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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Seigniorage Looting Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Among the many fraud schemes that have been deployed against us and against our credit is the mysterious disappearance of our seigniorage credit.  

Seigniorage is the difference between the cost of producing a physical currency token, such as a coin or a dollar bill, and the face value of that same currency product. 

At the time we investigated this issue, it cost four cents to produce a dollar bill, whatever the denominated value of the bill was --- it cost four cents to print a single one dollar bill or a hundred dollar bill or a million dollar bill.  

Many people are unaware that such large denomination bills exist, because they are used by banks for interbank transfers and are not generally available to the general public, but the cost of printing such bills was still the same: four cents. 

As bills are representations of value and spend at face value, when they first go into the market the seigniorage is "collected" as the bill is released.  This recoupment pays for the materials and printing costs and leaves a profit---- so a one dollar bill yields a 96 cent profit, a five dollar bill yields a $4,96 profit, a ten dollar bill yields $9.96 profit, a twenty dollar bill yields $19.96 in profit, a fifty dollar bill yields $49.96 in profit, and a hundred dollar bill yields $99.96 in profit, so that the entire currency issue is nearly pure profit for the Issuer. 

Think of the issuance of the currency as a sale by the manufacturer of a product.  

We are the actual source of the funds and the manufacturers are under contract to produce the bills for us. 

They are owed their four cents, but we are owed all the rest --- the seigniorage.  What happened to it?   Did the banks pay for it?  No.  Did the Federal Reserve pay for it?  No. 

So who gave value to these bills?  We did, the same people who issued them.  We got charged for the seigniorage instead of being paid for the seigniorage.  

The asset owners whose assets were used to create the credit were forced to pay for the use of their own credit.  Another way to say this is that the asset owners are also the owners of the credit generated from their assets, but while their assets have been put at risk, they have not had access to their own credit generated from and secured by their assets.. 

The only way that we can be separated from our seigniorage and 90% of the credit issued "in our names" is via the same personage fraud schemes addressed elsewhere in this presentment--- the registration and unlawful conversion schemes that have allowed the Perpetrators to pretend, for instance, that credit owed to the living man is owed instead to an estate or public transmitting utility or other incorporated franchise named after him. 

This is how our seigniorage has been purloined, how our "home loan" credit has been purloined, how our National Credit has been purloined, how income taxes have been improperly addressed to us and been purloined, how property tax and utility bills have been improperly addressed to us and been purloined ----- all of this fraud and theft has been accomplished via crimes of substitution, personage, identity theft, unlawful conversion, and institutionalized fraud against the General Public by Municipal Corporation employees and Municipal Corporation franchises operating at lower levels of the cancerous bureaucracy these crimes have spawned and perpetuated "in our names" --- and all accomplished by Undeclared Foreign Agents acting as Third Parties operating under color of law and conditions of secrecy and deceit.  

We wish for a complete correction of these practices and assumptions of debt and unearned security interests. 

We wish for the return of our credit to our accounts, as well as the release of our encumbered assets.  \

The alleged debts meet the definition of Odious Debt --- that is, debt accrued by means of fraud of which the victims were unaware and from which they did not benefit  --- and must be discharged accordingly. 

We wish for an end to all presumptions related to foreign Persons presumed to be operated by us or in our names by members of the Bar Associations, and owned by the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and other parts unknown. 

We wish for an end to all illegal and unlawful debt collection practices being misaddressed to Americans, Australians, and all others similarly harmed as a result of the crimes of personage and unlawful conversion we have detailed throughout this presentment.  

We wish for an end to all the corporations involved in these criminal activities, including the UN CORP,  the WHO, INC., the US, INC,, the DOD, INC., the USA, INC. and  their affiliates, franchises, and agencies found to be complicit in these crimes against us and against Humanity, as well as their British Crown corresponding corporations using similar names, to be liquidated or stand forfeit to us as the actual and only Preferential Creditors. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 30th 2023 


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    2. "AnonymousMay 30, 2023 at 6:29 PM
      STFU already"
      YouOnlyExpressYourOpinion. YourOpinio

      There is no
      Statue of limitation on Fraud.
      §McCulloch vsMaryland,
      17 U.S. 316, 1819
      U.S. vsThrockmorton,
      98 U.S. 61, 1878
      law.cornell EDU
      /supremecourt/text/98 /61

  2. Thank you anna, grace and blessings to you

  3. I love history lessons, I love revelations unwinding lies. I love what you do.

  4. STFU = So Thank Full Unanimously! All righty!

  5. banana
    You also are a fraud.
    It's crystal clear.

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      come mr. tally man got too many who like "Annas"
      Dayo....Dayayo....DAYLIGHT COME AND HE WANT GO HOME!

    2. Go away, distractior/distractoress
      Go away or change your heart.

  6. the mans running the Dead Corps(es), Pyre Ates, who have harmed man are required to stand and answer claims for harm, in our kansas, missouri, montana, texas, (American) common law courts of record before God and man, under penalties and punishments.
    it our right before our creater.... they are man... they do these things on God-made land that cause harm to God-made man. they cant get out of it... they have to stand for what theyve done.
    apparently theyve been told their Master owns the world and everything in it and they have had permission from Master to "do whatever it takes" to seize everything.
    but thats over now, the whole rickety plot is collapsing and their Master isnt coming to their rescue... theyre just too damned stupid to realize that yet. they think its still business as usual when it isnt.
    theyve been "Cut Loose". they once prided themselves in saying i am "An Asset"....well, now theyre "A Liability".
    their former Masters will not have any problem turning them over either is my guess.
    they *have* to answer in our common law courts of record on our land because the things they did, they did on our land, so they will stand in our courts under authority of the laws of nature and the laws of the one who creates it.
    Fictional Military Courts wont work. Neither will Fictional British Equity Courts, British Courts of Commerce, British Common Law Courts, that are subsumed by British Law and Equity Courts; not Roman Ekklesiastical Courts, Courts of Roman Canon Law or any other MAN MADE FICTIONAL PRIVATE OR FOREIGN COURT, that are all fine FOR THEIR OWN MEMBERS, but not for man on land who has been harmed.
    this will catch on. people will remember or realize that man made these FICTIONS, FICTIONS did not make man and we, man, have law-full authority over them.

    1. In a nutshell, we as Man/land are allodial as Truth and the joke was on us because we fell for NON-SENSE and we now burn the old to reveal the Sun in Man. We are moving through the shadowlands back to the future. Forgiveness must be the vessel we travel in? Blessings from South Africa

    2. continuing with more facts, that is: leaving all FICTIONS behind: Politics, Religions, FaerieLands, Off-Earth Realms Dreamed up in man's Imaginations: Constructs of man not Agreed to; and so forth:
      1. no agree-ment from many of us, man, exists agree-ing to parti-cipate knowingly in the harm some mans cause to other man.
      2. or for man to attach onto "us" their own wrongs.
      3. and now perhaps they Dream of receiving the FORGIVENESS they themselves with-held from other man... man who, in fact, did not actually do wrong with INTENT in the first place.
      4. causing HARM can be done accidentally and if so, then forgiveness can be considered, OR restoration can be required.
      5. INTENTIONAL harm to man is quite a different matter though, that is, for example:
      if man sets up a System with INTENT for same to cause harm to man, then no forgiveness is required, nor should it be given.
      'ref: deut 19:19 [concept]:
      when man intentionally causes harm to man, then what man had thought to do to another man is to be done to that man, and so drive evil men out of your midst.'
      its similar in principle to [i:woman believe] some nations of people that cut off the hands of thieves in their midst.... and almost no man steals.
      "2A": when man intent on doing evil knows the mans on that land "Are Packing", the cowardly little beaches usually go elsewhere and rob, harm, murder the man who will "Forgive" them.

      if (a) man wants to knowing-ly support"Forgive" man who knowingl-ly causes harm death, sickness, disease, homeless-ness, chelld traffi kking, "Fraud", land theft, labor theft, lying, Add reen oh krow meh industry, False Judgments, and other law-breaking, then you:man are one of them.


    3. Please explain that again.

    4. It wouldn't do any good. Some people are just too stupid to get it. Or are guilty and don't want to get it.

    5. . . . thank for charitable eelemosynary consideration

  7. I for one was/is aware of seinorage. So instead of listing all the fraud Anna,and I doubt that you are aware of all the fraud, when and how are you planning accountability? It is obvious by now the good cardinal is lowing his nose in the previous lists of fraud. Keep on listing all the ways...if that makes everyone feel better.

    1. "brad" go find a hammer and tack yourself to a Lutheran church door.

    2. Or even better yet, use it to tack the doors to the Papal SnakeHead Audience Hall shut?

  8. Value of
    Spiritual Wonder Boy :
    US$ 2.588×10^(54)

    10^(54) = trillion×trillion×trillion×trillion

    This is impossible.

    You idiot believed it.
    You fraud pretended to have believed it.

    1. Reference for Spiritual Wonder Boy :
      【Public and International Notice of Prior Claim and Lawful Standing】-

      And related one :
      【The Richest Man in the World】-

      Julius Shiva is a fraudster.

      Global Collateral Accounts’ Alpha-Omega (Ring) treasurer's Value is allegedly ✅ ∞ ✅ .

      They are all Hoax.

    2. Story of Alpha-Omega Ring.
      This is a David P. Crayford’s story(Hoax, Fabrication).
      : Queen Sheva went to the King Solomon’s palace
      from the Island Java to marriage with the king. Queen Sheva returned Java home after the death of King Solomon , returned together with the huge Solomon’s treasures including Solomon’s Ring : Alpha-Omega Ring.

      This is a fairy tale.
      Fabrication. Hoax.


    3. Out-and-out fraud :
      Demitrios Julius Shiva

    4. Seems you may be wrong about whether or not a hoax or fraud.
      Very wrong.

      Because their claim of "fraud" is based upon assets are too secure (risk free) and returns (150%) to worthy - You well know Big Banks (aka masters of the universe) don't like it when hobbits offer bona fides value and return. Bona fides assets being actual factual risk free Land, people etc. Big Boys don't like it when our returns grow so high. Because Big Boys want those high returns sequestered for their Big Boys parties, at the "Four Seasons Hotel, multi-trillion dollar wars, etc., etc. (don't spoil their party please)

      The Big Boys prefer to fraudulently leverage OUR assets in bizarre and drug addled ways - So, NO! They do not want to acknowledge a BIGGER BOY - International Prime Bank? A BIGGER BOY, who would act for the wider world of man and nature, to alleviate hunger and suffering - and to prevent a trillion dollar genocidaly directed vx mRNA evolution, of the Bill Gates/Yuval Noah Harri/Claus Schwab ilk and company.

      thank you Anna, and Julius Shiva.

      "SEC Commissioner Wallman's description
      of "so called 'international prime bank instruments'" is
      evocative: "According to their purveyors, these instruments have
      no risk, are issued by the largest international banks and
      promise returns as high as 150% per year. Is there a better way
      of defining fraud?" Remarks of Commissioner Steven M. H. Wallman
      before the Institute of International Bankers (Four Seasons
      Hotel, Washington, D.C., Mar. 4, 1996)."

    5. Dear,
      Anon at 7:35 May 30,
      Anon at 8:20, May 30,
      Anon at 9:09,  May 30,
      Anon at 10:47, May 30,

      Taking a pass on your solutions to the "problems."


      Hoax Fraud, Hoax Fraud, Hoax Fraud, Hoax Fraud.

      "me thinks thou dost protest too much."

      Thank you Shakespeare
      (although he's British, uhg!)

    6. Are you banana maggots?

    7. Give up the coin. Watch them collapse and die. Stop propping up their system and creation. Stop trying to make hell better and get out of hell instead. Leave Babylon.

  9. You don't grasp the mathematical concept of inflation nor of geometric decay.

    Anonymous May 30, 2023 at 7:35 PM is a low information lamp-post wearing a lampshade at a keg party. But the bulb is burnt out.

    1. Are you a banana maggot?

    2. Are you all beneficiaries from the banana shit bitch’s fraud Business ?

  10. Comments were shut down in one of the previous articles (conveniently, so to shut us up), where I posted this comment. I would appreciate a REAL response. I don't deserve to be ridiculed for asking a legitimate question to a real threat. If ridicule is all I can expect, then I guess I have my answer, that the Federation and the state Assemblies are worthless in protecting us, which is the ONLY legitimate reason for any government to exist:

    What does the Federation or the state Assemblies plan to do to address the global tyrannical threat to the takeover of our health freedom, being proposed by the corporation and its sub-agency owned by the Vatican, The World Health Organization?

    Please respond by way of an article Anna. This is an imminent threat, and I will keep brining this question, until our real government decides to DO something about it!!!

    1. YOUR' "question" is rhetorical irresponsibility and evidence of "ignorance." You ignore YOUR' responsibility to defend against the "imminent threat.")

      The responsible Question(s) now posed to YOU is:

      1.) What is your' plan to "...address the global tyrannical threat..." ?
      2.) Follow-up Question: Are YOU going to attack " threat..." on Dr. Mercola's team? (yes or no please)
      3.) Follow-up Question: Are YOU going to attack " threat..." as lone defender of life? (yes or no please)
      4.) Follow-up Question: Have YOU joined your' state Assembly (as you have been instructed by Anna) to plan and address "...the global tyrannical threat...?" (yes or no please)
      5.) Identify the "government" to whom you claim allegiance.

      All four-thousand+ (4,000+) Anna articles are instructions and guidance (which you are hereby commanded to employ), and you are hereby commanded to "...plan and address the global tyrannical threat..."

      YOU are also hereby commanded to choose one (1) or more articles written by Anna, and report back to this blog to be debriefed.

      - Defend against the imminent global tyrannical threat now!


  11. If the answer to the WHO threat is that the Federaton and/or the state Assemblies can do nothing, then get out of the way, shut down and go away, you all re useless to the needs of Americans. We will rise up and handle it ourselves. Just let us know, so we know how to "stock our pantries."

  12. twinkies for you. get plenty of them!

    1. Did he say "stock our panties?"

      (sorry, I have dyslexia)

    2. Anoyin'moos5:41
      Not knowing how to read and spell is not dislexia. lt's remembering things in reverse. Like remembering 911 as 119.

    3. Dyslexia - "a variable learning disability involving difficulties in acquiring and processing language that is typically manifested by a lack of proficiency in reading, SPELLING, and writing.

      FYI - it says not a thing about "gnirebmemer sgniht ni esrever."

      Not knowing where a dictionary is located may be a form of "Geo-Displacement" ? I don't know, I just made that up : )

      But someone out there may be suffering from it. It will likely be reported upon the in the next edition of the "DMS Manual" designed for the pyscho-babaal-ists.

  13. Greetings,

    Knowing the crime without enforcing the remedy law is useless! Actions of remedy law enforcement speaks louder than words!


    1. To: "Make it happen,"

      You are hereby ordered to pair-up with "Anon at 9:36 May 30."
      You are to receive further instruction from "Anon at 9:36 May 30,"
      under his command.

      - Defend against the imminent global tyrannical threat now!


  14. banana hopium fraud.
    There may be beneficiaries from it.
    They may be panicking for the truths.

  15. don't look now but a banana tarantula is on your shoulder...

  16. DearOurEverlastingOmnipresentFatherCreatorAlmightyHeavenlySpiritualIntelligence, AlwaysPresentInDNAofWeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples, PleaseFreeDOMize TheWorld'sAllNationsAnd
    AndOutOfBrainlessAndHeatlessYoungGlobalLEADbrains, AndOutOfFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas,AndOutOfParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms,AndOutOfFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSERCOgroup AllPoweredByStealthlyHiddenUnderDoD/WB/IMF/UN/WEF/WHO'sBabylonianRadhanitesMerchantBankersGenocidalDogma.
    "We wish for these offending (D.C.BasedAndAllOthersLocatedInCityStatesWorldwideAllFraudDrivenOnly4Profits.m) Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - AvR, et alia, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulToBeSoundlyHealthy, andProsperous, AndProtectWithAllOfYourMightAnna,James, Paul, AIMCATSAndP4I-MMcKibben
    TheCreatorOfSocialNetworkingWeAreUsingNowAndAllTheTruthMiners, et alia, AndAllTheRestOfTheMoralyActingAndMoralyLivingAndMoralyThinkingWeThePeoplesLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilWorldwideWillSincerelyFollow. m

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