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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Marching in March

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many years ago I was traveling down a five-lane interstate highway on a nice sunny summer day.  I was in the middle lane with a white subcompact car about 50 feet in front of me, and maybe 100 feet ahead of me, on either side, were two semi-trucks steaming along neck-and-neck. 

The driver of the white car suddenly accelerated and lost control for unknown reasons and went careening forward and to one side, racing in front of the semi in the right hand lane, causing the truck to swerve and brake violently and leaving the trailer end of the truck swinging into my lane.  

Suddenly, I was no longer watching this from ground level.  My viewpoint was up in the air about 300 feet seeing the developing accident unfolding in slow motion.  From that perspective, I could see that if I floored it, there was enough room for me to shoot through before the rear end of the semi blocked my lane and killed me.  

So, anti-intuitive as it was, I stomped on the gas pedal, shot through the momentary gap, and emerged unscathed on the other side of the wreck. 

That was my introduction to "perspective displacement" -- the ability to project your consciousness to other viewpoints and the fact that we have another set of eyes that are not connected to the physical body.  It was also the second time in my life that I experienced "slow motion" tracking of real-time events.  

As the adrenalin pumped through me, and I realized that I had escaped certain death by NOT braking and accelerating instead --- something I wouldn't have done except for being able to see the momentary clear space to squeeze through -- I had a lot to think about. 

How had my point of perception shifted outside my body and 300 feet into the air?  

How was I able to see from this new vantage point without my physical eyes?  

Why and how did everything appear to move in slow motion, like a movie that was deliberately slowed?  

This experience proved to me beyond any doubt that such things were factual and actual.  And it didn't take drugs to create this altered state of consciousness. All it took was a situation that forced me to exercise an unknown, and therefore, unused ability, that I already possessed. 

Unknown to me, I had the ability to launch my perceptual ability out of my body and view the world from different physical viewpoints. I also had the ability to slow down the input of visual data, to allow me to evaluate and respond to the situation. 

Who knew?  

Now, you might think that I am "special", but no, this is just one of dozens of unused abilities that are common to Mankind. 

It's because we are not taught anything about these abilities, that we don't develop them and use them; and, that is too bad, because it cripples us and leaves us in the dark about ourselves and about our world.

As we enter the month of March, we leave behind the last vestiges of the old yearly cycle, and hopefully, this year, we are leaving behind a lot of baggage from the past.  

We have gone through this housecleaning period to leave room for new and better experiences in the year to come. 

For now, try some baby steps.  Use your ability to visualize things as a stepping stone to develop your other abilities.  The more precisely you can envision things, the faster you can develop these other natural abilities.  

Bob Proctor recently enumerated some of these natural but relatively undeveloped abilities: 

(1) perception 
(2) will 
(3) memory
(4) intuition
(5) reason
(6) imagination
(7) attention (focus) 

There are more esoteric levels of these same abilities, but they are just as natural and built-in, and are a consequence of developing these basics. Just as a baby learns to run by crawling and toddling and walking and then eventually can run, developing each of these abilities leads to new levels of awareness and expression of these basic abilities.

Many, many people who have been in life-threatening situations, whether on the battlefield or just driving down the highway on a summer day, have experienced "slow motion" perception, and many of them have also experienced changes in perceptual viewpoint, too.  

Such perceptual shifts are also a common part of Near Death Experiences, where thousands upon thousands of people report suddenly "being outside of my body, looking down" at their body.  

Performance artists and public speakers also commonly experience perceptual viewpoint adjustments, as they learn to "observe themselves" to improve their performance.  Advanced martial artists commonly learn to see movements in slow motion and from multiple viewpoints. 

Finally, there are numerous documented cases where people who have lost their physical eyes -- literally, or have otherwise been permanently physically blinded, but are nonetheless able to see. 

What all these experiences have in common is that you are seeing things from a viewpoint that -- in terms of your body's actual physical position and what your eyes can see from that position --- are "impossible" to see.
They are literally outside your physical range of vision.  Or, vision in any normal sense is impossible, but you continue to see anyway. 

What does this imply?  It implies that your eyes exist apart from your physical body. 

It implies that you, your consciousness, exists apart from your physical body, too. 
My friend, Chief Fast Horse, was run over by a car as a young man. He was pronounced dead at the scene, taken to a hospital, pronounced dead at the hospital, toe-tagged, and taken to the morgue. His body was placed on one of those refrigerated pull-out drawer gurneys in the morgue and that was that.   

Perhaps an hour later, his Aunt, a woman that not even death would mess with, showed up, marched into the morgue, pulled open the drawer and said something like, "Charlie! What are you playing at!  I know you're not dead!  You can't be dead! Get up!" 

And he did, just like Lazarus.   

I have had the Near Death Experience, too.  

We are both here to tell you, you are not your body.  

You can safely and profitably experience this fact simply by changing your perceptual viewpoint, so this week, practice projecting your viewpoint to observe yourself or to view the world through different eyes.  

Exercise your ability to "zoom in" and closely observe detail and then, "zoom out" to envision the roof of your house, and zoom out further to see your whole neighborhood from above. 
Go to your Happy Place, but this time, instead of mentally walking down the path, project your viewpoint into the eyes of a bird and fly there, instead. Or observe the scene from the perspective of the family dog.  

Each time you engage in these harmless exercises, your perceptual abilities grow and expand and become stronger, just like exercising a muscle---- albeit one that is weak through disuse.  

Don't be discouraged if you find it a little difficult to do at first.  All your life your viewpoint has been fixed and limited and you have accepted this, because you were never encouraged to explore this natural ability.  

Imagine that you have wings, but never knew you could fly.  


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