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Friday, May 5, 2023

What is Woke Theory - Really

 James Lindsay at European Parliament - Woke Conference


  1. He spoke TRUTH!!!! We must understand the Enemy.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Paul. It's about time. This has been in our faces for two years, after incubating for decades. Commie activists didn't lose, didn't give up, didn't go underground. They grew up and infiltrated "public" education and other key areas of the de facto and commerce. They have a theology and a religion, and they're indoctrinating our children to become World Citizens aka Commie (Woke) activists for the NWO.

  3. This was very good. He gets it. Clearly figured it out.

  4. Watch Prof. Richard Wolff on Youtube. Communism susses out capitalism very well. You have to understand your enemy like they understand us. Marx wasn't entirely wrong. On the other hand we have never had true capitalism because it doesn't work for the reasons Marx describes. What we have is fascist financialism, not capitalism. Free trade is about profits and open borders, not patriotism. There's a lot of human exploitation when producers can move jobs to where the slaves are, because Americans "want too much." soon we'll have AI robots to do everything, then they'll find a way to diminish the human population even further, covid 2.0.

  5. If the Supreme court had out outlawed communism because it defies natural law, we would not have these vermin. Unfortunately the cure of this cancer will be barbaric.

  6. they are dangling the carrot of a single-dimensional solution before us when the solution that actually works has always been compound.
    they just dont EVER bring that fact up.
    we do not have to choose between Communism: Big Government or Capitalism: Big Corporation, because they are essentially two sides of the same coin.

    that our ancestors knew this is shown by the fact that those who have tried to steal our gifts from God from us have struggled to do it and have had to work in secret, in layers or segments, over many decades of time because our ancestors set things up according to God's law. (not perfect, but they tried).
    they set up our Society so that ALL men had both gifts from God that belonged only to them: their life, their freedom, their labor and the fruit of it, their body, sons and daughters, family, home, horses, cars/carriages, papers, farm, business, tools, AND what they chose to do with those gifts -- was all left up to the man who they belong to.
    then there is another grouping of things that are also gifts from God that they all shared in common: land, water, air, trees, and so forth.l

    no corporation, government, religion, banker, fascist, communist, republic, (all FICTIONS that do not actually exist except on paper) can own what God made.
    how can an imagination control what God made? it cant.

    our ancestors set up the united States of America to have BOTH:
    1. the common law:
    that uses *equal trade and exchange*: no profit
    made man to man
    on the land that is our s/States:
    done under authority of *our* common law, not British or Papal or Roman or other Foreign.
    i dont know or under-stand any Foreign Law or Language, but i do under-stand our own s/State American common law, so i say the following with under-standing of only how International Maritime/ Commerce would work together with *our* own land law/ common law for man; and also with under-standing that American common law, being based upon the laws of nature and nature's God cannot be prevailed over by Statutes, Codes, and By-Laws made by man; that is:
    2. Commercial:
    *Commerce*: For Profit
    Fictional Entity to Fictional Entity
    on the Waters
    is done under authority of AGREED UPON RULES, i.e., "Contract":
    International Maritime Contract, enforced under Admiralty Law.....
    **but**: and this is very important:
    if a dispute arises, the dispute is then judged according to the land law/ common law of BOTH of the countries involved, not just one.

  7. This "woke" crap is simply an attack upon the world.

    Our ENEMY...the NWO...can not fully emerge if America still exists.
    (Or any bastion of common sense, etc.)

    They must apply Sun Tzu's principles...and "they" are.
    Divide & what we are seeing across the board.

    Know Thy Enemy.

    ..l.. the NWO ..l..
    HOO-YAH & God Bless ALL who Stand.

  8. An excellent commentary. Yes, we are up against a religion: the religion of Man. More precisely: of Global Man. As antithetical reaction to all religions (and their cultures). Which sets up the Synthesis to this Hegelian-like dynamic: a move, now, into, not either a global 'religion' or an atheistic religion based on Global Man. But into Truth. The capstone to the civilizational structure. Here, at the end of the Grand Morality Play. And the beginning of The Real Thing, Itself.

    A Grand Round Time to be alive.

  9. It is manipulation of insecure people/groups. For example: someone who is insecure about their sexuality or skin color is easily manipulated into projecting those insecurities onto the rest of society. And then the fight is on. Duality games. It's just more divide and conquer tactics. Weak minded fools always fall prey to those tactics and the controllers always seek to reinforce the victim mentality in the people. Your insecurities are the bull ring the so-called elite use to lead you around.


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