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Monday, May 29, 2023

One If By Land, Two If By Sea.....the Dual System Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We often receive screeds from one of the Deeply Indoctrinated in the military, all upset because he believes that there is just one flag, and that being the wartime flag. 

The truth is that every country on Earth has both a war flag and a peace flag, and we are supposed to fly them depending on whether our country is at war or at peace.  

We are in the curious situation in which the country is at peace, but our Federal Municipal Corporation Subcontractors are at war.  

The reason that most of us are only familiar with war flags is that war is very profitable, and the Municipal and Territorial Corporations that have been masquerading as our government, instead of admitting that they are only foreign subcontractors of our government,  have maintained a constant state of perpetual war in the midst of peace for their own financial self-interest and coercive power. 

The Title IV war flag that everyone associates with America is actually on loan to the British Territorial United States Government for its use when exercising our delegated powers. 

That's why a precise description of the Title IV flag is necessary and why it has only a limited and certain proportion as specified in Federal Title IV.  

So the Title IV war flag is our flag, but it is being used by a Subcontractor, and that Subcontractor has abused its use for many years.  

For example, why was the Title IV flag flown by them during the recent attack of Libya?  What did any of that have to do with "defending" our country?  

Nothing.  It had to do with stopping Libya from adopting and promoting the use of a gold-standard currency in Africa and had nothing to do with defending us or with any powers we ever delegated to them, but, they use our war flag when they do dirty work for themselves and for their own commercial interests for three reasons: 

(1) Our soldiers and sailors would notice the absence of our flag and question what they were doing; 
(2) To make sure that we, not they, get blamed for it and suffer any consequences of what they are doing; 
(3) To enable them to charge the expense of all these mercenary conflicts to us and against our credit. 

The system of using two flags, one for war and one for peace, reflects the fact that we are surrounded at all times by two distinctly different systems of government.  Observe:

1. One for war, one for peace. 
2. One that is public, one that is private. 
3. One that is Federal and one that is Territorial.
4. One that is undelegated and one that is delegated.
5. One that makes Affirmations and one that takes Oaths. 
6. One that is completely American and one that is British affiliated.
7. One that is civilian and one that is military and military affiliated.

Above and beyond the Federal Government that everyone assumes is the Big Cheese, we have our own precious American Government, which is bound to fifty (50) equally precious sovereign States of the Union --- and that is the actual government of this country.

Unfortunately, we have been hoodwinked by the Grandstanders, and while we always think of our States and our Union of States when we think of our Government, this actual Government has been largely vacated and not in General Session for 160 years. 

We've allowed our federal Subcontractors to pretty much run things and when they did things that were evil, things that weren't in line with their contracts, we glanced over it, didn't strongly object, didn't summon our State Assemblies into Session.... so they, the Federales, thought we agreed with them and accepted what they were doing. 

After so many years of silence and inaction on our parts, they thought our Government was dead, inexplicably absent, in interregnum.  

When we finally had enough and brought our States back into Session, everyone in Europe was amazed.  

The bankers who were poised to take everything as "presumed collateral"  and "secured chattel" backing the debts of the Municipal Subcontractors, were not pleased.  

And we are flying the American Peace Flag instead of the War Flag, because as it turns out, The American Civil War wasn't a war.  It was a Mercenary Conflict that our American Government was never part of. 

We have been officially at peace since 1814 and we are at peace now and we mean to stay at peace if possible. 

We also intend to put the clamps on the other Principals responsible for the misbehavior and constant overreach of what are, in the end, just foreign commercial corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia while here providing stipulated government services. 

If you look around and think, you will see the two aspects of government reflected in everything and in your own thinking about government, too. 

You will realize why British Territorial Officials and Officers are required to take Oaths of Office and cannot occupy any public office without accepting the duties and responsibilities of that office, whereas those of us who occupy American Government Offices accept the duties with a Public Affirmation instead.  

It's because there are two faces of the government present at all times. 

A righteous people cannot take "oaths" and do not "swear" at any time, but those engaged in the service of a commercial corporation must, and if they serve in the merchant marines of the British Monarch, they must also pledge allegiance to them or, as in this case, "to the flag" that the British Monarch happens to be flying. 

Unfortunately, the British Monarch has been flying our borrowed war flag all over the world, and using our men and women as cheap mercenaries to promote British wealth and power, not American.  

We have been left with the sacrifices and the pain and the cost, while those Sly Dogs have been making off with the profits and leaving us with the blame.  

So that's another reason we fly the American Peace Flag --- because the American Government is at peace and because we are not responsible for all the acts of aggression and self-interest and destruction that "the US" has engaged in, in our names. 

It's only the British-affiliated government Subcontractors operating irresponsibly and in Breach of Trust and Service Contract that are flying our borrowed war flag and using it inappropriately while engaged in their own mercenary activities and war profiteering.  

Not us. 

We wish for everyone to appreciate and know these facts, so that we can sort things out, and so that when our sons and daughters sign up for military service they will know what they are getting into and charge for their services accordingly and not be beguiled by any Yankee Doodle Dandy ideas of patriotism and national defense and so on.  

We wish for our war flag to be flown only when we, our country, is actually at war, and we wish for our Subcontractors to stop using it for any other purpose. 

We wish for everyone to know that when we speak of "national defense" we are talking about our own national defense and speaking in terms of our mutual powers of defense for all fifty (50) States of the Union, and we are not talking about the defense of any other nation or country or the "defense" of any commercial interest or possession elsewhere in the world.  

We never signed on to Manifest Destiny and all the aggressive claptrap of the Monroe Doctrine, which is again, something promoted by British and Industrialist interests that have not honored their obligations to the Constitutions, and that have instead commandeered our people and our resources to serve their own commercial self-interest at our cost. 

We wish for an end to this abuse of our flag, our people, our country, and our venerable service contracts for war profiteering and other venal and undisclosed purposes and interests; we see no reason to pussy-foot around and consider this anything but a very Public Matter directly impacting our country and our reputation in the rest of the world.  

If you look, you can easily observe these facts and conditions for yourselves, and can determine the source of the problem: British and Continental Commercial Interests colluding with similar American Industrialist Interests, seeking to use and abuse the powers of government to benefit themselves at Public Cost. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 29th 2023


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  1. Anna, could you provide an addendum delineating how the foreign subcontractor can lawfully fly our wartime flag? And tell us what flag, if any, they should be flying when not lawfully at war on our behalf? Lastly, what entity should be flying our peacetime flag and above what buildings. Who should be flying the peacetime flag when not a war is obvious -- we Americans. Thank you!

    1. I am not Anna - But let me try to reply.

      Our "Stars & Bars" War flag (Flag/Guidion -

      Would be the signal for our call to Assemble our troops to defend our Land. Air. Water. The "Bars" symbolize a bar to entry? No commerce?

      "A civil flag is a version of the national flag that is flown by civilians on nongovernmental installations or craft. The use of civil flags was more common in the past to denote buildings or ships not crewed by the military.[1]" (

      The civil flag represents the vertical stripes, as a symbol the sluice gates are open and the water (commerce) is flowing. A sluice in a tidal pond receives water on the incoming tide, and releases water on the out going tide. The sluice gates can be shut, to either "bar" in-bound tide, or bared to pond out-bound tide.

      Maybe this helps?

    2. e.g. Civil - free flowing commerce. versus Sluice gates shut (BARed) Military (WAR) no international/water commerce.

  2. Hi Anna

    This video features blue ink signed masonic books witnessing the fact that the 13 th Amendment was ratified and specifically spells out that We the People are the Government. it also covers DC and the Northwest territories....very relevant

  3. no.
    there is no Peace Flag for Americans at all.
    here's why:
    man lives under creaters authority, and the naturalborn state/ state of be-ing for God-created man is peace...
    so much so in fact: that peace is (a) man's common law right and when (one) man disturbs (another) man's peace, (the) man whose peace (is) disturbed can record (a) claim for restoration from (the) man (who) disturbs it.
    in Modern Termin-ology we might say it this way: "peace is man's Default state of be-ing".
    so, the only time a Flag may be Agreed to be Necessary is when that Default State changes from a state of peace to a State of War.
    hebrews 12:14:
    follow peace with all men...
    romans 12:18:
    if it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

    this seems perhaps to be just another layer of made up Fictional Foreign Private Rule- Making by Private Foreign Political Agents known as B.A.R. Attorneys and or other Foreign Fictional Character trying to place more burdens on man than man's creater does when man lives, from right and under authority of law: common, upon one of the States of America, July 2[two], 1776.
    its just nonsense.


    1. Guess what. Many of those, who to you, may appear to be "man" may in fact be "human," may in fact be "Homo Borg Genesis," etc. etc.

      Be careful with whom you "share/offer peace." Be careful from whom you fail to defend your babies and family. Not all is as it appears. And YOU already know this. YOU are an evil fraud. Get over you be what you be.

      Discern or burn.

  4. [t-HAT’s-n-ICE:dEAR]

    1. Hope your EAR feels better with ICE? But is your' HAT getting wet?
      My HAT always gets wet when i do that.

  5. There is power in Anna's telling us truth?

    There's power in Anna's telling us truth,
    Her words burst forth with undeniable proof.
    She speaks with conviction, from deep in her heart,
    Her honesty, like a needle, pierces every false start.

    Each syllable she utters resonates like a bell,
    A roaring truth that we cannot repel.
    Her voice booms, steadfast and pure,
    In it we find the courage to endure.

    She guides us through darkness, with unwavering light,
    Her words are our beacon, leading us towards what's right.
    In Anna we place our trust and find our hope,
    A truth-teller who gives us the strength to cope.

    So let us listen closely to her every word,
    For in her truth we find the freedom we've always heard.
    We stand in awe of Anna's power to inspire,
    Here's to our truth-teller, in whom we'll never tire.



    1. Stop worshipping people.

    2. If you think Anna is 100% accurate about all she has said, you've got rocks in your head. Develope your own fucking mind and stop blindly following people. Get the stars out of your eyes, but.

  6. Wery nice. Thank you.

  7. "Very" nice, please excuse mis-spelling.

  8. But please know Artificial Intelligence is a Trojan Horse (against what you ought to hold near and dear - be careful)

    1. If good living people will not keep on feedend and feeding and iverwelming ai wih lawful facts then The Fraud will win.

      Those two axiomatic landmark SCOTUS cases must be remembered, day or night, by heart.

      (McCulloch v. Maryland,
      17 U.S. 316, 1819)

      FraudVitiatesNullsVoidsAll Private/PublicContractsBonds
      (U.S. vsThrockmorton,
      98 U.S. 61, 1878)

      WEonLandLivingAndOnSoil WalkingPeoplesWorldwide
      WeThePersons... i. e., masks in Latin

      L. A. W. in a huge nutshell
      L for Land and Soil jurisdiction
      A for Air jurysdiction
      W for Water Jurisdictions (with the names - law of the sea, Maritime, Admiralty law)

  9. every man is responsible before God AND man to maintain peace with his neighbor, not disturb his neighbors peace, not interfere with neighbors privacy rights, not harm his neighbor in any way and if he does, he is responsible to RESTORE his neighbor.


  10. Correction
    If good living people will not keep on feedend and feeding and overwelming ai wih lawful facts then The Fraud will win.
    Please write ai in lower case, because it is onle a. Expert System feed with hude data.

  11. Correction
    If good living people will not keep on feedend and feeding and overwelming ai wih lawful facts then The Fraud will win.
    Please write ai in lower case, because it is only anExpert System feed with hude data.

  12. DearOurEverlastingOmnipresentFatherCreatorAlmightyHeavenlySpiritualIntelligence, AlwaysPresentInDNAofWeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples, PleaseFreeDOMize TheWorld'sAllNationsAnd
    AndOutOfBrainlessAndHeatlessYoungGlobalLEADbrains, AndOutOfFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas,AndOutOfParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms,AndOutOfFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSERCOgroup AllPoweredByStealthlyHiddenUnderDoD/WB/IMF/UN/WEF/WHO'sBabylonianRadhanitesMerchantBankersGenocidalDogma.
    "We wish for these offending (D.C.BasedAndAllOthersLocatedInCityStatesWorldwideAllFraudDrivenOnly4Profits.m) Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - AvR, et alia, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulToBeSoundlyHealthy, andProsperous, AndProtectWithAllOfYourMightAnna,James, Paul, AIMCATSAndP4I-MMcKibben
    TheCreatorOfSocialNetworkingWeAreUsingNowAndAllTheTruthMiners, et alia, AndAllTheRestOfTheMoralyActingAndMoralyLivingAndMoralyThinkingWeThePeoplesLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilWorldwideWillSincerelyFollow. m

  13. For example:
    Take Anna's paragraph such as:
    "We never signed on to Manifest Destiny and all the aggressive claptrap of the Monroe Doctrine, which is again,

    something promoted by British and Industrialist interests that have not honored their obligations to the Constitutions,

    and that have instead commandeered our people and our resources to serve their own commercial self-interest at

    our cost."

    And feed this aforementioned Anna's paragraph into ai.
    (not intelliegent but an experts system - clif high)

    by ai-experts system:
    Nor to Monroe's words, so full of aggression and vanity.
    The Brits and industrialists pushed their interests,
    Ignoring constitutions and our own people's requests.

    We've been commandeered and exploited,
    Our resources used and shortchanged, quite thwarted.
    Their commercial self-interest prevails,
    At our cost, while we toil and suffer without fails.

    The promises made have yet to be kept,
    As we remain trapped and inept.
    Our rights and freedoms violated,
    Our voices ignored and belated.

    But we shall rise up and refuse to yield,
    Our future is ours to wield.
    We'll reclaim our destiny and sovereignty,
    And break free from this curse and travesty.

    For we never signed on to their doctrine or whim,
    And our love for our land and people will never dim.

    Now be creative but stay with Anna's main idea.
    For example:

    WeThePeople never signed on to Manifest Destiny,
    Nor to Monroe's words, so full of aggression and vanity.
    The Brits and industrialists pushed their Private Interests,
    Ignoring Constitutions and our own WeThePeople's requests.

    WeThePeople have been, since 1861, commandeered and exploited.
    WeThePeople's resources used and shortchanged, quite thwarted.
    WeThePeople's employees private commercial self-interest prevails,
    At WeThePeople's cost, while we toil and suffer without fails.

    The promises made have yet to be kept,
    As we remain trapped and inept.
    WeThePeople's rights and freedoms violated,
    WeThePeople's ignored and belated.

    But we shall rise up and refuse to yield,
    WeThePeople's future is ours to wield.
    WeThePeople will reclaim our destiny and sovereignty,
    And break free from this curse and travesty.

    For we never signed on to their doctrine or whim,
    And our love for our Land and Soil and People will never dim.

    thanks for y'all reading-time.