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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Until the Wall, a Wall of Troops. – Stewart Rhodes

Trump Should Deploy U.S. Military “Wall of Troops” to Secure Border.  Latest Shooting of Border Patrol Agent Shows This is a War and Requires a Military Response
Tuesday morning, June 12, 2018,  between the hours of 0330 and 0430 Arizona time, a Border Patrol Agent in the Tucson Sector was ambushed and shot repeatedly.  He survived the ambush only because he was wearing rifle plates that protected his torso.  As Breitbart reported:
[T]he Border Patrol agent was shot in the chest and back as well as in the hand and knee, but heavy plate body armor successfully stopped the shots to the chest and back.
This shooting occurred on the Chilton family cattle ranch, which is on the border with Mexico.   As the Associated Press reported:
An Arizona cattle rancher says that the shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol agent near the boundary with Mexico happened in a remote part of his ranch that is frequently used by drug and migrant smugglers.
Jim Chilton tells The Associated Press in an interview that a Border Patrol official sent him an email Tuesday morning informing him the agent was alone when he was wounded on his ranch, and was struck in the leg and the hand.
First, let us all thank God the Border Patrol agent survived the attack, and let us keep him and his family in our prayers, asking God to grant him a speedy and full recovery.
It just so happens I was on the Chilton ranch the night before (Monday night), along with another Oath Keeper, Kait Hylton, and we were visiting with Jim Chilton and his lovely wife, at their home.  They gave us a very sobering, detailed briefing on just how bad it is on the border.   This horrific attempted murder of a Border Patrol agent on that same ranch the very next morning further confirms just how dire the situation really is.
The Chilton’s are brave, Salt-of-the-earth ranchers who have been sounding the alarm bells for years about how the cartels are essentially taking over our border with Mexico, and taking over large parts of U.S. soil, and can bring in anything or anyone they want with impunity.   We also discussed the very real humanitarian crisis of all of the rape, assault, murder and death in the desert that is inflicted on the illegals by the cartels and their coyotes.  They showed me a picture of a young couple who were being cared for by Border Patrol after a gang of coyotes had gang raped the wife all night while holding her husband at gun-point and forcing him to watch.   Mrs. Chilton expressed heartfelt concern and deep compassion for the many thousands of illegals who are victimized by the coyotes and cartels, as well as concern for the safety of all the ranchers and their hands, and for the Border Patrol Agents who are so incredibly vulnerable and exposed out there as they work. They told us of two rancher friends of theirs who were murdered by the cartels years ago.

Last night as I talked to the Chilton’s, we discussed how vulnerable a lone Border Patrol Agent is to ambush as he drives the lonely roads in the Arizona desert.  As we said goodnight, I told Mr Chilton that, given that reality, as an Airborne infantry veteran it is my opinion that there should be at least a fire-team sized element of armed Army, Marines, or National Guard infantry going out on patrol with each agent or pair of agents as a security escort to keep them safe as they work.   The Border Patrol Agents would do the law enforcing, but the infantry fire-team would be there to keep the agents safe.  That kind of pairing up has been done in the past, to a limited degree, but President Trump needs to do it en-mass.

The New Mexico Army National Guard Liaison Team visited the U.S. Border Patrol El Paso Sector to meet and coordinate preparations for their upcoming deployment in support of border security operations April 7, 2018.
The agent ambushed Tuesday morning is lucky to be alive.  Given the reality of heavily armed cartel drug escorts and the reality of heavily armed “Rip Crews” who raid the drug mule trains, he and his brother agents need direct protection and backup that is ready to engage in a fire-fight with the cartels and WIN.  Those Rip Crews and drug mule trains often have a squad sized element of heavily armed men, with select-fire AKs. This is essentially a war zone along the border, and our Border Patrol Agents deserve an infantry escort.
What will it take for President Trump to finally take the decisive action he promised us he would take in order to actually secure our border?  He should declare this to be a national security emergency – which it certainly is-as well as a human rights crisis, given the well-documented death toll among illegals, and the equally well documented forced sex trafficking and rape that goes on.
And then President Trump should deploy the U.S. military on the border in significant force to secure the border with a “wall of troops.”   The Army Corps of Engineers can get busy building a wall, with a road directly behind it, with joint teams of Border Patrol and military patrolling the road/wall, with effective QRFs also ready to go.   They can start patrolling even before, and as, the wall and the road is built.  That is what it will take to secure the border, and President Trump can do that right now, as Commander-In-Chief.
A wall coupled with aggressive patrolling and aggressive and fast QRFs can flip the paradigm on the cartels, deny them their easy access routes, and put the fear of the American grunt in them.
President Trump, it is time for decisive action.  And you can also count on us military veterans to help if you need us.  Just say the word and we will be there.
For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes


  1. There is no Congress to declare war, any act to engage troops to deal with this if real, would be private, against the law. Patrols do not work alone, not even in the inner cities! The military could be called upon to protect our shores, but that would only open the corporation to more scrutiny, and, I do not see that happening.

    1. Show me the law that prohibits the troops from repelling invaders. It is the duty of the military to protect the American people.

    2. Missed the point by a wide margin, and the story unfolds............perfect.

  2. Im afraid I cannot take this picture of the girl supposedly brutally raped, which is said to be recently. If that was true, and happened on the southern border, then why is she clothed like she is in Siberia??
    Plus,she does not at all appear to have been ''raped for 3 nites straight'.


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