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Friday, February 17, 2023

Why the Offered Restitution Isn't Restitution -- No More Taxation, Period

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have received word from various sources that their share of the spoils collected from the guilty foreign governmental services corporations is $13,200,000.00.  

This is incorrect.  It's actually a lot more.  That's just part of the "restitution" owed.  

If you and everyone else were to receive this so-called restitution payment as "Federal Reserve Notes" it would be worthless or be made worthless in short order, because of the hyperinflation induced by that much cash value hitting the economy all at once.  

The guilty parties could stand back and say, "See, we repaid you!" --- worthless paper, that is, and then your own stupidity spending it like drunken sailors would render it even more worthless.  

All that glitters is not gold.  

The rest of their proposal stinks like an old outhouse, too.  

A 14% "sales tax" on new purchases?  What for?  There is enough money in the remaining Slush Funds to fund every aspect of public spending forevermore.  That's just a gratuitous charge to keep people believing in the "need" for taxation when there hasn't been any valid reason for taxation since 1941. 

Enough already.  

And while they pretend that they are implementing the NESARA that resulted from the efforts of General Roy Schwasinger (and my Mother, by the way) they are instead implementing the "substitute" proposal deceptively abbreviated the same way.  

There are two (2) "NESARAs" --- the National Economic Security and Restoration Act is the actual NESARA, but there is also the National Economic Stabilization and Reform Act --- another doppelganger that they are trying to pass off the same way that they passed off "Confederate States" --- that is, states-of-states, for actual States of the Union.  

The actual NESARA never included any taxation measures and doesn't provide for lump sum payouts of the kind these yahoos are trying to foist off.  

So --- buyer beware.  If you accept their offered  $13,200,000.00 worth of paper, you sever your claim to your own land and home and names and other intellectual property, and allow them to settle their actual debt to you and yours for less than pennies on the dollar.  

You and your children also tie yourselves to a 14% gratuity tax on everything you buy except "new purchases" --- the big problem is that they still get to define what is taxable and what isn't.  They can redefine "new" and "non-essential" and pretty soon you will be giving them 14% of everything including income from selling land and gold and anything else. 

Don't forget you are both Buyers and Sellers and any burden of tax collection or payment that you place on others also falls on you! 

So, their version of "NESARA" just isn't good enough.  It does nothing to return your stolen land and other property interests to you.  It attempts to pay off debt owed to you with credit that is also owed to you.  

It attempts to substitute a different "NESARA" for the one you are owed.

It guarantees the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note due to hyperinflation, which would make any "restitution" based on it worthless in short order.  You'd be paying a million such "dollars" for a loaf of bread. 

So, wise up, Campers, and don't take any wooden nickels from British Flim-Flam artists.  


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Review of Unraveling Process and China

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the most Ancient Maximum of Law --- "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound." 

So, in the realm of Law, whichever jurisdiction you may be in, however you get into a situation, you have to retrace your steps to get out of it. 

Sometimes, often, this is as simple as declaring that you made a mistake. 

In the present instance, it is not simple, thanks to the fact that the people who made this mistake (our Mothers) aren't aware that they made a mistake, and the Medical Doctors who made this mistake, jointly with our Mothers, are often not aware of the fact that they also made a mistake and have to correct it. 

If you are a typical American and just waking up, you will find this to be a rather difficult situation.  My Mother "signed me up" as a U.S. Citizen back in 1956 and our family physician, Dr. Robert Krohn, affirmed that, even though, if either one had been aware of the meaning of the paperwork they signed, they wouldn't have signed it.  

If I were attempting to correct my status now, at age 66, my Mother would be dead and so would Dr. Krohn, making it "impossible" for me to unbind the mistake they caused.  Lucky for me, my Mother caught her mistake and repudiated it on the Public Record, and other Medical Doctors when presented with the facts have repudiated the second Witness against me. 

I am an American born on the land and soil of this country and was never anything else.  

So we finally have that record set straight.  It is "unbound".  And because of the actions I have taken as Fiduciary, every other American has the option of declaring their political status and being unbound, too.  

Unfortunately, soon after the first mistake was made, more "mistakes" were made. 

Once I was misidentified as a U.S. Citizen, I was mysteriously "lost at sea, presumed dead" by the same British Territorial Authorities who took charge of me under the False Presumption that I was one of their U.S. Citizens.  

Seven years after I was misidentified as a U.S. Citizen, the Federal Reserve Banks took legal action to have "me" -- the U.S. Citizen -- declared legally dead. 

This in turn created what is known as an intestate infant decedent estate belonging to the "lost British Merchant Mariner"  that is, "Anna Maria Riezinger, Inc." and a Municipal Public Trust named after me, "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, INC.".  

Neither of these "Persons/PERSONS" technically belong to me.  They are under the administration of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government respectively.  

These organizations have seized upon my assets --- my good name, body, and all that I possess --- and managed my assets "for" me, in my "absence".  

My physical assets have been commandeered by a British Crown Corporation doing business as "Anna Maria Riezinger, Inc." standing for the infant decedent estate trust, and my energetic and intellectual property assets -- labels, copyrights, etc., have been commandeered and managed by a Municipal Corporation doing business as "ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, INC." under the further False Presumption that I am a "stateless Negro or other freed slave or foreign immigrant" in need of Municipal United States citizenship. 

Now, all these further presumptions are just that --- legal suppositions with nothing undergirding them but the fraudulent paperwork produced by my Mother and Dr. Robert Krohn, but until the first mistake is repudiated, all the rest of it can stand.  

I was lucky.  My Mother was still alive when the first "mistake" was discovered, and she was spunky enough to insist on recording her repudiation of her mistake on the Public Record.  All the rest of you are lucky, too, because I exposed the fraud and secured your interests as likely similar victims of fraud and malfeasance. 

This same "mistake" has been made by hundreds of millions of Americans, resulting in hundreds of millions of false contracts and citizenship obligations being held against them under conditions of fraudulent malfeasance. 

I call it "fraudulent malfeasance" because those responsible for creating this situation (members of the U.S. (Territorial) Congress) had good cause to know that all these Americans were not voluntarily adopting U.S. Citizenship and that all the records and "custodial interests" they were creating for themselves were being created under conditions of non-disclosure, entrapment, and coercion under color of law.  Therein lies the malfeasance. 

With the first "mistake" unraveled, all the subsequent "mistakes" unravel, too, with some effort on our parts to locate the officers responsible for correcting the records.  It took us nearly forty years to discover this information and we had to study foreign law to do it, because the remedy was hidden and obscured along with everything else about this Great Fraud.  

All of this, the entire "system" was put in motion by the British Parliament which passed the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act in 1864, clearly in preparation for putting this fraud scheme into action.  This act identifies the United States Secretary of State as the officer responsible. 

This information is not available anywhere in the American Public Law or in any part of Federal Code, so the victims had no way of knowing which office or officer was responsible for providing remedy and correction. 

By 1917 this ruse was getting old and the number of Civil War "rebels" left to prosecute (and collect war reparations from) was dwindling, so the Schemers got together and defined another group of "enemies" and a new "emergency" to justify continuing their fraud and malfeasance. This time, they extended their campaign to include all members of the General Public who weren't U.S. Citizens and established a "policy" as in corporate policy, (because by then those responsible were operating as foreign corporations in the business of providing govenrmental services) allowing their "officers in the field" to use their own "discernment" to determine who was a loyal American and who wasn't. 

In practical terms, this allowed Bar Attorneys, Judges, and Medical Doctors to function as a plenary elite, able to grant or withhold Constitutional Guarantees to whomever they liked. 

This purported non-consensual "power of discernment" in practical terms meant that their employees were able to blackball anyone they didn't like. 

It gave U.S. Citizens the tyrannical power to prosecute Americans under False Legal Presumptions that did not have to be proven or evidenced, merely on suspicion that they were "disloyal" or "in rebellion".  

When this narrative wore thin, they took advantage of World War II to give them an excuse to continue (and expand upon) this coercive, illegal, unlawful, and immoral hidden fraud agenda and treasonous activity against the public and private interests of Americans.  

Now that they are being held to account for it and their corporations are being liquidated for cause, we have groups of rogue "corporate officers" staging actual attacks on American soil.  

Because these people had no valid right to represent Americans in matters affecting our land and soil jurisdictions and only very limited rights to represent us in matters affecting our sea jurisdiction, a great many "deals" that they made, including deals with the Chinese Government agreeing to sell off our land to the Chinese, have fallen through. 

They pulled a Florida Real Estate Gambit on the Chinese, which is what the Chinese Government has a sore butt about and the whole reason that China is gearing up against "America" -- but it is important to note that the Americans were the targets of this whole scheme as much as the Chinese.  

The source of the actual problem never existed in this country.  It was always based in the Inner City of London and Rome, which jointly controlled the puppets in Washington, DC --- in our "absence".  

So what happened to the money that the Chinese believe we owe them?  It was siphoned off by corrupt military generals, both U.S, and Chinese.  

The Chinese workers produced the trade goods on one side of the pipeline and the American people paid for the goods on the other end, but in between, the U.S. and Chinese Generals and Admirals had control, and they colluded to siphon off trillions of dollars into their respective Secret Space Programs and other illegal revenue generating activities.  

Black Ops money was laundered back into the pipeline on an ongoing basis to offset the losses enough to keep the Chinese producing, but the "deficit" kept gradually increasing and increasing. 

So what does all this mean?  It means we've all been snookered by white collar criminals, particularly military white collar criminals.  

The Chinese have no valid beef with the American people, and the American people have no valid beef with the Chinese --- but we both have a beef with the offending "military services corporations".  

So that's why the rogue officers of these "military services corporations" are staging these False Flags and actual attacks on America and  in the case of DOD and Joe Biden, doing the Chinese bidding, in an effort to make us pay off their corporate debts using our assets. 

They agreed to give our Western ports, like Long Beach, California, and land in the western States to the Chinese in payment of the debts that "the US" owes China. 

The problem is that the Americans who actually own the land and soil don't owe any debts to China. 


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Montana Governor Informs Feds State Won’t Enforce New Pistol Brace Gun Control Rule

 Montana Governor Informs Feds State Won’t Enforce New Pistol Brace Gun Control Rule | Tenth Amendment Center

On Feb. 8, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland informing him the state will not enforce the recent ATF rule on pistol braces based on a state law prohibiting enforcement of some federal gun control that was passed in 2021.

Pistol braces serve as stabilizers that enable a shooter to fire with one hand. On Jan 13, the  ATF issued a rule authorized by an unconstitutional executive order requiring potentially any gun equipped with a pistol brace to be registered with the feds.

According to the ATF rule, guns with pistol braces are now subject to a new “factoring criteria” point system, which will be used to determine if the firearm and pistol brace combination are now categorized as “short-barreled rifles” under the National Firearms Act. This is the same law used to regulate machine guns and sound suppressors. The rule doesn’t ban pistol braces, but it requires anybody that has a gun equipped with one to register the firearm with the feds if it goes beyond a certain threshold in the point system. If they don’t register it, the must destroy it. The registration process will come with a tax, and if history provides any indication it could take up to a year to complete the registration process.

Additionally, the ATF still claims the authority to classify a firearm and accessory as a short-barreled rifle under the NFA even if it does not cross the threshold of their point system.

In 2021, Montana passed a law prohibiting police officers, state employees, and employees of any political subdivision of the state from enforcing, assisting in the enforcement of, or otherwise cooperating in the enforcement of any new “federal ban” on firearms, magazines, or ammunition. A “federal ban” is defined as any federal law, executive order, rule, or regulation that was enacted after Jan. 1, 2021, “that infringes upon, calls in question, or prohibits, restricts, or requires individual licensure for or registration of the purchase, ownership, possession, transfer, or use of any firearm, any magazine or other ammunition feeding device, or other firearm accessory.”

The pistol brace registration rule clearly falls under the law’s definition of a “federal ban.”

Gov. Gianforte’s letter informs the U.S. attorney general that, “As a matter of law, the State of Montana and its political subdivisions cannot enforce, or assist the ATF with enforcement, of this rule.”

Gianforte also writes that the pistol brace rule “further erodes the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Montanans.”

“Our right to keep and bear arms is integral to Montana’s and our nation’s rich heritage, and this rule directly violates our long-held traditions. The rule also ignores the design and intent of stabilizing braces – to help disabled veterans fire large format pistols.”

Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association and many others worked tirelessly for years to get this first-step ban against federal gun control passed in 2021.

Three other states – MissouriArizona and Idaho – also have laws on the books that prohibit state or local enforcement of specific federal gun control, including this pistol brace registration scheme.

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Montana Governor Informs Feds State Won’t Enforce New Pistol Brace Gun Control Rule | Tenth Amendment Center