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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Can you ignore this evidence? Which one is the real Joe Biden?


  1. it doesnt matter if they make AI or Robotics, like it looked like perhaps 'Pelosi and Schumer' might have been at the State of the Union Address: the mans who harm man are God-made man and they are therefore required to stand *be*-ing man for harm they cause to man., if any, and answer.
    if they try to shove "Clones" or "Hybrids" out there in this "Movie" they keep saying is playing, the **man** is still required to answer for harm caused to man.
    and they will.
    there is no where for them to go.
    they cant get and live "Off-Planet"; and the same tech they use, if any, to stalk man can also be used to find them anywhere they are.
    Unique Body Resonance.
    even under ice walls.


    1. great! the consensus seems to be that waahaaaaay more people are waaaaaay too "awake" waaaaaaaaay too soon! :) yaaaay!!!
      noth. ing. is working even to 75% capacity ...the vakkx, the pipelines, the rase wars, the Censor Ship, the incessant repeatrepeat of the Made-Up Narratives, there are too many who were counted to be just "Dumb Hue-Man C[h]attle" who arent falling for this crap.

      history shows that once "ThePyre-ate"s

    2. Pyre-Ates... Pirate ... ummm... interesting word.....what?... pyre, ate, like ate what was burned in the funeral pyre? what??? like cann a balls?

      anyway, .... historically, i believe there is a pattern showing that once the The Pyre-Ates know theyve been discovered FillingIn in other Societies as TRAITORS: 'In-fill TRAITORS' they rip off the masks and go directly into slashing VIOLENCE.... or maybe thats just in "Movies"?

  2. I have a video on this...

  3. And FYI more and more I am finding that the 'new employees' are disabled hence their Americans with Disability ACT BULLSHIT
    They putting their maimed subjects on the employment line just as they did the mothers and wives back in the day

    Increase tax base, indoctrinate/babysit the kids in their public fool schools and sell sell sell that American DREAM

  4. Twice comments deleted

    Check it out
    His so called hidden hand shit
    He's the hidden son of one of the STAR whores
    I'd bet that the babies playing the young royals are grandchildren
    Meagan is Punky Brewster from days gone by
    Archie as in All In the Family bunker

    You don't think the hollywood industrial complex can't do this, think again

  5. Not to worry he'll make sure to get them all DOCKumented and MARKED
    16.9 – “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

    —United Nations Sustainable Development 2030 Target Goal 16.9

  6. Listen up - you sure as heck don't want to overlook this one

  7. Check it out
    The new and improved Georgia Guidestones in the Arizona desert laid out just like the vatican

    1. And I'd bet money if their was any that these '2' are not who they claim to be either
      They come from wealth is my guess

      Above I stated that it was in Arizona but it is in CALIFornia

      And quite possibly when it's all said and done it will be the new center of the world?????

      I find it very telling that the interview takes place right where it says
      The words split between two stones
      3 words on one side, 3 words on the other (33)

      And 'G' recognition by the United Nations, how bout that
      I wonder where UNESCO is in all this?

      They destroyed the guidestones as a result of this being constructed and this one is resurrected to take it's place

      Arial view looks just like the vatican

      California one of the four corner cross states

    2. The earth is a sphere as they both choke back their smiles and laughter

      And if you believe this nobody did all this shit then I don't know what to tell ya,_NM,_reconstructed_monument_in_2010.jpg

      A new four corners???? Anybody?

      Guy must have a hell of a lot of money to pump out that granite and all the shit thats on them, no?
      Or he's just a front man?

      And what do we have here a gunnery range right around the same area

      Chocolate (coca cola road is in there too)
      Food of the gods

      Check out the dudes names Istel
      Ashtar was connected with fertility, sex and war.
      (Sounds like Sarah Palin, Queen of the al-AQSA Mosque).
      Kinda like Ishtar

    3. He spent like what 70 years on the above and noone saw it constructed who worked on it n pictures of the construction etc etc etc now in those off limit places they discover this - look like a snake to you

      Shit shew

  8. Amazing how they have a committee to declare more land as their OWN
    under their dominion

    Maybe t outsource to the bosom buddies?
    Like the water deal in Arizona

    Circle back around
    Now they have state union affairs or I mean fairs
    Not world fairs

    Same shit different script

  9. Yes I can ignore this evidence. Who cares if it's the real criminal or a fake version of the real criminal. Hang them both. Problem solved.