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Saturday, May 6, 2023

The National Debt Fraud and the UN Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

We have already revealed exactly how and why there is in fact no National Debt, only contrived and dishonest legal presumptions and  phony bookkeeping.  

The entire effort to create the appearance of a National Debt is in turn linked to the National Bankruptcy Fraud by which the debts of the corporations and their franchises get dumped onto the backs of the American people, and the further profit motive appears to be rooted in charging interest on the non-existent National Debt. 

There is no appreciable National Debt possible because in a debt-credit system, all transactions are zero-sum transactions.  The game played between the Municipal Employees and the Territorial Employees has been to assume that there are no actual non-citizen Americans left, and that the Municipal Employees accrue all the debt, while the Territorial Employees accrue all the credit.  

This is entirely contrived and fraudulent.  Federal Employees at most make up 15% of the population.  They do not account for the economy of this country, and their existence as two foreign populations here on our soil cannot be conveniently divided into two camps for the purposes of financial misrepresentation and fraud.  

Except for Federal Government employees who purposefully reject their identity as Americans from the Union States and who knowingly and voluntarily accept Federal Dual Citizenship under conditions of full disclosure--- and those who are not Americans from the Union States to begin with,  there is no possibility of such a separation of debt from credit in our domestic economy.    

These False Presumptions have undermined the entire meaning and purpose of the Bretton Woods agreements and represent collusion between the two Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, both of which are ultimately owned by the Pope, to promote an accumulation of unjust enrichment on one side of the equation and insurmountable debt on the other, plus interest. 

When the debt becomes sufficiently fattened, the so-called "National Bankruptcies" occur, but as we have seen, no sovereign government in the history of the world has ever been eligible for bankruptcy protection. 

So what actually happens is that these two colluding Municipal Corporations offload all the profits of their activities on the British Territorial Municipal Corporation, and all the costs of their activities on the City-operated Municipal Corporation --- which are then offloaded in bankruptcy, with the American People presumed to be the Guarantors backing all these corporate debts. 

There's a whole lot of presumption going on here and all of these presumptions are fraudulent, self-interested, contrived, and in breach of trust. 

Every such bankruptcy since 1863 has occurred under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure, and unimaginable amounts of currency value and natural resources and labor have been embezzled out of this country as a result.  

Meanwhile, the interest charged against the non-existent National Debt is escalated to generate ready cash and cash flow for the same Perpetrators and their banks.  

The whole thing, the whole concocted National Debt and the mountains of interest applied to it, is then used to poor-mouth the victims and convince them to pay more and more and more taxes.  

One of the consequences of the Territorial Congress assuming the power to confer Municipal citizenship on the former black plantation slaves, and later using the same False Presumptions on everyone else, has been the inculcation of a form of public sector enslavement in which these two colluding Municipal Corporations conspire to misrepresent their Employers and seize upon them and their estates as chattel properties standing good for the payment of their own debts.  

Thus we are treated to the spectacle of the Territorial Congress, which has less than no authority to do any such thing, raising its own "debt ceiling".  Imagine a bunch of crooked contractors let loose with their employer's checkbook and credit cards in hand -- and further imagine that these contractors think that there is no possibility that they will ever be caught and brought to justice?  Imagine that they have virtually unlimited credit and can just keep on hiking their credit limit to infinity? And then dumping the resulting debt on poor working people? 

Slavery by any other name or deceitful practice of white-collar fraud is still enslavement; and, whether that enslavement exists within the private or the public sector, it is still a cancer of the mind and heart destroying the value of humanity and of life itself. 

We have seen it all before, and we have no desire or need to see it again. The purported glories of Rome were built on slave labor. 

No matter what they do, no matter how long they delay their confession and no matter how long they delay payment -- actual payment -- of their debts, the members of the British Territorial Congresses just go on extending themselves great dollops of our credit and the credit of every other country and person that has been unfortunate enough to be impacted by this grotesque world-spanning fraud. 

We don't approve these appropriations of our credit, nor these presumptions of contract, we don't accept any offers of illegal and unlawful military occupation, nor any consequence of these frauds; we don't assume the non-consensual debts of these Municipal Corporations and we don't recognize any valid role for their leadership related to our land and soil and physical resources.  

We wish for any presumption of a Municipal trust interest or Territorial trust interest in us and our property to be released and dissolved; our lawful government is in Session and its past time for all the Pretenders to disappear like the Wicked Witch of the West, with a hiss and a puff of smoke, not an offer of Armageddon. 

So also we wish for the end of any assumption of any similar trust interest for the UN CORP, its Successors, or Assigns. We are aware of Jimmy Carter's generous donation of our purloined Birth Certificates to the IMF and subsequent venal efforts to profit from this, however, in this case, Mr. Carter didn't own the slaves.  The slaves owned him.  

He sold, donated, or bartered an interest in persons and property that did not belong to him, and he acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of the service contracts that allow him and men like him to even be here on our shores. 

What part of "supreme law of the land" is left to misunderstand?  

Similarly, all subsequent efforts by Territorial and City-owned Municipal Corporation Presidents to give away our populace for profit and misrepresent us as stateless persons up for grabs, are null and void for fraud and numerous other crimes against humanity. 

Thus we claim the ownership of our own land and soil, our own national interest, our own future, our own assets and our identity set free of any False Legal Presumption otherwise. 

We are not in debt to these corporations; they are in debt to us, and they owe us more than money.  They owe us labor and blood.  They owe us our sons and daughters, our innocent people preyed upon, and our health which has been deliberately undermined and compromised by their insane attempts to profit themselves and gain even more coercive control over the people of this planet. 

We respect our 1858 Alliance with the people of Russia and have no quarrel with the people of China who have been targeted for economic and cultural conquest by the same Perpetrators who have consistently demonized other nations for profit, while in fact acting as the demons themselves. 

How else has America been vilified and set up and blamed for the egregious uncontrolled and criminal behavior of these Subcontractors? 
They owe us our Good Name among the Nations.  They owe us our damaged reputation.  

How is it that the Cabinet Officers of Turkey can say that "Everyone hates Americans!" when the Americans have been the victims of the same scourge of pirates and vipers imported from London and Rome?  

We've been lied to, used, abused, asset stripped, burdened down with Odious Debts, traded as commodities, impersonated, deliberately demoralized and dumbed down in the classic Roman conquest tradition by our own grossly misdirected employees. We've been set up as the Fall Guys, the Scapegoats, and the Debt Bearers of the world by our own employees and the Perpetrators think that they can get away with this by hiding behind the Corporate Veil?

It is a foremost tenet of Ecclesiastical Law and the Jurisdiction of the Air that the Pope has both the right --- and the duty --- to liquidate or otherwise dispose of any corporation caught engaging in unlawful activities.  This standard was established contractually and cannot be overturned by mere presumptions or assertions of legality.   

 Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 5th 2023


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  1. Okay H.E. Pope, (not too excellent I must add.... H. being His and E. being Excellence) it's time to step up your efforts!!!

    Nearby where I've been lately, the local town clearly goes by and does business under no less than 5 variations of the similar original geographic town name. This same thing is going on nationwide. How many sets of books are they / They / THEY keeping while the actual place remains unincorporated?

    Town of Foster, WI 54758

    FOSTER, WI 54758

    The City of Foster

    Foster, WI

    Foster, Wisconsin

    Foster is an unincorporated community, along Peace Memorial Highway, in the town of Clear Creek in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, United States. It lies (lies alright) approximately 9 miles south-southwest of Fall Creek, 7 miles southeast of Cleghorn, and 6 miles northwest of Osseo.

    A peaceful place, the townfolk having no clue!

    1. very important. thank you.

      i saw a video where a man proved a charge invalid, so they re-packaged it and made it again using one of the other "Names" like what you are describing here.
      worth noting: it does seem that when you prove them wrong, when they re-wind and come at you again, they intend to completely destroy you.
      all without a single shred of compassion or conscience.

      that being the "Law" they create to set over other men, it is also the Law that we may set over them.
      and it is so,
      psalm 35,

    2. Might want to look in to what they are referring to now as 'VILLAGES'

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    4. Re: AnonymousMay 6, 2023 at 9:22 AM,
      Thank Thou living man for definding those layers of fraud touching a smal town.
      DearTrueLivingFatherAlmighty please keep all truth-miners safe, with efficacy in focus.m

      annavonreitz. COM/toddcallendar.pdf
      John Marshall Supreme Court Justice: "AnUnlimitedPowerToTaxInvolves,Necesserly,aPowerToDestroy.." McCulloch vsMaryland, 17U.S. 316, (1819) _maryland_(1819)

      FraudVitiatesNullsVoidsAll PrivateAndOrPublicContractsBonds
      (U.S. vsThrockmorton, 98U.S. 61,1878)

      Did in 2013 Pope Francesco disolved all corporate criminal organization?


    5. Exercise in
      Corp. is global
      Inc. is: local to
      The U. S. A.
      the U. S.
      the U. S. A.

      "AnonymousMay 6, 2023 at 9:22 AM
      Okay H.E. Pope, (not too excellent I must add.... H. being His and E. being Excellence) it's time to step up your efforts!!!

      Nearby where I've been lately, the local town clearly goes by and does business under no less than 5 variations of the similar original geographic town name. This same thing is going on nationwide. How many sets of books are they / They / THEY keeping while the actual place remains unincorporated?

      Town of Foster, WI 54758

      FOSTER, WI 54758

      The City of Foster

      Foster, WI

      Foster, Wisconsin

      Foster is an unincorporated community, along Peace Memorial Highway, in the town of Clear Creek in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, United States. It lies (lies alright) approximately 9 miles south-southwest of Fall Creek, 7 miles southeast of Cleghorn, and 6 miles northwest of Osseo.

      A peaceful place, the townfolk having no clue!"


      Join this historical/legal/lawful exposé, and please explain in details if Thou the living man knows anything about.
      Thx for Your time
      P. S.
      Favor of responding voluntary is.
      But if Thou is a B. A. R. Attorney thou is under different
      state of soft-mind-ware, thus all of this new view on
      L. A. W. could blow a fuse in your soft-mind-ware system.

  2. We need to be able to provide evidence to the doubters of the in session assemblies. Please provide us members of said assemblies with this so that we may assist and back up this claim.

  3. Godspeed Anna!!!💕🙏💕

  4. What is your proposal ?
    Offense to the elephant: Rothschild ?
    Don't lecture, Idiot, monkey, donkey.


    They're all in it together and taking a rpe paid credit card as the creditor still puts the power in the digital masterminds hands not yours

    1. what they're trying to do is EVIL.

      and so it is.
      psalm 35,

  6. Remember now they have that 'bill' waiting in the wings to pass their 'gun laws'
    Shooting in Allen Texas?
    Day after day week after week they keep pushing the envelop and the script
    They don't want an armed populace thats the reason for all the events and it's been in their plate of things to accomplish for decades

    1. none of their nonsense applies to *man*.
      man has right and duty from God to safety.

    2. And now they spread the shit all over the internet through their 'outlets' their too
      1808 is the bill to have the weapons seiged from everyone especially automatics because they know if you get those the odds are extremely in their favor
      And because the 'law abidding' 'registered' theirs it's easy pickens on who had them and where

    3. again, "Bills" dont apply to man, just corporations/businesses because "Bills" are COMMERCIAL.

      common law applies to God-made man.
      COMMERCE applies to man-made DedEntities.


  7. They can dress up any of their 'actors' and make them doctors, reporters, tada it's magic to move the narrative along

    James Brolin with the lyons (lie) head plastered behind him as a massive marker
    Might I remind you that the queeney and her suposed son the 'king' are german jews from what I have read

    They're already operating World Parliament/GODvernment all this other shit is just stage play to get to the final curtain

    During the fake ass kings CORONAtion yesterday I herd one of the people being interviewed refer to the monarchy as a democracy?
    Can't have a DEMOCRATIC non-military GODvernment without the disaramament of everyone else on the planIT and only the WORLD POLICE STATE having the means to control the subjects at will

    Foreign troops to police US as gorby (aka rod steiger) and reagan (aka frank sinatra) set the stage for the planned demise and inclusiveness of the USSR
    The stooge playing president in Russia is the same
    Same with China
    Review the stuff he's put out
    Hollywood is the hidden hand

    And their actwhores are everywhere

    1. They dress them up and put them all over the world stage
      And make them founders of corporations that they own and operate while the 'marx' 'actors' are sent out to perform the ACTS

    2. Charles has admitted to being related to Vlad the Impaler.
      Vlad is from TRANS-sylvania/ ROME-mania, not Germany.

      psalm 35,

  8. And while the keep the masses busy in one way or another through all types of 'projects' they accomplish what they intended
    One of the links is for the EARTH FEDERATION ONLINE

  9. annagram crimea and you get America minus a pyramid A

  10. The Golden OSIRIS peepee award

  11. The CORONAtion and the corona sure timed out pretty well for their next stage of their grand plan yes

    The Terra Carta

    Kinda of follows their Earth CONstitution and we must save the earth BULLSHIT as they steal the world blind and try to sway the populace to accept their prepaid DIGITAL creditor credit card payout BULLSHIT and swap out the monetary system just like they did back in the day with their fake ass implementation for their federal reserve counterfeiting operations

    You see when you own the operations of the PRODUCTION companies and the publishing companies etc etc etc you can make up whatever the sam hell you want to and sell it to the dumbed down masses as their freedom

    Then they sent their NETWORK of gurus out to the masses to do just that

    The computers are an extention of the tell lie vision and the same magicians are at work here
    Just a different mythology, methodology to go along with the plan

  12. Observations
    Yosef El does all kinds stuff on getting your shit together at
    Charges a nice fee to teach your asses the ropes of how all this shit wokes
    Collects from all kinds of apps too

    How about DTSS.US

    Freedom Fest is coming up, get your tickets now

    How about the CORPORATION known as CPS
    Backwards SPC

    1. And boy oh boy what a line up

      We've got a BOAZ, a KENNEDY, they guy from JUDICIAL WATCH
      a FLYNN and a FLAM an EPSTEIN and a FORBES

      And even got one guy that looks like Kanye
      Adam COLEMAN

      Tickets are goin fast get yours NOW

      Meanwhile the sindicate that operates this beast is moving their agenda forward one EVENT at a time

      Your childs UN AGENDA 21 education
      Compliments of INDIA CORPORATION

      DIGITAL INDIA CORPORATION (there's the DIC joke yet again)

  13. Check it out folks

    A small clip from this
    One can go to the Nixon Library in Brea CA and see the top two benefactors are Walter Annenberg and Max Fisher (Bay of Pigs, Repulican Jewish Coalition, Power Broker for Pres Ford - Part of the Warren Commission coverup)

    Annenbergs ties with Capone

    Even Today We See this influence via Public Radio and TV funding
    via Annenberg Foundation.
    No Child Left Behind Program, Control of Media eg Clear Channel Billboards. After Annenberg died ownership went to Fox Media and Mitt Romney

    In GOP National Politics we see this influence
    Obama - Former leader of Chicago of Annenberg
    Romney - Major Investor Interests in Clear Channel set via Gangster Walter Annenberg
    Santorum - His power base in PA is via the Annenberg Influence and K-Street

    you gotta read this whole page

  14. If she could get the 'doctor' a 'manifest' of the chemicals that were on the train then he could test her for them
    Status COUP News SERIOUSLY

    Its a damned land grab and a mirror of the middle east