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Monday, July 10, 2023

The Sound of Freedom?

 By Anna Von Reitz

"It would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea....."

I have to say, I am relieved that the movie is out and in the theaters, after five years of talking about it being released.  

It's heartening to see Michael Rothschild reduced to begging people not to see it and trying to dismiss it as QAnon politics.  That's amusing. 

We've known about this Evil for thousands of years, but suddenly, it's Qanon making it all up?   

What do you think it means in the Bible, throughout the Old Testament, where the True God says, "I did not tell you to pass your sons and daughters through the fire...."   and all the constant, though not graphic references to burning children and especially babies alive to honor Molloch?  A foreign and detestable god?  An idol?  

What did you think was going on in the Valley of Hinnom?  

How about the great temple at Balbek? Or should I spell it properly as "Baalbek"?   They weren't just sacrificing animals there. 

How about Carthage?  Why was it that the Romans felt they had to destroy it or be destroyed?  

How about Hansel and Gretel? Look at the plot line: evil witch lures children to a remote place with the intent to kill them and throw them in an oven? Bake them for dinner?  Hello? 

Throughout the Middle East, Anatolia, Eastern Europe, and much of Africa, there have always been cannibals and sex-based magic.  There have always been those who worshipped "the Dark Gods" and spilled blood in their names. 

In South America, too.  Huge temples devoted to tearing out the living hearts from victims of this savagery, and stone troughs constructed right into the buildings to carry away the torrents of human blood.  

How about the Druids in Ireland, killing people by the thousands to create the ancient "Blood Seals" like the one on Bardsey Island.  Who were those "20,000 Saints" the island is famous for, but victims sacrificed?  

What about your own Christian Communion Cup?  

Yeshuah's big renovation on the Samaritan custom of drinking blood was to substitute wine for blood, but it still symbolizes what?   His blood.  His sacrifice of himself to overcome this Evil. 

He substituted himself for all the other people and creatures that would otherwise be killed to satisfy the Evil Ones. Mary Magdalene, a Samaritan, told us as much when she anointed him. 

How about the decade long killing spree in Chicago, Illinois, in the 1960's when little boys didn't dare to go to public swimming pools without adult chaperones for fear of having their penises lopped off and themselves left to die from blood loss?  

How about the witches that used to ride the trains from Chicago to Wisconsin and Michigan and Minnesota to steal children?  

Dogs where I come from were trained to recognize witches from the smell of the ritual herbs and incense they used.  

Do you think the witches stopped coming, just because the train service stopped?  No, they drove up I-94 in limousines, instead.  

Remember all the names and faces looking back at you from milk cartons?  All the "Missing Child" flyers posted on bulletin boards at supermarkets, courthouses, and public libraries? 

These Liars always have a lot of money. That's because they have had the government-backed franchise to create the "idol" -- regardless whatever the idol is made from: gold, silver, engraved paper ("graven images"), or as it is now, mere digits entered on a computer ledger.

And because they have money (hey, they make it, literally, and paper is cheap and computer digits are cheaper) they invest in all sorts of other things that are Evil, too.  

Wars for profit, drugs, courthouses turned into theaters, market rigging, commodity rigging, piracy, privateering, racketeering and extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking --- it's all based on money and the delusions associated with money.  

It is more than enough to make a Third Party Observer think that we are all insane and not worth saving.  How could we be this stupid?  

We all have cause to know that our life is our most important attribute. We all have cause to know that our children are our greatest gift.  We all have cause to know that our soul can only abide in our bodies because the blood carries its energetic template -- the Bible tells us so. 

What do we do with this knowledge?  Stick our fingers in our ears like chimpanzees?  

The Dark Ones aren't gods.  They are energetic parasites.  Like ticks and fleas and lice, they feed off our power, which they steal from us at every opportunity, most often by substituting what is intrinsically worthless for something supremely valuable. 

Money for children, for example.  

We could stop these evils overnight and forever, simply by waking up and realizing that money is an illusion --- nothing more than a fakir's trick, and the Dark Ones are nothing more than those benefiting from the fraud. 

Without money or, alternatively, enough money for everyone on Earth, money (aka "Molloch") would have no power at all.  

It all comes down to that government contract to produce money.  

Look at the Federal Reserve for what it really is: a group of old and evil men, caught up in a delusion, creating graven images-- dollar bills redefined as promissory notes, stocks, bonds, etc., and profiting themselves from doing this.  

They give the government a fat cut.  The government is happy.  

And you?  You are on the other end of the stick, stuck paying for their fantasies and debts with your life, your labor, and your assets.  And too often, your children, too.    

The real sound of freedom comes when we free our minds. 

It comes when we open up our eyes and minds and look at the "money" in our wallets and the digits on our account statements and think: WTH?  What is this?  

That's when all this Evil and craziness ends.  That's when we consign Molloch to the dustbin of history.  That's when we free ourselves and our children forever, and pay ourselves the credit we are owed. 


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