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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Midnight Mass at The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Black Eagle Montana

This morning we were blessed to be in attendance for the Candlelight Solemn High Mass in Latin Celebrated by Father Martin Skierka in Black Eagle Montana just northeast of Great Falls.

Before Mass, starting at 11:30 PM we heard several Christmas Caroles sung by the Choir.

As you can see the local parishioners decorated the whole Church very well. There were about 200 people in attendance. We are so blessed to have found this real Catholic Church, the Sacraments and the Holy Mass.

We try to go here at least once per month and the last three times Fr. Martin has celebrated Solemn High Mass, but this candlelight Mass was special.  If you are Catholic, and want to return to your roots, it's worth making every sacrifice to attend here as often as you can.

The website for this Church is:

Father Martin's email is on the website. He is very busy as he celebrates Mass in Missoula, Helena, and Pompey's Pillar in Montana and Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. 
So email is usually the best way to contact him.  Read the website to see what real Catholics (Christians) believe and do. Then contact him to find out if you can attend. 

Paul Stramer