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Friday, February 18, 2022

Notice to all Galactic Federation of Planets Forces, Agents and Council Members 2.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

You are receiving false information and misdirection from an individual person presenting himself as John Curren Chapman III, pretending to be "God of the Sol Solar System and Planet Terra". 

He is a Liar and styles himself as "The Devil".  

Our Lawful Due Process on this planet has determined that neither "The Devil" nor his Off-Spring have any standing or claim to anything here on Terra, also known as the Earth. 

They immigrated here from Mars, known as Gaia, where they similarly acted as violent parasites and destroyed their home planet.  

We took them in as refugees, fed them, cared for them, gave them homes ---- and instead of repaying our kindness with kindness, they set to work to undermine our lawful government and to pillage our planet. 

You see the results. 

These Martians are not native to our planet and have no right to claim one blade of grass here. 

Their home planet, Mars, also known is Gaia, could be restored and brought to life again with sufficient investment of time, materials, and scientific expertise, but it is an open question whether these individuals would be competent to re-colonize it, or would continue their path of destruction and piracy and parasitism.  

I am one of those faithful Seraphs set here to monitor events and assist in extremis to prevent destruction of the biosphere.  I am a Senior Field Commander and have been on post for over 60,000 Earth years, so I have first-hand knowledge of these events and am prepared to testify. 

Mr. Chapman has attempted to pull another scam and thinks that disparaging the name I was given in this lifetime, Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger - von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck, will help him continue with his fraud.  

He claims I am a dishonored "human" and that he is representative of the Family of Mann. 

The Galactic Federation and Federation of Planets and the Precessional Council and everyone else addressed knows what a Seraph is and my nature is obvious to anyone who cares to look.  The fact that Mr. Chapman cannot perceive me as I am indicates his low level of functionality and demonstrates the unreliability of his perceptions.  

I am here to testify that Mr. Chapman is of Martian descent and that he and his helpers are deliberately obscuring the actual history and bloodlines of what we call The Family of Mann, which is indigenous to this planet.  

The Family of Man was developed using five primary autonomous brain stem genetic heritages, four reptilian and one amphibian.  These account also for the major blood types found in the natural genome of Mankind on this planet. 

As a result people may exhibit aspects of their heritage in this respect, especially as regards their ability to process, access, and express elements of the subconscious.  

The turtle-based members of the family tend to live long and are wise and kind, but tend not to reproduce in great numbers.  The fish are pleasant-tempered, curious, inventive, and sociable, but tend to be irresponsible and short-lived.  The lizards may be sociable or reclusive, are calculating, intelligent, and gifted in their ability to manipulate materials.  The snakes are clever, but not wise, given to prevarication and imagination and superstition of all kinds; at their best, they are highly creative, but at their worst, they are liars and criminals. The amphibians are gentle, versatile, trusting, open-minded, and have a gift for empathy and healing others. 

The Martians come from a different heritage entirely and while they are attempting to represent The Family of Mann, it is directly observable that they present humanoid characteristics and genetics that are foreign to this planet.  They represent on average, less than four percent of the population here.  Their own Martian royalty which has nothing to do with any sovereignty here, amounts to about 4,000 souls. 

They have attempted to misrepresent this circumstance as evidence that they are special and part of a ruling class, when in fact, they are refugees.  By  my observation, they tend to be habitual liars, lack any natural sense of right or wrong, and are fond of violence. 

It is my recommendation that the Galactic Federation and various Councils intervene to stop their latest scheme, which is to initiate yet another war, to enrich themselves and create a smokescreen to cover their other criminal activities, which include illegal and immoral biowarfare, and financial crimes related to the system of idolatry they brought to this planet. 

This war would be a reckless and unacceptable risk to the biosphere and would involve what they call "limited nuclear war" which would further deteriorate the atmosphere and lead to increased climate instability and damage to the Earth's magnetosphere, to say nothing of the damage to plant and animal life, and the lives and the homes and businesses of millions of peaceful Earthlings. 

We have asked for the Martians and other violent and destructive and unauthorized foreign lifeforms to be removed and resettled elsewhere.  This request is in accord with Universal Law.  The genuine families of Mann deserve to have peace and a chance to evolve in their own way and in their own good time without interference from criminals. 

As we are now in Precessional Transition, we wish for this removal to take place now, which is also in accord with Universal Law.  

A group of pirates styling themselves as the Saturnine Brotherhood has been working with the Martians, having evaded removal ever since the Age of Scorpio.  Other Transitional Councils have left this scourge on Earth and have not exercised Due Diligence with regard to their purification duties.  

I know this for sure because I have been here and I am sick of dealing with it.  If these lawful requests are not honored immediately, I will take this directly to the Creator for settlement.  

The one known as Ana to all your generations. 


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  1. Maybe its me....why are 99% of your writings grounded and more than believable and probable based on things and events I can reasonably prove and then this ?
    I have read almost everything that has been published here, on your website andc on fb when I am not kicked off.. This stuff is just like science about some preface before the channel switches and szome footnotes...I am really trying here...

    1. Patriot56
      Be a patient grasshopper. In your lifetime, have you not seen and read much science fiction become reality in time? Is not today's smartphone light years past caption kirk's communicator ? I can identify with your post, I too have read much of anna's writings. Started back when in the low three hundreds when I first found her webbsite. Nope, not read all, but much being what most would call homeless. Not always having a computer and internet, or so called government identifying paperwork. 
      Be patient, the Truth will find you if you are being still, and hungry for it.
      Pray for the day there will be no more secrets because everything hidden shall be revealed.

    2. Everyone have a listen

      It's all bullshit

      Remember their fake space bullshit an add a fake ass Galactic Council amd what do ya get a made for television and computer alt media save the world campaign bought and paid for by the very pricks bringing us the shew

  2. Having followed Anna for 2 years now and becoming a State National, with countless hours of research, you would think that someone of her intellectual caliber and legal mind would use discretion on some topics. I believe everything she has taught about the law, our fake government service providers and the epic fraud committed against us. But this? You are going to convince the masses to go against the behemoth and bring back our country through our assemblies with this? Sorry, it gives me serious pause.

    1. ...then you are acting wisely. :)

  3. Channeling again? There is no such entity as "Galactic Federation".

    "If these lawful requests are not honored immediately, I will take this directly to the Creator for settlement."....LOL...sure you will

    1. Copy the following link and read down the page:

  4. "You would thing the galactic council knew this already."
    shelby, this had me laughing til tears filled my eyes!

    "And geez send the sheep on yet another whild goose chase."
    yes, yet another of "annainc's" phantasmagorical encounters with the Rulers of Time and Space that none if us "mere mortals" can participate in. smmffttt :):)
    thank GOD!!!!!

    "You just gotta wait for the writers at langely to gather all their source made up material to be posted to the wiki."
    this is a knee-slapper! cant quit chuckling.:)

    girl you could do stand-up comedy with these one-liners:) thanks for the giggles this morning!

    1. You noticed that my comments were removed

      Unfortunately I did not copy my comments yesterday I had to run out for a bit and was side tracked without making copy of

      But thats ok I know what they were

      Glad I made you laugh

      If they can control your mind it's game over and they win


      Drop the MIC (military industrial complex)
      Hollywood elite, the state and the kirk/church
      The illuminated trinity

      Ever heard the words SPACE CADETS
      The space is in between your ears and the control of your mind and perception is all that is required for them to take total control

  5. hi will,
    i guess youll find this comment back to you.
    yes, those comments were bold. i liked the one that said we need to start teaching Informational Literacy. true.
    took a few scribblenotes:
    imo, a key paragraph or so (around 4th para) in the first(?) article:
    was about him using rhetoric and unprecedented constitutional action against the trucking convoy and its MULTI FACETED SUPPORTERS!!!!
    ¡¡¡OUCH!!! loolololoool.
    and that his [OVER]reaction was to divert attention away from the flawed and FAILING WEF guidelines he used to structure his policies!
    Omg! ¡¡¡SLAP!!! its like watching him fall headfirst down the political staircase.
    and: the *subversive* ideas of the Trudie Liberal Govt. have fired up resistance (to WEF ideas).
    whoa! ¡¡¡SIT IN THE CORNER, FACE THE WALL!!! His fault!
    and, rather than facing ideological BREAKDOWN, hes attacking his critics ON *OTHER* GROUNDS!
    Calling him a Political Inept, Failure, Coward and Bullie???

    theyre nearly calling him a unpopular coward with no friends and a broken set of policies nobody wants that hes forcing on people because hes too inept and discompassionate to face the truth and try to fix what is NOT WORKING!!!
    imo. could be wrong.
    but wheweeee!!! thats twenty miles of rough road.
    then, the vaxx munnie.
    i let that percolate while i was working around here today:
    there's no evidence, so:
    1. does he/family have a history of such behaviors (ex.:Bidrns?)
    2. are the peoples riches and natural source materials being taken from them unlawfully by the Corporations Officers pretending to be our Govts?
    3. we dont know the definitions for the words they are using because they are operating in Commerce, using LegalFICTION definitions.
    4. they deceive as often by Omission as by Commission so, even if they SAY "hes not A. or B. or C.".... that *doesnt* mean he isnt "D", which may be even worse than A,B,orC--- which they just happened to not mention.
    5. maybe somebody is collecting the munnie for him, in their name, but hes not a shareholder/ other "on the "books"".
    so, all this in mind, it is probably as likely as not that hes invested somehow. we might find out many more are too.

    1. just watched Gov from Montana, and then on another broadcast the Gov for Nebraska invite the Canadian Truckers to come to Nebraska to live and work; and to Montana:same.
      They both said their states need experienced Truckers and would welcome the Truckers to become Citizens (of the U. S. i think) and to come and bring their families to live and work here!

      justin Trudeau is such a dummie! hes got these fantastic, good-hearted people, and some of the most breathtakingly beautiful land and scenery and all this wide open space pristine water and air and all those trees, and the fishing and so much more that he could be taking care of and appreciating the honor of doing so, but look at what hes up to instead... making himself and everybody else misersble.
      what a way to live. but Canadians probably realize the seriousness of whats going on.
      if they havent got anyone to "redpill" them like you did with that friend/company owner of yours its probably very hard to make sense out of though. it probably just looks scary as hell itself.

    2. and i wondered today as i was thinking about all this:
      just when is it appropriate for the other nations to step in?
      and how do they do it?
      then i heard a little blurb that somebody had started a letter to somebody but didnt catch any of the details but they had been talking about the situation in canada so i was hoping some of the governors and others were reaching out to tell him they were going to sanction HIM, not Canadian Trade, if he didnt quit abusing the Canadian people!!
      this will be interesting if thats what happened since ole sleepyjoe supposedly left the backdoor to this country flappin in the wind so any reject from any other country can walk across the border and then disappear into our cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

    3. WEF, World Earth Federation perhaps under the guidance of the Galactic Council/Federation of space cadets?

      And this on line reputationdefender stuff hmm another new product to make you take on the persona and fight like hell to defend it when they made it all FICTION
      This is very long but I would suggest you have a listen

      They're inviting you to consent in many ways to being the persona they created in FICTION

  6. I love your creative mind, Anna. Yes, we wish for the removal of the Galatic space criminals now. Our Creator has "remembered" their crimes which means he's about to act. Revelations 18:5-8; Daniel 2:44; Luke 21: 25-28

  7. Yesterday's Sci-Fi, is today's reality. There are many lessons and warnings hidden in Sci-Fi Tv and movies:

    Obviously, Anna may have been thinking of this South Park episode, and has an open mind, like many of us who learned all our most valuable lessons from watching Star Trek, Star Gate SG1, etc., or whose parents worked at NASA, and as a result, our norm is to think "outside of the box."

    1. I love your creative mind, Anna. Yes, we wish for the removal of the Galatic space criminals now. Our Creator has "remembered" their crimes which means he's about to act. Revelations 18:5-8; Daniel 2:44; Luke 21: 25-28

  8. What we have been watching on TV programs and in movies is known as predictive programming. Done by evil forces to brainwash the public into believing what is real is science fiction, what is truth is conspiracy. Anna isn't a liar or over the edge at all. Disclosure has been occurring already, and it's unfortunate that when all of the lies are revealed, your programming won't allow you to know all of this is real.

  9. I have said for weeks now. These evil entities need to be gathered up and given a one way ticket to Mars. Little did I know how right I was.

  10. I can't say it enough you need to watch this

    It is very long but you better listen up as you can when you have the time

    As I said before all of these associations are working towards this and the NGO's are part of it and so is the Association of Governors that passed the common core edjewcation bullshit
    1 hour and 40 minutes have a listen
    They have inverted everything
    1 hour 55 minues in LISTEN UP FOLKS
    All the people working on this shit are working to our future enslavement

    1. Go watch Designated Survivor

      Not predictive programming, it is their blueprint

  11. Ana, thank you for all your good work. It is widely valued across the anglophone AltNews community worldwide and, I hope, further beyond that.

    I have a question. You say in your post above that you are a Seraph (a Seraph with a capital S). In standard English usage, a seraph (with a small s) means a six-winged angel of the highest of the nine angelic orders in heaven.

    My question is this: When you use the word Seraph, what exactly do you mean by that word?

    1. She now has delusions of grandeur.
      Lizard people form of creation and lots of other non biblical
      "truths". Sorry Anna but you are losing the plot.

  12. I can believe you, but now that you have come out and told everyone this truth, you can see how many were not ready. That doesn't surprise me either. I welcome your truth here and Yesterday I ask source to take the rotten ones off of our planet ASAP. I'm sick of it too.

  13. Interesting and provocative to say the least...truth comes in many forms, many. And who among us says this is not true with absolute authority from Sat be it as the tide is always in motion. Baraka Bashad...

  14. Unknown 3-20-2022 @2:34 pm is