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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

We Need Your Help with something very important.

Who is Paul Stramer

Most of us agree that Silver and Gold can be a great way to protect our ability to survive when we are looking at a currency crisis. Anna has written about this recently also.

That is why, when we started the pre-launch of Mint Builder two years ago, you helped me become the top personal sponsor in the company in just over 2 months with over 430 people opting in to get a free membership, and some of you started a subscription for at least one collector coin each month. Other distributors have bigger downlines and paychecks because they have bigger networks, but I still hold the record for bringing more people in the company as their personal sponsor. The vast majority of those people joined because of the offer of a free membership, but didn't buy the coins. But many of you did.

My promise to you was and is that I would immediately donate what was left over from our advertising budget up to 25% of the take from Mint Builder.

That action on your part, coupled with donations from others who didn't join Mint Builder has allowed me to send Anna well over $8300.00 in the last 5 years to help with her expenses and those of the Living Law Firm. Remember that I have never charged Anna one penny for all the work I do to publish her articles, and manage this blog. We have survived on Mint Builder commissions, donations, and selling products on the two websites, and I have built a mailing list for Anna's articles of over 6000 people.

Unfortunately Mint Builder had a binary pay plan, which most people found difficult to make work for them, and many of you didn't stay with it. Matt Barkes, the CEO of Mint Builder listened to his distributor network and has initiated the all new Mint Builder 2.0 to fix the problem, with much better pricing and a new and very much simpler pay plan called a uni-level. The new plan allows for a 10% commission on everyone you personally sponsor on everything they buy each month, and a 50% matching bonus on all the commissions paid each month, on your levels 2 through 5, regardless of width. There are no longer any qualifiers or hoops you need to jump through to get a paycheck.
Just start a subscription, introduce people, and get paid.

That brings me to what I need your help with.

As a way to help people take advantage of that new uni-level system, Matt has initiated a new endless bonus for distributors that could effectively nearly double our commissions for the future.
He has offered to increase the 10% on the front line to 15%, and instead of a 50% matching bonus through level 5 he will increase it to a 100% matching bonus.  These percentages would be locked in for as long as we are active in the company.

What do distributors like me need to do to qualify?  Just introduce 25 people who start a subscription for at least one collector coin monthly, or help someone who is already a member in our downline to renew a subscription for one of the new bundles. That might be you. We only need to do this one time.

The time to qualify is from now to the end of January, so we have 51 days left to get this done.

I have made up my mind to focus on this task and get this done ASAP, and you can help us. We have already signed up 7 new people in the last few days, so we need 18 more to join, or renew their subscriptions.  The prices are better than they were in the member shop before the new reboot 2.0, with wholesale pricing as low as 50 cents over spot. We have some of the best prices in the industry, especially on silver, and all the pricing is live. The prices follow the spot price and update every few minutes.

So I am asking you to help us by getting on a subscription for one coin per month for a while until we get qualified at least.   The best way to do that is to send an email to and give them your name and information so they can look up your account and initiate a subscription for your choice of product.

Just go to my website at  and click on Get Started in the top right corner to see the products in the orange boxes. Those are the subscriptions you can pick from. You only need one item that has a coin.

If you still have your ID number, and your original password, you can log in to the new site and do it yourself on line. But if you don't have your ID I might be able to find it for you. Call me at 406 889 3183. If you don't have your password send an email to and have them place the order for you. There should be a lost password link on the login page soon.

If you send them an email with your phone number and tell them you want to order they will call you.
Make sure they find you in the system before they place the order so we get the credit. My Id is 296110. I should be listed as your sponsor.

I know this comes at a not so good time for you with all the Christmas shopping going on, but Silver coins make great Christmas presents too, and this would be a great present for us and Anna if Mint Builder will pay this endless bonus from now on.

Thank you in  advance for whatever you can do, and if you can't do Mint Builder but want to help you could use the PayPal buttons on the right column of this blog.

God Bless you all at this wonderful season of Christ's Birth.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183