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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

International Public Notice: Our Response to Overturning "Chevron Deference"

 By Anna Von Reitz

We begin with an excellent summation by Spike Cohen which captures the essence of it: 

"In, Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, the Supreme Court overturned a 40 year old case called Chevron [Deference] that granted radical levels of power to federal agencies. Spike Cohen @RealSpikeCohen explains this case and its importance.

“A family fishing company, Loper Bright Enterprises, was being driven out of business, because they couldn't afford the seven hundred dollars per day they were being charged by the NMFS, the National Marine Fisheries Service, to monitor their company. The thing is, federal law doesn't authorize the NMFS to charge businesses for this. They just decided to start doing it in 2013. Why did they think they could get away with just charging people without any legal authorization? Because in 1984, in the Chevron decision, the Supreme Court decided that regulatory agencies were the "experts" in their field, and the courts should just defer to their "interpretation" of the law. So for the past 40 years, federal agencies have been able to "interpret" laws to mean whatever they want, and the courts had to just go with it.

It was called Chevron Deference, and it put bureaucrats in charge of the country.

It's how OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was able to decide that everyone who worked for a large company had to get the jab, or be fired. No law gave them that authority, they just made it up. It's how the ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, was able to decide a piece of plastic was a "machine gun". It's how the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the NRCS, is able to decide that a small puddle is a "protected wetland". It's how out-of-control agencies have been able to create rules out of thin air, and force you to comply, and the courts had to simply defer to them, because they were the "experts". Imagine if your local police could just arrest you, for any reason, and no judge or jury was allowed to determine if you'd actually committed a crime or not. Just off to jail you go. That's what Chevron Deference was. It was not only blatantly unconstitutional, it caused immeasurable harm to everyone. Thankfully, it's now gone. We haven't even begun to feel the effects of this decision in the courts. It will be used, for years to come, to roll back federal agencies, and we'll all be better off for it. And that's why politicians and corporate media are freaking out about it.”

~Spike Cohen

This above summation adequately describes the impact of this decision on so-called Administrative Code and all the related Article I Courts and Tribunals in this country. 

The Reign of Bureaucratic Terror unleashed by the Chevron Deference (to "Experts") Doctrine has been relegated to the dustbin of history, where it belongs, except that such a decision and such a doctrine should have never existed at all, we are well-pleased. 

The proposition that the legislative powers of any Congress should be delegated and redelegated by those operating under delegated power themselves is and always has been unacceptable.  

This practice has reliably resulted in the Uncle Ernie Scenario in which a task is assigned to one person and then passed on to a different person to perform; the first person to whom the assignment is actually entrusted passes off their responsibility for performance to the second, who has no direct accountability. 

In this way, liability is evaded by the first person and accountability is avoided by the second person, and the public interest is disserved throughout. 

The various Territorial and Municipal Congresses have been passing off their responsibilities to unaccountable Federal Agencies since the 1880's, so that faceless, unelected, and largely unaccountable bureaucrats have been writing Administrative Codes and enforcing them as law for over a hundred years--with ever-increasing impunity and corruption. 

The break in the dam related to this corruption came last year with another Supreme Court case, "West Virginia v EPA" in which the Justices reiterated a hundred-plus year-old Tennessee ruling in Norton v Shelby County, finding that Congress has no ability to shuffle off its legislative powers to other entities. 

The immediate effect is to gut the Administrative Court System and de-fang the various Federal and State-of-State franchise Agencies. 

If Congress wants to burden the public they will have to get down to it and do their own dirty work and take responsibility for it from now on. They will no longer have the Agencies to do it all for them, no longer be able to escape their liability by re-assigning their role to unelected bureaucrats. 

The unelected bureaucrats will no longer be able to extend their capricious and autocratic rule subject only to their own courts. 

A sigh of relief can be heard across the land. 

Politically, the court has handed Congress its own head on a platter, and the Executive Branch, too, while significantly increasing its own power and the power of its subordinate "judicial [district]" courts. 

This one move has its good points and bad points from an American Public perspective. 

The good part is the removal of oppressive bureaucratic and executive powers; the bad part is increased reliance upon courts attached to military judicial districts which were set up in the wake of the Civil War and which are infamously known as "Carpetbagger Courts". 

It is doubtful that this "judicial [district] court system" was ever legal or lawful in the first place.  

It was initiated in May of 1865 via the creation of ten new "military districts" covering the eleven defeated Confederate States of States, and was invoked via non-existent emergency powers. 

The primary duty of this ersatz judicial [district] court system was to keep order and collect war reparations; it was only required to provide "an appearance of justice" --- not actual justice. 

The current action can be viewed as the British Territorial Government's "judicial district court system" knocking off their Municipal Court competition.  

It can also be viewed as the British Territorial Government taking a controlling position over the vast Federal Agency structure created by FDR and all the more than 350 three-letter and four-letter Municipal Agencies created in the 1930's. 

It can be viewed as a peremptory move by the court to reign in executive power, also.  

There was a reason that FDR created all those "Federal Agencies" -- and it was simply to enable him to rule as a despot using "Executive Orders" to run the entire country. 

So, the whole Chevron Deference Doctrine that has just been overturned, was only an extension and proliferation of already existing abuses of power and non-existent authorities that began in the Belle Epoch Era after the Civil War --abuses that have continued unabated until now. 

The first such inroads began with the Pinkerton Laws extended to the Railroad Corporations allowing them to hire and deploy foreign police contractors in this country, followed by the deployment of U.S. Marshals in the western Territories formed during and after the Civil War.  

Then, within twenty years, there began a proliferation of "departmental agencies" such as the Department of Justice, Inc., and the Department of Defense, Inc., operated as undisclosed Territorial Government Subcontractors to defend and protect the District Corporations against the American Public, at the expense of the American Public.  

It was during this time period from the 1880s to the 1930's that various other "government" departments and functions were secretly privatized and farmed out to individual privately owned and operated corporations in the business of providing essential government services.  

It was during this period of time that the Federal Reserve System, Inc. came into being and the United States Department of the Treasury, Inc. and the Bureau of Land Management, Inc. and the various state-level Bureaus of Vital Statistics came into being.  

These are all private enterprises secretly and deceptively operating under color of law as if they have legitimate government authority, and all of their assumed powers have rested on the same practice of "secondary delegation" of powers that has been overturned in the Loper Bright Enterprises decision.

Please note that the International Monetary Fund, Inc.,  has operated as the United States Department of the Treasury, Inc., and as the United States Treasury, Inc., since 1924. These, in turn, have been acting in concert with the Internal Revenue Service, Inc.  These are all British Crown Corporations. 

Meanwhile, the IMF, INC. has operated as the US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, INC., and the UNITED STATES TREASURY, INC. and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and so on, in a similar "mirrored" bureaucracy having little or nothing to do with this actual country or our people. These are all Holy Roman Empire Municipal Corporations. 

It's clear that the overturning of the Chevron Deference Doctrine means overturning many of the powers assumed by these incorporated entities and de-legalizing many of the enforcement activities that have been used to purloin property interests and illegally confiscate assets belonging to Americans beginning in the 1880's. 

The so-called "Executive Powers" exercised by FDR and his Successors to accomplish all these evil ends and to benefit from corporate cronyism are similarly overturned by this decision, in that the Executives of the Federal Municipal Corporations can no longer delegate their powers away to these incorporated Agencies. 

Like the Territorial and Municipal Congresses, the Presidents are now stuck doing their own dirty work and are liable for the performance and the results. 

As Americans, we are pleased, but wary. 

The judicial district court system has its own evil history of abuses and it is no accident that Americans who can't tell you how many doughnuts are in a dozen can still remember the phrase, "Carpetbagger Courts". 

These courts were famous for misaddressing anyone who had anything of value as a "rebel" or "insurrectionist" and then illegally and immorally confiscating their private assets to pay "war" reparations for a mercenary conflict -- which is, itself, both illegal and unlawful. 

Should we celebrate this power grab by these "judicial" courts?  Probably not. 

They are not our courts and their history in this country is not at all reassuring. 

From the American perspective, we have been at peace since 1814, and nobody should be misidentifying us as part of any foreign citizenry, impersonating us, accusing us, latching upon our assets, misaddressing us, or otherwise presuming anything against us. 

From the American perspective, there are no "emergency powers" nor "executive orders" and no "war powers", either.  These phrases and everything attached to them pertain to foreign corporations and their internal operations. 

They have nothing to do with the American Public and never did. 

Untangling this vast web of semantic deceits and misdeeds, breaches of trust, violation of service contracts, and wrongs visited upon the innocent will take time and effort to unravel. 

We are guardedly optimistic about the recent Supreme Court reversal of the Chevron Deference Doctrine.  It has many foreseeable good results and is a big step toward restoring sanity both in court venues and in the arena of public administration.

Many of the most egregious abuses will be stopped.

The effect of further empowering military district judicial courts is unknown and unsettling from the perspective of the civilian population and the American Government, which considers the occupation of our country by foreign mercenary forces to be illegal and unlawful and also considers the basis for forming the so-called "judicial district court system" to be lacking. 

A British Territorial "United States" Congress ordained these courts via legislative act in 1865, but that is no excuse to impersonate Americans and subject them to foreign law in breach of trust and service contract, just as a Mercenary Conflict does not provide recourse to the Law of War. 

If these infamous courts and those running them can be correctly and sufficiently re-educated, justice may return to this country prior to the broad spectrum reopening of our assembly courts. This would certainly be welcome instead of a last-ditch effort to further defraud, brutalize, and mischaracterize Americans on the way out the door -- which is the other possible outcome.  

Millions of Americans have been impersonated as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and have been illegally presumed upon to pay mortgages and property taxes which they either (1) don't owe in the first case, or (2) owe, but not in reference to what is owed to them. 

A large-scale plan and effort to foreclose on millions of American homeowners and landowners under these false presumptions has been uncovered, and Carpetbagger Courts brought forward into the modern era would certainly be handy and well-practiced in the art of illegal confiscation of assets. 

It is our position and purpose to oppose any such activities being carried out against our people and against their lawful persons by British Territorial Mercenary Interests or any other parties and players.

It can be easily observed and historically documented that Americans don't owe any "National Debt" and don't owe anything to the Central Banks. Instead, we are the only solvent underwriters.

Unlike our Tory neighbors, we didn't borrow any money from King George to fight against ourselves in the War of Independence, nor did we mortgage our lands to pay his Successors back for more loans enabling ourselves to fight for His Royal Britannic Majesty in World War I or World War II -- which is the source of all those "mortgages" which are owed on British Territorial properties, but not on American properties. 

It becomes apparent why there has been such a concerted effort on the part of the British Territorial "U.S. Government" to misidentify Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens: they get to collect mortgages and property taxes against U.S. Citizens, not Americans. 

Likewise, while Americans may owe them for stipulated services, they owe the Americans an insurmountable debt, requiring them to provide a debt swap "credit exemption exchange" with Americans, but not with British Territorials. This provides another powerful incentive and motivation to secretively impersonate and misidentify Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  

There are millions upon millions of Americans who have been secretly mischaracterized as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, Americans who have been impersonated and who have paid mortgages they didn't owe, property taxes they didn't owe, internal revenue taxes they didn't owe, and franchise taxes they didn't owe, all because of unconscionable citizenship obligations that were foisted off on them while they were babies in their cradles. 

If the purpose of the current action of the U.S. Supreme Court is simply to narrow down the competition to fleece the Americans out of more property, and to shut down the Municipal courts in advance of another unjustifiable assault on us by Territorial Carpetbaggers, then the end of Agency Oppression will be tempered by the onset of Territorial Courts engaged in illegal confiscation and asset stripping similar to what went on after the so-called American Civil War ended.  

We have discovered plans outlining such an assault on American homes and land holdings, and also plans by the U.S. Government corporations to hold vast numbers of trials and executions at public expense--- actions that will kill large numbers of people, create untold social upheaval, and further traumatize the American victims of all these crimes without, however, coming clean about what has happened here. 

We strongly oppose and object to any such destructive course of action from persons who remain our Debtors in fact. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 3rd 2024


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International Public Notice: The Identity Problem

 By Anna Von Reitz

David Straight is trying to save Federal Employees who also happen to be Americans. 

That's okay, so far as it goes, but it shouldn't be mistaken as a solution for average Americans who are: (1) not actually Federal Employees nor (2) Federal Dependents; but, who are being misidentified as such. 

You can be an American State National and work for a Federal Subcontractor at the same time. 

Our original American Federal Subcontractor, the Federal Republic, was populated by exactly such "Dual Federal Citizens". Known as United States Citizens, these were Americans who were recognized as a National of their State of the Union while in Federal Service.  

Please note that the "Dual" referred to the American State National political status plus the adopted citizenship obligations of the Federal Republic; it never referred to any combined "dual" obligation to serve the Pope and the King.  

Coming out of the Constitutional Conventions our system was designed so that Americans could both function in the realm of the Federal Government and retain their Constitutional Guarantees and protections while doing so.  

The details of this arrangement are preserved in the First Immigration and Naturalization Act. When an American left their State of the Union to serve the Federal Republic it meant residing in the District of Columbia for a period of years, and does in fact require a change in jurisdiction and government-- as if you were moving to a foreign country. 

These special accommodations were extended to Americans working for the American Federal Republic, but, of course, we could not include those Americans employed by the other two foreign Federal Subcontractors.  

The British Territorial Subcontractor insisted that Americans adopt British Territorial U.S. Citizenship for the duration of their Tours of Duty on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways as a condition of employment, and the Papist Holy Roman Empire insisted that their employees adopt Municipal citizenship of the United States while working for the Post Office and similar Municipal posts. 

Federal Employees of all stripes, then and now, are temporarily assigned to one of three physical domains within the District as well.  

Municipal citizens are supposed to occupy the Capitol Hill area within the Boundary Stones, District U.S. Citizens are supposed to occupy the City of Washington, DC, and Federal Republic United States Citizens are supposed to occupy the District of Columbia outside the City.  

Over the years that the Federal Republic Subcontractor has been vacant, its space has been occupied by the British Territorial Subcontractors, and the Municipal Subcontractors have lopped over into the environs of the City of Washington, DC, but that isn't the way it's supposed to be. 

The fundamental problem with what David Straight is doing is that he is not making a hard and fast distinction between those Americans who are legitimately working for one of the Federal Subcontractors and those who are not affiliated. 

He is sweeping up people who owe no federal citizenship obligations to either foreign Federal Subcontractor --- and continuing to treat them as if they were Federal U.S. or Federal Municipal citizens, when they aren't. 

That's a disservice to them because it leaves them stuck with one foot in a foreign jurisdiction and saddled with the foreign citizenship obligations related to that political status. 

The effort to save Federal Employees is only good and proper to the extent that it does not entrap otherwise unencumbered Americans. 

Unfortunately, in his eagerness to get the job done, David Straight's entire organization has failed to make the distinctions clear.  So once again, we have average Americans being misidentified as Federales. 

Since the collusion between the two District of Columbia parent corporations has fallen apart, the British Territorial Government has been at pains to draw a line between their U.S. Citizens and the citizens of the Municipal United States Government, with confusing results. 

What has to happen to clear this confusion up, is for everyone concerned to understand that there is a "missing" population of United States Citizens, a present population of British Territorial U.S. Citizens, a present population of Municipal citizens of the United States ---- and then, there's all the rest of us.

The rest of us are either plain old American State Nationals who take our nationality from our State of the Union, and State Citizens, who serve the State Government of their State of the Union.   

At the present time, the duties of the long-vanished Federal Republic have returned to the Delegator along with the delegated powers.  There are no new United States Citizens as yet and no formal re-delegation of delegated powers has taken place. 

The actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States --- is in command of those Federal functions, just as it was prior to the delegation of powers in 1787.  

Americans need to be aware of their natural political status and standing with respect to the Federal Government, but many are not, and David Straight's failure to fully disclose the situation and to adequately describe the choices that people have, has muddied the water, so that many Americans who are by nature free and not under any foreign citizenship obligation at all, have been entrapped. 


This failure to fully understand and fully disclose has invalidated all British Territorial efforts to correct to date; it's as if they fear to expose who they are and what the penalties of their political status are, and so, those appearing to accept such service really aren't capable of making an honest and valid contract. 

This is a matter of international concern, as Americans are continuing to be -- in essence -- press ganged into unwitting and undisclosed foreign service obligations.  

The repugnant registration of American babies is still ongoing despite local efforts and the efforts of our American Government, private hospitals, and midwife services, to object and put an end to this infamous practice and usurpation against our country and our nation by Federal Subcontractors that owe us their good faith and service.   

Preying upon and conferring unnatural citizenship obligations upon people acting without the benefit of full disclosure is a crime of constructive fraud and an unlawful conversion of political status recognized as a capital crime by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions. 

We have lodged and published our objections in numerous ways and before multiple High Courts; members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses have been fully informed to no avail, as the various bureaucracies responsible for administering the Sheppard-Towner Act and hospital administrators nationwide come under increasing pressure to cease and desist these deliberately misapplied acts of legislation which have resulted in the unconscionable and unlawful conversion of millions of Americans' natural political status. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 3rd 2024


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