pipeline are the Department of Defense Division of Fiscal Services and the Federal Reserve System.

It was a "System" all right. The kind that Al Capone would talk about late at night.

I hope this tip of the iceberg view of the problem is coming home to you, along with the fact that this criminality has been unopposed because it was the military doing this, and the military has been in charge.

All those Congressional oversight subcommittees? The Inspector Generals? The Blue Ribbon Commissions?

Nothing but top-dressing to make it look like there was reasonable civilian oversight, when in fact, there has been none since 1863. Nobody has been keeping the books on the military. Nobody has been minding their store.

So, ironically, the organization that we have most depended upon and trusted to keep us safe, our vaunted military, is actually the organization that has most betrayed our trust and pillaged and plundered and pilfered us all blind.

I am sorry to say it. And I am sorry to see the names of the men, the Retired Generals, who are now gathered round, baying at Mr. Trump like a pack of Fox Hounds--- because whether they know it or not, they are condemning and identifying themselves.

They might as well put on neon vests and carry around a placard with the word "Guilty" painted on it.
Who has a vested interest in prolonging and hiding the fraud and embezzlement?

Who really, truly, doesn't want us to ever get to the bottom of any of this?

Who resents and resists actual civilian oversight?

The dirty Generals and dirty Admirals don't want to accept any actual or effective civilian oversight of their activities, for obvious reasons, and don't want to admit what they've done.

Still it all comes down to this --- if our country is in trouble, if we've been embezzled, if our money is no good, if we are not safe in our beds, if we are not happy in our lives --- the blame for it lands on the military, because they've been in charge the whole time.


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Be Patient and Think

By Anna von Reitz

I am hearing a lot of misplaced frustration and criticism of President Trump and his Administration. 

People are constantly griping --- he should do this and he should do that.  The armchair quarterbacking has never been more vehement. 

Invariably, these critics always forget --or don't know-- the basic truths governing what we are seeing in the news.

He can't bring troops into Washington, DC, without declaring war against it as an independent, international city-state.  That would entail declaring war against the Municipality of Rome and Westminster.  And that would start World War III. 

Everything is a bit more complicated than it seems. Get out your copy of any of the three Federal Constitutions and read Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

There you will see that the government of Washington, DC, is a plenary oligarchy run by the members of Congress.  Anything going wrong in DC is their responsibility.  So don't blame Donald Trump.  Blame Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi.  They and their cohorts are the ones responsible for what goes on in Washington, DC.

So, that's why Trump can't just move in 100,000 troops of whatever species and take over Washington, DC. 

Next, why isn't he, Mr. Trump, moving more quickly and aggressively to control the riots nationwide, bring the Plandemic to its well-deserved end, and exercising executive power to control the slide of our economy into the dustbin? 

Having both huge Federal governmental services corporations in bankruptcy at the same time is the very good reason that he can't do what you expect him to do.

Washington is closed down. I told you it would be for ninety days.  The 90 days began in March.  We are nearing the end of it, technically, on June 17, but officially, on the 22nd.

The offices are being staffed by "emergency personnel" --- also known as volunteers coming to the aid of their country.  The million man reserve force that Mr. Trump called up, is all volunteers.

So, that puts a new light on things, doesn't it? 

It's also a fact that the President of a bankrupt corporation is not able to direct its affairs while in receivership.  Mr. Trump has to depend on the volunteers and the US Trustees for that. 

But, while this situation may look outrageous, horrible and hopeless, you have to look on the bright side.  In the words of Archbishop Viganos, Solve et Coagula.  Break it down and restructure it.

You also have to remember what our two groups of erstwhile Federal Employees did with our property in the wake of the Civil War.  They eventually used the Public Charitable Trust to collect all private property in a massive trust that they have managed --purportedly, for us. 

The Territorial Government doing business as "the" United States of America retained the equitable title to this trust, while the Municipal Government retained the legal title to it. 

When the Municipal Government's bankruptcy is complete, the legal title will return to the equitable title holder, the Territorial Government, and the trust will collapse. 

This action will bounce the Territorial Government out of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy and leave a huge profit behind.  It will also put Mr. Trump in a far better position than he has ever enjoyed, and will bring forward our liens and ownership interest in our own property, both public and private, again.

What can you expect from this dawning era?

Government reform and restoration of the lawful government.
No more need for taxes of any kind--- the giant slush funds that have been created and our public interest in the Fortune 5000 produce more than enough income to pay for all the governmental services we will ever need.

Gradual repayment of all the taxes that were collected under false pretenses, all the improperly structured mortgages, all the utility bills that we paid for twice, and so on, via pre-paid credit accounts. 

For most people, this will mean that the bulk of their monthly expenses will be lifted off their shoulders -- their mortgage, their credit cards, their car loans, their school loans, their utility bills -- all paid off on a monthly basis.

So, instead of death and disaster, what you are really seeing is the "messy part" of swamp draining and house cleaning. 

If you have ever done either job, you should know that once you get started, things go from bad to worse. 

Somewhere in the middle of a good house cleaning, where you have the furniture all moved out of place and books and bric-a-brac balanced precariously, it looks worse, doesn't it? 

And if you have to drain a swamp, you may yearn for the peaceful gurgling of slime and nice quiet alligators ---after you bring in the bulldozers and excavators and start uprooting trees and digging ditches, too. 

Yet, in the end, the furniture gets put back in place and the mud drains, and things are much, much better.

This process is no different.  Be patient and think and keep the faith. Donald Trump has kept every campaign promise he made.  Draining the swamp was by far his greatest promise, and from where I stand, he's keeping that one, too.

Pray that he is safe and successful.  And wait just a little while longer.


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Shocking Evidence! - The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse Jun 11, 2020

It seems if you want to die just go to a major hospital like this one and tell them you are having trouble breathing.

Found Here:

All the people pushing this false narrative from Bill Gates on down should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


“It’s time to #ExposeBillGates and expose his agenda. Together we can shine the light on Gates’ true intentions and change the course of humanity.
WHEN: Join us on Saturday June 13, 2020 as we spread the word about Bill Gates’ agenda. We encourage everyone interested to organize and host documentary screenings, share articles, pass out flyers, drop banners, and share on social media using the hashtag #ExposeBillGates. We encourage everyone to share accurate and credible information about Gates’ goals. This is a non-partisan event and activists from all sides of the political spectrum are welcome.”
For Your Information
Watch the video series on Bill Gates and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s involvement with the Global Health Industry, Vaccines, COVID 19, Big Tech and Bio Chipping, Cashless Society, Eungenics, Population Control and how all of these points are being brought together by the Bill Gates Foundation and his sponsors to create a New World Order.
Bill Gates Video Series by Corbett Report linked below:
Note: there are 3 links for each video the choice is yours to watch each video on one of the three platforms available here.
Part One: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health
Part Two: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World
Part Three: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
Part Four: Who is Bill Gates ?

Also watch Italian MP Sara Cunial Speaks the Truth About Covid-19 and Bill Gates.