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Friday, February 18, 2022

Spread This Like Manure on a Field in Springtime

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember when I told you that HIV was contained in some batches of the vaccine? 
That was part of why FB slapped my hands and shut down my account for a week. 
And now, here it is on the BBC: 

Who knew?  As usual, the Tin Hats who bothered to look not the Mainstream Media 

In fact, in all our testing of all the various batches of "vaccine" HIV was the only virus present. No coronavirus at all.  Zip. Nada. 

And we have proof that the corporation officers in Australia knew it, too, because early on politicians in Australia halted the phony vaccine roll-out because monogamous heterosexual couples were mysteriously testing positive for HIV after receiving the injections.  

So, it's time to:  Kill the corps!  Kill the corps!  Kill the corps!  

Murder Pfizer! Mangle Moderna! Mash Johnson and Johnson!  Macerate AstraZeneca! 
Obliterate NIH!  Pulverize CDC!  Outlaw WHO!  Liquidate! Liquidate! Liquidate! 

Sell all stocks and liquidate all investments in any of these Big Pharma corporations and do it now because the Ax Man Cometh for them and all the corporation officers responsible for this, too.  The punishment may easily go down to the shareholder level, so all you brain dead heartless investors who supported this for profit stand to get your weenies whacked, too. 

No corporate veil.  No Raj.  No "immunity" from "CONGRESS".  

Doctors, tear up your "licenses" and cancel any affiliation with the AMA ---and Hospital Administrators, quit and run.  Hike up your skirts, Ladies, and go find a nice cave to live in. They have you set up as the Fall Guys, the mindless security guards at the Concentration Camps, "just following orders" and taking the payola. 

Not only were batches of the "vaccine" spiked with HIV, but the mRNA spike protein causes endemic, permanent, systemic inflammation that wears out the immune system and causes "VAIDs" --- vaccine induced AIDS.  

And unless we can find a way to short-circuit this, everyone who received any of these "vaccines" --- except the placebo group --- are going to die sooner than later, and mostly of a wide variety of loathsome chronic wasting diseases. 

Take your pick: immediate poisoning, myocarditis, AIDS, VAIDS, COPD, Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Thrombosis, Adrenal Failure. Neurological Diseases -- Parkinson's, ALS, MS.  

If you want more proof of guilt, here's the NIH shredding evidence: 

But, just between you and me, it's not going to do them any good.  We already have everything. 

Also, just between you and me, don't give up on your lives or the lives of loved ones just yet, even though this is debilitating news.  We are working hard on epigenetic blockers to thwart the mRNA spike protein code, natural substances that reset the body's immune system, and so much more.  

For millions of vaxxed people worldwide the news, "Hey, you're going to die because of this, and the insurance companies are trying to dick your survivors by claiming you committed a voluntary suicide." ----may be their final wake up call, but it is a wake up call, and they and their unvaxxed family members have nothing better to do now than bring this "system" and the criminals behind it, down. 


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Today's Burning Question

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now, I don't have time today to look into this myself, but all you Junior Woodchuck Explorers out there are invited to do me proud and nail down and document the answer. 

Who bought Fort Detrick?  Or traded debt for it?  

Fort Detrick was the home of the U.S. Bioweapons program and also the hub for DARPA research in related fields. 

All of a sudden, out of the blue, Fort Detrick was moth-balled. 

There were some minor squeaks about the facility being dated and the need to privatize contracts (more payola for cronies) with more modern facilities, blah, blah, blah..... but no actual convincing logical reason for this sudden closure. 

But, yes, there is a logic to it.  

Obama was selling off everything that wasn't nailed down, and if one of his creditors wanted Fort Detrick in settlement of his corporation's debts ---- well, sure, Hoss, he was ready and willing, either for cash or a suitable debt reduction.  

Some creditor that the USA, INC. was in hock to, wanted Fort Detrick.  

Now all we have to do, is find out who.   

Was it China?  Black Rock?  Vanguard?  State Street?  The Crown?  Bill Gates?  Aunt Millie? 

Whoever acquired Fort Detrick most likely acquired all the collected bioweapon stockpiles and research, lock, stock, and barrel.  

That would explain why the world is being assaulted all of a sudden with super-infectious influenza, HIV, Bird Flu, and now, Ebola. 

Find out who acquired Fort Detrick and we will have the Smoking Gun  --- and the criminals behind it. 


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Money Talks.... Sometimes

 By Anna Von Reitz

God is good. And he has a great sense of humor.

Ask yourselves ---- who is being hurt financially by this whole "live exercise" fiasco? 

Everyone worldwide has been paying through the nose, and people are losing their lives, but who else? Who else stands to lose their shirts? 

Insurance companies stand to be the Biggest Losers in this World Wrestling Federation Grudge Match.  Knowing this, they are already busily off-loading risky policies ---- anyone who was vaccinated --- and fighting against life insurance claims from families who lost vaccinated loved ones. 

So far, two out of two cases have been ruled voluntary vaccine suicides.  The decisions are under appeal, but simple families who lost loved ones are being forced to fight the very institutions that are supposed to help them in their hour of need. 

But who else? 

Wall Street.  Wall Street is losing Big Time, and they don't like to lose. 

So guess what?  

All those huge crooked nasty securities investment firms, all those boutique banks, all those gargantuan pension funds, all those traders, all those investment advisors, all those clearinghouses, and all their lawyers and all their bankers are hopping mad! 

They turned their Analytics on the data coming off the Plandemic and they now know the truth. Imagine it?  What is the Mainstream Media going to do?  Claim that Wall Street is full of ignorant hayseed "conspiracy theorists" cracking nuts and eating pig's ears out in the barn? 

They are ready to "kill" --- in the white collar sense ---  the Medical Cabal, right down to the American Medical Association and related Sacred Cows and illegal closed-shop monopolies. 

Hey, Kids, this is going to be The Battle Royale.  

And it's not taking place in the Crimea again.  Their slimy False Flag attacking a Kindergarten --- why is it always the little kids, huh?  Big, bad men taking it out on little kids.... 

Anyway..... get out the popcorn.  This is going to be good.  Godzilla meets Mothra.  

Wall Street as a Committee of the Whole, busting the Medical Cabal and Big Pharma using every trick in the Big Book of Dirty Tricks.  And once they really get going, who knows?  

Maybe they will clean up their own acts, and take a good long look at "CONGRESS"? 

I should also say that numerous major players on Wall Street and worldwide, have lost loved ones, so for them, this is personal.  There are scores to settle. 

And Main Street will be here, cheering them on.  

Who'd a thunk?  


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Notice to all Galactic Federation of Planets Forces, Agents and Council Members 2.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

You are receiving false information and misdirection from an individual person presenting himself as John Curren Chapman III, pretending to be "God of the Sol Solar System and Planet Terra". 

He is a Liar and styles himself as "The Devil".  

Our Lawful Due Process on this planet has determined that neither "The Devil" nor his Off-Spring have any standing or claim to anything here on Terra, also known as the Earth. 

They immigrated here from Mars, known as Gaia, where they similarly acted as violent parasites and destroyed their home planet.  

We took them in as refugees, fed them, cared for them, gave them homes ---- and instead of repaying our kindness with kindness, they set to work to undermine our lawful government and to pillage our planet. 

You see the results. 

These Martians are not native to our planet and have no right to claim one blade of grass here. 

Their home planet, Mars, also known is Gaia, could be restored and brought to life again with sufficient investment of time, materials, and scientific expertise, but it is an open question whether these individuals would be competent to re-colonize it, or would continue their path of destruction and piracy and parasitism.  

I am one of those faithful Seraphs set here to monitor events and assist in extremis to prevent destruction of the biosphere.  I am a Senior Field Commander and have been on post for over 60,000 Earth years, so I have first-hand knowledge of these events and am prepared to testify. 

Mr. Chapman has attempted to pull another scam and thinks that disparaging the name I was given in this lifetime, Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck, will help him continue with his fraud.  

He claims I am a dishonored "human" and that he is representative of the Family of Mann. 

The Galactic Federation and Federation of Planets and the Precessional Council and everyone else addressed knows what a Seraph is and my nature is obvious to anyone who cares to look.  The fact that Mr. Chapman cannot perceive me as I am indicates his low level of functionality and demonstrates the unreliability of his perceptions.  

I am here to testify that Mr. Chapman is of Martian descent and that he and his helpers are deliberately obscuring the actual history and bloodlines of what we call The Family of Mann, which is indigenous to this planet.  

The Family of Man was developed using five primary autonomous brain stem genetic heritages, four reptilian and one amphibian.  These account also for the major blood types found in the natural genome of Mankind on this planet. 

As a result people may exhibit aspects of their heritage in this respect, especially as regards their ability to process, access, and express elements of the subconscious.  

The turtle-based members of the family tend to live long and are wise and kind, but tend not to reproduce in great numbers.  The fish are pleasant-tempered, curious, inventive, and sociable, but tend to be irresponsible and short-lived.  The lizards may be sociable or reclusive, are calculating, intelligent, and gifted in their ability to manipulate materials.  The snakes are clever, but not wise, given to prevarication and imagination and superstition of all kinds; at their best, they are highly creative, but at their worst, they are liars and criminals. The amphibians are gentle, versatile, trusting, open-minded, and have a gift for empathy and healing others. 

The Martians come from a different heritage entirely and while they are attempting to represent The Family of Mann, it is directly observable that they present humanoid characteristics and genetics that are foreign to this planet.  They represent on average, less than four percent of the population here.  Their own Martian royalty which has nothing to do with any sovereignty here, amounts to about 4,000 souls. 

They have attempted to misrepresent this circumstance as evidence that they are special and part of a ruling class, when in fact, they are refugees.  By  my observation, they tend to be habitual liars, lack any natural sense of right or wrong, and are fond of violence. 

It is my recommendation that the Galactic Federation and various Councils intervene to stop their latest scheme, which is to initiate yet another war, to enrich themselves and create a smokescreen to cover their other criminal activities, which include illegal and immoral biowarfare, and financial crimes related to the system of idolatry they brought to this planet. 

This war would be a reckless and unacceptable risk to the biosphere and would involve what they call "limited nuclear war" which would further deteriorate the atmosphere and lead to increased climate instability and damage to the Earth's magnetosphere, to say nothing of the damage to plant and animal life, and the lives and the homes and businesses of millions of peaceful Earthlings. 

We have asked for the Martians and other violent and destructive and unauthorized foreign lifeforms to be removed and resettled elsewhere.  This request is in accord with Universal Law.  The genuine families of Mann deserve to have peace and a chance to evolve in their own way and in their own good time without interference from criminals. 

As we are now in Precessional Transition, we wish for this removal to take place now, which is also in accord with Universal Law.  

A group of pirates styling themselves as the Saturnine Brotherhood has been working with the Martians, having evaded removal ever since the Age of Scorpio.  Other Transitional Councils have left this scourge on Earth and have not exercised Due Diligence with regard to their purification duties.  

I know this for sure because I have been here and I am sick of dealing with it.  If these lawful requests are not honored immediately, I will take this directly to the Creator for settlement.  

The one known as Ana to all your generations. 


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