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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Until the Wall, a Wall of Troops. – Stewart Rhodes

Trump Should Deploy U.S. Military “Wall of Troops” to Secure Border.  Latest Shooting of Border Patrol Agent Shows This is a War and Requires a Military Response
Tuesday morning, June 12, 2018,  between the hours of 0330 and 0430 Arizona time, a Border Patrol Agent in the Tucson Sector was ambushed and shot repeatedly.  He survived the ambush only because he was wearing rifle plates that protected his torso.  As Breitbart reported:
[T]he Border Patrol agent was shot in the chest and back as well as in the hand and knee, but heavy plate body armor successfully stopped the shots to the chest and back.
This shooting occurred on the Chilton family cattle ranch, which is on the border with Mexico.   As the Associated Press reported:

Mandates in Democracies, Refusals of Commercial Contract Offers

By Anna Von Reitz

These incorporated entities posing as the Canadian Government and the United States Government both loudly proclaim themselves to be "democracies".

Democracies require a 51% majority mandate of eligible voters to do anything, otherwise it is not majority rule and they cannot presume consent.

Since when have they ever had a real mandate to do anything? 

Instead, they have functioned by a process of contractual acquiescence. They hold an election, ten percent of the eligible voters turn out, and we've been allowing them to contract with us based on "assumed contract by acquiescence". 

What needs to happen is that we need to stop agreeing with all this nonsense by our silence and non-participation in it.

Israeli Geneticists Confirm Jesus’ Father ‘Non-Human

Video by Ron Wyatt, the Archeologist that discovered the Ark of the Convenant.

Found here:

The blood of Jesus: A team of research scientists in Tel Aviv did a genetic analysis from a blood sample widely believed to have belonged to Jesus, concluding that Jesus’ biological father was ‘non-human’. The blood sample was discovered on the archeological dig of Ron Watt and his team. Upon completion of their analysis, the lab technicians asked Ron whose blood he had submitted for study, and he replied, "this is the blood of your Messiah". The scientists involved purportedly converted to Christianity as a result of their findings.

The Kingdom of the Dead

By Anna Von Reitz

My recent article about the Queen occupying The Chair of the Estates really hit a nerve, and apparently most people in the English-speaking world were totally unaware that the Queen has been occupying a different office other than the one required by The Coronation Oath all these years----though that has to be apparent in retrospect, with or without John Anthony Hill.   

I have examined the evidence, too, and it is incontrovertible.

The Queen took the Oath and three days later broke it, on the record. This had the effect of "killing" her role and rule as Christian Monarch and ended her obligation to fulfill the Public Law and her vows made in apparent Bad Faith to the people of the United Kingdom.

Instead of operating in the capacity of Elizabeth the Second, she has been operating in the "dead" corporate capacity of ELIZABETH II.  Her Consort, Prince Philip has similarly been operating in a dead corporate capacity for sixty years.

Fear of Populism

By Anna Von Reitz

The top agenda item at this years infamous Bilderburger meeting was the rise of Populism worldwide.  Translate that as peasants with pitchforks.

It can also be interpreted as "Nationalism", which is, of course, anathema to the Globalist swine who wish us to live in one big penal colony, wearing the same clothes, eating the same nasty food, and obeying their every whim.

It's good that they are afraid of Populism/Nationalism and in general, afraid of us. 

It's a fine day when those purporting to be "your" government feel a chill up their spines, which is the way things are meant to be. Keep up the good work.  Keep educating yourselves. 


See if this makes sense to you.  Please comment below.

By Carl F. Worden,

Based on the fact Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has once again defied a demand from Representative Devin Nunes to produce documents related to spying on the Trump Campaign, it now appears obvious where the power base of the, "Deep State", resides.  Clearly, a picture is emerging that the secret, sub-government that has been interfering with presidents and Congress ever since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, is in the Department of Justice, and its enforcement arm is the highest echelon of the FBI, which answers to the Department of Justice.