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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

International Public Notice: The Identity Problem

 By Anna Von Reitz

David Straight is trying to save Federal Employees who also happen to be Americans. 

That's okay, so far as it goes, but it shouldn't be mistaken as a solution for average Americans who are: (1) not actually Federal Employees nor (2) Federal Dependents; but, who are being misidentified as such. 

You can be an American State National and work for a Federal Subcontractor at the same time. 

Our original American Federal Subcontractor, the Federal Republic, was populated by exactly such "Dual Federal Citizens". Known as United States Citizens, these were Americans who were recognized as a National of their State of the Union while in Federal Service.  

Please note that the "Dual" referred to the American State National political status plus the adopted citizenship obligations of the Federal Republic; it never referred to any combined "dual" obligation to serve the Pope and the King.  

Coming out of the Constitutional Conventions our system was designed so that Americans could both function in the realm of the Federal Government and retain their Constitutional Guarantees and protections while doing so.  

The details of this arrangement are preserved in the First Immigration and Naturalization Act. When an American left their State of the Union to serve the Federal Republic it meant residing in the District of Columbia for a period of years, and does in fact require a change in jurisdiction and government-- as if you were moving to a foreign country. 

These special accommodations were extended to Americans working for the American Federal Republic, but, of course, we could not include those Americans employed by the other two foreign Federal Subcontractors.  

The British Territorial Subcontractor insisted that Americans adopt British Territorial U.S. Citizenship for the duration of their Tours of Duty on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways as a condition of employment, and the Papist Holy Roman Empire insisted that their employees adopt Municipal citizenship of the United States while working for the Post Office and similar Municipal posts. 

Federal Employees of all stripes, then and now, are temporarily assigned to one of three physical domains within the District as well.  

Municipal citizens are supposed to occupy the Capitol Hill area within the Boundary Stones, District U.S. Citizens are supposed to occupy the City of Washington, DC, and Federal Republic United States Citizens are supposed to occupy the District of Columbia outside the City.  

Over the years that the Federal Republic Subcontractor has been vacant, its space has been occupied by the British Territorial Subcontractors, and the Municipal Subcontractors have lopped over into the environs of the City of Washington, DC, but that isn't the way it's supposed to be. 

The fundamental problem with what David Straight is doing is that he is not making a hard and fast distinction between those Americans who are legitimately working for one of the Federal Subcontractors and those who are not affiliated. 

He is sweeping up people who owe no federal citizenship obligations to either foreign Federal Subcontractor --- and continuing to treat them as if they were Federal U.S. or Federal Municipal citizens, when they aren't. 

That's a disservice to them because it leaves them stuck with one foot in a foreign jurisdiction and saddled with the foreign citizenship obligations related to that political status. 

The effort to save Federal Employees is only good and proper to the extent that it does not entrap otherwise unencumbered Americans. 

Unfortunately, in his eagerness to get the job done, David Straight's entire organization has failed to make the distinctions clear.  So once again, we have average Americans being misidentified as Federales. 

Since the collusion between the two District of Columbia parent corporations has fallen apart, the British Territorial Government has been at pains to draw a line between their U.S. Citizens and the citizens of the Municipal United States Government, with confusing results. 

What has to happen to clear this confusion up, is for everyone concerned to understand that there is a "missing" population of United States Citizens, a present population of British Territorial U.S. Citizens, a present population of Municipal citizens of the United States ---- and then, there's all the rest of us.

The rest of us are either plain old American State Nationals who take our nationality from our State of the Union, and State Citizens, who serve the State Government of their State of the Union.   

At the present time, the duties of the long-vanished Federal Republic have returned to the Delegator along with the delegated powers.  There are no new United States Citizens as yet and no formal re-delegation of delegated powers has taken place. 

The actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States --- is in command of those Federal functions, just as it was prior to the delegation of powers in 1787.  

Americans need to be aware of their natural political status and standing with respect to the Federal Government, but many are not, and David Straight's failure to fully disclose the situation and to adequately describe the choices that people have, has muddied the water, so that many Americans who are by nature free and not under any foreign citizenship obligation at all, have been entrapped. 


This failure to fully understand and fully disclose has invalidated all British Territorial efforts to correct to date; it's as if they fear to expose who they are and what the penalties of their political status are, and so, those appearing to accept such service really aren't capable of making an honest and valid contract. 

This is a matter of international concern, as Americans are continuing to be -- in essence -- press ganged into unwitting and undisclosed foreign service obligations.  

The repugnant registration of American babies is still ongoing despite local efforts and the efforts of our American Government, private hospitals, and midwife services, to object and put an end to this infamous practice and usurpation against our country and our nation by Federal Subcontractors that owe us their good faith and service.   

Preying upon and conferring unnatural citizenship obligations upon people acting without the benefit of full disclosure is a crime of constructive fraud and an unlawful conversion of political status recognized as a capital crime by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions. 

We have lodged and published our objections in numerous ways and before multiple High Courts; members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses have been fully informed to no avail, as the various bureaucracies responsible for administering the Sheppard-Towner Act and hospital administrators nationwide come under increasing pressure to cease and desist these deliberately misapplied acts of legislation which have resulted in the unconscionable and unlawful conversion of millions of Americans' natural political status. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 3rd 2024


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