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Monday, May 29, 2023

There is NO Provision for an American "National Militia" !!!

 By Anna Von Reitz

When you see this: "U.S." it refers to the British Territorial United States and when you see this "U.S. Citizen" it refers to someone who is either; (1) naturally born in one of the United States Possessions or Territories, (2) working under contract for the British Territorial United States Government. 

 Anything with a "U dot S dot"  designation is British.  Not American! 

Now that you are all competent to recognize the difference between: 

"The United States"  --- our national level Proper Name since 1851 (it was "the United States" prior to this), and U.S. the British Territorial Subcontractor, and "the United States" which uniquely designates the Municipal Subcontractor since 1851, you are fit and able to tell the difference between the American Government and the foreign Federal Subcontractors. 

Use this information and learn it so that you know what you are dealing with.  

There is once again a rash of organizers going around trying to raise a "National Militia" and they are showing various documents justifying this, but all those documents refer to the U.S. Government ----that is, the British Territorial United States, not The United States.  They are referring to their "States" (which are actually States-of-States) not ours, and to their "Nation" --- not our nation states. 

So --- are you someone who was born in the Territories and Possessions or someone who is under contract to serve the British Territorial United States Government? 

If not, you need to join your State Assembly Militia and act as an American, not a Brit. 

If you are an American you have the absolute right to assemble your actual State Government --- not the government of a State Trust, not the government of a State-of-State franchise business --- your actual State Government, and as part of that State Government you also have the absolute right to keep and maintain your State Assembly Militia. 

Now what the semantic deceit involved here: 

Our nation-states are nations among the other nations of the world, and in that sense, our State Assembly Militias can be talked about as "national militias" --- but that is NOT what these organizers are promoting.  

They are talking about their Territorial State-of-State organizations raising an army of commercial mercenaries to fight for the British Territorial Government and you will see that all they are referencing are their own State-of-State Constitutions and their own State Trust documents, which have nothing to do with us, our States and our American Government, and which should not even exist in our country. 

Anyone looking to join a militia to defend this country needs to go to this website: and find their State contact information, so that they join the American forces instead of the British Territorial forces.  

There is NO provision for us to have a "National Militia" and raising one can be interpreted as an insurrection --- which is why I shut Eric Dingus down and why you must shut down any such activities in the State Assemblies and why you should pass the word to shut down these guys who are running around trying to organize a "National Militia" in this country.  

We can coordinate joint action by multiple State Assembly Militias all we like and we do so lawfully and peacefully through our Peacekeeping Taskforce.  

But we do not have and do not want and are not allowed under the Constitutional Agreements to have or form a country-wide "National Militia".  

We do not want to give any of these Federal Subcontractors any excuse whatsoever to "mistake" our actions or the actions of our militias as being part of any "armed insurrection" by "unregulated forces".  

They, the Perpetrators, are most likely trying another False Flag operation seeking an excuse to get a war going on our shores or an entrapment scheme seeking an excuse to arrest militia leaders just like they recently railroaded Stewart Rhodes. 

Pass the word and make sure everyone understands the difference between our lawful State Assembly Militias and anything operated by Territorials as a "National Militia" ----and the importance of this information, especially for any militia men you know. 

The foreign British Territorial Federales and the corporations they work for are in a tight spot.  They are desperate for cash and for a profitable fight.  They want to start something here by hook or crook.  Don't let them. 

Organize yourselves as part of a lawful State Assembly Militia and they can't touch you.  Organize outside that parameter and they can use you for a nose-wipe and railroad you through their courts, etc., etc., etc., 


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  1. Thank you ann, this is verry important, grace and blessings to you and your family.

  2. I can’t find a listing of legitimate Assemblies in Texas.


  3. Assertion, assertion, assertion.
    But no proof.

    Prove them strictly.

  4. May 29, 2023 Commenters at 7:59PM and 10:33PM, are likely to be some knee-slapping and laughing fellow living in a basement somewhere, sad about their life, unhappy about how their decisions have found them in such despair. Now if you found anything satisfactory in Anna Von Reitz articles to meet your 'proof obligation standards' it appears highly unlikely that you'd have any clue how to govern yourself any further from then on. For example: you would come to visit your state assembly with YOUR ME ME ATTITUDE, and find yourself confronted by hard working people. You would come to realize you are spending your valuable life where you found something to disagree with, and you could simply fade away back to your secular position of head in the sand.

  5. How are the White Hat truthers and patriots going to wake up to all this?

  6. What does the Federation or the state Assemblies plan to do to address the global tyrannical threat to the takeover of our health freedom, being proposed by the corporation and its sub-agency owned by the Vatican, The World Health Organization?

    Please respond by way of an article Anna.

  7. Obviously, YOUR' "question" is YOUR' rhetorical irresponsibility and "ignore-ance." (You ignore YOUR' responsibility to defend against the danger.)

    The responsible Question(s) posed to YOU is:
    1.) What plan have YOU to "...address the global tyrannical threat..." ?
    2.) Follow-up Question: Are YOU going to attack " threat..." with Dr. Mercola and company? (yes or no please)
    3.) Follow-up Question: Are YOU going to attack " threat..." alone? (yes or no please)
    4.) Follow-up Question: Are YOU Assembling, at state and/or county level (as per Anna) to plan and address "...the global tyrannical threat...?" (yes or no please)

    What YOU ignore evidences how far down the chute you have slipped. (going, going, gone. . .)

  8. P.S. " way of an Anna/article..." all four-thousand+ (4,000+) are instructions/guidance for YOU to "...plan and address the global tyrranical threat..."

    YOU hereby commanded to choose the one (1) which applies to YOUR level of "ignore-ance."