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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Monopoly - Who Owns the World?


  1. The Creator ownes the creation,



  3. You think they would 'honor' that prepaid creditor digital freedom card you plan to receive


    And don't think for one minute this shit is not being implemented here and in clandestine ways selling it to you as your freedom

  5. Right on 'Q'

  6. This AG promoting

    And then look at this AG here who tells ya how much they get paid to traffic

    ACT 27

    World wide criminal operations and they are the minions helping them destroy the families
    Bearing in mind that the need to extend particular care to the child has been stated in the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child of 1924 and in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1959 and recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (in particular in articles 23 and 24), in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (in particular in article 10) and in the statutes and relevant instruments of specialized agencies and international organizations concerned with the welfare of children

    Every single one of these minions including the AG is part of the international crime network and CPS CORPORATION that is kidnapping children under the guise of protecting them

    And prey tell as parents go without 'jobs' and no 'money aka god' these pricks and their social agents will collect the children and the mooneyes provided to them for their job done

    You don't see that AG spilling the beans of what they and CPS does now do you
    Nope he is on tell a vision promoting this shit movie of which they say nothing of the sort about the operations of the fake states and their criminal network

    And hey Mel boy here has a new one coming in 2024 JIT for their big reveal to the dumb ass masses

    The Utah AG just got a $40,000 year pay raise too

  7. This is a masterpiece

  8. 5:23 listen up

    Hence the terra carta

    Also relates to this writing

  9. And I don't believe for one second that this man has done all of this of his own accord

    Nor is that water coming back by accident either or because of snow melt off

    Interesting he used the word illuminating and several others along the way as well

  10. And now you get stuff like this

    And then there is this and the filing of UCC's

    Sasha Stone and BB and his interview presented on this blog year or so back about the UCC and you a learnin to study and use it?


  11. Yet another COMMITTEE

    The build back better plan

    The foxes are guarding the hen house

    The horned buffalo guy from PHOENIX on jan 6
    Man from PHOENIX wearing the buffalo horns

  12. Anyone remember the movie Towering Inferno?
    Odd no that stories abound about escaping the 81st floor

    Links it all to get her

    Code talking

  13. The financers (fi nan seers)

    And the relatives who made the movie
    It's all RELATIVE

    Gibsons new gig to go with the timeline of how they planned all this out

    Ballard looks like Patty Dukes son Sean Astin wearing a mask
    using an alias

  14. CHIP Childrens Health Insurance Program

    GA Godvernment Administration
    CHIP Program

    The UN and AI

    They get paid big bucks to kidnap children in the name of safety and their inclusiveness blah blah blah
    WLA annagrammed LAW
    Childrens Protection

    So the friggin movie was a segway or however the hell you 'spell' it to the already in the making if not already done chipping of the children through CHIP and their benefits program 'keeping them safe and healthy'
    MY ASS

    My great grandsons were recently taken to CPS and I have no doubt this 'agency' will do as they are told or be let go
    They will not bite the corporate hand that puts food on their tables
    I have little doubt that those two souls have already been chipped you know just in case CPS might lose a few
    Big story couple years ago about Texas and CPS and their muck up and losing children and blah blah blah
    That too was a segway in to todays TWILIGHT SAGA
    'G' Those were movies too

    And if you are still CONtributing to these funds then you are complicit in their END GAME

    AND THEY WANT IT NOW (annagrammed NWO)

    The Earth CONstitution and the 'Federation' of Earth
    Says right in their dock u ments that you will all take part in your own self government but of course they did not tell you the details of how you would go about doing that while on lock down and locked out of your bank accounts

    We will guide them gently making them think they are guiding themselves

    Those wascally wabbits

    And yes it is I, Shelby but of course 'IT' information technology and the tracking and tracing of my IP (annagrammed is private eye) address they exactly who the hell I am and my location right down to the latitude and longitude the new NAC (Natural Area Code) code

    Reminds me of the article she wrote about Magnum Mysterium
    Hmm Magnum PI
    An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis
    Written Anno 1623 by Jacob Boehme

    Kabbalistic tradition mentioned on page 2
    Also theosophical platonic tradition

    Go look her article up but here is part of it
    So in this Ancient Language article Anna wrote about

    Mysterium Magnum

    The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of
    By Anna Von Reitz
    The Ancient Language of Our Kind and the Web of Trusts
    The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics.
    The letters (and the sounds we translate them into and use to communicate
    verbally) are just symbols in the same way that numbers are symbols.
    Our brains are hard-wired to function mathematically and our bodies are hard-wired
    to function according to vast networks of mathematical formulas and within set
    parameters of probability.
    The atoms and the molecules they form all follow and derive their order and
    structure and meaning from mathematical structures interacting first with
    electromagnetic energy to form templates and then with the awe-inspiring leap into material existence.

    IT Information Tecnology
    TI Targeted Individual

    Ever HERD of telekenetic information technology


    Statement of Intent with the Minister of France?


  17. The mother ship USS ENTERPRISE
    Reminds me of the picture posted on one of the sites realted to this blog of people walking out of the water and back on to land depicting you've done your paperwork and are now free
    Except are you?
    The Starship Enterprise - a SPACE SHIP
    Land takes up space on the ground on the ball flying though space

    Doing everything on line digital
    It's a mind fuck to the 1 millionth degree

    On this same chart the country of ITALY is an anagram for LAITY = MILK in French, suggesting LAIDY, or LADY, and together imply the MILK LADY, or the Flood Goddess, the Queen of Heaven. The shape of Italy is that of a leg and boot. This ‘leg’ is situated on one side of the HIP of the Black Sea / Mediterranean Watery Womb. Supporting the notion implanted for centuries of the earth being “MOTHER EARTH”, or “GAIA”.
    GAIA - Guaranteed Annual Income Administration or UBI
    ACT #42

    CBCD (drop the 'B' you get CDC when annagrammed. B would be for bank and the link to you being vaccinated and the records and medical record numbers administration (MRNa)

    ACT on Human Trafficking follows ACT 42
    Here is ACT #43

    Both ACTS in play at the same time

    States get paid big bucks have an army of minions at their disposal to do the dirty work for them for a paycheck
    Human Trafficking across country borders, they steal the children in the middle of the night using armed officers to do so then basically eliminate the parents from seeing what the hell they doing with them behind the scenes while they work to fix their mom and dad charging fees for parent classes, supervised visits, can't examine a damned thing these criminals do but they got a watchful eye on you though

    The State Of The State address and signing shit to cooperate with France on economic horseshit

    I thought it was State of State?
    This one here is signing SOI's (not MOU's) huh
    With FRANCE
    Surely that State Of The State shit there is somehow important and the dumb animal farm just don't know those cap it all or should that be 'ol, capitol' letters mean something you helots will never understand
    cap or hat? change your cap or hat and like magic you in a different jurisDICKtion and operating in a different capacity
    Meet John Doe or is that JOHN DOE
    Rolled that shit out decades ago the word helot is used in the movie

    The TRANCEformation and getting the flock to do the work for you
    collecting their doenations (or doughtnations or $nations)along the way


    And 'G' grassroots
    The grassroots ARMY
    Garrett Soldano is an entrepreneur, public speaker and philanthropist.

    A philanthropist in Michigan
    The COUNCIL OF MICHIGAN FOUNDATIONS is a community of philanthropists committed to improving outcomes for Michigan, and beyond.
    Through investing in the state's charitable organizations, convening business, government and nonprofit leaders, collaborating on critical issues, seeking innovative solutions, sharing knowledge and advocating, we leverage our collective voice to increase the impact of Michigan philanthropy.

    For more than 2 decades, people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of his business and personal development events.

    On April 9th, 2020, the Governor of Michigan stripped away our Citizen Rights, Sacred Values and Constitutional Freedoms. He refused to sit in the darkness any longer. He decided to start a Facebook group called “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine”, so he could have a voice. Little did he know that the power of one would lead to the power of many in a very short amount of time.

    The group grew to over 300,000 people in three days. Before Facebook shut it down, it grew to almost 400,000 people in a little over 3 weeks.

    Garrett started another platform called "Grassroots Army" to continue to inspire and motivate America's greatest asset, We The People, to stay activated, engaged and motivated to make positive change throughout our country.

    No doubt it's a set up and you can bet it is meant to be just as it is as they CON the people to make the exact changes that are defined in their Earth CONstitution and World Parliament documents

    Business as usual continues but the minions are recruited to do the homework and work for free to MAKE IT HAPPEN

    It is so in your face if it had been a snake it would have bit you
    byte, terra bytes
    Terra 'Bytes' Carta, Lloyds of London and the sustainable markets CON, starring the one and only, Prince Charles!


    says right in the damned earth CONstitution that you as citizens will all take part in your own self government and doughnate your hard earned cash for the tranceformation as the Earth Federation will incur no cost in setting the whole thing up

    It's a SET UP

  19. And don't this just tickle you fancy

    The Department of TRANCEportation is soliciting doenations to stop human trafficking

    READ all the pages here
    A clip from page 3
    This shit has been in the works for decades

    SEMCOG's Task Force on Workforce Development in the Changing Economy and its Education Advisory Council are working to help Southeast Michigan communities adjust to the new economic reality caused by changes in the region's economy. The recommendations in this report provide practical ideas and assistance to help address the consequences of the economic change and move the region forward in developing a knowledge-based economy.

    Preparation of this document may be financed in part through grants from and in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Transportation with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration; the Michigan Department of Natural Resources with the assistance of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning; and local membership contributions.

    Human Capital (I think this was a typo... it should have been "cattle" :)

    Human capital is the development of an educated and skilled workforce that will enable the region to compete with other regions and states for business investment. It requires collaboration between education, government, business, and community/nonprofits to raise educational standards, and awareness of the impact of education on quality of life and economic success. In addition, human capital development depends on ensuring that education is affordable; aligning curriculum skills with future workforce needs; and coordinating training programs so that students can build on previous educational experiences. The recommendations are:
    Ensure coordination of all levels of education so that students can build upon previous educational experiences and prepare for lifelong learning,
    Make education and training more affordable,
    Align current curriculum skills with future workforce needs, and
    Insist that early childhood education remains a priority.

  20. At this point, if the word "communism" isn't upper most in your mind, then you should review the material above from the standpoint of central planning of the economy, the linkage of education and "workplace skills" to transform the schools into a supply chain management system for work. And it's also the time to start linking up the violent school incidents - (i.e. Columbine, Virginia Tech, police initiated terrorist "drills" at the schools). Resistance to the agenda has a price - not for the reason of political philosophy - but for the reason of how much money is being made by a few for implementing the police state, command and control mechanisms necessary for the communist system. It should be obvious by now that communism is a confidence game run by a criminal government and the thugs they hire both on and off the books to restrain people while their property is being stolen and they are being abused.

    Child/Human trafficking and the CORPORATION they created known as CPS
    4500 minions strong doing the bidding of the AG destroying one family at a time and getting paid to do so, it's their JOB, PROFESSION
    CHIP - Childrens Hellth Insurance Program
    Hell you chip your dogs and cats why not chip your kids(goats)
    The word GOAT = when a YOUNG GOAT = KIDS
    A HE-GOAT = Billy-Goat – a B and G word.
    A SHE-GOAT = Nanny-Goat = INANNA a name relating to a MOON-FLOOD GODDESS.

    Water bury under water, CONnect the dots

  21. Blow hard here

    Gee I wonder if that includes CPS and CRIS Court Registry and Investment System
    Investment funds for those there bid bonds, performance bonds and payment bonds
    The courts are trafficking everyone including children themselves

  22. And by all means CHIP in
    Dear Patron: Please don't scroll past this. The Internet Archive is a nonprofit fighting for universal access to quality information, powered by online donations averaging $17. Join the one in a thousand users that support us financially—if our library is useful to you, please pitch in.

    The money is fiat/debt notes and worthless to you but this 'non prophet' wants all of it they can gather to help keep the internet archive 'alive'
    PATREON/CONSUMER, same thing

    ecommerce, electronic commerce

    Like the DIGITAL INDIA CORPORATION here otherwise known as DICK

    3. Assistance to other departments in the promotion of E-Governance, E- Commerce, E- Medicine, E- Infrastructure, etc.
    8. Initiative on bridging the Digital Divide: Matters relating to Digital India Corporation.


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