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Friday, May 5, 2023

Stew Peters Goes One-ON-One with BBC


  1. I agree with stew peters all pedophiles and people who created mRNA need put to death,no question

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  2. Good! The criminals need to hear they will be prosecuted! And hung!

  3. Has anyone contacted Stew and tried to get him interested the assemblies? He would be a good one to have on our side!

  4. Finally someone with guts ,

    1. Oh there's more. You just don't hear about them.

  5. is incredibly disturbing that this type of dialog has become an absolute imperative since the "leadership" of this world has long ago lost its way and needs to simply be destroyed.

    ...power to the people of planet earth.

    Rick & Barbie

  6. Stew is a hero her. Putting everything on the line for justice for truth and for protecting the innocent. All I can say is "WHERE IS THE REVOLUTION?", where are all the real fighters? The men with courage? the women who love their children?...
    Where are they?
    They murder all these men women and children with the bioweapon and we sit back and get more popcorn... It is NOT A SHOW! It is real life and we are NOT AWAKE YET!!.
    Notices are not sufficient.
    We need a REAL plan to turn this massive tanker of corruption upside down and let all the shit inside it drown on the high seas.

    Assemblies are dragging their feet, EGO displays are everywhere and the innocent DIE!

    Dear God hear our cry! How can we unite and take on this challenge together?

  7. The end of Pharmakeia (the devotion, a religion, to administering drugs for the purpose of inducing illusions, sorcery and witchcraft) must start immediately, or all life on earth will be cease to exist, people, plants and animals. We can't wait another week, another month -- it must start NOW.

    The labs, along with the scientists, the CEOs, the lab workers, the salesmen, the pharmacists, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and anyone who distributes or administers any drug must be arrested and hung for crimes against the living creation of Almighty God. The labs must be burned to the ground in order to clean it up, because it is toxic.

    Some may argue that certain drugs are necessary. NO! They are not. For example, according to Dr. Joel Wallach (Dead Doctors Don't Lie, author, Critical Health News commentator) diabetes is a disease of malnutrition -- fix the missing nutrients, and the disease self-corrects -- all without drugs, and in some cases within a single day!

    Drugs don't cure -- every single drug ever created is TOXIC to the body, and potentially lethal. Only nutrition cures -- why do you think the FDA and big pharma have been outlawing supplements and certain foods, buying up farm land and poisoning our natural food sources?

    Because Nutrition cures which can't be patented, which doesn't make them mega bucks. They create the Disease and they create the Drugs and promote it all for PROFIT! This time though they just created a fake virus, made everyone THINK they had it, created mass hysteria, mandates to push their "fast-track" mRNA jab, and are currently reaping the profits coming and going as their "time-bomb" explodes in people and pets, and now even in the un-jabbed due to shedding (the dirty little secret no one wants to admit).

    There is every reason to not just hold them accountable, but execute them immediately to prevent them from continuing their sinister genocide plan.