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Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Commander - in - Chief Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

We are attaching a summation of exactly how the lawful Australian Government and Constitution owed to the people of Australia was undermined by the British Monarchy, and how in fact, arbitrary changes in the definitions of words and the creation of a Commander-in-Chief office were used to implement this unlawful and illegal change. 

This is how the British Territorial Government contrived to and succeeded in creating dictatorial powers for itself throughout the Commonwealth, and how its commercial "service" corporations overthrew the lawful national governments by fraud and deceit. 

The author of the attached expose, Dick Yardley, a dedicated researcher, has done a masterful job of detailing the process that was also used to do the same thing throughout the Commonwealth nations, substituting an unlawful Territorial Government for the National Government owed -- by sleight of hand and legal deceit.  

The Perpetrators of these gross wrongs undertaken in breach of trust and service contract were consciously re-creating the fraud that Abraham Lincoln worked in America and spreading it to the Commonwealth with malice aforethought.  

Lincoln deceived the public by appearing to run for and be elected to the actual Public Office of The President of The United States of America,  while secretly operating in a private corporate capacity, that of "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated.  

This substitution scheme allowed Lincoln to access, use, and abuse the empowerments of the actual Public Office with nobody being the wiser.  
The military unknowingly accepted Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief, an office attached to the actual Public Office, and never questioned his authority. 

This allowed Lincoln, an Undeclared Foreign Agent, to promote and conduct the entire illegal and unlawful Mercenary Conflict we know as The American Civil War, and also allowed him to promote dictatorial powers for the Office of Commander-in-Chief and the use of so-called "Executive Orders" to commandeer both the military and the civilian government offices. 

The Perpetrators were so pleased with this Substitution Scheme in America, that they literally created Offices of the Commander-in-Chief throughout the Commonwealth--- as documented by Dick Yardley in Australia-- so they could make use of this template to undermine the lawful national governments throughout the British Commonwealth countries, too.  

The problem, of course, is that Lincoln was never the lawful Commander-in-Chief, and had no possible standing or authority to occupy the offices of our American Government to begin with, including the Office of the Commander-in-Chief.  Both the original prohibitions against foreign conflicts of interest and the Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified in 1819 made sure of that.  

So while the British Monarch could raise their pen and create a brand new Office of the Commander-in-Chief in Australia or South Africa or any other British Commonwealth, and then use that office to take over the military and subourn the lawful civilian government, the original template for all this grossly unlawful activity by commercial corporation personnel--- all undertaken in breach of trust and contract --- was provided by Abraham Lincoln acting forty years before the events in Australia.

We wish for Dick Yardley's claim to be incorporated into and made part of our claim on behalf of our nation-states of the Union and living claimants worldwide, who have suffered from the same evils, and the same undermining of the national governments at the hands of commercial corporations under contract to provide essential government services. 

We wish for his claim on behalf of Australia to be extended generally to all the Commonwealth nations pending further research. 

We already know that these Commonwealth nations were all similarly impacted by this same gross breach of trust and violation of service contracts, including but not limited to the individual national Constitutions, and we also know that the imposition of new offices of the Commander-in-Chief were instrumental in all cases wherein these nations had standing defense forces of their own. 

Lincoln was never validly "Commander-in-Chief" and thus, everything he did devolved into fraud.  He committed gross breach of trust and commercial service contract and, yes, treason in conflict of interest.  As he personally "declared" war on the Southern States-of-States without any Public Office and without any Congressional Declaration, the responsibility for the destruction and the loss of life and everything else associated with The American Civil War, rests upon the British Crown and the British Monarch and the Principals responsible. 

Likewise the breach of trust and service contracts visited upon the Commonwealth nations rests on the same Parties, promoting and extending a known criminal fraud scheme against the countries and people of the Commonwealth nations.  

We wish for the immediate return of all vested authority to the control of elected national governments and the end of illegal territorial occupation, that is, occupation by mercenary forces in the employment of the Municipal Corporations and their franchises and agencies discussed throughout. 

We wish for disclosure to the General Public and announcement of Public Elections and an end to private political party elections being substituted for legitimate Public Elections. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 6th 2023 


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Don't Panic -- Center Yourselves

 By Anna Von Reitz

The banks have all been insolvent since the 1930's.  There is nothing new here, ma'am.  Just move along. 

The banks have all had to borrow other people's assets -- gold, houses, land, etc., in order to have anything to base loans upon.  So if a large number of banks declare themselves insolvent, the only thing that has changed or is changing, is their liquidity --  put simply, they don't have enough cash-on-hand to pay out in that form, or they don't have enough new assets and returns to keep their self-limiting Ponzi Scheme going.  

Either condition can lead to lack of liquidity and lack of liquidity can cause a bank collapse. 

As there is no lack of paper and ink, the dilemma is caused by political failure to provide the banks with enough cash and the bank's failure to generate enough new loans.  That is, the mint has been stood down because the Federal Government is butting its head against its own debt ceiling, and the economy is shrinking because the banks are clawing around trying to save themselves at the cost of not making new loans. 

If banks don't make new loans they can't increase their asset base and collect the interest that they need to survive, so it becomes a vicious fear-driven circle.  The TARP payments were supposed to prevent this outcome but failed to do so, because the Congress issued these bail-outs without strings or enforcement. 

Janet Yellen has been begging, pleading, beating both shoes on her desk for weeks now, to no effect.  The edjits in Congress and the White House have held their Confederacy of Dunces Meetings and they are still two-blocked. By the time they agree, the cash shortage issue will take months if not years to repair.  

That's what is so snarky about all of this. There would be no shortage of cash if they authorized printing it or even authorized using the cash that is already printed and sitting in warehouses waiting for an occasion like this--- so one can only conclude that Joe Biden and the members of the British Territorial Congress want a bank collapse. 

They self-evidently desire the chaos and the misery that predictably ensues with bank collapses and they are deliberately causing a huge social and political drama that is totally avoidable. 

The blame is on them and on their Principals. This time, we will hold them accountable. 

When these banks advertise "home loans" they are soliciting for you to loan your home to them, so that they can use your assets and the mechanisms of "fractional reserve banking" --- otherwise known as gambling and betting on the come --- to issue seven to ten times the amount of credit  as they have issued as a loan to you. 

They then loan the extra credit created by this process to other people -- or they don't loan it, and add it to their "bank reserve".   

When these huge banks were bailed out under TARP they were supposed to use the largesse to make new loans and stimulate the economy -- akin to giving it a laxative.  Instead, to a man, they clamped down on making new loans and put the largesse into their bank reserves instead.  

This is a safer move from the bank's perspective, but it also means that they are not raking in the profits from making loans at interest.  

When the government through its own guile and ineptitude fails to produce enough cash for the banks, and the people suddenly start wanting their credit out of the banks in a more tangible form, it's called a "bank run".  

Go watch the old Jimmy Stewart movie, "It's a Wonderful Life" for a picture perfect portrayal of a bank run, and a more than adequate explanation of the problem.  

Both the government and the people are causing their own problem and the banks are crunched in the middle. Even all those bank reserves they socked away can't help them, because those reserves are not in the form of paper bank notes.  

A bank run is all about the form of the funds.  

Digits in a bank ledger are no longer good enough.  People want something they can hold in their hands, and sock under their mattress, because they are scared. 

So, all of a sudden, Aunt Betsy wants five thousand dollars that she can hold in her hands.  It's her credit and she wants it in a form she can touch.
Who is responsible for issuing enough physical cash so that she and however many millions of  people can do that? 

The Federal Reserve Banks are technically responsible for keeping up with the day to day cash demands. 

The Federal Reserve Banks say they can't do that until the politicians raise the "debt ceiling" and they groan and say that issuing the debt notes in paper form is so old-fashioned. They lose a tiny fraction of one percent of the seigniorage that way. 

The politicians say that they want their cut, and around and around it goes; neither the Federal Reserve nor the politicians understand why the obstinate public wants something to hold in their hands.  It's just a symbol anyway.  

But it's a symbol of what?  Their debt.  Not yours, theirs. 

Paper tends to be a tad bit more tangible and provable than a keystroke on a computer ledger; the public may be dumb, but the public understands that much and that's why people are demanding cash.

Picture a fat, red-faced banker on one side of the table and a skinny little pinch-faced commissioner on the other, both utterly clueless as to why the public is so upset and why people want paper instead of digital currency. 

They also have difficulty with the concept that all this debt they've created out of thin air actually represents prepaid credit that is owed back to the public. 

One man's debt is another man's credit, after all. It's just a matter of which side of the fence you are on.  

They've kicked the debt can down the road for so long that they've forgotten the other side of the ledger, because the credit side of the ledger doesn't belong to them.  It belongs to you.  

So, they say, we're bankrupt.  You can't get money out of a turnip.

We say, yes, you are bankrupt, but thanks to your own actions, you are not covered by the corporate veil. 

This time, we'll take our assets and our prepaid credit.   


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The National Debt Fraud and the UN Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

We have already revealed exactly how and why there is in fact no National Debt, only contrived and dishonest legal presumptions and  phony bookkeeping.  

The entire effort to create the appearance of a National Debt is in turn linked to the National Bankruptcy Fraud by which the debts of the corporations and their franchises get dumped onto the backs of the American people, and the further profit motive appears to be rooted in charging interest on the non-existent National Debt. 

There is no appreciable National Debt possible because in a debt-credit system, all transactions are zero-sum transactions.  The game played between the Municipal Employees and the Territorial Employees has been to assume that there are no actual non-citizen Americans left, and that the Municipal Employees accrue all the debt, while the Territorial Employees accrue all the credit.  

This is entirely contrived and fraudulent.  Federal Employees at most make up 15% of the population.  They do not account for the economy of this country, and their existence as two foreign populations here on our soil cannot be conveniently divided into two camps for the purposes of financial misrepresentation and fraud.  

Except for Federal Government employees who purposefully reject their identity as Americans from the Union States and who knowingly and voluntarily accept Federal Dual Citizenship under conditions of full disclosure--- and those who are not Americans from the Union States to begin with,  there is no possibility of such a separation of debt from credit in our domestic economy.    

These False Presumptions have undermined the entire meaning and purpose of the Bretton Woods agreements and represent collusion between the two Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, both of which are ultimately owned by the Pope, to promote an accumulation of unjust enrichment on one side of the equation and insurmountable debt on the other, plus interest. 

When the debt becomes sufficiently fattened, the so-called "National Bankruptcies" occur, but as we have seen, no sovereign government in the history of the world has ever been eligible for bankruptcy protection. 

So what actually happens is that these two colluding Municipal Corporations offload all the profits of their activities on the British Territorial Municipal Corporation, and all the costs of their activities on the City-operated Municipal Corporation --- which are then offloaded in bankruptcy, with the American People presumed to be the Guarantors backing all these corporate debts. 

There's a whole lot of presumption going on here and all of these presumptions are fraudulent, self-interested, contrived, and in breach of trust. 

Every such bankruptcy since 1863 has occurred under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure, and unimaginable amounts of currency value and natural resources and labor have been embezzled out of this country as a result.  

Meanwhile, the interest charged against the non-existent National Debt is escalated to generate ready cash and cash flow for the same Perpetrators and their banks.  

The whole thing, the whole concocted National Debt and the mountains of interest applied to it, is then used to poor-mouth the victims and convince them to pay more and more and more taxes.  

One of the consequences of the Territorial Congress assuming the power to confer Municipal citizenship on the former black plantation slaves, and later using the same False Presumptions on everyone else, has been the inculcation of a form of public sector enslavement in which these two colluding Municipal Corporations conspire to misrepresent their Employers and seize upon them and their estates as chattel properties standing good for the payment of their own debts.  

Thus we are treated to the spectacle of the Territorial Congress, which has less than no authority to do any such thing, raising its own "debt ceiling".  Imagine a bunch of crooked contractors let loose with their employer's checkbook and credit cards in hand -- and further imagine that these contractors think that there is no possibility that they will ever be caught and brought to justice?  Imagine that they have virtually unlimited credit and can just keep on hiking their credit limit to infinity? And then dumping the resulting debt on poor working people? 

Slavery by any other name or deceitful practice of white-collar fraud is still enslavement; and, whether that enslavement exists within the private or the public sector, it is still a cancer of the mind and heart destroying the value of humanity and of life itself. 

We have seen it all before, and we have no desire or need to see it again. The purported glories of Rome were built on slave labor. 

No matter what they do, no matter how long they delay their confession and no matter how long they delay payment -- actual payment -- of their debts, the members of the British Territorial Congresses just go on extending themselves great dollops of our credit and the credit of every other country and person that has been unfortunate enough to be impacted by this grotesque world-spanning fraud. 

We don't approve these appropriations of our credit, nor these presumptions of contract, we don't accept any offers of illegal and unlawful military occupation, nor any consequence of these frauds; we don't assume the non-consensual debts of these Municipal Corporations and we don't recognize any valid role for their leadership related to our land and soil and physical resources.  

We wish for any presumption of a Municipal trust interest or Territorial trust interest in us and our property to be released and dissolved; our lawful government is in Session and its past time for all the Pretenders to disappear like the Wicked Witch of the West, with a hiss and a puff of smoke, not an offer of Armageddon. 

So also we wish for the end of any assumption of any similar trust interest for the UN CORP, its Successors, or Assigns. We are aware of Jimmy Carter's generous donation of our purloined Birth Certificates to the IMF and subsequent venal efforts to profit from this, however, in this case, Mr. Carter didn't own the slaves.  The slaves owned him.  

He sold, donated, or bartered an interest in persons and property that did not belong to him, and he acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of the service contracts that allow him and men like him to even be here on our shores. 

What part of "supreme law of the land" is left to misunderstand?  

Similarly, all subsequent efforts by Territorial and City-owned Municipal Corporation Presidents to give away our populace for profit and misrepresent us as stateless persons up for grabs, are null and void for fraud and numerous other crimes against humanity. 

Thus we claim the ownership of our own land and soil, our own national interest, our own future, our own assets and our identity set free of any False Legal Presumption otherwise. 

We are not in debt to these corporations; they are in debt to us, and they owe us more than money.  They owe us labor and blood.  They owe us our sons and daughters, our innocent people preyed upon, and our health which has been deliberately undermined and compromised by their insane attempts to profit themselves and gain even more coercive control over the people of this planet. 

We respect our 1858 Alliance with the people of Russia and have no quarrel with the people of China who have been targeted for economic and cultural conquest by the same Perpetrators who have consistently demonized other nations for profit, while in fact acting as the demons themselves. 

How else has America been vilified and set up and blamed for the egregious uncontrolled and criminal behavior of these Subcontractors? 
They owe us our Good Name among the Nations.  They owe us our damaged reputation.  

How is it that the Cabinet Officers of Turkey can say that "Everyone hates Americans!" when the Americans have been the victims of the same scourge of pirates and vipers imported from London and Rome?  

We've been lied to, used, abused, asset stripped, burdened down with Odious Debts, traded as commodities, impersonated, deliberately demoralized and dumbed down in the classic Roman conquest tradition by our own grossly misdirected employees. We've been set up as the Fall Guys, the Scapegoats, and the Debt Bearers of the world by our own employees and the Perpetrators think that they can get away with this by hiding behind the Corporate Veil?

It is a foremost tenet of Ecclesiastical Law and the Jurisdiction of the Air that the Pope has both the right --- and the duty --- to liquidate or otherwise dispose of any corporation caught engaging in unlawful activities.  This standard was established contractually and cannot be overturned by mere presumptions or assertions of legality.   

 Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 5th 2023


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