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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Favored Franchise and Enforcement Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Doctor David E. Martin recently appeared before the EU Parliament and presented an exact and exhaustively researched timeline demonstrating the development of the bioengineered and weaponized coronavirus beginning in 1965 with parent patents in Europe, the transfer to the University of North Carolina, and it's eventual release in Wuhan, China. 

There is no doubt that the coronavirus featured as the cause of the 2019 Pandemic was purposefully constructed in a laboratory environment as a bioweapon that, once injected, would kill the one receiving it, but not be able to transfer to others like a true infectious agent. 

At the same time that the coronavirus was being weaponized in Britain and at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,  the pharmaceutical industry appeared before the U.S. Congress threatening that they would suspend production of vaccines because they were being hit with too many lawsuits related to vaccine injuries and deaths. 

Congress responded by releasing the pharmaceutical industry from any possible liability for death and disability claims resulting from vaccines that they produce as consumer products.  

It is not possible for a Municipal Corporation to selectively release one or more of its own commercial corporation franchises from liability related to product performance.  Even if the parent corporation were to formally take on the liability of its franchise, that parent corporation would have to be financially competent to do so and would have to post bond, which was never done.  

In this case, the entire proposal and resulting enactment was a gross conflict of interest and breach of trust, as the same people who were defrauded to fund the British Territorial Municipal Corporation were the self-same victims that the pharmaceutical company franchises sought to evade --- thus the victims would be paying for their own injuries either way, and neither the parent corporation nor the pharmaceutical corporations were competent and willing to pay their own liability costs, which they proposed to foist off on the victims.   

As the British Territorial United States Government operates as a Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia, both the Municipal Corporation --- and its Congress --- have never had state immunity and therefore cannot offer state immunity to its own business franchises, either. 

As a result the pharmaceutical corporations have been operating under the assumption of a phony guarantee holding them harmless from all liability claims and all accountability for their vaccine products. 

According to the pharmaceutical corporations and the legislation produced by the U.S. Congress, the pharmaceutical corporations really could have injected fermented snake oil into the victims and not have been held liable -- except that the Congress could not confer any immunity that it does not itself legitimately possess.  

As their own Federal Title 22 makes clear, when a government acts as a corporation it loses any advantage of state immunity and becomes subject to all the laws and limitations that govern corporations, instead.   

The Municipal Corporations and their officers and elected officials acting as self-interested purveyors of products created by their own franchises remain 100% personally and commercially liable.

The Municipal Corporations and their elected officials and officers also try to escape liability by failing to write out their Oath of Office and publish it, resulting in them never actually entering any Public Office.  They are all operating as Imposters as several studies have shown: 

As such, they have no Public Office, no Public Authority, and no Liability associated with the vacant Public Office they appear to occupy --- but in the same token, they have no power to enact any legislation impacting the General Public of this country at all; the only threads they hang upon are the purloined and undisclosed registration contracts they obtained while the victims of their avarice were still babies in their cradles.  

As we can all observe, none of these contracts were ever understood as contracts, none were fully disclosed, all are tainted by semantic deceit and other elements of fraud, and all are self-interested on the part of the Undeclared Foreign Agents employed as licensed Uniformed Officers. 

We are researching claims that these same Medical Doctors who were employed in the same capacities during the Covid 19 Pandemic were paid $25,000 per head for every American they identified as dying from the coronavirus -- regardless of the actual cause of death. 

If so, this echoes the payoffs and kickbacks that have been paid to Medical Doctors for their signatures on birth registration documents.  The corruption of the "government" corporations has led to the corruption of the people as well.   

These quote-unquote "healthcare professionals" were conscripted without their knowledge or agreement as Licensed Uniformed Officers of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation under Federal Title XXXI, and threatened with loss of their professional licenses  if they did not follow orders and apply officially approved -- and deadly --- counter-measures. 

We have confirmed payments of approximately one billion dollars each to the 20 largest hospitals in this country to go along with the coronavirus narrative and do the dirty work.  

With this kind of money being spent by the Perpetrators and actually being paid for by the victims themselves, this is one of the most egregious and injurious Breaches of Trust and Service Contract in history.  

Meantime, the pharmaceutical companies producing this witch's brew felt no threat of liability at all, because their parent corporation winked and promised to forgive all their sins.  Pfizer attorneys have already argued -- in court -- that they were only doing what the government corporations told them to do, that they were told they would suffer no liability for it no matter what they put in their vaccine. 

Insurance companies have also already argued that the victims were owed no life insurance policy payments because they took the vaccine voluntarily and thereby chose to commit suicide --- this, while the Municipal Corporations continued to act under color of law and spent over a billion dollars in advertising, telling people that these vaccines were quote: "safe and effective", and encouraging them to think that this was a normal vaccination they should take to protect themselves and others.

The Municipal Corporations and their State-of-State franchises parroted this false information all over the airwaves, even though it was widely known in the research and medical communities that vaccines are not effective against coronavirus, and that had been known since the 1990s.

This product also proved completely ineffective in preventing the disease or containing the spread of it via injection.  

Neither of these Municipal Corporations nor their franchises have any natural right to exist and no authority to exempt themselves from liability for their actions. The officers in charge of these organizations have occupied no Public Offices, so that everything they have done has been done in fraud upon the General Public, including claiming state immunity and offering immunity to the pharmaceutical corporations.  

We wish for a clear understanding that it is the job and duty of these Municipal Subcontractors to protect the General Public --- not to protect themselves and their franchises at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve.  

We wish for a clear understanding that until and unless these individuals write and sign and publish their Oaths of Office, they have not entered upon any Public Office, nor can they exercise any power associated with that office, elected or appointed. Anyone continuing to exercise the powers of an office without publishing a valid Oath of Office, will be arrested and charged with impersonation and held 100% personally and commercially liable. 

We wish for every employee of both Municipal Corporations and all Federal Agencies to be told officially and in writing that the American State Nationals are returning to the land and soil jurisdiction they are heir to and that we have established our own peacekeeping forces and that those peacekeeping forces, including our Continental Marshals Service and State Assembly Militias, are to be assisted and respected by all Federal and Agency and State of State Employees.  

The current police and law enforcement organizations that are employed by incorporated franchises of the Municipal Corporations are private security personnel that have no authority as government sanctioned military or peacekeeping forces. 

We wish for every incorporated law enforcement organization and every individual officer employed by such organizations whether they are overtly Federal Municipal officers or members of State-of-State franchises employed as Troopers or Rangers, or County franchises employed as Sheriffs,  to be told the truth -- that they have no public role or office, no right to draw a public paycheck, and no superior authority. 

We wish these employees of foreign corporations to fully understand that  as Americans, if they are Americans, they share a public duty that has been long-neglected, to enforce the Public Law including the Law of the Land clearly stated by each one of the Federal Constitutions. 

We wish for all these private security personnel to know and understand that they have no right to misaddress any member of the General Public about any statute, code, or regulatory infraction, and when someone objects to their presumptions and offers reasonable proof of their political status as members of our General Public, those persons are to be set free and left alone, so long as they are not injuring anyone or harming property belonging to others. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 31st 2023


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Final Days Worldwide Premiere - Stew Peters Network

Found Here:

Remember I told you what this was in October 2021 in this article.

Now we have the proof that it was engineered to do exactly what it did.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Seigniorage Looting Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Among the many fraud schemes that have been deployed against us and against our credit is the mysterious disappearance of our seigniorage credit.  

Seigniorage is the difference between the cost of producing a physical currency token, such as a coin or a dollar bill, and the face value of that same currency product. 

At the time we investigated this issue, it cost four cents to produce a dollar bill, whatever the denominated value of the bill was --- it cost four cents to print a single one dollar bill or a hundred dollar bill or a million dollar bill.  

Many people are unaware that such large denomination bills exist, because they are used by banks for interbank transfers and are not generally available to the general public, but the cost of printing such bills was still the same: four cents. 

As bills are representations of value and spend at face value, when they first go into the market the seigniorage is "collected" as the bill is released.  This recoupment pays for the materials and printing costs and leaves a profit---- so a one dollar bill yields a 96 cent profit, a five dollar bill yields a $4,96 profit, a ten dollar bill yields $9.96 profit, a twenty dollar bill yields $19.96 in profit, a fifty dollar bill yields $49.96 in profit, and a hundred dollar bill yields $99.96 in profit, so that the entire currency issue is nearly pure profit for the Issuer. 

Think of the issuance of the currency as a sale by the manufacturer of a product.  

We are the actual source of the funds and the manufacturers are under contract to produce the bills for us. 

They are owed their four cents, but we are owed all the rest --- the seigniorage.  What happened to it?   Did the banks pay for it?  No.  Did the Federal Reserve pay for it?  No. 

So who gave value to these bills?  We did, the same people who issued them.  We got charged for the seigniorage instead of being paid for the seigniorage.  

The asset owners whose assets were used to create the credit were forced to pay for the use of their own credit.  Another way to say this is that the asset owners are also the owners of the credit generated from their assets, but while their assets have been put at risk, they have not had access to their own credit generated from and secured by their assets.. 

The only way that we can be separated from our seigniorage and 90% of the credit issued "in our names" is via the same personage fraud schemes addressed elsewhere in this presentment--- the registration and unlawful conversion schemes that have allowed the Perpetrators to pretend, for instance, that credit owed to the living man is owed instead to an estate or public transmitting utility or other incorporated franchise named after him. 

This is how our seigniorage has been purloined, how our "home loan" credit has been purloined, how our National Credit has been purloined, how income taxes have been improperly addressed to us and been purloined, how property tax and utility bills have been improperly addressed to us and been purloined ----- all of this fraud and theft has been accomplished via crimes of substitution, personage, identity theft, unlawful conversion, and institutionalized fraud against the General Public by Municipal Corporation employees and Municipal Corporation franchises operating at lower levels of the cancerous bureaucracy these crimes have spawned and perpetuated "in our names" --- and all accomplished by Undeclared Foreign Agents acting as Third Parties operating under color of law and conditions of secrecy and deceit.  

We wish for a complete correction of these practices and assumptions of debt and unearned security interests. 

We wish for the return of our credit to our accounts, as well as the release of our encumbered assets.  \

The alleged debts meet the definition of Odious Debt --- that is, debt accrued by means of fraud of which the victims were unaware and from which they did not benefit  --- and must be discharged accordingly. 

We wish for an end to all presumptions related to foreign Persons presumed to be operated by us or in our names by members of the Bar Associations, and owned by the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and other parts unknown. 

We wish for an end to all illegal and unlawful debt collection practices being misaddressed to Americans, Australians, and all others similarly harmed as a result of the crimes of personage and unlawful conversion we have detailed throughout this presentment.  

We wish for an end to all the corporations involved in these criminal activities, including the UN CORP,  the WHO, INC., the US, INC,, the DOD, INC., the USA, INC. and  their affiliates, franchises, and agencies found to be complicit in these crimes against us and against Humanity, as well as their British Crown corresponding corporations using similar names, to be liquidated or stand forfeit to us as the actual and only Preferential Creditors. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 30th 2023 


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Monday, May 29, 2023

There is NO Provision for an American "National Militia" !!!

 By Anna Von Reitz

When you see this: "U.S." it refers to the British Territorial United States and when you see this "U.S. Citizen" it refers to someone who is either; (1) naturally born in one of the United States Possessions or Territories, (2) working under contract for the British Territorial United States Government. 

 Anything with a "U dot S dot"  designation is British.  Not American! 

Now that you are all competent to recognize the difference between: 

"The United States"  --- our national level Proper Name since 1851 (it was "the United States" prior to this), and U.S. the British Territorial Subcontractor, and "the United States" which uniquely designates the Municipal Subcontractor since 1851, you are fit and able to tell the difference between the American Government and the foreign Federal Subcontractors. 

Use this information and learn it so that you know what you are dealing with.  

There is once again a rash of organizers going around trying to raise a "National Militia" and they are showing various documents justifying this, but all those documents refer to the U.S. Government ----that is, the British Territorial United States, not The United States.  They are referring to their "States" (which are actually States-of-States) not ours, and to their "Nation" --- not our nation states. 

So --- are you someone who was born in the Territories and Possessions or someone who is under contract to serve the British Territorial United States Government? 

If not, you need to join your State Assembly Militia and act as an American, not a Brit. 

If you are an American you have the absolute right to assemble your actual State Government --- not the government of a State Trust, not the government of a State-of-State franchise business --- your actual State Government, and as part of that State Government you also have the absolute right to keep and maintain your State Assembly Militia. 

Now what the semantic deceit involved here: 

Our nation-states are nations among the other nations of the world, and in that sense, our State Assembly Militias can be talked about as "national militias" --- but that is NOT what these organizers are promoting.  

They are talking about their Territorial State-of-State organizations raising an army of commercial mercenaries to fight for the British Territorial Government and you will see that all they are referencing are their own State-of-State Constitutions and their own State Trust documents, which have nothing to do with us, our States and our American Government, and which should not even exist in our country. 

Anyone looking to join a militia to defend this country needs to go to this website: and find their State contact information, so that they join the American forces instead of the British Territorial forces.  

There is NO provision for us to have a "National Militia" and raising one can be interpreted as an insurrection --- which is why I shut Eric Dingus down and why you must shut down any such activities in the State Assemblies and why you should pass the word to shut down these guys who are running around trying to organize a "National Militia" in this country.  

We can coordinate joint action by multiple State Assembly Militias all we like and we do so lawfully and peacefully through our Peacekeeping Taskforce.  

But we do not have and do not want and are not allowed under the Constitutional Agreements to have or form a country-wide "National Militia".  

We do not want to give any of these Federal Subcontractors any excuse whatsoever to "mistake" our actions or the actions of our militias as being part of any "armed insurrection" by "unregulated forces".  

They, the Perpetrators, are most likely trying another False Flag operation seeking an excuse to get a war going on our shores or an entrapment scheme seeking an excuse to arrest militia leaders just like they recently railroaded Stewart Rhodes. 

Pass the word and make sure everyone understands the difference between our lawful State Assembly Militias and anything operated by Territorials as a "National Militia" ----and the importance of this information, especially for any militia men you know. 

The foreign British Territorial Federales and the corporations they work for are in a tight spot.  They are desperate for cash and for a profitable fight.  They want to start something here by hook or crook.  Don't let them. 

Organize yourselves as part of a lawful State Assembly Militia and they can't touch you.  Organize outside that parameter and they can use you for a nose-wipe and railroad you through their courts, etc., etc., etc., 


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One If By Land, Two If By Sea.....the Dual System Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We often receive screeds from one of the Deeply Indoctrinated in the military, all upset because he believes that there is just one flag, and that being the wartime flag. 

The truth is that every country on Earth has both a war flag and a peace flag, and we are supposed to fly them depending on whether our country is at war or at peace.  

We are in the curious situation in which the country is at peace, but our Federal Municipal Corporation Subcontractors are at war.  

The reason that most of us are only familiar with war flags is that war is very profitable, and the Municipal and Territorial Corporations that have been masquerading as our government, instead of admitting that they are only foreign subcontractors of our government,  have maintained a constant state of perpetual war in the midst of peace for their own financial self-interest and coercive power. 

The Title IV war flag that everyone associates with America is actually on loan to the British Territorial United States Government for its use when exercising our delegated powers. 

That's why a precise description of the Title IV flag is necessary and why it has only a limited and certain proportion as specified in Federal Title IV.  

So the Title IV war flag is our flag, but it is being used by a Subcontractor, and that Subcontractor has abused its use for many years.  

For example, why was the Title IV flag flown by them during the recent attack of Libya?  What did any of that have to do with "defending" our country?  

Nothing.  It had to do with stopping Libya from adopting and promoting the use of a gold-standard currency in Africa and had nothing to do with defending us or with any powers we ever delegated to them, but, they use our war flag when they do dirty work for themselves and for their own commercial interests for three reasons: 

(1) Our soldiers and sailors would notice the absence of our flag and question what they were doing; 
(2) To make sure that we, not they, get blamed for it and suffer any consequences of what they are doing; 
(3) To enable them to charge the expense of all these mercenary conflicts to us and against our credit. 

The system of using two flags, one for war and one for peace, reflects the fact that we are surrounded at all times by two distinctly different systems of government.  Observe:

1. One for war, one for peace. 
2. One that is public, one that is private. 
3. One that is Federal and one that is Territorial.
4. One that is undelegated and one that is delegated.
5. One that makes Affirmations and one that takes Oaths. 
6. One that is completely American and one that is British affiliated.
7. One that is civilian and one that is military and military affiliated.

Above and beyond the Federal Government that everyone assumes is the Big Cheese, we have our own precious American Government, which is bound to fifty (50) equally precious sovereign States of the Union --- and that is the actual government of this country.

Unfortunately, we have been hoodwinked by the Grandstanders, and while we always think of our States and our Union of States when we think of our Government, this actual Government has been largely vacated and not in General Session for 160 years. 

We've allowed our federal Subcontractors to pretty much run things and when they did things that were evil, things that weren't in line with their contracts, we glanced over it, didn't strongly object, didn't summon our State Assemblies into Session.... so they, the Federales, thought we agreed with them and accepted what they were doing. 

After so many years of silence and inaction on our parts, they thought our Government was dead, inexplicably absent, in interregnum.  

When we finally had enough and brought our States back into Session, everyone in Europe was amazed.  

The bankers who were poised to take everything as "presumed collateral"  and "secured chattel" backing the debts of the Municipal Subcontractors, were not pleased.  

And we are flying the American Peace Flag instead of the War Flag, because as it turns out, The American Civil War wasn't a war.  It was a Mercenary Conflict that our American Government was never part of. 

We have been officially at peace since 1814 and we are at peace now and we mean to stay at peace if possible. 

We also intend to put the clamps on the other Principals responsible for the misbehavior and constant overreach of what are, in the end, just foreign commercial corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia while here providing stipulated government services. 

If you look around and think, you will see the two aspects of government reflected in everything and in your own thinking about government, too. 

You will realize why British Territorial Officials and Officers are required to take Oaths of Office and cannot occupy any public office without accepting the duties and responsibilities of that office, whereas those of us who occupy American Government Offices accept the duties with a Public Affirmation instead.  

It's because there are two faces of the government present at all times. 

A righteous people cannot take "oaths" and do not "swear" at any time, but those engaged in the service of a commercial corporation must, and if they serve in the merchant marines of the British Monarch, they must also pledge allegiance to them or, as in this case, "to the flag" that the British Monarch happens to be flying. 

Unfortunately, the British Monarch has been flying our borrowed war flag all over the world, and using our men and women as cheap mercenaries to promote British wealth and power, not American.  

We have been left with the sacrifices and the pain and the cost, while those Sly Dogs have been making off with the profits and leaving us with the blame.  

So that's another reason we fly the American Peace Flag --- because the American Government is at peace and because we are not responsible for all the acts of aggression and self-interest and destruction that "the US" has engaged in, in our names. 

It's only the British-affiliated government Subcontractors operating irresponsibly and in Breach of Trust and Service Contract that are flying our borrowed war flag and using it inappropriately while engaged in their own mercenary activities and war profiteering.  

Not us. 

We wish for everyone to appreciate and know these facts, so that we can sort things out, and so that when our sons and daughters sign up for military service they will know what they are getting into and charge for their services accordingly and not be beguiled by any Yankee Doodle Dandy ideas of patriotism and national defense and so on.  

We wish for our war flag to be flown only when we, our country, is actually at war, and we wish for our Subcontractors to stop using it for any other purpose. 

We wish for everyone to know that when we speak of "national defense" we are talking about our own national defense and speaking in terms of our mutual powers of defense for all fifty (50) States of the Union, and we are not talking about the defense of any other nation or country or the "defense" of any commercial interest or possession elsewhere in the world.  

We never signed on to Manifest Destiny and all the aggressive claptrap of the Monroe Doctrine, which is again, something promoted by British and Industrialist interests that have not honored their obligations to the Constitutions, and that have instead commandeered our people and our resources to serve their own commercial self-interest at our cost. 

We wish for an end to this abuse of our flag, our people, our country, and our venerable service contracts for war profiteering and other venal and undisclosed purposes and interests; we see no reason to pussy-foot around and consider this anything but a very Public Matter directly impacting our country and our reputation in the rest of the world.  

If you look, you can easily observe these facts and conditions for yourselves, and can determine the source of the problem: British and Continental Commercial Interests colluding with similar American Industrialist Interests, seeking to use and abuse the powers of government to benefit themselves at Public Cost. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 29th 2023


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"Dr. 'David Martin' "FACT! 'Covid-19' Was Biological Warfare On The Human Race"

The Monetization of Debt Scheme -- Part 2

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We covered the process by which we literally give value to currency by trading actual goods and services for it.  

We also covered the reasons that the Federal Reserve Note is failing as a currency and exposed the British commandeering of our National Credit as the base cause of this failure.  

Next, we uncovered the role of the secretive and unlawful conversion of Americans into purported British Territorial U.S. Citizens via undisclosed registration of babies as the methodology supporting these Unlawful Claims. 

Finally, we pointed out that our American Government is the only one with a fixed exchange rate enabling trade transactions to restore the value of the Federal Reserve Note. 

Everyone on Earth who has holdings in this Reserve Currency should now be highly motivated to assist us in correcting this scandalous injustice and restoring the actual American Government to full function. 

Now, having laid the groundwork, we move on to the actual subject of monetization of debt and the related subject of securitization of living flesh, also known as slavery.  

It was a British Subject, Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA, who first brought it forcefully to public attention and to the attention of the British Parliament that securitization is illegal in general, and that when applied to living flesh results in slavery.  

Calling it by a different name in no way alters the criminality involved, whether it is engaged in on a private basis, or on a public basis, slavery and the process of enslavement by which a man's body and labor is sold for a pittance of upkeep, is just the same. 

The securitization of flesh takes place via a process of personage. 

First, the Perpetrators pretend that we are not people, but instead are things known as "Persons".  A Person is a business or office or profession, a corporate entity, though not incorporated.  This unlawful conversion of our identity is accomplished via the undisclosed registration process that occurs when we are babies and which mischaracterizes Americans (and others, too) as British Territorial Citizens. 

This undisclosed registration process then establishes the Legal Presumption that the Person thus identified is a British Territorial Subject and that the British Monarch owns them as a Ward of the State.  

This at once defrauds and deprives the victim of his or her natural political status and standing, foists the obligations of British Territorial Citizenship onto them, and creates a "custodial claim and interest" in the assets of the victim, such that the British Monarch holds the "title" to their lands and homes and businesses as well as their "personal" property and income, all of which can be used by the British Monarch as collateral for HRM's Government to borrow upon.  

This is the first round of enslavement, also known as "securitization" as in securing chattel property used as collateral to "secure" a debt -- in this case, debt owed by the British Monarch.  

Next, a second PERSON is created, also operating under the Given Name of the victim, only styled in all capital letters: YOUR NAME. The process pretends that the British Territorial Person is next handed over to the care of the Pope, who accepts the poor, orphan waif as a Ward of the Church, and the same exact thing happens a second time, only this time, the victim is presumed to be a Municipal citizen of the United States, a debtor and sinner and collateral backing the Pope's debts from birth.  

Both of these "persons", the British Territorial U.S. Citizen and the Municipal citizen of the United States, are considered to be things under the law, and to have no rights or protections or guarantees. Therefore these things can be enslaved, murdered, raped or what-have-you upon the whim of the King or the Pope, and they and all they possess can certainly be used as collateral backing debts. 

The problem is that while they are busy pretending that we are inanimate things without substance, they are applying our Given Names to these things, and then presuming that we are responsible in the flesh for paying the debts of these things with our labor and our assets --- enslavement, in other words.  

They also presume the right to tax these new "franchises" and to hold them accountable under the in-house laws, called "codes" at the international level and "statutes" at the level of the State-of-State franchises --- which is their so-called "private law" amounting to policies and regulations adopted by members of the corporation's Board of Directors or Board of Governors or "Legislature" or "Congress".  

In this way, these Municipal Corporations have been evading the actual Public Law in this country and many other countries for decades and substituting the private policies of their corporations as if this were the public law the people are owed.  

Most people have been fooled by this additional Substitution Scheme and are bewildered when they are summoned to appear in a corporation's private tribunal and addressed as "things" under a foreign form of law.  

All of this "unlawful activity" has been pursued by the Municipal Corporations without disclosure to the General Public, and these Municipal Corporations have been allowed to profit from these deceits and to enforce their "law" on the General Populace with impunity, simply by keeping their mouths shut and never disclosing the unlawful conversion of people into persons and the False Registration processes at the bottom of it. 

So now we see how the Perpetrators got away with securitizing living flesh and evading the Public Law and substituting their foreign corporation's internal "government" for the actual Government of the country.  

All this duplicitous and self-serving and fraudulent activity results in the enslavement of the populous and the "securitization" also known as a "collateralization" of their property, including their labor, to pay the debts of those who have illegally, unlawfully, and immorally "latched upon them" and committed these crimes of personage against them under color of law.

This is nothing but a white-collar enslavement racket carried out in secret; the Roman Municipal Government may be happy, but in truth, slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926, the Roman Civil Law demands that anything tainted by fraud is to be considered null and void, and the Ecclesiastical Law under which we bring this claim, demands that the offending corporations be liquidated.  

We are here as the Preferential Creditors and Claimants to receive back all our purloined property and also to fully inform the High Court of these illegal and unlawful activities, and also to object to the entire undisclosed birth registration process that has been applied to our General Population as a deliberate fraud in breach of trust and in violation of commercial service contracts owed to this country and our People.  

We wish for all the deceptive and undisclosed birth registrations to be disallowed and set aside, along with all presumed citizenship obligations presumed to exist as a result of these registrations.  

So that is how the unlawful securitization works, and we have seen how the Queen's Government seized upon our National Credit and misapplied it to their own benefit, resulting in undermining the value given to the Federal Reserve Note and also resulting in the appearance of a "National Debt" that doesn't actually exist. 

The Monetization of Debt is another result of this central crime of personage, in which the Perpetrators pretend to have no knowledge of negative numbers and no way to actually pay a debt. 

A negative number, for example, minus 1, is understood to be less than zero.  When this is applied to accounting, negative numbers represent debt, zero represents being even with the board, and positive numbers represent credit or profit, depending on which jurisdiction we are in. 

This seems straight-forward, normal, and innocuous enough until we entertain the notion of monetizing debt and having nothing with which to pay a debt. 

We have now entered the realm of negative numbers. 

As noted before, in order to pay a debt, substance must change hands: silver for apples, gold for oil, and so on.  

What happens when an entire economy is set up to function on commercial paper -- debt notes and credit notes only? 

It's literally impossible to pay a debt, because nothing of substance is being exchanged in such a system.    

It's also impossible to accrue a debt, so long as the credits in such a system are properly applied. 

We've already seen how misapplied credit wrecks a debt-credit monetary system.  

The Queen's Government purloined our National Credit and used it for their own benefit instead of cancelling the corresponding National Debt, which created the appearance of an unpaid National Debt and caused the devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note via inflation (which is the next discussion) and because nobody appeared to give any value, that is, anything of substance in exchange for it, in almost a hundred years.  

A debt can represent a form of asset, so long as a time limit is set on the debt repayment and the form and the amount of the future debt repayment is agreed upon.  

A debt only owed "sometime in the future" is not sufficiently specific and defined to serve as an asset, so while such debts may exist, they aren't supposed to be put on a ledger. 

However, this is precisely what the Municipal Corporations have done, using an arbitrary mechanism known as "the debt ceiling". 

The debt ceiling purportedly provides a limit to the credit they can receive and spend until such time that the amount specified as "the debt ceiling" is reached and all "current debt" --- not all debt, only current debt --- must be met. 

Otherwise, the debt is said to "default".  

This is similar to any other debt, except that the actual date when it is due is a moving target, as the trigger is the amount of debt specified by the debt ceiling legislation and not a specific moment in time. 

This jury-rigging results in a situation in which although there is plenty of credit and also actual assets to increase the debt ceiling or pay the debt down, the members of the Municipal Corporation Congress have to apportion the the credit to deal with the spending limit deadline--- and they can fail to do so. 

They can simply sit on their butts and argue and let what appears to be the National Debt go into default, even with trillions of dollars-worth of credit sitting on the books ready to go.   

However, and here's the rub -- the British Territorial Congress can never apportion physical assets to actually pay the debt, because they don't have the authority to touch our physical assets, only we do, and we haven't been in Session, so credit gets extended against our assets, but the bills never actually get paid.  It's all been strung along like this for decades --- a process of kicking the can down the road and operating on someone else's ticket while promising to pay off all current debts when they reach the next debt ceiling.  

This creates a big drama and gives the world the impression that "America'' is on the ropes, and doesn't have the money or credit to pay the bills, oh, woe, is me! --- when in actuality, there is an almost infinite amount of credit and more than enough physical asset wealth, too. 

The Perpetrators use this kind of hype and drama to justify imposing more taxes on their victims and they poor-mouth incessantly, tearing their hair about the non-existent National Debt and their own completely arbitrary debt ceiling, having rat-holed untold amounts of both assets and credit offshore and in gigantic Slush Funds that they try to ignore. 

This entire situation leaves the Creditors of these Municipal Corporations between a proverbial rock and hard place, uncertain as to when we will get home and actually pay anything of substance again, and tired of extending them more and more credit, when they go bankrupt on a regular basis and threaten to default every time another arbitrary debt ceiling is reached. 

The Creditors, then, have been forced to monetize "U.S. Debt" in order to keep things going. This bizarre practice amounts to declaring a value for the given debt in the form of asset-backed money, typically our United States Silver Dollars, and then pretending that physical asset has been transferred and you can now spend the value of that actual money as credit. 

In this way, the Perpetrators have forced the whole world to deal in credit at the same time that they are themselves misapplying our credit to create their own National Debt, poor mouthing for new taxes and 87,000 new IRS Agents, forcing their Creditors to monetize their debt and spend it as credit, and all the while "blocking" and trading upon our gold and silver and other assets, so that no actual debts get actual payment.  

Along with the counterfeiting spree unleashed by the Obama Administration against the Federal Reserve Note, this unlimited practice of allowing banks to monetize debt results in hyperinflation.  All that debt monetization does is to dump more and more of the Reserve Currency onto the world market without adding any more value to it, which means that the Federal Reserve Note is further devalued --- like cutting a pie into more and more pieces and never expanding the size of the pie. 

In effect, it resembles a giant debt-credit Ponzi Scheme, where everything is arbitrary and unreal, and the little guys at the bottom of the pile, the worker bees and military enlisted suffer the losses.  

Some people consider the devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note to be a grand thing, because they think that it devalues the United States Dollar relative to the rest of the world currencies, but, once again, the shysters have fooled everyone with another Substitution Scheme.  It isn't the actual United States Dollar that is being devalued. 

The actual United States Dollar is gaining value with every turn of the screw, and to the Perpetrators, it doesn't matter if the Federal Reserve Note is pounded into oblivion.  Their attitude is--- who cares if three billion people suffer and starve to death?  We'll just buy up everything for pennies on a dollar again....

The Perpetrators are so out of touch with reality that they have forgotten what gives value to their money in all forms, and that their money may be rendered useless in all forms-- be it gold or paper, plastic or quantum digits.  The Perpetrators of this miasma clearly don't understand the nature and purposes of money, what gives it value, and what causes it to lose value--- and they either don't care or don't see that the trouble they cause others must inevitably visit them, too.  

We wish for the cooperation of the High Courts and the other Principals to recognize our unique position and ability to responsibly and quickly correct the imbalance in the world's monetary and commercial credit systems that all this criminality and self-interested fraud has created. 

We are the only ones with the fixed exchange rate, deposit records, lower court decisions, historical knowledge and provenance, physical assets, release codes, ownership interests, commercial liens and lawful authority to do what has to be done.

We can expand the size of the pie and do it lawfully, fairly, and with goodwill. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 28th 2023


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