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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Put this in your pipe and smoke it

 There has been no proper judicial determination that anyone died at Sandy Hook. Jim Fetzer brought together 13 experts--including 6 Ph.D.s--and they determined that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students there, and that it had been a 2-day FEMA drill, for which they even had located the exercise manual, which he included as Appendix A in this book.

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's

The Church's Year

Implore God for help and protection against all temptations both visible and invisible, and say with the priest at the Introit:

INTROIT Behold, God is my helper, and the Lord is the protector of my soul: turn back the evils upon my enemies, and cut them off in thy truth, O Lord, my protector. (Ps. LIII.) Save me, O God, by thy name, and deliver me in thy strength. Glory etc.

COLLECT Let the ears of Thy mercy, O Lord, be open to the prayers of Thy suppliants: and that Thou mayest grant them their desires, make them to ask such things as please Thee. Through etc.

EPISTLE (I Cor. X. 6-13.) Brethren, Let us not covet evil things, as they also coveted. Neither become ye idolaters, as some of them: as it is written: The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed fornication, and there fell in one day three and twenty thousand. Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them tempted, and perished by the serpents. Neither do you murmur, as some of them murmured, and were destroyed by the destroyer. Now all these things happened to them in figure, and they are written for our correction, upon whom the ends of the world are come. Wherefore he that thinketh himself to stand, let him take heed lest he fall. Let no temptation take hold on you, but such as is human: and God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able but will make also with temptation issue that you may be able to bear it.

Can we sin by thought and desire?

Yes, if we desire evil and forbidden things, or voluntarily think of them with pleasure, for God prohibits not only evil deeds, but evil thoughts and desires in regard to our neighbor's wife or goods. (Exod. XX. 17.) Christ says, (Matt. V. 28.) that he who looks upon a woman with evil desire, has already committed adultery. But wicked thoughts and imagination are sinful only when a person consents to, or entertains them deliberately. They become, however, an occasion of gaining merit, if we earnestly strive against them. For this reason God sometimes permits even the just to be tempted by them.

What is meant by tempting God?

Demanding presumptuously a mark or sign of divine omnipotence, goodness or justice. This sin is committed when without cause we desire that articles of faith should be demonstrated and confirmed by a new miracle; when we throw ourselves needlessly into danger of body or soul expecting God to deliver us; when in dangerous illness the ordinary and, natural remedies are rejected, and God's immediate assistance expected.

Is it a great sin to murmur against God?

That it is such may be learned from the punishment which God inflicted on the murmuring Israelites; for besides Kore, Dathan, and Abiron whom the earth devoured, many thousands of them were consumed by fire; and yet these had not murmured against God directly, but only against Moses and Aaron whom God had placed over them as their leaders. From this it is seen that God looks upon murmuring against spiritual and civil authority, instituted by Him, as murmuring against Himself. Hence Moses said to the Israelites: Your. murmuring is not against us, but against the Lord. (Exod. XVI. 8.)

ASPIRATION Purify my heart, I beseech. Thee; O Lord, from all evil thoughts and desires. Let it never enter my mind to tempt Thee, or to be dissatisfied with Thy fatherly dispensations. Suffer me not to be tempted beyond my strength, but grant me so much fortitude, that I may overcome all temptations, and even derive benefit from them for my soul's salvation.

Nineth Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Luke XIX. 41-47.) At that time, when Jesus drew near Jerusalem, seeing the city, he wept over it, saying: If thou also hadst known, and that in this thy day, the things that are to thy peace: but now they are hidden from thy eyes. For the days shall come upon thee, and thy enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and straiten thee on every side, and beat thee flat to the ground, and thy children who are in thee: and they shall not leave in thee a stone upon a stone, because thou hast not known the time of thy visitation. And entering into the temple, he began to cast out them that sold therein, and them that bought, saying to them: It is written, My house is the house of, prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves. And he was teaching daily in the temple.

Why did our Saviour weep over the city of Jerusalem?

Because of the ingratitude and obduracy of its inhabitants who would not receive Him as their Redeemer, and who through impenitence were hastening to destruction.

When was the time of visitation?

The period in which God sent them one prophet after another who urged them to penance, and whom they persecuted, stoned, and killed. (Matt. XXIII. 34.) It was especially the time of Christ's ministry, when He so often announced His salutary doctrine in the temple of Jerusalem, confirmed it by miracles, proving Himself to be the Messiah, the Saviour of the world, but was despised and rejected by this hardened and impenitent city.

Who are prefigured by this hardened and impenitent city?

The hard-hearted, unrepenting sinners who will not recognize the time of God's visitation, in which He urges them by the mouth of His preachers, confessors, and superiors, and by inward inspiration to reform their lives and seek the salvation of their soul, but who give no ear to these admonitions, and defer conversion to the end of their lives. Their end will be like to that of this impious city; then the enemy, that is, the evil spirit, will surround their soul, tempt, terrify, and drag it into the abyss of ruin. Oh, how foolish it is to squander so lightly, the time of grace, the days of salvation! Oh, how would the damned do penance, could they but return to earth! Oh, how industriously would they employ the time to save their soul! Use, then, my dear Christian, the time of grace which God designs for you, and which, when it is run out or carelessly thrown away, will not be lengthened for a moment.

Will God conceal from the wicked that which serves for their salvation?

No; but while they are running after the pleasures of this life, as St. Gregory says, they see not the misfortunes treading in their footsteps, and as consideration of the future makes them uncomfortable in the midst of their worldly pleasures, they remove the terrible thought far from them, and thus run with eyes blindfolded in the midst of their pleasure into eternal flames. Not God, but they themselves hide the knowledge of all that is for their peace, and thus they perish.

ASPIRATION. I beseech Thee, O Lord, who didst weep over the city of Jerusalem, because it knew not the time of its visitation, to enlighten my heart, that I may know and profit by the season of grace.


Has our divine Savior's prophecy concerning, the city of Jerusalem been fulfilled?

Yes, and in the most terrible manner. The Jews, oppressed by the Romans their cruel masters, revolted, killed many of their enemies, and drove them out of Jerusalem. Knowing well that this would not be permitted to pass unavenged, the Jews armed themselves for a desperate resistance. The Emperor Nero sent a powerful army under the command of Vespasian against the city of Jerusalem, which first captured the smaller fortresses of Judea, and then laid siege to the city. The want and misery of the inhabitants had already reached the highest pitch; for within the city ambitious men had caused conflicts; factions had been formed, daily fighting each other, and reddening the streets with blood, while the angry Romans stormed outside. Then a short time of respite was granted to the unfortunate Jews. The Emperor Nero was murdered at Rome in the year of our Lord 68; his successor Galba soon died, and the soldiers placed their beloved commander Vespasian upon the imperial throne. He then left Jerusalem with his army, but in the year he sent his son Titus with a new army to Judea, with orders to capture the city at any price, and to punish its inhabitants.

It was the time of Easter, and a multitude of Jews had assembled from all provinces of the land, when Titus appeared with his army before the gates of Jerusalem, and surrounded the city. The supply of food was soon exhausted, famine and pestilence came upon the city and raged terribly. The leader of the savage revolutionists, John of Gischala, caused the houses to be searched, and the remaining food to be torn from the starving, or to be forced from them by terrible tortures: To save themselves from this outrageous tyrant, the Jews took the leader of a band of robbers, named Simon, with his whole gang into the city. John and Simon with their followers now sought to annihilate each other. John took possession of the temple. Simon besieged him; blood was streaming in the temple and in the streets. Only when the battle-din of the Romans was heard from without, did the hostile factions unite, go to meet the enemy, and resist his attack. As the famine increased, many Jews secretly left the city to seek for herbs. But Titus captured them with his cavalry, and crucified those who were armed. Nearly five hundred men, and sometimes more, were every day crucified in sight of the city, so that there could not be found enough of crosses and places of execution; but even this terrible sight did not move the Jews to submission. Incited by their leaders to frenzy, they obstinately resisted, and Titus finding it impossible to take the city by storm, concluded to surround it by walls in order to starve the inhabitants. In three days his soldiers built a wall of about ten miles in circumference, and thus the Saviour's prediction was fulfilled: Thy enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and straiten thee on every side.

The famine in this unfortunate city now reached its most terrific height; the wretched inhabitants searched the very gutters for food, and ate the most disgusting things. A woman, ravenous from hunger, strangled her own child, roasted it, and ate half of it; the leaders smelling the horrible meal, forced a way into the house, and by terrible threats compelled the woman to show them what she had eaten; she handed them the remaining part of the roasted child, saying.: "Eat it, it is my child; I presume you are not more dainty than a woman, or more tender than a mother." Stricken with horror they rushed from the house. Death now carried away thousands daily, the streets and the houses were full of corpses: From the fourteenth of April when the siege commenced. to the first of July, there were counted one hundred and fifty-eight thousand dead bodies; six hundred thousand others were thrown over the walls into the trenches to save the city from infection. All who could flee, fled; some reached the camp of the Romans in safety; Titus spared the helpless, but all who fell into his hands armed, were crucified. Flight offered no better security. The Roman soldiers had learned that many Jews had swallowed, gold to secure it from the avarice of the robbers, and therefore the stomachs of many were cut open. Two thousand such corpses were found one morning in the camp of the Romans. The attempts of Titus to prevent this cruelty were unavailing. Finally, when misery had reached its height, Titus succeeded in carrying the fort, Antonia, and with his army forced a passage as far as the temple which had been held by John of Gischala with his famous band. Desirous of saving the temple, Titus offered the revolutionists free passage from it, but his proposition was rejected, and the most violent contest then raged; the Romans trying to enter the temple, and being continually repulsed, at last, one of the soldiers seized a firebrand, and threw it into one of the rooms attached to the temple. The flames in an instant caught the whole of the inner temple, and totally consumed it, so that this prediction of our Lord was also fulfilled. The Romans butchered all the inhabitants whom they met, and Titus having razed the ruins of the temple and city, ploughed it over, to indicate that this city was never to be rebuilt. During the siege one million one hundred thousand Jews lost their lives; ninety-seven thousand were sold as slaves, and the rest of the people dispersed over the whole earth.

Thus God punished the impenitent city and nation, over whose wretchedness the Saviour wept so bitterly, and thus was fulfilled the prediction made by Him long before.

What do we learn from this?

That as this prediction so also all other threats and promises of the Saviour will be fulfilled. The destruction of the city and temple of Jerusalem, the dispersion of the Jews, are historical facts which cannot be denied, and testify through all centuries to the truth of our Lord's word: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. (Matt. XXIV. 35.)


Can a sinner rely upon his being converted at the end of his life?

By no means, for this would be a sin against the mercy of God which is much the same as the sin against the Holy Ghost. "God," says St. Augustine, "generally so punishes such negligent sinners, that in the end they forget themselves, as in health they forgot Him." He says: They have turned their back to me, and not their face: and in the time of their affliction they will say: Arise, and deliver us! Where are the gods whom thou hast made thee? Let them arise and deliver thee in the time of thy affliction. (Jer. II. 27-28.) And although we have a consoling example in the case of the penitent thief, yet this, as St. Augustine says, is only one, that the sinner may not despair: and it is only one, so that the sinner may have no excuse for his temerity in putting off his repentance unto the end.

What may we hope of those who are converted at the close of life?

Everything that is good if they be truly converted, but this is a very rare thing, as St. Augustine says: "It cannot be asserted with any security, that he who repents at the end has forgiveness;" and St. Jerome writes: "Scarcely one out of thousands whose life was impious, will truly repent at death and obtain forgiveness of sin;" and St. Vincent Ferrer says, "For a man who has lived an impious life to die a good death is a greater miracle than the raising of the dead to life." We need not be surprised at this, for repentance at the end of life is extorted by the fear of death and the coming judgment. St. Augustine says, that it is not he who abandons sin, but sin abandons him, for he would not cease to offend God, if life were granted him. What can we expect from such a conversion?

When should we repent?

While we are in health, in possession of our senses and strength, for according to the words of St. Augustine, the repentance of the sick is a sickly repentance. As experience proves, man while ill is so tormented and bewildered by the pains of sickness and the fear of death, by remorse of conscience, and the temptations of the devil as well as by anxiety for those whom he leaves, that he can scarcely collect his thoughts, much less fit himself for true repentance. Since it is so hard for many to do penance while they are in health, and have nothing to prevent them from elevating their mind to God, how much more difficult will it be for them, when the body is weakened and tortured by the pains of sickness. It has been made known by many persons when convalescent, that they retained not the slightest recollection of anything which occurred during their illness, and although they confessed and received the last Sacraments, they did not remember it. If then you have committed a grievous sin, do not delay to be reconciled as soon as possible by contrition and a sacramental confession. Do not put off repentance from day to day, for thereby conversion becomes more difficult, so much so that without extraordinary grace from God, you cannot repent God does not give His grace to the presumptuous scoffer.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Cancer Process

 By Anna Von Reitz

I recently mentioned-- in passing-- my success as a Cancer Mentor, teaching people how to cure their own cancers. That, in turn, has created a firestorm of inquiries from people who are suffering from this plague and family members of those suffering. 

Let me begin by saying this --- loudly and in public:

Cancer has been cured many, many times using many different means. There are many roads back to health, not just one. 

Some years ago (back in my college days when I studied Histology and had occasion to examine cancer cells on a daily basis) I began analyzing the phenomenon of "spontaneous remission" --- especially in elderly patients, eighty years old or older. 

My research colleagues and I reasoned that if people in their eighties could go into spontaneous remission, it should be even easier for younger people with more robust immune systems --- and we were right.  By studying these over-eighty patients, we were looking at "far spectrum" cases -- the least likely and most dramatic recoveries.  

As the number of people who reach the age of eighty (or beyond) is limited and the number of people within that age group who develop any kind of cancer is also limited, we were somewhat caught in the haystacks looking for needles, but we did find a clinically significant study group, and we added to that initial group over a period of years, keeping in contact with those who recovered.  

In very generalized terms, here is what we found: 

Cancer is caused by overgrowth of cells in an unhealthy blood environment, not unlike the "bloom" of a candida yeast infection, only in this case, instead of the overgrowth affecting a foreign yeast cell, it affects one or more of the over 200 tissue cell types in the body.  

All the different kinds of cancer -- lung, pancreas, skin, etc.,--- are expressions of the same exact process impacting different cell types and having the same result ---uncontrolled overgrowth of that cell type. 

So no matter what kind of cancer you may have, it's the same process and the same result. 

We can dispense with the illusion that we are fighting all sorts of different kinds of cancer. It's the same problem no matter what primary cell type is involved, and so, we may safely assume that just as it is a systemic problem, it is subject to a systemic cure. 

That is, we don't have to bother trying to hunt and peck for a cure for breast cancer and then a separate cure for stomach cancer and another cure for brain cancer.  

All the apparent differences in how various cancers respond to various therapies can be accounted for simply as differences in the underlying cell types that make them more or less susceptible to the cancer process in the first place. 

That is, we would expect that cell types that naturally regenerate quickly would be more susceptible to cancer's modus operandi than cell types that naturally reproduce slowly --- and that is exactly what we observe.  

Skin cells reproduce constantly and at a rapid rate, so we would expect skin cancer, melanoma, to be very fast growing, and it is.  Same thing with liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Even in "stable organ" cancers, we find the same thing. For example, in the lungs, it is in the tender, rapidly replaced surface tissues that cancer begins and then spreads to the slower growing interstitial tissues below.  

So cells that naturally regrow quickly are more likely to develop cancer. In retrospect this is a no-brainer, but at the time, it took some weeks for us to formulate this simple theory and begin proving it to ourselves and then some more months and years to profit from it. 

When we began our research with our over-eighty patients who went into "spontaneous remission" we began finding odd anomalies in eating habits. These spontaneous remissions were occurring in concert with changes in seasonal diet. The Elders were gorging out on asparagus in the springtime, red raspberries in July, mushrooms in the fall --- and their cancers were going into remission shortly afterward.  

Go figure. 

There is a very definite connection between cancer and diet. 

I personally believe that this connection is apparent because certain foods (and drinks) have detoxifying effects and change both the pH and the sugar content of our blood.  Just like a candida infection, cancer requires sugar and an acidic blood pH to thrive.  Change those parameters, and cancer dies instead of the patient. 

So we were not surprised to find that many younger patients (albeit with less healthy eating habits) responded very well to The Gerson Diet --- a very simple, organic, fruit and vegetable based diet with restricted oils and proteins --- and, as odd as it appears, the use of coffee enemas. 

Coffee enemas?  It sounds bizarre, doesn't it?  Yet, coffee is known to have many health benefits and "ingested in the other direction" it is known to stimulate the major nerve and nerve centers connecting the gut and the liver. 

The liver and pancreas together are majorly responsible for removing toxins and regulating sugar metabolism in the body, but neither can function well if they are clogged up with an overload of fats, toxins, and sugar from a poor diet, and then additionally hindered by "hepatic return" --- basically, when people don't eat enough fiber, the little choo-choo train of feces that is intended to remove toxins from the bloodstream can't do its job, so the crap is recycled back into the bloodstream and back through the liver again and again and again.  

This exhausts your liver and its capacity to function in your favor. 

The Gerson Diet provides plenty of solid and soluble fiber to get the crud that is clogging your liver and bloodstream out of your body once and for all, and the seemingly oddball coffee enemas stimulate the liver to increase its production of enzymes and bile. The reduction of fats and oils also reduces the strain on your liver. 

The Gerson Diet similarly assists the pancreas, as it vastly reduces sugar from carbohydrates as well as overt sugar consumption, and encourages a "slow, complete oxidation" of your food, and that gives steady energy instead of sugar highs and lows.  This adds up as lower blood toxicity and lower, steadier, blood sugar levels. 

Simply by going on The Gerson Diet and taking a few silly coffee enemas, we are well on the way to changing the toxicity, pH, and sugar content of your blood --- which is going to deprive cancer of what it needs to live anywhere in your body. 
People who try this regimen often never go back to a conventional diet at all.  Why?  Because once you get used to it, you feel and look great.  Many people find that migraine headaches disappear, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis disappear, and the real cost of a poor diet becomes apparent. 

Besides The Gerson Diet, what else serves to cure cancer and why?  

Numerous Native American cures underline the same themes as The Gerson Diet --- eating things that stimulate your liver, and, additionally, things that destroy biofilms in the body.  

So, what is a "biofilm"?  Think of it as a thin coating, like plastic wrap, covering various internal surfaces of your body, composed of multiple kinds of bacteria and other kinds of microbes, all glued together by foreign proteins excreted by these bacteria and other microbes.  

The plaque that forms on your teeth and which contributes to tooth decay is a familiar example of a biofilm, but there are many biofilms in the body, some of them helpful and some of them harmful. Cancer is associated with certain biofilms that assist in feeding the cancer cells--- sort of like a food conveyor belt that signals the vascular system to develop new capillaries and blood vessels to feed the cancer the nutrients it needs to sustain its rapid growth.  

Without the biofilms the vascular system bypasses the cancer and the cancer starves, so getting rid of the biofilm is another way to deprive cancer of what it needs to grow and thrive. 

Numerous Native American and Polynesian and Chinese cancer treatments use natural materials that break up and discourage biofilms from forming and which also change the pH of the blood toward a neutral or slightly alkalized status. 

One of the most popular of these is Essiac Tea, a combination of three herbs and a mushroom, dried and steeped and taken as a tea.  The herbs serve to stimulate the liver (again) and the mushroom has strong anti-cancer properties. 
The first benefit of Essiac Tea for all cancer sufferers is that it reduces the pain. 
Even if it had no other benefit, it would be worth it for that alone. 

Essiac is bland tasting and not at all unpleasant to take. It is now readily available from numerous herbal supply companies and private providers who blend and sometimes grow and harvest their own ingredients. 

The mushroom, Turkey Tail Mushroom, is so-called because of its unmistakable scalloped fan shape and distinctive stripes, similar to a turkey gobbler's outspread fan-shaped tail feathers.  Turkey Tail is native to hardwood forests and can be dried and ground and stuffed into gelatin capsules and ingested directly for its health benefits, as well as being taken as a component of traditional Essiac Tea.   

Paul Stamets, our National Mushroom Icon, gave his Mother substantial amounts of Turkey Tail Mushroom (reportedly four large gel caps morning and evening) when she faced breast cancer several years ago.  A recount of their journey is available as part of the movie, Fantastic Fungi, which I highly recommend to everyone, everywhere. 

The chronic pain associated with cancer is one of the most discouraging aspects of the disease, so it is important to take Essiac and other pain-suppressing substances.  I always recommend Essiac, and I always recommend Kratom, if you can get it. 

Kratom is a Southeast Asian herb that has the pain-killing power of opiates, without the associated addiction and dependency problems.  It's an excellent alternative for people who suffer from any kind of chronic pain and it is becoming more readily available in this country --  it's being distributed successfully through pot shops that also sell CBD products in many States. 

If your State has legalized marijuana it is likely that the marijuana distributors also have kratom for sale.  There are numerous kinds of kratom -- black, green, red, and white -- which have different levels of efficacy for pain.  Ask the salesperson to explain, and try a couple different varieties to see what works best.  

Don't be ashamed or fearful for seeking pain relief during a bout of cancer. If marijuana is still illegal in your State of the Union, ask a friend in a neighboring State to go to a shop and buy some Kratom for you.  It's a small favor, but it can make a big difference.  Beating cancer takes some courage and faith. Chronic pain and fatigue makes it difficult to maintain a proper positive mental attitude.  Give yourself the added "edge" of comfort and freedom from pain. 

Many Native treatments include traditional Bitter Herbs to stimulate the liver -- similar to The Gerson Diet, with the added kick that these herb and root extracts may directly kill cancer cells by "painting" them for destruction --- that is, identifying them as cancer cells so that the immune system can more readily recognize the MR1 protein on the cancerous cell's surface and target it.  

The second most famous Native American cancer treatment is Black Salve made from the roots of the Bloodroot Flower, gathered in the right moon of the year, and pulverized in a stone mortar to make a gooey and very, very dark brown salve-like mixture.  The "blood" in the Bloodroot is naturally a bright reddish orange, but the maceration and exposure to air oxidizes it and makes it turn black in the same way that avocados turn brown. 

This salve turns bad when metal of any kind touches it, so it is important to store it in glass containers, in cool, dark conditions, and never, ever touch it with anything metal, as it will immediately denature and become quite toxic. 

Black Salve is a very potent antibiotic "drawing salve" --- its primary purpose in Native culture is to cure gangrene, with treatment of skin cancer and cancerous tumors slightly below the skin coming in a close second.  The Native physician applies the salve to clean skin and covers it with a bandage. Over the course of three weeks, the salve will reliably draw out and destroy the infection and/or the tumor. Cancerous tumors and melanomas come to the surface as healthy skin grows in behind them, and finally fall off, leaving a small pit like an acne scar in the new skin and flesh, and the dried carcass of the cancer, that looks somewhat like a dead spider. 

My Mother witnessed this process and I have witnessed this process.  What I did not know early on is that Black Salve can be safely ingested in very small amounts, about the size of a small garden pea in a 00 gel cap, taken with the evening meal.  The exact beneficial amount makes a person feel very slightly nauseous for a short time after ingesting it.  Too much will cause vomiting. Too little will have no effect at all.  

Within three weeks (nobody knows why it takes three weeks, but it does) every cancer cell in the body will be dead and the person will be feeling fine -- however, it's wise to continue a maintenance dose of the salve for three more weeks, because there is some indication that cancer forms "generations".  It may be necessary to kill off a second batch of cells that has been protected under the surface of the original tumor or skin surface. 

Once the cancer is killed off, of course, it is important to make the changes in diet and habits necessary to keep it from developing again.  If you kill the cancer and still have toxic, acidic, sugar-laden blood, there is nothing to keep it from coming back.  

Vitamin B17, otherwise known as Laetrile, is another Native American cancer treatment that is widely available now from health food and herb stores.  The original source was a particular ruby-colored South American yam, but the same bitter tasting vitamin is also available from apricot pits, which is the source of most Vitamin B17 on the market.  

B17 appears to work by strengthening the immune system response and, again, stimulating the liver to produce proteolytic enzymes.  Enzymes are catalysts needed to drive certain chemical reactions in the body.  Hormones can be considered enzymes and vice versa.  Early man got plenty of B17 from ingesting small amounts of dirt -- gracias to certain soil bacteria, but as our hygiene has improved, our access to this crucial vitamin has diminished.  Taking Vitamin B17 during a bout with cancer is another weapon in your arsenal.

You can also obtain some B17 and other helpful enzyme precursors from orange, lime, and lemon zest --- used as a garnish or flavoring to simple salad dressings, you can double-up the health benefits. 

Deep red, blue, and black berries contain pigments called anthocyanins that have similar antioxidant, antitoxin, pro-immune system effects, which may explain why two grandmothers, both past eighty and suffering from cancer, went into spontaneous remission after a successful season of gorging on red raspberries and blackberries.  It has since been discovered that red raspberries in particular have anti-cancer properties.

Reducing the amount of toxins circulating in your blood and stimulating your liver, reducing the amount of sugar circulating in your blood, and bulking up your immune system are all commonalities in all the traditional cancer therapies. Increasing blood pH and oxygenation is the third leg of the journey back to health.  

Cancer thrives in acidic environments and dies in alkaline environments. 

Likewise, cancer can't stand oxygen saturated blood and is very susceptible to the hydrogen peroxide used by white blood cells to kill cancer cells --- IF there is enough oxygen in the blood for the white cells to produce hydrogen peroxide.

Atmospheric oxygen levels have decreased by roughly five percent over the past hundred years. 

This is a most serious health threat to us and to our planet and it explains the buildup of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, yet one hears almost nothing about this problem caused by widespread deforestation and pollution of the oceans. 

It may even explain the explosive increase in the number of cancer cases we have seen in recent decades. 

The white blood cells are our primary immune defense system, and hydrogen peroxide is the primary weapon of white blood cells used to kill bacteria and cancer cells alike --- what happens when the blood no longer carries enough oxygen for the white cells to produce the needed hydrogen peroxide?  

For success against cancer, we need to both decrease blood acidity levels (increase alkalinity) and increase oxygenation. 

There are numerous ways to increase the pH of blood. You can take a small amount of baking soda in gel caps, usually half a teaspoon or less, depending on body weight, or you can invest in a water filter that will produce alkaline water and drink that.  There are inexpensive Litmus Paper test kits that you can use to test your spittle or urine and get a gauge on where your blood acidity level is and adjust it back to neutral or just slightly alkaline. 

Oxygen therapy will also shift your blood pH, so you want to be careful when mixing both oxygen therapy and alkaline substance therapy as you can go too far toward the alkaline side of things.  For optimum health you need to be at neutral (7.0) on the pH scale or just very slightly on the alkaline side. 

Oxygen is a very powerful molecule and it has many different functions in our bodies, so I have never recommended extreme measures to increase blood oxygen levels as a means to combat cancer.  Rather, I've encouraged people to think in terms of increasing their blood oxygen levels by natural, common sense means --- learning to breathe deeply and regularly, and training oneself to do so, is the quickest and most obvious means to safely increase blood oxygen levels. 

Singing is excellent cancer therapy, as it forces one to be aware of breathing, increases the flow of oxygen, and uplifts the heart.  Get a sing-a-long going with your favorite cancer patient and sing happy, feel-good songs. Get down your old Arlo Guthrie and John Denver and Campfire Favorites and go to town. Throw in some Gospel, "His Eye is On the Sparrow"--- and you can't go wrong. 

We can also greatly enhance our indoor environment to increase our household oxygen levels by growing houseplants. A couple Spider Plants can purify vast amounts of indoor air and add significant amounts of oxygen.  I have a double-tiered cart of the kind used in garages and pantries, filled with pots of houseplants under lights.  We run our "household air purifier" all year long and enjoy the benefits of more oxygen and less pollution indoors. And during the long Alaskan winters, we feel less oppressed by the universal whiteness of the snow. 

When you are facing a cancer diagnosis, you need to choose life and choose it with a vengeance, with certainty that life is what you value and cherish.  And then, proceed to cherish it with joy.  Two over-eighty cancer patients laughed their way to spontaneous remission watching old Abbott and Costello movies and "I Love Lucy" and "The Honeymooners".  If they could do it, you could invoke your own favorite comedies and do it, too.  

Happiness, laughter, positivity --- all bulwark the immune system and help it function better. Nobody knows why, but nobody needs to know why.  We simply need to know this and make the most of it. 

Listening to classical music and Whole Tones music is another anti-cancer weapon.  Some music is deliberately designed to grate on and excite our nerves at a subliminal level, so that it subtly irritates our whole nervous system. This can exacerbate inflammatory diseases --- and cancer.  Who would think that the quality of sound and the completeness of musical notes could impact our health?  Yet dozens of completely credible studies and my experience as a Cancer Coach all say, yes, this is true.  Yes, the music you listen to can have a profound effect --- both good and bad --- on your health. 

For the past fifteen years, I have been coaching cancer patients. Among those that were willing to listen and act upon what I shared with them and what I have since shared with you, not a single person has died from cancer, and quite a few have experience a whole new lease on life--- a deeper connection to their bodies and to their emotions and to the meaning of their lives, and a deeper connection to the life of the Earth all around them.  

They have been able to reach the "healthy balance" that naturally cures all diseases and results in radiant health.  It may come as a shock, but there really is an "inner glow" that these people now possess --- and a cancer diagnosis was the surprising doorway into this whole new level of health and awareness. 

I wish I could hand-hold everyone who is presently suffering from cancer or going through it with a loved one, but I can't.  As I search my mind for the last scraps of advice and insight I can offer, remember these two odd facts about cancer recovery --- (1) you will often feel worse when in fact you are getting better; cancer recovery is a long series of "healing crises" events as your body detoxifies itself and goes through the necessary changes; (2) don't be alarmed by increased protein in urine and blood samples --- increased protein can mean tumor growth, but it can also mean tumor destruction.  If you are on a therapy to kill aggressive cancer outright (like some of the Native American answers) any tumors and biofilms that are being destroyed are going to leave extra protein in the blood and urine as they go.  

Even on the darkest days, if you've got someone who loves you, you have everything to live for.  Hold hands. Hug --- and hug for at least twenty seconds. None of these little "there and gone hugs" strangers give each other at the airport.  Hug and do it properly, for at least twenty seconds.  It takes that long for the positive energy to hit home and do its work, and for the body to shake awake and say, hey, I'm loved!  

As a Cancer Coach my Number One Job is always to let people know they are loved--- not in the romantic sense (though that could possibly enter into it as well if your boyfriend-girlfriend or spouse is involved) but in the friend-to-friend  sense of solid goodwill and affection and care and willingness to help.  

I can't count how many healthy smoothies, salads, salad dressings, and Gerson Diet meals and snacks I've prepared, how many trips to the organic grocery markets, how many funny movies or silly songs or hugs I've shared, but I can tell you it's quite a lot.  And I can tell you that if you want to "fight cancer" it needs to be fought where people live and breathe, in their homes, in their gardens, and on their jobs.  

I can also tell you that there is nothing quite like the look on someone's face when they realize that they have their life back, and that cancer isn't going to be a death sentence for them, isn't going to scar their loved ones, isn't going to ruin their dreams. 


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More Specifics on Regulation Z

 By Anna Von Reitz

As you will find as you explore your remedies, Regulation Z attaches to all Acts of Congress that involve securitization or monetization of physical assets belonging to Americans. This is because the "government corporations" indulged in illegal securitization activities and forced registration of private property and they have to provide remedy in order to legalize any of this. 

Regulation Z was adopted by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and imposed throughout the corporate government franchises wherever otherwise illegal seizures of ownership interests and security interests have been imposed. 

Thus, in response to the illegal forced (and false) registration of privately owned cars and trucks as "motor vehicles" we have Regulation Z attached to the Motor Vehicle Code and the Federal Highway Safety Act beginning in 1956. 

Regulation Z is also attached to the Reversionary Trust Interest remedy found at 12 USC 95(a) as remedy for the seizure of your trust assets --- though it was omitted from the text of the Federal Code until very recently, when it has been overtly included and made visible again. 

Regulation Z is also broadly attached as a remedy for mortgage fraud (thanks for digging these out, Dr.W!!!) at 12 CFR 1026, which corresponds in turn to:12 USC 2601, 2603-2605, 2607, 2609, 2617, 3353, 5511, 5512, 5532, 5581; 15 USC 1601 et seq.

Most bureaucrats you encounter at "Departments of Motor Vehicles" and Title Companies and banks will scratch their heads and look at you like you have three heads when you claim your exemptions and remedies.  

This is because although they are required to establish these remedies, they have not been required to explain them or provide instructions to the Public -- a situation that we are all in the process of correcting.  People didn't know that they were being criminally defrauded and coerced in the first place, so had no reason to dig out the remedies and exemptions being offered to "legalize" these outrages. 

As a result, most of the bureaucrats we are facing on the other side of the table have never met an American claiming their Regulation Z exemptions and they will treat you like a Talking Horse when you do; nonetheless, it is important that you engage the Public Law and claim your exemptions in order to maintain your own property interests and those of your countrymen.  

Our late British friend, Christopher Storey, who published the astounding news that securitization is illegal many years ago, would be pleased and proud to know that people have finally awakened from their daze of trusting "the government" and are actively in pursuit of their remedies. 

So -- don't be surprised or discouraged when the bureaucrats tilt their heads and look at you like so many befuddled Saint Bernards when you bring up the topic of Regulation Z exemptions.  After all, they aren't trained or paid to hand out exemptions to their regulatory regimes, even when they are obligated to do so ---- and in many cases, it's been years, even decades, since anyone exercised these exemptions. 

It's a bit like loosening a rusted screw that's frozen in place, but it can be done and must be done to secure justice in this country and to relieve millions of Americans of odious debt and subjection to regulations that don't apply to them. 

We are significantly assisted in this endeavor by the U.S. Supreme Court findings in West Virginia v. EPA, which reiterates the findings of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County a century ago ---- Congress has no ability to further delegate its legislative powers to Administrative Agencies. 

With respect to the General Public, this decision tosses Administrative Code of all kinds under the bus and does so in an official capacity.  This includes the Motor Vehicle Code, Internal Revenue Code, EPA Regulatory Codes, State-of-State Statutory Codes, and all the rest of the noisome millions of private law codes that have been promulgated by public employees and unelected bureaucrats since the days of the King Rat, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  

The only question that remains is --- where do you stand?  Are you a member of the General Public or not?  

If you are a public employee of a State-of-State franchise organization or a federal employee or actual federal dependent (evidenced by receipt of an unearned federal paycheck sufficient to support all your needs) all the codes and statutory regulations continue to apply to you as a condition of your employment and/or dependency. 

But if you are Joe Q. Public working in the private sector and not obligated to subject yourself to the whims of foreign corporations charged with providing you with certain strictly enumerated services, then, by all means --- stand up.  

Declare your birthright political status as an American, a member of the General Public, owed all freedoms, rights, and prerogatives --- including the unencumbered ownership of your body, mind, soul, land, house, soil, business, occupation, and all other material and immaterial property interests, including your Regulation Z exemptions and remedies. 

Go to: and get started.  The Declaration process itself involves signing a one page form and providing reasonable proof (including two living witnesses) that you are who you are and that you were either born in this country or naturalized to it. 

You sign the Declaration, publish it on the public record, and provide yourself with the basis to claim your exemptions. 

Remember that so far as mortgages are concerned, the proper time to claim your Regulation Z exemption is at the closing table.  Also remember to bring along ten silver dollars or the equivalent in gold as payment for the property interest you are purchasing -- the "titles" that you are "redeeming".  

Also remember that thanks to the very recent ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, the banks and title companies cannot use IRS Code to block you from coming back after closing and claiming your Regulation Z exemption.  

We have discovered that the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) was being used to enforce foreclosures and evictions (Sections 1091, 408, 61, 108 and 751)  and also to prohibit people from claiming their Regulation Z exemptions at any other time except during loan closing.  The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling reiterates that the IRC has no authority over members of the General Public, therefore, no ability to dictate limitations on where or when you can claim your exemptions, either.

So, welcome home, Joe Q.  It's time to reclaim your identity and estate and freedom. 

Go to: and get started. 


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Friday, August 5, 2022

More Shoes Dropping

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Illuminati who were smart enough to figure out that money was a scam (and they wanted in on it) and smart enough to figure out that conventional religion was another control racket, and also smart enough to realize that governments were just another "concession"--- somehow failed to pass the final test.  

The Illuminati -- the Illuminated Ones -- insofar as the institutional fraud games were concerned, just went on to create more of the same themselves.  Oh, they called their indoctrination centers by other names, and they set up brotherhoods by other names, too, based on other premises, but it was still the same-old-same-old --- baffle 'em with BS and "initiation" rites and compartmentalize knowledge so that nobody knows what the other hand is doing, except the men at the top.  

If they all knew what they were doing, they'd stop.  

The excuse that the conventional religions and institutions give for their predatory and dishonest behavior is the same excuse given by the Illuminati who are trying to destroy conventional governments and religions: without us, they all say, there would be chaos, there would be no organization to society, anarchy would reign supreme. 

In full view of the selfish, ugly, violent, egotistical world they have all created, what's so bad about the Wild West?  Our ancestors survived it.  

A long rifle, six gun, pick, and shovel, carried by a faithful mule, got many a pilgrim through the worst of it.  As recently as 1911 when the Great Flood hit Black River Falls, Wisconsin, I have proof that people could survive; my Grandmother spent the whole winter in a horse barn with four small children, two horses, and a cat who caught her own suppers.  

It wasn't pretty, and they nearly starved in the spring when their supplies ran out and the roads were still impassable ---- but God sent an early crop of dandelions and Grandma made dandelion fritters with the last of the bacon grease and flour.  They were all still eating when the rescue party arrived in March.  

We can and we did survive without the government, without church services, and without money.  In our own lifetimes, the Federal Government has been shut down repeatedly for as long as 120 days at a stretch, and nobody but the government workers noticed.  

There is, as FDR, that old devil, noted ---- nothing to fear but fear itself.  Pack your buckboard with a little common sense and get ready.  

Those who have been reading my articles for a long time know that I have repeatedly told everyone that the Plan was to move the base of Deep State Operations to China -- the parasites knew it was getting too hot for comfort in "the US" and they needed a new base of operations for their criminal empire.  

Beginning with Ronald Reagan's outreach to China and Nixon's full blown cooperation, the move began.  The Petrodollar which benefited the crude oil producers in the Mideast, and the crude oil refineries in the US, placed the US as the pivot point of the new world economy that Ronnie and Tricky Dick created.  China needed oil and oil products --- refined oil products. 

 All the while that the mainstream media was whining endlessly about oil shortages and excusing the skyrocketing prices, they neglected to mention that it was crude oil that was hard to find, because "the US" was producing and shipping out all the refined oil products it could make as fast as it could ship them.  

During the same exact years we were suffering oil embargos and paying $5 per gallon at the pump back when $5 still bought something, we were in fact exporting refined oil products to China and Europe at utterly unprecedented rates. 

We were among the Top Three oil exporting nations in the world for decades.  Who knew?  

To hear the mainstream media spin it, you'd think we were poor little old helpless America, horribly oil dependent, hardly able to buy a quart of oil.  And don't throw me in that Briar Patch, yes, Boss, anything but that.... while we've been sitting on crude oil resources of our own that would make Midas blush. 

Mr. Trump's "miracle" of oil independence was no miracle.  It was just common sense. 

Anyway, China was groomed like a prospective child bride dondled on Uncle Ernie's knee, and the Chinese Communist Party went right along with the CIA sponsored scheme.  The CCP sold them the Chinese Central Bank, and then, they used that to buy the Central Bank of the Philippines.  Imagine that? 

And they used phony money to do it, too. 

Remember the Riyadi Scandal back in 2012?  

Well, THEY gave the banks a license to create money out of thin air.  How long do you think it took them to employ that license to do things like buy out the Central Bank of China?  

It's not a coincidence that Mr. Riyadi "only" had 700 tons of gold on reserve in Indonesia and claimed to have 750,000 tons.  That's a reflection of his prospective gain based on fractional reserve banking and trading platform contracts, plus interest, generated from "blocking" those 700 tons of gold for ten years.  

Bless Lord James; he knew something horribly fishy was going on and he brought it forward --- he just couldn't put his finger on it as exactly as I have.  And Riyadi wasn't exactly lying, either, which is why he didn't wind up in jail.  He was only banking on a completely predictable outcome.  Anyone with 700 tons of gold they could afford to lay idle for ten years was guaranteed that outcome by Lloyds of London.  Riyadi knew it. 

How could Lord James not know it?  For the same reason that Pope Benedict XVI stared at us wide-eyed and said, "Nobody told me!" 

The CIA by various means, "one thing and another", bought the Central Bank of China and then the Central Bank of the Philippines; when things got "difficult" in the late 1990s and early 2000's,  they used False Flags and the U.S. Military to straighten things out --- mainly, access to Iraqi oil, gold, and artifacts.  

They also obtained and began trading on our SKRs ---- Safekeeping Receipts.  These are receipts that verify the existence of gold deposits in various banks around the world.  These particular deposits actually belong to The D'avila Family Trust and to The United States of America --- our Federation of unincorporated States, but the CIA had a co-depositor in the woodpile. 

The Roman Catholic Church apparatus had the gold deposited by Severino Sta. Romano, a defrocked Roman Catholic Friar with a taste for booze and intrigue, but there was another hand in the mix --- a CIA Handler named Giovanni Baptista (sometimes Babtista) Richello, and it was through Richello's part as a Witness to the deposits, that the CIA gained access to the SKR's. 

Just like Mr. Riyadi, they have been trading on our gold deposits and keeping the cream ever since, using the wealth to pay off other governments, fund Black Ops, and provide absolutely amazing retirement programs for themselves ---- and it's all been done "legally" ---- if you buy into their legal presumptions, which we don't. 

This past week, I have received word that Interpol and various other police and law enforcement organizations around the world have been sicced on the CIA and its clandestine commandeering of what they call "the Legacy Trust" or "Historic Trust" assets, and also on those bankers who collaborated with this scheme.  

All I can say is that it has been seventeen years since the CIA went totally rogue, and it's about time for a worldwide Come to Jesus meeting.  Having foreign interests secretively buying out the Central Banks of entire countries (and using our money to do it, without our permission) undermines all forms of national sovereignty, and all forms of trade agreements, which of course, is what the Illuminati have been pushing since 1772.  No wonder they are coming out of the woodwork like carpenter ants on a holiday. 


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