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Monday, July 10, 2023

It’s Not Shocking If You Know British History

 By Anna Von Reitz

This short video about the British Raj in India appeared under the title, “Wow! This Is Shocking!” —- yet, it’s information I thought everyone including the Democrats knew. 

Mahatma Gandhi led the largest, most peaceful, and most successful government changeover in all of world history against the brutal and self-serving British Raj in India and it wasn’t that long ago that it all happened and culminated in 1949. 

News clips about this massive struggle of peaceful non-compliance against the British Empire were everywhere when I was growing up, but apparently, as on so many other occasions, the British Book and Media Burning Machine has been at work trying to suppress the memory of what they did to India during the horrible tenure of their “British Territorial Government” known as “The Raj”. 

Watch this short video and realize that since our country was founded the British have been pushing the same agenda here and in many other countries worldwide. 

And if you want evidence that these same evil practices have been the hallmark of the British Government for hundred of years, read the list of grievances Thomas Jefferson penned as part of The Declaration of Independence and realize that we have the same and worse grievances against the British Government today

Watch the Sons of Liberty Mini-Series to get a vague sense of how bad things were in Boston. 

Then compare and contrast: the American Raj the Colonies versus the  British Raj in India and versus the conditions we see today — again. 

The British Government has always been elitist, brutal, greedy, selfish, dishonorable, untrustworthy and uncaring.  It has been a psychopath among the nations of the Earth ever since the days of King Henry VIII.  

It’s not an accident that the abuse in 18th century America and 19th century India are echoed in 21st century America.  

All this privateering under color of law has been Britain’s stock and trade for hundreds of years.  

This is just another reason why the ugly British incursions and wars for profit and brutal occupations of land that doesn’t belong to them has to be addressed: 


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  1. Wow, the Stramer and Von Reitz censorship machine must be down.

  2. Also see:

  3. Would it make sense to explain to all involved that there are four sovereign entities in our check and balance system here in America that India did not have. Let's list them: The individual,county,State,Federal Government are those having sovereignty in one way or another in our American system. All four of these entities must do their job or we will loose our "golden sparrow" status.

  4. Is it time for a road trip?


  5. Neil Keenan Update :
    2023Jul3, YouTube

    Neil Keenan had been saying about Chinese elders’ (Dragon family?) Gold vault. He said that they(team Keenan) would use them(gold) for the development of free energy technology (cost of the plan was : US$ 1 trillion).

    This was a story in 2010 or so.

    Someone would have been deceived.
    There were/are already Free energy technologies.


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