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Friday, May 5, 2023

A Good Example of Satanism at Work

 By Anna Von Reitz

People tend to think that Satanism is some kind of airy-fairy cult far removed from their day-to-day, but such is not the case.  They envision monk-like figures in robes and hoods, and Hollywood Black Masses, altars with severed goat heads dripping blood all over them.  

These specious images only serve to hide the reality of it.  

Satanists rarely wear robes and hoods, as they did when they walked in procession around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics.  Most of the time, they wear business suits and nice dresses. 

And they come to you in the guise of friends.

Last August, we were ready to launch our new banking and pre-paid credit system.  

The hard work was all done, and the banking system was about to be populated--- all those who had completed their paperwork and published it on the Land Recording System (LRS) would be given prepaid credit accounts automatically, and next, all those who published using the Land Recording Offices (LROs) of each of the State Assemblies, and then, all the new people from all over the world who returned home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their own countries, they, too, would be welcome to bank with us. 

On the very day that this was supposed to happen, the LRS was shut down.  On the very day, a group of volunteers who had ingratiated themselves into being part of the bank-building process, split off and started spreading lies and gossip.  

These were people who knew about the computer system and satellites and everything else, so we had no choice.  We had to rebuild everything, had to start over from scratch, rewriting the code, using new algorithms, new pass codes, new firewalls, everything.  This was because of them, the same people running around like wild dogs spreading lies and casting doubts.  

According to them, the leader of our bank group was suddenly a felon involved in money laundering and Ponzi Schemes.   

But wait, if that were true, folks, how is it that he has all his banking credentials and licenses in place?  You think the bank insurers are so lax as to insure banks run by men convicted of felony money laundering and running Ponzi Schemes?  Really?  

Better go back and chew on that.  

It turns out that he was investigated, not convicted, and he was investigated merely because he bought the same specialized banking software as some people who later engaged in money laundering.  

This is called "guilt by association".  It's the same logic error as saying -- the murderer wore red shoes, and Debbie wears red shoes, so Debbie must be the murderer.

When in fact Debbie is innocent and just happens to have a pair of red shoes. 

The people who told this Whopper certainly knew that our bank group leader was innocent.  They could observe the same things about his licensing and bank insurance status as I did, but they chose to lie and spread doubt and panic just the same. 

So on top of having to redo everything we had done because of them, we had to take the flying dog poop in the face for no good reason.  

It turns out that they used us to get to suppliers of bank software and security systems they needed to set up their own bank, and at least some of them fully intended to run competition with us -- using the knowledge they gleaned from us to compete against us.  

Two other West Coast Agents issued false vendor complaints against the LRS, so the LRS was getting fined and blacklisted because of other Liars, and while the lies were sorted out, that took money and time that the volunteers running the LRS didn't have.  They had to shut it down or keep hemorrhaging money in the meantime. 

That meant that we had to rebuild the Land Recording System as well as all the banking software and systems, and all because of this same team of Liars doing what Liars do best --- telling Big Ones and spreading the manure. 

Of course, they weren't wearing black hooded robes and wearing upside down pentagrams around their necks.  Most of these people probably don't see themselves as Satanists, even though they did what Satanists do: lie, cast doubt, create fear, and destroy. 

Not only were we unable to launch the bank, we were unable to populate it with pre-approved accounts.  That is what happened last August, and that is why it has taken us months to recoup and recover. 

Still, there is always a silver-lining.  In the process of rebuilding we improved the whole system, improved the security, bulwarked everything to the nth degree.  We added new features, some of which are totally revolutionary, both in the banking industry and in the realm of computer security. 

We also rebuilt the Land Recording System (LRS) in a new user-friendly 
format that will make it easier for people all over the world to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their own countries, and allow them access to our unique banking services.  

A lot more has actually been accomplished during this nasty, dirty, slogging-through-frozen-molasses winter.  

So now everyone who wants to complain, can complain to Satan. You can all know what happened and who is responsible for it.  And you can blame yourselves for buying into his same old tricks -- being taken in by his lies, being gripped by his fears, and spreading his evil by gossiping.  Not to mention being faithless and taking part in the bank run that ensued.   

I actually had people calling me up and ranting, wanting me to fire our bank group leader.  I had elderly people in tears over the phone, telling me that they put money in "my" credit union --- a credit union that isn't associated with me.  The Liars lied about that, too.   I had people screaming at me and calling me incompetent, people accusing me of running a Ponzi Scheme.  It was all sorts of fun and games.  
Remember their modus operandi: they always accuse others of what they are doing themselves. If they are lying, they will say that you are.  If they are cheating, they will say that you are.  If they are stealing or running a Ponzi Scheme or money laundering --- that's what they will accuse you of doing.  They always judge other people by themselves. 

If they'd do something dishonest and dishonorable in a given situation, they assume that you already are.  

A tremendous amount of time, effort, and money has been wasted.  Innocent people have been harmed.  Our original banking and recording systems were destroyed.  Access to the money that people deposited in the Global Family Credit Union, a separate institution founded in 2013, has been restricted for months longer than it ever should have been.  

This is what happens when Satanists slither in, unscrupulous spoilers wearing the face of friends, Liars schooled by the Father of All Lies, loose tongues clacking gossip, fear-mongers spreading fear. And it always takes a toll on all of us. 

People have asked me, some in amazement, why I have stood by our Bank Group Leader, and why we just buckled down and went back to the drawing board.  

I never thought more than a minute about that.  

I have dealt with Satan before.  I can recognize his smoking hooftracks. 
Nobody had to tell me his hallmarks and how he operates. 

Now that you have seen the process used to alienate and destroy people -- and their best efforts --- next time you see it, you can recognize it, too. 

It always starts with some slimy and totally untrue suggestion, and ends in gossip.


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  1. First, answer the questions.
    Don't distract.

    1. Exactly. A lot of smoke and bs being blown around.

  2. Forget the damn banking for now. None of that is gonna happen anyway until the psychopaths are purged from the planet. Stop putting the cart b4 the horse. A bunch of excuses is all this article is. Counties and Militias first. Not enough people yet to be skipping ahead so far. Get back on track with the basics.

    1. I partially agree. Populating the reconstructed governments and educating people is paramount. There are too many ignorant drones . Too much infighting and sophomoric asskissers just distracting and honestly, getting in the way. It has gotten worse since this all started. It’s the reason I keep walking away .
      The banking end of this is important, the enforcement end of all this is important but none can be done without educating the people about the fraud and who they actually are.
      In my opinion that is where the most effort should be concentrated.
      Anna and Paul…do we have permission to have your articles published in local papers ? I believe if these articles were in newsprint and available in the public, more people would be exposed to the truth….or should there be select articles for new people to be reading ?

      Kevin..yes that Kevin !

    2. Kevin, all thou living human need to do is to go to and Study for one hour and Thou will find what Thou is asking for. m

    3. While it is very important to educate, the people have to be inquisitive enough to want to know what's happened and how to change it. Sadly, when we do present the facts, most people we encounter say exactly what a friend said to me to my Face 3 years ago, when I approached him about getting involved, "that the Assembly is too young, we'll wait until you have a foothold and some experience, then we might consider it", or they seem to be happy/complacent in their enslavement. People cry all the time "we have to take our country back", but when we provide a solution in hand, they walk away in conclusion, it appears the people want everything done for them, so they can walk in a reap the rewards so to speak without any skin in the game....In the End, you can have all the educational facts you want, but unless the people start waking up & taking an interest, nothing moves!

    4. Only the brave and courageous are worthy to cross over out of tyranny.

      Look at the history of our country. Few ventured away from Europe to cross the sea, seeking freedom in this country.

      Later, once again, few left the comforts of the East Coast to cross over and build the hostile, unknown lands going westward, and all at their own expense, blood, sweat and tears. There were no conveniences, no subsidies waiting for them.

      I am disgusted by the Americans who
      have become lazy cowards. They don't deserve the prepaid credit that our pioneer ancestors carved out of their hard work and perserverence. They are nothing but a dangerous burden to those who seek the hard path out of the corporations' death-grip on our world, whose opposite intention is to restore truth and freedom, and eliminate liars!

    5. Alas, the ability to conduct international business is one of the requirements of the papist national charter. The national banking aspect needs to be reconstructed. There is a race against the construction of global Social Credit banking, the next level fraud that will enable tyranny on an unprecedented scale. This de jure bank should have been done last year. I cannot imagine Hunter's little cult blowing up was the crucial element in the failure. So what's "Grandma" really up to with this? That is a question I want the answer to, considering the iron law of projection. It seems she and Hunter are doing what she's accused Hunter's victims of doing.

      Prove me wrong, "Grandma". Get the bank up.

      Then at most I will be able to say you painted only some of your allies as the enemy; which could simply be an honest mistake on your part. But right now it's not looking good for you, as you continue to bash good people whom I know have been your ally until you threw them under the bus of your public image.

    6. shaping up to look like perhaps many many many people are NOT ever going to separate their bloated Corporate/Government Tit Sukkleing selves from gorging themselves on other man's labor... and if the Gov/Corp attached to the Tit theyre sukking on is violent toward the men whose labor is being stolen - they dont care.
      yes, this is a burden we have dragged around for along time.
      maybe let the Pope, Monarchy, Crown, Other drag all that bloated overstuffed ded weight around for awhile, since they are supposedly in Service to same?? just asking.... just a thought :)

  3. You are a mindless fanboy. Come back down to earth and stop acting disingenuous. If you can't do that just shut up already.

  4. GREAT JOB ANNA! Hold the line.... people are coming!

    As the American Sheriff says "DO NOT FEAR. DO GOOD"

    Open the eyes of Your People Lord. Let us see the army of angels around us. We cannot lose because we are on His Team.

  5. Here is a thought: The soil jurisdiction counties create a money system for them. We build a parallel system that takes into account our app. 3150 counties strengths and weaknesses. We are family. Our nickname will be "the ground hornets." We will need someone from every county on board.

    1. We start with the states. Once the states are built out, then we build the counties. States can mint their own money.

  6. "AnonymousMay 6, 2023 at 4:32 AM
    You are a mindless fanboy. Come back down to earth and stop acting disingenuous. If you can't do that just shut up already."
    Thus, sorry for stating so up front mindfull-funboy, but thou is just lost in this forest of facts. m

  7. masons all were taught that adam & eve were prisoners in the garden of eden By a cruel & vindictive god & that lucifer's agent satan gave mankind a gift of intellect, & when they die, thats it there is no afterlife so do whatever that makes one happy; the gift concerning the forbidden fruit that was never to be eaten was/is 'flesh' ...Yehshua said: Is it not written in the prophets, put your burn't offerings & away with them, & cease you from the eating of flesh. For The Eternal One said: I spoke not to your fathers or instructed them, when I brought them out of Egypt concerning these things. But this thing he commanded saying: Obey my voice & walk in the ways I have instructed you, & you will be my people, & it will be well with you. But they harkened not nor inclined their ear. [Essene GOP] ... will tis voice fall on deaf ears here?

    1. Take your great reset fake processed flesh and please leave this earth to those whom Almighty God gave full dominion. God never gave such a decree, but your false gods are doing it now, which will result in your quick demise. Go eat your bugs and plastic flesh!

  8. The LRS failed because Brett Hooper was dishonorable in so many ways. He refused to allow elected officials access to the tool. He granted access to rogue groups who had no business recording or publishing anyone! He used his own emotional metrics to choose who he allowed to publish on the LRS. He refused to answer questions about the data, security, storage and the like. He ignored emails and requests for conversation to settle the matter. This is not gossip!!!! This is first-hand testimony and it went unheard! Something is amiss. Anything can be solved, if, the parties involved humble themselves and own their stuff! Praying for true discernment for all involved!

    1. Judging from the destructive, rogue infiltrators who have snuck into the Assemblies with nefarious intentions, I applaud Brett Hooper for having the good sense, integrity and intuition to do exactly as he did to prevent their evil.

      Although the LRS had to be taken down, those instigators didn't win, did they?

      We the "gatekeepers" will continue to stand guard and ostracize them, until they either come out of their defacto illusions or expire with the rest of the tyrants. They shall never win.

    2. Anon 8:21, what "elected Officials", defacto or dejure?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. When Yeshua {Jesus} was born and placed in a manger, a new BANKING SYSTEM was funded when one of the 3 wise men brought him a gift from HIS/OUR heavenly Father. He brought him a gift of GOLD. Now ask yourself, if you were God, the Creator of ALL THAT IS, and your first born son in the flesh was just born, how much gold would you give to your brand new baby boy? that has been prophesied to be born? an ounce of gold? How's about 1 gold brick, {enough to fit on a camel's back?} or ALL OF IT? Answer: --> ALL OF IT!!! And l mean *ALL* and ALL means ALL. Even ALL that remains in the earth that hasn't even been mined yet. Yeshuah is the recipient of ALL THE GOLD on this planet, and we are heirs with him.
    Herod knew the child was born and he immediately created the competition with him and thought to kill every male child 2 years and under to destroy this competition. He got his minions to do his bidding by lies, deception, spying, and fraud bcuz he was not a real king of Jerusalem under occupation by the Romans. He was a politically appointed "selected" "yes man" that the jews knew they could manipulate and throw his people under the bus to the Romans every turn he got. Go read the description of how he died. The "vermin" within him hyperinfested of the larvae and ate him slap up from the inside from head to toe and fell a pile of "vermin," no longer recognizable as a man, but a dead pile of vermin. So Anna has not just been being funny by speaking truth in calling them "vermin" all along because that's truly what they are down to the bone. lt was never by accident that gold and silver would be the choice for money in this country for God to provide for HIS children thru a heavenly bank account that only God can approve of bcuz it was not man made.
    Keep the faith people, if the work is of God, no man can stop it, only hinder it by the manipulation of other men. God will not be hindered and they can't stop what's coming.


    1. Hopefully the Plandemic will claim all the greedy like you before it launches. You self-interested scavenger.

    2. Agreed, this kind of people are what we are mostly faced with, its all about me, me, me!

    3. "You greedy scavenger".... says the one who stole the Credit?

  11. It's the same ol' story with a new set of words Anna. Always "something" that gets in the way of victory. Except you always have a source of funding from your poor deluded followers.

    1. Apparently its the same ole story with the nay sayers too, wah wah wah, do nothing bunch of whiners, and distraction artists, take a powder!

    2. Well at least the "Naysayers" have some facts and history to go on... which is more than anyone can say for you.

    3. shove your facts, I've seen you guys presented with facts and you still deny it so take a powder, if your paid to disrupt your suck at it!

  12. My B.S. meter is red-lining. You've blown it repeatedly with the way you responded to this, Anna.

    Why was my wire out not executed upon request six freaking months ago? I have a valid expectation of good faith. Apparently, Hunter is derelict or a crook. And you went to bat for him.

    You wrote he was willing to honor refund requests. He has not, and my inquiry has been met by a procedural firewall. Where have I seen this before? ... Oh yes, the Municipal and Federal "governments".

    The audacity, spinning your assumptions to cover your naked ass. This could have been dealt with fairly and consistently, and no one would have called it betrayal. Yet you double down on placing blame on people who had a valid concern, and people who are still victims of Hunter's theft.

    This is what a betrayal looks like.

  13. Why were the responsible parties not named and/or prosecuted? It seems they were "let off the hook." Why don't we express our anger towards them instead of calling each other names?

    1. Almost appears you were apart of it, if your that worried about it__Some of us know what all this entails, what this entails is, no one is taking over anything without some kind of interference/back lash from the former guardians__ others sit on the sidelines and bitch from a distance without gettin' your hands dirty!!

    2. 253pm
      Maybe its time to just admit you got screwed?

  14. The ignorant trolls are getting paid to distract you so you won't be able to complete your work!!!!!! Ignore them, they are not worthy of our attention😂

  15. The check is in the mail. I promise I won't come in your mouth. 90 days. This time it's really happening ad nauseum!