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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Sunday Sermon • Quinquagesima Sunday • 2022

World War E Has Begun - But What Is It?



US/NATO is in the Grip of a Daemonic Death-Wish & the Entire World is Threatened

Perfectly Lawful and Legal and Unfortunate

 By Anna Von Reitz

People keep wondering what to think about the situation in Ukraine.  Many are still believing what they hear on the news.

When the old Russian Federation broke up, and Russia released the Ukraine as an independent country it came with the proviso that if there was evidence of criminality, genocide, international threats to Russia on Ukrainian soil, etc. Russia could come back in and secure the situation.  This is part of Russia's obligation to the rest of the world as well as a matter of Russian security. 

So, Ukraine was free to be its own country, with the understanding that they were going to be good little international citizens. And if they got out of hand, Russia would come back in and clean things up.  

Following Ukrainian independence in 1991, the Usual Suspects piled on.  It was like a gold rush.  Drug smuggling. Human trafficking.  Arms sales. Counterfeiting.  Organ harvesting.  Oil privateering. Every sordid nasty dirty business in the world was imported to Ukraine, by all the Agencies, the "US Corp", the DOD,  the Mobs of various nations, and associated corporations like Blackwater and Halliburton and on and on and on. All the Dirty Deal Guys showed up like gangbangers. 

And everyone including Russia just shook their heads.  It was business as usual for the Ollie Norths of the world.  

Predictably, some Ukrainian oligarchs floated to the top of the cesspit and became politicians.  

The whole situation took an exponential leap downward during the Obama Administration, when Joe Biden and members of the US CONGRESS got involved in paying the oligarchs tons of helicopter money for their personal support on one hand, and taking billions out of the Ukrainian economy on the other.   

It was just a shameless wholesale sell out of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine.  Their oil pillaged, their trade policies manipulated, their entire country opened up to every kind of vice, but the final straw was the DOD opening up over a dozen bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine. 

So, Russia invoked its treaty proviso and came in to clean the situation up and as Vladimir Putin said, "take the garbage out" --- not because they wanted to spend all that money and risk their lives and take all the abuse that the propaganda machine can throw --- but because otherwise, they'd have all those stockpiles of chemical and biological weapon on their back door step, along with all the other nastiness that was already going on. 

We have to note that Ukraine was a backup roosting place for the Vermin in the event that their plans for China didn't work out to their liking, but China woke up and decided not to eat the tapeworm, which took that port in a storm off the table and put the pressure back on Ukraine. 

What Russia is doing is perfectly lawful and legal and unfortunate.  Nobody wanted it to come to this, but at the same time, the people of Ukraine had lost control and the crime syndicates and NATO idiots were endangering everyone in the region.  Russia had the proviso and they exercised it, and nobody can say that all those chemical and bioweapon laboratories and all the rest of it, were not sufficient provocation. 

Oh. Except for the feckless News Media in this country and the spokespersons for the Biden Administration.  (Think about that as a Career Killer -- spokesperson for the Biden Administration?)  They like to endlessly repeat their little catch-phrase about "unprovoked attack by Russia" and shake their heads as if they just can't imagine why Russia would do such a thing?  

They know why Russia did it.  They are the reason.  They created the problem that Russia is stuck cleaning up.  Joe and Hunter Biden were in there, as we all know, influence peddling, and threatening, and paying off payola left and right.  So was Nancy Pelosi's son.  So was Mitt Romney's son.  Half a dozen members of Congress were directly up to their tidy whities in it,  robbing the people of Ukraine, stealing "foreign aid", etc., etc., etc. 

Yet, here are the Arch-Hypocrites, attempting to blame Russia for cleaning up their mess?  Rich, isn't it?  

I am ashamed to be from the same part of the world as Biden, Pelosi, and Romney.  I am frustrated that people are still mistaking America for "the US" corporation cesspool.  And most of all I am tired and anxious and shouting for the American people to wake up! 

We all wish that Ukraine could have and would have found the means to establish a strong and moral government for itself back in 1991, but we see what happened instead. They became a resource for pirates, endangered themselves, and by letting the crooks including DOD and NATO run rampant, they were also endangering the rest of the world. 

Tough as it is, say, aye, Vladimir Putin. Thank you, Russia. And to the people of Ukraine, we know you are, for the most part, innocent victims of the oligarchs and their western Sugar Daddies. Make it easy on yourselves. Stay home and step back.  Let Russia clean out the Vermin for you.  You'll be glad you did. 

If the US/Ukrainian oligarchy had been allowed to continue, the vicious animals would have come in and used a pretext to engage in war on your beautiful land.  

They would have done what they did in Iraq and polluted it will dirty bombs and dirty artillery shells and ruined your land for farming for generations.  Then they would have gone home and jerked up the price of food for everyone ten times over, because your produce, your wheat, and everything else wouldn't be there to compete against them. 

These mean and diabolical criminals always have ten axes to grind. They always figure to win, if not one way, then by another.  Take it from the Americans. We've been dealing with them for 160 years. We know what they do. We know how they think.  

And you are all better off letting Vladimir Putin take out the garbage for you. 

Believe it or not. 


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Surprise for the Mammals

 By Anna Von Reitz

With all this irresponsible talk about "reptilians" and "aliens" going on, I feel it is my responsibility to repeat --- every man, every woman --- has reptile ancestors and a reptile brain stem.  

The brain stem is what controls your autonomic functions.  It's what keeps your heart beating while you sleep.  It's what keeps your stomach digesting during your naps.  It's the reason that your eyes move and keep producing tears while you sleep. It's why your intestines work. It's also what connects you to your unconscious. 

Most other living beings in the Universe are more obviously reptilian, having retained scales and breastplates and double-lidded eyes and hinged jaws, etc., because they evolved on other pathways, but underneath your smooth skins and abundant beautiful hair (modified scales, by the way) and nice even teeth, beats a reptilian brain stem that keeps you alive, that you could not exist without, and which connects you with the deepest most mysterious elements of your nature and existence. 

No doubt most of you would be scared of your kinfolk and no doubt some of you would be repulsed by humanoids with reptilian features.  Some might even think that these distant relatives from other star systems are demonic or assume that they have no feelings or aren't intelligent.  That would be a tragic mistake.  

Like everyone else, and everything else, each one of them is unique, with their own foibles, strengths, weaknesses, loves, hates, cultures, languages, and history.  

So as you are making all these assumptions and talking down and reacting in fear and judging all "reptilians" by what some have done, realize that that is just a prejudice no different than judging a man by the color of his skin.  And remember that you have reptilian inheritance, too.  

Those who have turtle brain stems are long-lived, moderate, wise, happy, and while they tend to be introverted, have much to offer the world in terms of spiritual and intellectual insight, guidance, and goodness.  Turtles watch the world with hopeful enduring trust and never give way into cynicism or cruelty. They are the pillars in their families and communities, always reliable, strong, and consistent. 

Those who have fish brain stems are energetic and joyous and gregarious and love parties and food  and fellowship, dancing and singing and talking and living in the moment.  You are the life of the party.  You are Jerry Lee Lewis on the keyboard of life. You live fast and often die young, but while you live, you go for it with both hands. Or shall I say with both fins? You are never at a loss for words or emotions, but both tend to be fleeting.  You never hold a grudge; it would take too much time and energy away from having fun. 

The lizards are quiet, home bodies who tend to brood, who dream practical dreams, who tinker in their garages and basements and invent wonderful stuff, who watch the world and shake their heads. Lizards calculate things, be odds at the races or distances.  They have great memories and are always learning and they hoard their knowledge -- ready to share if asked. The lizards are helpful, but never put themselves forward, so you have to look for them before you can enter their world and experience their gentle, steady, contemplative nature.  

The snakes are very clever and creative, always on the make, always walking the knife edge between moral and immoral.  Active and physical and quick, alert, charismatic, persuasive, prone to daydreaming, artistic, often inspired--- for good, or for ill, the snakes are social in superficial ways, but actually very private people.  Good at business and organizing, but often lonely and sometimes bitter because they crave understanding and seldom get it. 

And finally, there are among us those who inherit their brain stems from amphibians.  They often seem to move through life in their own little bubble.  Compassionate and brave, unassuming, patient, forgiving, generous, never thinking too much about themselves or pressing their own advantage, they love being out in nature and are natural caretakers.  They love music-- to listen, but not to dance. They are often visionaries and oddly, leaders, even though they don't fit the stereotypical image of leadership.  

Now as I have run down the list --- can you see yourselves?  Can you identify friends and family?  And do you see how your reptilian ancestors continue to exert their influence and share their nature down to this present day?  Every mammal on this planet owes a lot to reptilian and/or amphibian forebears, and it would speak better for everyone concerned to own the debt and be grateful. 

And when you say that word, "reptilian" with such loathing and fear, remember that in part, you are one.


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