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Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Internet of Money with Andreas Antonopoulos

If you really want to understand what cryptocurrencies are and how they bypass the banksters you need to listen to this audio.

Then look at these for solutions.

This is from my friend at Trinity Farms.

Hello my Friend,

For a moment forget everything you know about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Bitcoin isn’t money but a platform of trust; not a currency, not a company or something you sign up for.

What is money but an illusion which precedes writing via tallies and ledgers. 

Over the past 10,000 years we've gone from bartering, shells, seeds, fish, cows, horses, gold, silver, paper to plastic and now network money. 

That's 5 major changes.

Money is a linguistic abstraction to communicate or express value creating social bonds.

Bitcoin is the first system of money not controlled by any entity that is centralized. 

Pure speech from institutional money to network money. 

Bitcoin is global, decentralized, private and free for any interested parties worldwide, without permission and with total innovation.

Bitcoin doesn’t recognize people, machines or any entity allowing bonds of authentication freely within seconds anywhere worldwide.

Whats happening with this technology is astonishingly deep allowing peer to peer transactions

Banks control other peoples money; with Bitcoin, I control my own money; it can’t be seized, frozen, censored, intercepted, or stopped, allowing almost complete anonymity.

We represent the privileged elite with Bitcoin; I can go on a brokerage account, go online and start trading with yen or any other currency

Today, 6 billion can operate in a variety of currencies via Bitcoin, with 4 billion without banks and this is about to change

Children born today will never have a bank account however they will have an app allowing commerce

Bitcoin today is at the level the internet was in 1991 and growing exponentially 

Keeping up with bitcoin is changing at a blazing speed

Don’t listen to people who tell you bitcoin is for porn, terrorist, drug dealers, and gamblers; they once said the same thing about the internet. 

When you give billions the opportunity that have been isolated from finance; giving them the opportunity to transact in a world with Bitcoin that can’t be seized, controlled or censored; they will buy food, cloths, shelter and healthcare and they will not be denied this technology 

Do not underestimate where this is going because the internet of money was launched January 2009 and things are about to change

This is more sophisticated than can be imagined for the entire world with over 50 Billion freely transacted daily without banks and remittance fees.

This is the 6th greatest disruptive innovation in the technology of money which is the most ancient technology of our civilization

If you have questions please call me at 406 889 3183  or email

Paul Stramer

1 comment:

  1. There is nothing evil about bitcoin, blockchain, or this system of commerce. However it is yet another ''sign of the times' because it goes to show just how any one Antichrist will be able to control all people on the earth. It makes it quite simple for him; all he will have to do is shut down any individual's access. It fits with the Mark of the Beast, where it is stated in scripture that 'without the Mark, you will not be able to buy or sell''.

    In otherwords, when the antichrist comes to Power as world dictator, it will become easy for him to USE this new System of commerce, by forcing people to take the Mark, or else he will easily be able to cut off their access. He will use this System as an ultimatum and to his own benefit.

    Again, this 'blockchain type system' is NOT evil. But the AC will use it to do evil.


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