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Friday, February 17, 2023

Why the Offered Restitution Isn't Restitution -- No More Taxation, Period

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have received word from various sources that their share of the spoils collected from the guilty foreign governmental services corporations is $13,200,000.00.  

This is incorrect.  It's actually a lot more.  That's just part of the "restitution" owed.  

If you and everyone else were to receive this so-called restitution payment as "Federal Reserve Notes" it would be worthless or be made worthless in short order, because of the hyperinflation induced by that much cash value hitting the economy all at once.  

The guilty parties could stand back and say, "See, we repaid you!" --- worthless paper, that is, and then your own stupidity spending it like drunken sailors would render it even more worthless.  

All that glitters is not gold.  

The rest of their proposal stinks like an old outhouse, too.  

A 14% "sales tax" on new purchases?  What for?  There is enough money in the remaining Slush Funds to fund every aspect of public spending forevermore.  That's just a gratuitous charge to keep people believing in the "need" for taxation when there hasn't been any valid reason for taxation since 1941. 

Enough already.  

And while they pretend that they are implementing the NESARA that resulted from the efforts of General Roy Schwasinger (and my Mother, by the way) they are instead implementing the "substitute" proposal deceptively abbreviated the same way.  

There are two (2) "NESARAs" --- the National Economic Security and Restoration Act is the actual NESARA, but there is also the National Economic Stabilization and Reform Act --- another doppelganger that they are trying to pass off the same way that they passed off "Confederate States" --- that is, states-of-states, for actual States of the Union.  

The actual NESARA never included any taxation measures and doesn't provide for lump sum payouts of the kind these yahoos are trying to foist off.  

So --- buyer beware.  If you accept their offered  $13,200,000.00 worth of paper, you sever your claim to your own land and home and names and other intellectual property, and allow them to settle their actual debt to you and yours for less than pennies on the dollar.  

You and your children also tie yourselves to a 14% gratuity tax on everything you buy except "new purchases" --- the big problem is that they still get to define what is taxable and what isn't.  They can redefine "new" and "non-essential" and pretty soon you will be giving them 14% of everything including income from selling land and gold and anything else. 

Don't forget you are both Buyers and Sellers and any burden of tax collection or payment that you place on others also falls on you! 

So, their version of "NESARA" just isn't good enough.  It does nothing to return your stolen land and other property interests to you.  It attempts to pay off debt owed to you with credit that is also owed to you.  

It attempts to substitute a different "NESARA" for the one you are owed.

It guarantees the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note due to hyperinflation, which would make any "restitution" based on it worthless in short order.  You'd be paying a million such "dollars" for a loaf of bread. 

So, wise up, Campers, and don't take any wooden nickels from British Flim-Flam artists.  


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  1. So what happens if many accept it and few refuse it? The hyperinflation will still happen and those who refused will not be able to afford that million dollar loaf of bread. They will starve and die... Those that don't know how to be self sufficient anyway (most people)...

    1. But there again, have you every heard of 1oz silver coins for $22 ea). Massive inflation means huge increases in price of gold and silver. Forget the one loaf of bread, one will be able to buy thousands of loaves of bread. Inflation cannot happen in a vacuum. The ones doing the dying are those that took the 13.2 MBucks, because they will only be able to afford 13.2 loaves. The silver people are holding onto is pure money that will be worth 100's of thousands of dollars. It is apparent you do not understand how the world and money actually works, or the impact that fiat currency will have. Hard assets are king.

  2. Well,, i guess we better start letting people know. if you get an email send it this article,, for starters.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Their "deal" is FRAUD...Fraud visciates all cintracts , ab initio.
    I make a motion to round them all up and find some God forsaken place to send them to to die. Slay the damn dragon once and for all.

    1. You may find value in reading Sun Tzu's "Art of War." Which could also be useful as a guide to survival? Is defense ever the best offense or is offense ever the best defense? What I am doing with the knowledge gained here is "re-fencing" my geo-physical property lines which under-lay the pirates fraudulent overlay. And I act inch by inch, until such time as my take wide swathes to empower my position of fact, act, as truth.

      Guess, did you know in some New England states, an owner was obliged to walk and mend his fences, or suffer the incursion of neighbor. And there were actually professional or community "fence men."

      Mend the fences, and do not awaken a sleeping lizard, unless you and your people have the foot of a giant to dance upon the head of reptiles (meaning I love my garden snake, but to the fool-faces who would be imitators, let the scales fall from before your eyes) Hmm? I don't what that sentence meant, but it sound good at the moment.

  5. "...and then your own stupidity spending it like drunken sailors would render it even more worthless." This is a troubling trend to me in Anna's writing.

  6. Jimmy Dore on Chuck Schumer Telling Trump Who Really Runs This Country

  7. These bastards and their fraudulent selections in "Congress" will stop at nothing to get you tagged, tracked and genocided out of existence....Pay attention, initially these "programs" are voluntary and in time become mandatory. Get people slowly but surely used to digital attention people, It WAS ALL PLANNED. All 4700 residents of East Palistine were set to receive MyID medical monitoring devices a week before the derailment. East Palestine was at the centre of a pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations and free digital ID’s were given to residents to track long-term health problems like ‘difficulty breathing.

    #37 Katlyn Schwarzwaelder of East Palestine displays the green water she retrieved from her property following the toxic chemical release.
    Norfolk Southern claims their hired toxicologist, CTEH, "accidentally" asked her to sign a hold harmless agreement in exchange for testing.

    "East Palestine Ohio, DOD directs explosion of highly toxic vinyl chloride
    While half the country is suffering, with burning eyes and difficulty breathing, they're not going to be focusing on C 19 jab injuries, are they?"
    Or the money laundering by Bidens in Ukraine, Joe and Hunter Biden's "laptop" crimes, and much, much more.

    "Let me try this again…your own government is trying to kill you
    * No declaration of emergency for the state of Ohio
    * FEMA is nowhere
    * The president denies request for financial support
    * No state or local instructions on how to protect yourself in the interim

    And most of what you knew as your own government does not exist any longer? "Dr Jane Ruby

  8. Anna's word art is intended to grip your attention - it is not a troubling trend, but a well thought out trigger and effective call to action, and also designed to jerk you into action. Troubling trends are trumped up fictions you should not entertain, to the detriment of the message being conveyed. The gist of the message is accurate, and that is what matters most.

  9. Feb 18 - Your Government Wants to Kill You

    Harry Vox
    "As a near total blackout in Jewish banking mafia (who owns and controls the mainstream media) is underway regarding the catastrophic environmental toxic event in the Northeast United States by the BlackRock and Vanguard (Jewish) owned Norfolk Southern rail disaster - the Jewish media offer only distractions about balloons they are calling UFOs.

    I believe that there are not many people left that are so gullible that they are still falling for these Jewish lies but omissions are more powerful. Many people are unaware that this disaster is underway because there is a near total Jewish blackout on all media controlled by Jews or owned by Jews on this Jewish owned company who just permanently destroyed a massive section of the United States. "


    1. Harry Vox Shares About Vanguard, BlackRock, etc.

  10. There were and are many Jews who fought the good fight to educate the public - Aaron Russo, Paul Wellstone, Brother Nathaniel, James Perloff and many others including Henry Makow.

    I'm for the little fellers, not the Rockefellers. - Sen. Paul Wellstone
    "Whatever you thought of his progressive brand of politics, he wasn't a wimp. And that's what made him more than dangerous in the eyes of people like Cheney.

    At a meeting full of war veterans in Willmar, Minn., days before his death, Wellstone told attendees that Cheney told him, "If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you. There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota."

    Jimmy Dore on Chuck Schumer Telling Trump Who Really Runs This Country
    "Chuck Schumer just told you who runs this g*ddamn country and the President better watch his a** – he better not cross the CIA!"


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