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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fear of Populism

By Anna Von Reitz

The top agenda item at this years infamous Bilderburger meeting was the rise of Populism worldwide.  Translate that as peasants with pitchforks.

It can also be interpreted as "Nationalism", which is, of course, anathema to the Globalist swine who wish us to live in one big penal colony, wearing the same clothes, eating the same nasty food, and obeying their every whim.

It's good that they are afraid of Populism/Nationalism and in general, afraid of us. 

It's a fine day when those purporting to be "your" government feel a chill up their spines, which is the way things are meant to be. Keep up the good work.  Keep educating yourselves. 

Keep the pressure on the politicians, bankers, and others responsible for The Mess. Keep centered on peace and refuse all attempts to manipulate your countries into war.

Keep bringing forward your dignity and your demand to end all vestiges of Commercial Feudalism, all false claims and presumptions against your Good Name and estate, all attempts to continue on with the business of Mystery Babylon as usual. 

Refuse all attempts to call you "Mister" or "Missus" or "Miss" which are all terms used to address British servants and British military personnel.  Refuse all attempts to mischaracterize you as a "resident".  That is code-speak for British Territorial personnel living on our shores on a temporary basis to provide "essential government services". 

If someone starts talking about the "United States"--- ask which one, and nail them down.  The actual United States formed in 1776?   The Federal United States formed in 1787?  The Territorial United States formed in 1789?  The Municipal United States formed in 1790?  Or some other god-forsaken version of "United States" formed how, when, where and in what jurisdiction? 

Take absolutely nothing for granted.  Leave no strings flapping. 

Always tell judges, politicians, and anyone else who needs to know, that you have never knowingly or willingly accepted Territorial or Municipal citizenship and that you don't consider it any benefit.  Say so in your Testament, when you direct your End of Life affairs. 

Write your Testaments on the fly-leaf of your Bibles and when you bring that book into these venal courts, know that the only reason anyone ever stood up when the judge walked in, was because in our courts the judges always carried the Bible with them.  We stood up out of respect for the scripture which is the embodiment and basis for the American Common Law.

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  1. Luntz says go to u.s.courts . 4 it says all us courts are common law courts.
    That may be but only if you evoke common law by asking if the man you harmed bring forth the claim .and if the criminals put in writing a plea deal grab the doc it's evidence of extortion .

  2. Anna, I can pretty well tell you right now,that 99% of the population is NOT going to be able to keep this stuff straight, especially is they ever find themselves in front of any of these demonic judges.
    Just get rid of the BAR and all their members, and be done with all this tapdancing.

    1. Abby , a recent survey showed that 60 % of the populace people with pitch forks are awake , aware and very silently moving towards the light. Remember that Abby and ABBY are different. Both sound the same. State your name for the record says the judge. I am says Abby. Or I am woman and any name is hearsay. Hold up the Bible. I did and it worked and it was even the KJV lol.

    2. Abby...hear,hear..!! That is the entire reason we are playing the paperwork game with them...!! Just get rid of the problem instead of dealing only with the symptoms that they cause...!!

    3. Bluecoller....that is good news and shows that they are finally starting to realize the consequences of what they could possible be facing...Thats why so many CEO's are stepping down right now....they are starting to see darkness at the end of the tunnel , and they want to leave with all the booty they stole at the top of the ladder...!!

    4. Abby...hear,hear..!! That is the entire reason we are playing the paperwork game with them...!! Just get rid of the problem instead of dealing only with the symptoms that they cause...!!

    5. blue, I do believe more people are catching on to the bitter truth. Sure, it isn't pretty but the sooner it is faced head on, the sooner more people will be relieved by finally knowing just why things always seemed to be so screwed up. The will adapt, gradually but surely.

      James, yes. I keep feeling like paper work is doing things the hard way. Its dealing with symptoms instead of the real problem. Logically, it should be a declaration that ''as of xxxx, 2018, xxxx will all be null and void, and all americans will receive a new National ID Card, and it could be just that simple. There is no logical reason for 300 million people to each do anything on an individual basis.

    6. Abby, the comment posted is to declare all who are not informed to be to stupid to learn. By what right is this claim made? Have all these living beings grouped together as uneducatable declared they are uninterested in the truth?

  3. @Abby, you're Absolutely Right!

  4. Strange that the GOV. would have a statement saying all US courts are "common law" courts as "common law" was struck down by the US supreme court by stating that the Federal Gov't had no "common law" and Public Law was changed to "private law" use somewhere around 1937. You will have to search for it but it's there in the record. Also, how do you get "common law" courts when EVERYTHING, including the courts have incorporated under the U.C.C.!!!??? Even the people in congress are "corporations, including the judges!!! Here's proof: You have to research every iota of something that is stated on this forum. Gov. claims all courts in US are "common law" courts!? Not hardly, nit even close!!!

  5. This fear goes hand in hand with the Secret Treaty of Verona when the Vatican and monarch seen the world looking to the great success of America without "a monarch".

  6. Just because the barflys create paper does not remove the truth. Common Law lives. It is the responsibility of each man to invoke his protection. It is laughable to read statutes taking common law out of the picture. Another great attempt at delusion. All courrs anser to common law when enforced. A living man occupying the office of executor is the highest official in a court. The estate is the xourt. Know Thyself.


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