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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Liars. Let's Discuss---

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are approaching a time when the full extent of "Satan's power" will be displayed, and during the mayhem it will more necessary than ever for us to use our full discernment against the wiles and traps that will be abundant, because as we have been told, Satan is the Father of All Lies, and his devotees are all Liars. 

They have turned lying into a sacrament.  It is part of their religion. 

One of my favorite movies involves an old farmer who has died, but doesn't know he has died.  Bewildered about how he got to be wandering along a strange road out in the country, he meets his dog coming to greet him.  So, he and his dog travel onward together.  

They come to a gate and a driveway and they can hear the sounds of a party going on, but they can't see the party.  The old man is invited in, but told that his dog can't come with him.  He decides that no, if his dog can't go, he won't either.  

So they continue on up the road, and finally arrive at Heaven, where the dog is readily accepted. 

The lessons of this simple tale are profound. 

The old man exercised the discernment of his heart to make the right choice, and so, avoided a party from which he could never return.  Love guarded his soul -- in this case, love for his dog.  And what appeared to be a sacrifice, foregoing the party, turned out to be an infinite blessing.  

It takes a certain kind of humility to consistently choose love, a certain disrespect of the world's values to choose truth.  

So humble yourself, ask the True God for help discerning things, and actively question the information that comes to you.  Use your ability to feel and to reason.  

Most of all, let love guide your decisions and footsteps --- not pride nor fear nor what "society" values, for what society values is in the end, worthless. 

We have discussed the insanity of accepting an I.O.U. from an unknown source (the "Federal Reserve") that doesn't even have any end date for repayment, in exchange for actual goods and services. 

We have seen that we and generations of Americans have been forced into this unjust exchange via Legal Tender Laws, so that we have no actual way to pay a debt.  Trying to pay a debt with I.O.U.s just results in more debt.

So what is the answer and way out of this apparent conundrum? 

First, remember what you have already given the Blighters in exchange.  You have no debt to them. They are in debt to you.  

Second, remember that there can be no interest or service fees owed on a non-existent debt.  Any expense servicing this purported debt is also part of their debt to you. 

Third, remember that even though these THINGS that owe you all this money are incorporated and in theory are eligible for public bankruptcy protection so long as you don't object to shouldering their debts for them, they lose the benefit of the corporate "veil" when they engage in unlawful activity. 

Fourth, while you are wondering -- but who can get blood out of a turnip?  If these corporations are bankrupt, there is no way to recoup our losses.... except by seizing upon their assets and all the ill-gotten profits they have salted away. 

Remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed, and the energy they derived from our blood money, our labor, our "performance" has not disappeared.  It has gone into the wrong hands but it has not vanished. 

These same men who were busy defrauding us were salting away their gains and they were investing it in commodities and Fortune 500 Companies and guns and gold and silver and land acquisitions. 

Now all that they accummulated by graft and force under color of law is yours.  The only argument is how to manage all of it without them acting as middlemen -- and how to get your credit and other assets returned to you. 

The rats want you to stop using cash and to lose faith in cash, in order to move you over to something even more worthless --- so called "digital currency", which costs them even less to produce, and which they can control and monitor and use for political discipline, just as the Bible predicted they would. 

It's time to use your discernment and let them know that you know what they are up to, and it's not going to work.  

Write to the members of the local Congressional Delegation and others responsible today.  Write to the bank presidents.  Write to the generals. Write to the church officials.  Let them address the problem they've created.

Banks around the world are refusing cash withdrawals and are closing accounts of conservative people, seeking to control and impoverish their political opponents.  

This is against the law. 

They are trying to justify this based on claiming the existence of an "emergency" brought about by their own fraud and graft.  We have news for them.  

There is no such thing as "Emergency Powers". 

They are obligated to act within the limitations of the respective Constitutions at all times with respect to us and our property, and if they do not, they can be jailed and they can be hung for treason. 

This is information that they and the Principals responsible for them need to know.  


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